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Magic Mobile Slots v1.5.1 Mod (Unlimited Credits) apk download

Magic Mobile Slots v1.5.1 Mod (Unlimited Credits)

Requirements: 2.2 and up

APEX slot machines are now mobile!

Enjoy your favorite APEX games on the go in one convenient download. Specially optimized for Android devices. Now you can play wherever you want, Whenever You want!

Compete with the world and become leader of the APEX Magic Mobile Slots world-wide leader board! Show them how you can rock the slots!

The app includes the Following Games:

- Legend of the Sphinx

- Leonardo's Code

- Red Hot Fruits *

- Ocean Tale *

- Sealed with a Kiss *

- American Hot Slot *

- Full Moon *

(* Free in-app download)

More games will follow!

Features are:

- 3 and 5 reel machines

- Play on up to 25 WinLines

- Shake to spin

- Great look and feel

- Autoplay

- Double Up

- Feature Games (on some games, check the paytable!)

- Ad-free!

- Free credits every 4 hours !

- Get additional free credits every 4 hours for any in-app purchase!

This app is for entertainment purposes only. No real money can be won.

Please note, credits and bonus are local to the installation on your device!

What's new:

New in 1.5.1:

* Fixed crash in American Hot Slot

New in 1.5.0:

* Integration with APEX slot Challenge

* Bug fixes

More info:

Google Play

Credit: Matrix by Neo






Unlimited Credits

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Drift Mania Championship 2 v1.22 [Mod Money] apk download

Drift Mania Championship 2 v1.22 [Mod Money]

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Overview: With millions of players worldwide, the #1 Drift game is finally back!

With over 10 million players worldwide, the #1 Drift game on the App Store is finally back! Drift Mania Championship 2 delivers the ultimate drift experience with its highly addictive gameplay and next generation graphics.

Start a drift career, compete in a drift battle tournament or play against a friend using the new online multiplayer mode. Upgrade and fully customize your ride with performance upgrades and visual mods. Complete over 60 achievements in career mode. Challenge drivers from all over the world using the global leaderboards.


Drift Mania Championship 2 includes next generation 3D graphics specially optimized for your mobile hardware to provide you with the best drifting experience.


Upgrade your ride by installing aftermarket performance products from licensed brands including Royal Purple, K&N, Magnaflow, Centerforce, Whiteline and Mishimoto.


Fully customize your vehicle appearance with body kits, custom wheels, windows tints and spoilers. Make it your one of a kind drift beast!


Adjust different aspects of your car including the suspension, steering sensitivity, gear ratio and weight distribution to suit your own driving style.


Complete the career mode which includes over 13 drift circuits, 60 achievements and 48 performance upgrades to unlock. Gain cash to upgrade your favorite ride with visual and performance mods.


Start a drift tournament, compete in tandem against an opponent while making your way to the finals!


Challenge your friends to a drift battle! Share and brag your results with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.


See your ranking against other players worldwide using the DMC online leaderboards. Submit your high scores and expose your accomplishments to the world.


Supports all latest devices and tablets

Fully customizable controls including element repositioning and sensitivity adjustments

Accelerometer (gyroscope) and virtual wheel steering mode

Variable throttle bar system or pedal accelerator controls

13 high-performance vehicles with unique specs

13 drift circuits to master from different locations

48 performance upgrades per vehicle

Hundreds of visual mods including body kits, spoilers, window tints, wheels and custom paint job

Tuning mode to adjust all aspects of your vehicle

3 level of difficulties

5 race camera configurations

Full race replays

Soundtrack from A'n'R Music Limited including songs from Templeton Pek and KNGDMS

Exclusive content including drift event photos

Drifting is the act of maneuvering a vehicle through corners at speeds and angles that exceed the vehicle’s grip. A drift is when a driver performs a controlled slide through corners while adhering to the racing line. Drifting involves fast cars, super skilled drivers and hardcore fans.

It’s a combination of driving skill, style and showmanship. It’s all about loss of the rear wheel traction while keeping the race car in total control. Drifting is so popular because it brings all the best aspects of motor sports into one package. Highly skilled drivers control a high powered street car past its limit, sideways at high speed, burning rubber. It can’t get any better!

Available in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese

Compatible with all Android based phones and tablets running a resolution of 800x480 or higher.

Instructions :

Install APK

copy 'com.ratrodstudio.driftmania2' folder to sdcard/Android/obb

Launch the Game

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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BusyBox Pro v10.9 apk

BusyBox Pro v10.9

Requirements: 1.6 and up

Overview: The fastest, most trusted, and most popular BusyBox installer and uninstaller! Over 2 million installs! Winner of best Utility Software award for Android via Handster. This is the ONLY Installer on the market that will allow you to remove Busybox (If supported on your phone) AND the only open sourced installer!


Featured on the BusyBox website at:

The BusyBox source code can be found here:

A must have for any rooted phone! Almost EVERY rooted applications needs BusyBox to perform their magic, if you have a rooted phone then you need BusyBox.

Pro version contains no ads or nag screens, uninstall feature, custom tune feature, the ability to hand pick the applets you want, safety check for missing applets on start, and better overall support. The pro version will receive more frequent updates than the free version will.

This installer has the smallest Busybox binaries available, right around 700kb unlike the other installers which are over a meg. Also this installer does not require you to download anything extra like other installers do and thus works much faster.

Please note I did not write BusyBox! I wrote this installer, cross compiled BusyBox for Android. Please see the about menu option for more details or here:

BusyBox is a software application that provides many standard Unix tools, much like the larger (but more capable) GNU Core Utilities. BusyBox is designed to be a small executable for use with the Linux kernel, which makes it ideal for use with embedded devices. It has been self-dubbed "The Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linux".

