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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Monday, 9 July 2012

RealVNC VNC Viewer apk v1.2.3.90152 (for all android versions)

RealVNC VNC Viewer v1.2.3.90152

Requirements: (for all Android versions)
Overview: Control a computer anywhere in the world from your Android device!
VNC® Viewer connects your device to a computer, displays its desktop, and lets you take control. You can run applications, change settings, and access data exactly as you would be permitted to do were you sitting in front of it, and using the keyboard and mouse.

VNC Viewer is from RealVNC, the inventors of VNC. It can connect to any Mac OS X computer, and to any Window, Linux, or UNIX computer running VNC-compatible Server technology. RealVNC recommends VNC Enterprise Edition for robust, secure, and high-performance connections, and for its unrivalled flexibility
1. Download VNC Viewer from the Android Market.
2. If the computer you want to control is running Mac OS X 10.4 or later, enable Apple Remote Desktop/Remote Management (see below for more information). If not, install and start a VNC-compatible Server.
3. If you are connecting over the Internet (for example, via 3G), configure firewalls and routers protecting the computer to allow and forward network communications to it. Start with network such as a LAN or VPN, you should be able to connect without further configuration.
4. Find out the network address of the computer. If you are connecting over the Internet, this will probably be that of a router. You will also need a port number if the VNC-compatible Server is listening on a port other than the default for VNC, 5900 (note this is not necessary for Apple Remote Desktop/Remote Management).
5. Start VNC Viewer, identify the computer you want to control, and connect!
* Interact with your computer as though sitting in front of it.
* Give connections user-friendly names, and see desktop previews.
* Pinch to zoom in to a specific area, or out to see the whole picture.
* Easy navigation, scrolling, dragging, and selection using standard touch, tap, and drag gestures.
* Mouse button mode for precise control over mouse button and scrolling operations.
* Easy text entry using on-screen keyboard with preview.
* Important non-character keyboard keys (function, modifier, and so on) available on a scrolling key bar.
* Automatic performance optimization.
* Support for screen resolutions up to 5120 by 2400 pixels (though the actual resolution is limited only by the memory of your device).
Users connecting to VNC Enterprise Edition also enjoy the following significant benefits:
* Connections encrypted using 128-bit AES technology.
* Authentication credentials protected by 2048-bit RSA public keys.
* System authentication to connect using computer log on credentials.
* Enhanced performance.
* Support for non-US keyboards.
* Transfer text between applications on your computer and device.
VNC Enterprise Edition is available for a wide range of Mac OS X, Window, Linux, and UNIX computer What's in this version:
- FIXED: VNC Viewer no longer crashes on tablets with small screens running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), such as the Galaxy Tab 2.
- FIXED: VNC Viewer no longer occasionally crashes when brought back to the foreground.
RealVNC VNC Viewer apk v1.2.3.90152
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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Unified Remote Full v2.4.2 apk

Unified Remote Full v2.4.2 apk
Requirements: for all Android versions, supports App2SD
Overview: Easily the most feature-filled Android-PC remote. Turns your Android device into a WiFi or Bluetooth remote control for your Windows PC. Control your favorite programs, mouse, and keyboard.


* Custom Remotes
* Boxee (Keyboard)
* Boxee (Web)
* Chrome
* Firefox
* foobar2000
* Hulu Desktop
* Hulu Web
* Internet Explorer
* iTunes
* J River Media Center
* Monitor
* Media Portal
* MediaMonkey
* Opera
* Pandora
* Picasa
* PowerPoint Advanced
* PowerPoint Basic
* Winamp
* Windows Photo Viewer
* VLC (Web)
* XBMC (Keyboard)
* XBMC (Web)
* XBMC Media
* Develop completely custom remotes
* Improvements for tablets
What's in this version:
v2.4.1 - v2.4.2:
* Press and hold repeat.
* Various crashes.
* Custom remote icons.
Unified Remote Full v2.4.2 apk
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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Splashtop Remote Desktop v1.6.6.2 apk

Requirement:android 2.2 and up

#1 Remote Desktop App -- 5M+ mobile users enjoying Splashtop today!
**Promote as $4.99 (50% off of the regular price: $9.99)!**
This is the ONLY remote desktop app that streams the whole PC or Mac screen to your Android smartphone with smooth, high-res video and audio, allowing you to interact with your all applications, games, multimedia content, and files over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks. GO EVERYWHERE WITH JUST YOUR ANDROID DEVICE WITHOUT HAVING TO CARRY YOUR COMPUTER!
* BEST of CES 2012 -- Best Mobile App
* BEST OF CES 2011 Award
* #1 Android Market "Top New Paid App" (June)
* Top Android Market business apps in US, UK, Canada, etc.
* #1 app for iPad, iPhone, Windows, MAC, webOS, etc..
Fast and Easy Setup:
* One-click access to your computer desktop with minimal setup
* Install the free Splashtop Streamer on your computer - supports Windows 7, Vista, and XP, as well as Mac OS X 10.6+ (Snow Leopard or Lion is required for Mac users)
* Application automatically finds your local computers, or sign in to your Gmail account on the app and Streamer to find your computers across the Internet
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Sunday, 12 February 2012

[PC] Android Commander v0.7.9.10

[PC] Android Commander v0.7.9.10
Requirements: Android 1.6+, PC
Overview: Android Commander is windows application to keep control on your android apps and files from PC. This is a small, very very fast and intuitive app. If someone want to try it, go a head. But remember, you doing this on your own risk! I'm not professional programmer, this is only my hobby