This version includes 1.19.4, 1.19.3, 1.19.2, 1.18.4, and 1.18.5 no need to have more than that because it takes up space on your phone and each newer version will still contain the older features, unless I forgot to compile them in.

Leave this installed if you always want to get the latest version of busybox!

tags: busybox, utility, terminal, emulator, root, stericson, adb, toolbox, rom, unlock, jailbreak, root, linux, unix, shell, script, tools, android, installer, busybox installer, (Confirmed Amazon)

What's New


fixed an issue where busybox provided the "sh" symlink which when using smart install and chosen to overwrite the existing sh applet could cause issues

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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BusyBox Pro v10.9 apk

BusyBox Pro v10.9

Requirements: Android 1.6+, ROOT

Overview: Root required for this application! The fastest, most trusted, and #1 BusyBox installer and uninstaller!

Root required for this application!The fastest, most trusted, and #1 BusyBox installer and uninstaller!

Over 6 million installs and over 20,000 5 Star ratings!

Mentioned in the new XDA-Developers book "XDA Developers' Android Hacker's Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Rooting, ROMs and Theming"

Winner of best Utility Software award for Android via Handster.

This is the only installer that is ad free and requires no internet permission!

The only installer that will install ANY Busybox binary available for find it on the web and this will install it!

This installer has the smallest Busybox binaries available, right around 800kb unlike the other installers which are over a meg.

Pro version contains no ads or nag screens, Backup feature (for safer installs), uninstall feature, Advance Smart install feature, the ability to hand pick the applets you want, safety check for missing applets on start, and better overall support. The pro version will receive more frequent updates than the free version will.

The source for this application can be found here:

Featured on the BusyBox website at:

The BusyBox source code can be found here:

A must have for any rooted phone! Almost EVERY rooted applications needs BusyBox to perform their magic, if you have a rooted phone then you need BusyBox.

Please note I did not write BusyBox! I wrote this installer and cross compiled BusyBox for Android. Please see the about menu option for more details or here:

BusyBox is a software application that provides many standard Unix tools, much like the larger (but more capable) GNU Core Utilities. BusyBox is designed to be a small executable for use with the Linux kernel, which makes it ideal for use with embedded devices. It has been self-dubbed "The Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linux".

Leave this installed if you always want to get the latest version of busybox!

tags: busybox, utility, terminal, emulator, root, stericson, adb, toolbox, rom, unlock, jailbreak, root, linux, unix, shell, script, tools, android, installer, busybox installer, bb, custom, installer, pro, android, android root

Whats New:


fixed an issue where busybox provided the "sh" symlink which when using smart install and chosen to overwrite the existing sh applet could cause issues

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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Expendable Rearmed v1.1.5 apk download

Expendable Rearmed v1.1.5

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Overview: Classic arcade action shooter , addictive gameplay brought up to date

** The PC and DREAMCAST 1999 classic arcade shooter brought right up to date on your ANDROID Handheld device **

AD 2463.

For the last 500 years, among the bleak and barren worlds that exist in deep space, mankind has expanded its horizons. The most suitable planets and moons near Earth have been terraformed, turning the once-inhospitable wastelands into habitable places.

Deeper and deeper into the universe mankind spread itself, until only a mere handful of humans would or could survive the journey. These distant worlds became industrial powerhouses colonized by few human beings. Although they had to forego the comforts of home, they still managed to scratch out a living in the newly-fertile lands.

For all he knew, man was alone in the vastness of space, until they came...

The G'neng.

You are given control of a clone army of Expendable units, dropped in one by one, rearmed to battle for the last human settlements which have been overrun by the G'neng, a malevolent bio-mechanical alien race.

You start close to home, on the front line of the invasion, and make your way across the galaxy through colonies which have been in the hands of the enemy for longer and longer, until you reach the enemy home-world.

or to put it simply...


Attack the G'NENG and kill them all. Relentless waves of aliens in a fight to the death


Nearly everything can be blown up. Large detailed worlds ready to be destroyed.

Beautifully rendered destruction effects, have never made destruction so satisfying


You will never believe your phone or tablet could ever do this.


Bored of waiting for your games to load between levels. EXPENDABLE REARMED uses our unique streaming technology to all but remove loading times


Loads of weapons including, Flame Throwers, Mini-Guns, Phantasm orbs, Alien weapons, SpiraCannons, Heat seaking missiles and the almighty railgun, all with 5 levels of powerups. Grenades too... including the insane destruction of the nuke-grenade.


All the original sound effects and music


Just like the old arcades... dont just be best in your town, be best in the world. Download and use the SCORELOOP app to put your name up in lights.


Some all new effects tuned for TEGRA hardware

Have bragging rights with your new NEXUS hardware.

Compatible with and runs well with all popular chipsets.

Tegra3 , Snapdragon, Adreno, Mali and SGX hardware. - for more information, hints and tips - Like us - Follow us

Expendable Rearmed. ©2012 Retrobomb Ltd. All rights Reserved

Expendable is produced under licence from Funbox Media Ltd ©2012 Funbox Media Ltd. Funbox Media and the Funbox Media logo are copyright of Funbox Media Ltd. All rights reserved.

Expendable was originally designed and made by RAGE NEWCASTLE, a part of RAGE SOFTWARE PLC.

What's in this version: (Updated on : Dec 13, 2013)

Minor changes

Compatible with Madkatz MOJO

More Info:


Download Instructions:Released by chathu_ac

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Defense Zone HD v1.6.7 apk download

Defense Zone HD v1.6.7

Requirements: Android 2.3+.

Overview: Stunning detail of levels, in-depth gameplay, finely tuned balance of all levels and turrets.

During the game you will hold your defence with your turrets against the massive hordes of enemies.

With every level you will have the use of new weapons at your command.It is up to you, commander, how to spend the resources: restore and upgrade your veteran units or to purchase some new ones.

Different types of weaponry and landscape provide you with a variety of choices of defence tactics.

Choosing the right weapons and the correct placement is key to any successful defense.

The weapons have different firepower, rate of fire, firing range, blast radius and price.

For those who fell off the progress, you can open any level

Four-bedded fingers pressed simultaneously to block the card, and it is unlocked.

What's new:

Bug fixes.

More info:


Apk + Obb :


- Install APK.

- Copy "net.defensezone" folder to "Android / obb".

- Enjoy.

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The Bard's Tale v1.5.1 [Unlimited Gold] apk download

The Bard's Tale v1.5.1 [Unlimited Gold]

Requirements: Android 2.3+

Overview: ★★★ “The Bard’s Tale is easily the funniest game I’ve ever played” – IGN ★★★

NOTE: Additional assets downloaded after install require at least 1.7GB of free space.

“The Bard’s Tale is easily the funniest game I’ve ever played, and I’ve played all the funny games out there.” – IGN

You are the Bard, a selfish rogue weary of pointless sub-quests and rat-infested cellars. Through magical song you summon characters to join you in battle, heal your party, and take damage on your behalf. Ready your weapon as you embark on a quest for coin and cleavage!

“Ready your weapon and bladder as you embark on this ridiculously addicting quest and the funniest adventure of the year, The Bard’s Tale” – Game Chronicles

Play The Bard’s Tale today on your favorite compatible Android device*. Prepare to immerse yourself in over 20-30 hours of adventure, featuring:

• 50 enemy types (not counting bosses!)

• A vast world to explore with towns, wild forests, rivers, castles, towers, secret dungeons, snowy mountains, caverns, haunted tombs and more

• A full cast of bizarre NPC’s

• Over a dozen special boss enemies to defeat

• 16 magical characters to discover and then summon at will to aid you

• Over 150 unique items of weaponry, armor, instruments, tokens, artifacts and loot!

• More Song & Dance numbers than any other game, including a zombie dance-off!

• Over 14 hours of outstanding voice-acting from top Hollywood talent, including Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride) as the Bard, and the inimitable Tony Jay as the Narrator

But wait! That’s not all! Enjoy these great new additions in the Android version:

New Features:

• Autosave—option to save automatically when you near a save-book in game.

• Time-Savers—optional in-app purchases are available to pump up your Bard and save you time! (Note: All such items are attainable through normal game-play, with time and persistence, just as in the original console release.)

• Includes the original classic game The Bard’s Tale I: Tales of the Unknown! 2 & 3 coming soon!

“This game is satire in its sharpest form” – Cheat Code Central

Play The Bard’s Tale today!


We hear you, and we are committed to improving The Bard’s Tale for Android. Please send support questions/comments through The Bard’s Tale Support link below. You are also welcome to join the discussion and get the latest news on our Facebook product page “The Bard’s Tale”.


Please note: Asset installation requires at least 1.7GB of free space on your device. Thank you for your patience with the download time.

Android adaptation by Square One Games.

* Compatible with Android 2.3 and higher. XPeria Play Optimized.

What's in this version:

1.5 - Achievements and Leaderboards now available through Google Play Games services!

1.4.1 - Add support for MOJO gamepad.

Fixes corrupted graphics on Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014), Galaxy Note 3 and other devices equipped with MALI T628 GPU.

Other fixes for various devices.

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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Hero of Archaic v1.4 [Unlimited Gold/Ads-Free] apk download

Hero of Archaic v1.4 [Unlimited Gold/Ads-Free]

Requirements: 2.0.1+

Overview: Next-generation action blockbuster blood hand tour debut! Exquisite, Meilen Meihuan game scene, blood surging, agonistic battle scenes, rigorous and detailed, rich sound of the game system, to overturn the traditional, all in perfect boutique studio peacock

[Background] story: subversion of the traditional action game masterpiece! Unique combination of continuous technology players free system that allows you to battle with the mythical realms handy! Fighting action, Madden refreshing batter effects beyond your imagination!

[Game screen]: gorgeous even own an unexpected move, with Smart freely operating experience, enjoy the awesome visual feast of the game.

[Game Features]: game scene exquisite Murano America magic, battle scenes blood Peng agonistic

[Gameplay]: The game is simple and convenient, the user experience is good, the game has a clear guidance and tips, Easy Fun!

[Supported models]: Samsung GT-S5830, Lenovo A60 ZTE V880, millet MI-ONE Plus, Huawei C8650, Samsung GT-I9100, ZTE U880, Samsung GT-S5570, Motorola MB525 Defy, etc. According to the official model or prompt resolution rate downloaded.

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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Angry Busters v1.2 [Unlimited Gold/Magic Points] apk download

Angry Busters v1.2 [Unlimited Gold/Magic Points]

Requirements: 2.3.3+

Overview: "Angry Monsters are invading!!!!"

You must crash jewels and throw Magic against Monsters-wave!

Be smart! Make your own strategy and tactics to bust enemies. Give them Crazy Blow!

Challenge and prove yourself through this one of kind stylish game- 'Angry Busters' !

▶ A Large scale update!

To provide better play-environment & action, global update is completed.

1. Gold-unification :Now you can buy items in Store only using Gold.

All characters share same gold.

By gold, player can accelerate character's development.