Program Requirements
Before you install the program you should read this:
Phone Requirements:
- ADB ROOT Access
- BusyBox
- „Settings->Applications->Development->USB debugging” must be enabled
- USB Cable

Computer Requirements:
- Windows XP/Vista/7
- ADB USB Driver
- Java JDK
- Minimum 800×600 screen resolution

Files Explorer
copy multiple files/dirs between Device and PC
copy multiple files/dirs between Device folders
delete multiple files/dirs from Device
drag&drop multiple files/dirs in to progrm
drag&drop files/dirs between program tabs
files/dirs properties
edit files/dir permissions
new dir and rename options
Applications Manager
batch/single apps install
install as private
install as update
install as system app
batch/single uinstall apps
uninstall system apps
uninstall and keep app data
batch/single apps backup to any dir on Device/PC
app details
search app on Web Android Market/AppBrain/AndroLib/Cyrket
windows integration
Search Bar
search apps in device Android Market
search location on device Google Maps
open URL in device browser
Device Info
run any shell command
run sh script from PC
messages coloring
message type filter
Flashing Tool
flash any zip update/ROM/mod from PC
flash recovery/boot/system/userdata/cache image from PC
Virtual Input
emulate device keys
send text to device text field
Signing Tool
sign any zip file
sign any apk file
program explorer integration
reboot, reboot to recovery, reboot to bootloader, power off device
multi device support
WiFi Mode
No Device Mode
screenshots (beta)

- new expire date
- partitions info fixed to work with ICS

More Info:
Download Instructions:

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MyPhoneExplorer v1.8.2 + Client v1.0.13

MyPhoneExplorer v1.8.2 + Client v1.0.13
Requirements: all Android versions and WinXP+
Overview: MyPhoneExplorer is a powerful phone management software for your Desktop PC.

MyPhoneExplorer is a powerful phone management software for your Desktop PC. Some features:
- sync your phone with Outlook, Thunderbird, Sunbird, Lotus Notes, Tobit David, Windows Contacts, Windows Calendar,...
- manage your SMS, Calllists, Apps, Files, handle Calls, create backups...
Connection via WiFi, USB-Cable or Bluetooth.
This is the client which is needed for phone, you'll need also the desktop-software which can be downloaded at

Recent changes:
- Tasks and Notes including sync (you'll get seperate Apps on the phone)
- Textinput: Allows to use your PC-Keyboard for typing text on your phone
- new main icon
- MyPhoneExplorer Client will be launched automatically on Bluetooth-connection
- optionally the client can be launched also automatically as soon you have a WiFi connection
- many bugfixes...

PLEASE NOTE: Install the new MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.2 from so that you can use the new features!

Latest version: 1.0.13 (for all Android versions)

More Info:
Download Instructions:
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PC Suite For Android v1.7.11.260

PC Suite For Android v1.7.11.260
Requirements: MS WinXP SP2 and all new version
Overview: PC Suite fully supports mobile phones on the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile platforms.

PC Suite is totally free to use. Additionally, it offers free technical support, free resources downloading and installation. free paid mobile phone resources cracked and shared by friends on the internet.

Chat via SMS!
You can chat with your friends and family via the SMS online on your PC easily.

Gorgeous use experience!
We integrate the iPhone style in PC Suite to make you enjoy the most fashionable interface and feel the most considerate operation during your use.

Manage your smart phone easily and safely
Back up and import contacts, back up and import call logs and SMS records, set the ringtones, themes and wallpapers, manage the system, memory and registry of the phone, install and uninstall software, manage schedule…you can manage all functions and settings on your smart phone.

Enjoy videos anytime
You can subscribe tons of Videos in PC Suite to Download in your iPhone and enjoy them with 91 Player (for iPhone)

Massive resources, free to install!
Wallpapers, ringtones, themes, softwares, games and eBooks, FREE is our eternal principle.

Note: If your phone does not connect, try the following:
1. Gphone users, Sony Ericsson users to check the phone settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging option election whether √;
2. Ophone users connect the phone mode or after you select the debug mode ADB;
3. Lenovo Ophone phone connection after the user select the ADB or synchronous mode;
4. Wifi users to gain root privileges if the phone is already in the first start the daemon, the daemon will apply for and obtain superuser privileges, then select Allow, you will be able to include all the features, including screenshots.

Recent changes:
v1.7.11.260 (2011/8/1)

New features:
1. Excellent 91 billion mobile phone market into Zhu assistant.
2. Whale music into Zhu 91 PC.
3. Manage the local music playback.

1. to solve backup and restore encrypted files can not be properly restored older issues. .
2. can not properly repair a microblogging sharing.
3. Optimize contact management interface displays the list of ways to increase the check box.
4. add a new message is received directly delete function to delete user-friendly operation.
5. Download the software can show the download speed.
6. correction software download can not display the size and version.
7. Fixed text chat module to support contact can not be the first letter of alphabet search problems.
8. support and input verification code or IP phones get connected.
9. Contact Management added, "not groups."
10. selected contact group belongs in the status bar display.

Bug fixes:
1. Fixed part of the phone can not properly connected to the problem.
2. Repair some of the phone in the wifi connection is too slow to install the application problem;
3. Other bug fixes;

More Info:
Download Instructions:

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