2. Store: new goods and some adjustments

3. Ranking: support Unified Online Ranking system

4. Scroll: 3 new powerful scroll is added

5. Rule changed: some game system changed (i.e. Magic, Compensation )

6. Bug fixed and game optimized.

▶ Existing paid custumor

By adjustment in Store system, existing paid customer will be compensated as below

① Magic Slot : 5,000 gold

② Challenge Orb+ : 5,000 gold

③ Gold+ : 3,300 gold

④ Magic Pt1 : 3,300 gold

⑤ Magic Pt2 : 6,600 gold

⑥ Magic Pt3 : 9,900 gold

▶ Information

All the data for this game is stored in your smart phone(device), not on the server. Therefore, please be careful when you are deleting or initializing your data. Because it is inevitable that your data will be erased and irretrievable.

Game data from one device is not linked to other device.

When you are having questions on execution errors and bugs, please write us email with your smart phone information/ OS version/ game version/ error messages to this address <[email protected]>. We will do our best to provide accurate information and treatment for your problems.

▶ Description

'Angry Busters' is Tower Defense game based on jewel puzzle.

Beyond traditional jewel games, 'Angry Busters' gives player real-time combat experience and dazzling thrill.

Adding RPG factors to traditional jewel puzzle, player can raise their own character and complete their own play style.

▶ Feature

① Jewels: Match jewels which are movable in 6 different directions

② Magic & Skill: Combine 9 astonishing magic and 8 remarkable skills

③ Adventure: Kyle and his companions' journey of tracking devil, the Red Wing

④ Game Mode: Field, The Chaser, Dungeon, The Tower of Magic, Challenge

▶ Story

-Suddenly, angry monsters came out from anywhere..

-Travelers were lost, remote villages were ruined.

-Why the monsters got angry and what brought them into this land?

-Ardan, the procurator of Middle Continent, asked group of adventurers to examine this matter.

-192 years after enthronement of 'Queen of Moon', Kyle and his companions who were from Northern Mountains took a long journey.

More Info:


Download Instructions: Credit To::Gokeryou

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Carry Over The Hill 2 v2.1.2 [Unlimited Coins/Gems/Gas] apk download

Carry Over The Hill 2 v2.1.2 [Unlimited Coins/Gems/Gas]

Requirements: 3.0+

Overview: You want it - we made it! Now in HD version!

Forget about packs - build anything from parts!

100+ levels and 20+ different wheels and bodies!

Most addictive and entertaining physics based driving game!

Build anything you want to: single wheeled, two wheeled, three wheeled vehicle or even a tank.

Your main target is to carry all your fruits to the end of the road as fast as you can!


Missing ground bug fix!


Pandora level bug fix on HD version!

More Info:


Download Instructions: Credits: ezbncs

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Pixel Gun 3D PRO Minecraft Ed. v4.7.1 Mod apk download

Pixel Gun 3D PRO Minecraft Ed. v4.7.1 Mod

Requirements: 2.0.1 and up

Overview: This is a full version of epic pixel shooter - Pixel Gun 3D

Create skins and play in multiplayer matches!

Now you have a perfect chance to battle with your friends, classmates and colleagues or anyone else around the world! You can create and customize your character using a special skins maker and then show off on the battlefield!


- Awesome guns & melee weapons! Redstone Cannon, Glock, AK47, M16, Desert Eagle, Pistol, Uzi, Shotgun and a lot of new powerful weapons. Try to find them all!

- New HUGE maps: Silent Hill School, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Prison, Slender Man Forest, Winter Wonderland, Plants Utopia, Secret Fortress, Isle of Zombies, Deadly Creeper Pyramids, Horror Hospital , Black End World , Dawn in the Dead Nether City & many others! Special maps for parkour and jump fans!

Also New Counter Strike like maps De Dust!

- Hardcore bounty gameplay!

- Worldwide & Local Deathmatch Multiplayer

- Cooperative mode. Try co-op missions and destroy zombies with your friends!

- Awesome sound effects and songs! Cool graphics and physics!


In survival mode your pixel hero appears in the Pixel Block World, full of zombies and enemies walking all over… Don't let the seeds of fear grow up in your head! I need to destroy all the enemies and survive!

Numbers of enemies constantly increase and after a short game time you'll have hordes of zombies attacking you from all sides, so that you cannot relax, you are not on the trip... you are like in the terraria full of zombies. When the dead come close you can dodge their attacks and shoot like a hunter or run away. It is a modern battlefield with the pack of textures of zombies. Guide your hero!

You need to choose the gun and shoot em down, imagine you are in the ops. Destroy all the zombies from your road on the first map to open the portal to the next fields! Craft your battle in this extreme survival game vs. the enemies! You left 4 dead in deadly arena and have only one mission: make a counter strike for the enemy attack! No cheats! Only hardcore gameplay! Free your mind...Try 2 survive!

Check out this cool FPS shooter with different mods, like survival, time trial and multiplayer mod. All of them work ok several servers, that’s why they work perfect!

If you are a fan of Minecraft Pocket Edition ( pe ), Survivalcraft or Cops N Robbers Mini Game - you need to try this awesome shooter!

Thank you for all the comments, we really appreciate it.

(It is a full version of the game, not a demo or lite one)

What's in this version:

Memory usage optimization

A lot of bug fixes.

We keep on improving the system stability. We hope that from that moment on there will be no software bugs at all!

Name of cheat: Credit To:: TriggerSomething

- Loot Many Coins

- Unlimited Premium

- Unlimited Health

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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Abalone v1.0.24 apk download

Abalone v1.0.24

Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: With 6 million units sold over the world, Abalone lands on Android in an official version! This board game takes only a minute to learn but a lifetime to master. Think, weigh your options and play. Are you up for the challenge?


Push one, two or three of your marbles at a time. If you line up more marbles than your opponent, you can push him off the edge of the board. Be the first to push your opponent off the board!


Aside from the challenge mode with an increased IA, play Abalone with your friends in the local 2 player mode. Push your marbles together on the same screen anytime: this must-have board game will always be at hand.


Tired of Abalone’s official mode? Play the free game mode and challenge your skills against some of the 30+ competition variations: Swiss daisy, the Alien, Fujiyama… Try to unlock all the achievements. And if it’s still not enough for you, the game features an Editor to create your very own board game rules.

Get on board!

General features:

● Challenge mode: 60 levels with variable difficulty to improve your tactics

● Free game mode with more than 30 official variations

● Multiplayer mode to defeat your friends anytime on your device

● An Editor to create your very own rules

● Fulfill achievements to prove your skills

● Up to 15 bonus levels unlocked daily for regular attenders

version 1.0.24

- Online challenges

- New and optimized user interface

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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Bunibon 2 v1.1 apk download

Bunibon 2 v1.1

Requirements: 2.2 i nowsze

Overview: Bunibon 2 continues where the first installment left off - at insane difficulty.

Then it ramps it up.

* 66 levels

* 6 bosses

* 6 special levels

* 6 highscore levels

* 66 evil levels

With online highscores that you can also see on the web!

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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Zombie Highway v1.8 apk download

Zombie Highway v1.8

Requirements : 2.3+

Overview: The iOS hit Zombie Highway is now available on Android!

Zombie Highway was rebuilt from the ground up for Android. A completely redesigned UI gets you playing sooner and unlocking weapons faster! We hope you'll appreciate the effort we have made to create a first class Android experience, not just a minimum effort port.

Cars, guns, and zombies... what more could you want?

This game has No advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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Root Uninstaller Pro v5.3 apk

Root Uninstaller Pro v5.3

Requirements: 2.0.1+

Overview: Very fast and simple uninstaller tool !

Don't like stock or system applications? It's for you. This application can freeze pre-installed applications on your phone and more.

Very fast and simple uninstaller tool on single click for uninstalling both SYSTEM and REGULAR applications.

NEW: Hide app mode: Launch a frozen app and automatically re-freeze on app closing (Pro only)

For ROOT+NAND unlocked devices:

Uninstall system applications

Freeze or disable bloatware, stock and regular applications (keep updates)

Defrost or enable applications (Free trial or PRO)

Backup system application .apk to sdcard (that can reinstall later)

Restore backed up applications

Reset applications to fresh install state

Delete definitively system applications

Hide my App: launch a frozen app and automatically re-freeze on app closing (Pro only, tap on Launch->Freeze button )

For NON-ROOT devices:

Quick APK list to show all available .APK files on SDCard

Keep Market reference and can restore after factory reset/change devices

Manage to clear data, cache (manually)

Manage .apk files: delete, install, install as a system app (PRO)

Single click to uninstall a listed applications (Batch uninstall).

Rapid load application list

Display application name, icon, package name

Exclude system applications (that you can not uninstall)

Filter by third-party applications, system applications, applications on sdcard. backup applications or frozen applications

Support large screen (ex. tablet) views

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions


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Subway Surfers Miami v1.18.0 apk download

DASH as fast as you can!

DODGE the oncoming trains!

Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog.

★ Grind trains with your cool crew!

★ Colorful and vivid HD graphics!

★ Hoverboard Surfing!

★ Paint powered jetpack!

★ Lightning fast swipe acrobatics!

★ Challenge and help your friends!

Join the most daring chase!

A Universal App with HD optimized graphics.

By Kiloo Games and Sybo Games

What's New

★ Join the Subway Surfers World Tour in Florida

★ Surf by the palm covered beaches of Miami

★ Search the tracks for pink flamingos in the Weekly Hunt and win great prizes

★ Unlock a snappy new outfit for the suntanned beach boy, Nick

★ Check out Tasha's fresh retro outfit





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ZOOKEEPER BATTLE v2.0.4 (Unlimited CP) apk download

ZOOKEEPER BATTLE v2.0.4 (Unlimited CP)

Requirements: 2.3.3+

Overview: Battle online against players from around the world!

ZOOKEEPER”, the popular action puzzle game played by over 10 million people, is now a Battle Puzzle, and is available for Android!!! 

“ZOOKEEPER” has powered up and become even more fun, with rankings, avatars, item collection, and other new elements added for “ZOOKEEPER BATTLE”!

The game is simple! Those who know ZOOKEEPER - and even those who don’t - can enjoy this game from the start!

To celebrate the release of the Android version, users can invite their friends and receive 1 free “Power Bottle” in-app item for each (max. 10 invitations). Also, those users who invite the full 10 people will be awarded a special character customization item.

The game will also offer the chance to take on limited-time-only rare characters in Raid Battle Events, and even more content is planned for future implementation.

Replace the animals that are side by side,
and line up more than three animals vertically or horizontally to catch them! 
The animals caught can be used for ATTACK or DEFENSE.

Battle by catching animals and going head to head with ATTACK and DEFENSE for 30-second rounds.

When your opponent’s LIFE is completely gone, you win!

In the event of a draw, battle it out for one more round!!

*When victory hasn’t been decided after 5 rounds, the one with the most remaining LIFE wins.

What's New


- You are now able to visit all of your friends Zoos at once

- The rarity of animals in exhibits is now visible

- Other minor bug fixes


New Feature "My Zoo" has been added!

Put your characters and items on display and make the greatest zoo in the world!

Win your battles to get visitors!

And to make them happy,combine and power up your avatars!

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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Draw a Stickman: EPIC v1.4.2 Build 16*UPDATE* apk download

Draw a Stickman: EPIC v1.4.2 Build 16*UPDATE*

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Overview: Draw a stickman, then guide him through a fantastic world of adventure! Using an assortment of pencils, draw elements, tools, and weapons to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.


Draw a Stickman Epic could be compared to an adventure game, RPG, or puzzle game, but the unique drawing mechanic is unlike any game you've ever played before! From drawing a rain cloud for growing plants to drawing an axe for chopping down a gate, you control all aspects of your environment.

Explore diverse environments and encounter unusual creatures as you draw your way through 13 levels (plus a hidden bonus level)! With the non-linear gameplay, how you overcome one environment will determine which level you unlock next. Each level is filled with hidden secrets and achievements, offering hours and hours of replay value.

Grab a pencil and dive into the world of Epic!

What's New

- Support large screen devices running at 2560x1600

- Bug fixes and performance enhancements

- Added loading screen for Android when resuming the app

This game has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 v1.4.0 apk download

Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 v1.4.0

Requirements: 2.2+

Overview: The #1 kart racer returns better than ever!

Race amazing new locations with even-crazier karts, make huge jumps, pull off tricks and drift with the best of them. "The Mechanic" will guide you through your career, set your Objectives and give your kart a boost with his incredible Wild Cards. Try out all-new game modes, challenge your friends and rise up the leaderboards to grab ultimate glory in “Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 - Unbeaten Tracks”.

It’s kart racing, but not as we know it!

* A true arcade race experience

* All new karts and stunning new tracks

* More karts and tracks in upcoming updates!

* Huge jumps, tricks and loads of drifting

* Boost your karts with Wild Cards

* Take on 'The Mechanic'’s Objectives

* Use your daily Free spin to check out locked tracks and karts

* Master each race and be No.1 on the leaderboards

* Race against your friends with in-game challenges

* Collect and customize all the karts

What's New:

- 5 brand new tracks

- Fixes some errors

- Thanks for the positive feedback, we will do new updates to have fun!

More info:


Apk + Obb :


1 - Install APK.

2 - Copy "" folder to Android / obb.

3 - Enjoy!

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Machinarium v2.0.01 apk download

Machinarium v2.0.01

Requirements: Android 2.3+

Overview: An award winning adventure game set in a world of robots, challenges and puzzles.

Machinarium is the award-winning independent adventure game developed by the makers of Samorost and Botanicula.

"Absolutely Fantastic" - TouchArcade


4/4 - SlideToPlay

9/10 - Pocket Gamer


- IGF, Excellence in Visual Art Award

- Gamasutra, Best Indie Game Of The Year

-, Best Indie Game Of The Year

***If you bought Machinarium before March 1st 2013 and want to re-download it now, please find it in your purchased apps history list - the old app is still available for you. We are sorry, we had to republish the game to get it under our control (the old version was published by Hothead Games).***

More info:


Apk -

Obb - Part 1 Part 2


1 - Install APK;

2 - Copy "" folder for "Android / obb".

3 - Enjoy!

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Kiwi Dash v1.0.3 Mod [Free Shopping] apk download

Kiwi Dash v1.0.3 [Free Shopping]

Requirements: 4.0+

Overview: Jump, dodge, dash, and fly your Kiwi to retrieve the Stolen Totem!

The cats are stealing our Kiwis' totem! Dodge obstacles, collect kiwis, and dash through cats to take it back!


• Collect all 6 members of the Kiwi family! Rooki, Pinki, Wiki, Franki, Miyuki, and Bucki!

• Collect kiwi fruits to help you!


• Go farther than ever with timely power-ups and items!


• Collect letters while dashing to trigger exciting Fever Modes!


• Complete daily missions to gain level bonuses, rewards, and items!


• Play with friends! Show off your best scores in some friendly competition!

Connect with fans around the world at

Kiwi Dash will need permissions to access your phone numbers within your phone. The information collected will only be used within the game. The data collected is encrypted and will not be shared with others.

Name of cheat:

- Everything in store can be purchase by 0 either with kiwi or gems

More Info:


Download Instructions: Credit: LordThorz

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Grand Battle--MMO Strategy:War v6.2.2 apk download

Grand Battle--MMO Strategy:War v6.2.2

Requirements :Android 2.2+

Overview: Grand Battle is a realistic strategy war game for Multiplayer.

No advertisements

Grand Battle is a realistic MMO that has ever appeared in Googleplay store. Lead your army, tanks, and real battle forces to launch a bloody war against your enemy in the fierce battlefield.

It comes with the promise that once you start, you can’t stop. In Grand Battle, historical battle is held within the same server among players from all over the world such as China, Japan, South Korea, Middle East, America and Europe. You can build alliances with your friends, your country mates, or players from all over the world. You are the historical battle commander in conquering the world.

Grand Battle enables you to experience lifelike scenes, realistic fierce historical battles and military weapons similar like Red Alert. With stunning graphics and well-thought gameplay, Grand Battle is a true military strategy war game you are dying to have your hands on. In Grand Battle MMO, the urge of getting revenge, the excitement of more power and the claim of glory. With a Build-Attack- Destroy model, you will be a true commander thriving your way towards victory in no time.

★Features of Grand Battle:

★ Free-to-play MMO android strategy war game;

★ Lead your alliances, chat with members, and fight together with your people;

★ World-class defense system with Oracle, Rhino tanks of Red Alert, Gun Turret and Mortar Towers;

★ Various military forces such as Infantry, Tanks, Jet Fighters, Missiles, Cannons, Landmines and Atomic Bombs;

★ Arena challenging system and advanced leadboard ranking rewards

★ Spy satellite locating your enemy

Market :


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Evil Moon Steampunk Defense v1.0.6 Mod [Free Purchase] apk download

Evil Moon is action packed steam-punk tower defense game! Destroy epic bossed, myriads of drones and upgrade you weapons and tower. Build and upgrade your base against steam-punk drones and machines!

* Exiting gameplay!

* Beautiful graphics!

* Tons of upgradable weapons!

* Epic bosses!

* Unique upgrades!

* Gorgeous music and sounds!

* Tons of achievements to unlock! Enter global TOP 10!

* Fight to survive!

* Steam-punk atmosphere!

* Save you base and protect your race!

* Regular updates!

* Great customer support!

Please rate the game and provide your suggestions!

Requires Android

2.3.3 and up

After destroy any enemy get unlimited gold



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Astro Player Pro v2.2 apk

Astro Player Pro v2.2

Requirements: Android 3.2+

Overview: Astro Player is a powerful media player with audiobooks and podcasts support.

Astro Player has advanced bookmarking functionality. It allows listening audiobooks, podcasts, music, and watch video in parallel and never lose playback position. Astro Player introduces several unique features like adjustable speed playback, equalizer, and non-unicode tags support. Moreover, it shows lyrics, supports scrobbling, fetches missing album art, plays Internet radio, supports flac, has convenient file browser with play folder option and hotkeys organizer. Supports Feedly service.

Supported formats:

Audio: mp3, ogg, flac, m4b(partial support), mp4, 3gp, mid, wma(not all devices), xmf, mxmf, rtttl,rtx, wav, m4a, amr.

Video: mp4, 3gp


Advanced bookmarks

Unlimited number of custom bookmarks

Rename bookmark

Video bookmarks



Rewind on pause / after bookmark

Adjustable audio speed

Adjustable speed pitch control

Podcast support

Feedly service

Auto removal of played podcasts

Wi-Fi white/black lists

Podcast auto-download


Sound controls

Gapless and Mono playback


Spectrum analyzer

Equalizer presets

Advanced playlists

Playlist auto generation based on a selected folder

Search in playlists and music browser

Sorting tracks by rating and play count

M3U playlists support


Select a folder for playback

Playlist shortcuts


Custom skins

Resume/pause playback when the headset is plugged/unplugged

Bluetooth headset support

Hotkeys, actions, menu, and buttons organizers

Preloaded Internet Radio stations

Fetching cover arts

Tag editor

Customize mode for skin buttons

Menu configuration

Fetch lyrics from the Internet

Lyrics from tags

Custom backup rotation

Playing video in background

Shake controls

Non-Unicode encoding support (displays Artist, Album in your own language for Non-Unicode encodings)

Triple-click support

Sleep timer

Astro Player Wiki

Astro Player Support Forum

Astro Player Pro purchase issues F.A.Q.

What's New

- Fix support for devices with two SD cards

- Fix memory leaks

- Other stability fixes

This app has NO advertisement

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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Flightradar24 Pro v5.0.3 apk

Flightradar24 Pro v5.0.3

Requirements: Android 4.0.0+

Overview: Turn your phone or tablet into an air traffic radar and see airplane traffic around the world in real-time. Discover why millions are already using Flightradar24.

Flightradar24 is, or has been the number one travel app in more than 60 countries including the United Statesm, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia. We are frequently featured in the media and recent media mentions include Bild (Germany), Le Monde (France), CNN (US), Fox News (US), and MSNBC (US).

Features that have made Flightradar24 the bestselling flight-tracking app around the world include:

* Comprehensive information for each individual plane, including route, speed, altitude and more

* Augmented reality view – identify the planes flying overhead by simply pointing your phone’s camera to the sky

* Easy to search for a specific flight

* Unrivaled global coverage of real-time positional data for aircraft

* Filter by airline, altitude, speed and more

* Emergency squawk sush notification alerts

* Flight trails and callsigns directly on map

* See airline logos in connection with the aircraft

* Banner free


We are rapidly improving Flightradar24’s coverage across the world. Below is a breakdown of our coverage as of April 2013. For the most up-to-date info about coverage in the area(s) you are interested in, please visit


Roughly 95% of the continent covered


100% coverage in the US and Canada (but with slight delay) thanks to radar data provided by the FAA. Real-time coverage for ADS-B equipped aircraft in most areas of the two countries.

Substantial coverage in Mexico and most South American countries including Brazil, Argentina, and Chile


Complete coverage in Japan. Substantial to complete coverage in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Maldives, Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many other countries.


Nearly complete coverage in Australia and New Zealand.


Substantial coverage in South Africa. Limited coverage in the rest of the region.

Please note that coverage will vary.

Find out how you can help increase Flightradar24's coverage in your region:


Please note that Flightradar24 only can track aircraft equipped with an ADS-B transponder. The exception is in the US and Canada where we get radar data from the FAA and can track almost all planes, but with a five-minute delay. Visit for more information about ADS-B and Flightradar24’s coverage.

Minimum screen resolution required to run this app is 320x480px.


Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for the latest on Flightradar24.


Please visit the Flightradar24 forum for help and support.


The use of the information presented in Flightradar24 is strictly limited to your personal enthusiast activities (i.e. for entertainment purposes), which specifically exclude any activities that might endanger yourself or the lives of others. Under no circumstances will the developer of this application be held responsible for incidents resulting from the use and/or interpretation of the data in the application. We reserve the right to anonymously track and report a user's activity inside of app.

What's New

- v5.0.3

- bugfixes

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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Tau Ceti v1.0.0.2296 Mod (Unlimited Gold) apk download

Tau Ceti v1.0.0.2296 Mod (Unlimited Gold)

Requirements: Android 2.3.3+

Overview: Defend your starship from enemy raids in a game that mixes strategy, tower defence and card games!

In a galaxy far, far away … a relentless war rages on!

Countless armadas fight for the resources of a world still unravaged by war: the Tau Ceti system. Your orbital station is under attack from endless waves of enemies! Join your battle station and fight back against the aliens and looters in their countless spaceships!

Unleash your gravity, corrosion and technology cards to counter the alien threat, and play them strategically for maximum damage! Take advantage of the asteroid fields and nebulae, adapt your tactics and stop the enemy’s progress. Collect bonuses to defeat enemies and earn cards to enhance your arsenal of weapons.

Blast your enemies into space oblivion!


Unique and original Sci-fi 2D.

Explore 3 galaxies with increasing levels of difficulty in endless mode.

Master your orbital space to defeat your enemies: asteroid fields, nebulae.

Collect more than 700 cards: anti-gravity, corrosive weapons, rare technologies, etc.

Loot bonuses and enhancements from defeated foes.

Compete against 6 different types of enemies, from the innumerable hunters to heavy bombers.

Share your score via the social features.

Mod Info:

Buy props to increase gold.

More Info:


Download Instructions: APK


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Hell, The Dungeon Again! v1.0.2 apk download

Make the way through the dungeons full of terrible monsters and fight with the chief demon, gave birth to hordes of evil creeps.

In this turn-based RPG you will find:

-3 character classes (berserker, cleric, huntress) with its own characteristics and skills.

-Randomly-generated dungeons.

-25 Levels divided into 5 locations.

-Tons of loot with random properties.

-Achievements for defeating special monsters.

-Colorful pixel graphics in 8-bit style.

What's New


-Fixed game freezes when player going upstairs.

-Map exploration saves now.

Requires Android

2.2 and up



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MAVEN Music Player (Pro) v1.17.76 apk

MAVEN Music Player (Pro) v1.17.76

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Overview: My charming MAVEN Music Player!

My charming MAVEN Music Player!

Take a music trip with MAVEN Music player, and find out its fantastic control features and unbeatable audio quality. It delivers all the Maven 3D surround effect which presents dynamic and fantastic sound to listeners with real time synchronized lyrics.

Even when using external stereo speakers, multi-channel virtual surround effect offers you highly immersive listening environment.

MAVEN Solution (Multiform Audio Virtualizing & Enhancing Nexus)

1. XOME-i

No headaches, no hurting ears on earphone use. Sound comes out of head and ears, so it creates a feeling like listening through speakers while using earphones and headphones. It provides richer and cleaner sound quality. Enjoying High fidelity audio is available on mobile devices with XOME-i.


Realization of 3 dimensional presence of powerfully reverberating sound when listening with earphone or speaker by creating the feeling of appreciating music in an actual live concert hall.

3. MEX

Reinforce insufficient reproductive capability of low-pitched and high-pitched sounds, while reinforcing stereo component of sound in order to further widen width of the stereo sound.


Equalizer will adjust levels of each frequency band of sound, enabling the user to adjust the quality of a tone to his taste.

This Solution is provided with a type that the user can adjust levels of each band like 9 band, or in preset type or in userset type. Provided preset can be configured with maximum 13 kinds including VOICE, JAZZ, CLASSIC, ROCK, DANCE, etc.

5. EVS

Now, you can enjoy virtual surround sound through your normal stereo speakers. Virtual 5.1 Speaker is a solution that enables creation of wider and affluent stereo sound images under such environment. Voices are placed in front of you and ambient sound appears all around you… just like a live performance

(Technical support)

① This version is compatible with Android 2.2 or higher

② Support Audio Formats : mp3, ogg, wav, mp4, m4a, flac, wma(may require Neon support) (wma10 not support)

(Main Feature)

1. MAVEN Effect(3D sound)

A. XOME-i(Externalization), Live(Reverberation), Mex(Maestro), EVS(Virtual Speaker)

B. 9 band graphic equalizer, 13 default preset (Voice, Jazz, Classic, etc), Custom preset (Save, Remove)

2. Response Curve of Equalizer

3. Volume Control (Media Volume, Pre Volume, Left/right channel adjustment)

4. Display lyrics in tag including lyrics search via Alsong plugin (Provided by ALsong or ID3 tags)

5. Brightness control

6. Play music by artits, albums, songs, playlists, genres and folders

7. Songs search

8. Songs Rescan

9. Playlist management

10. Multi Select, Delete, Play, Add to Playlist

11. Repeat and Suffle

12. 3 configurable widget types (size: 4x1, 4x2, 4x4)

13. Read Phone state

(In order stop/resume playback during incoming / outgoing calls,

Player requires read only rights to read phone state)

14. BlueTooth Control

15. Earphone(Headset) Button control(press to pause/resume, double/triple press to play next/prev)

16. Lock Screeen

17. Sleep Timer

18. Fade In/Out

19. Ringtone

20. Moving the SD Card

21. Help of Play, Volume, Effect

22. Notification Control Support (android 4.0 over)

23. Provide new skin plug In

Change the user skin of the Player by installing one of the 2+ available SKINS.

You can download "maven player metal Skin", "maven player black Skin" on Market.

The new skin is only available in Pro (Paid) version.

Language Translations

1. English

2. Korean

3. Chinese

4. Japanese

※ If you find bugs or have any queries and suggestions, please contact us via e-mail and FaceBook. We will be happy to correspond with your comments.

※ Updates will be provided with plenty of additional features in near future.

※ Facebook :

※ E-mail : [email protected]

What's New

version 1.17.73 is just released.

1. Landscape mode

2. Playback Speed Control (50 ~ 200%)

3. Sort of album tracks : Track order to sort

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:Released by chathu_ac


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Duo: Holo File Manager Pro v1.0.20131218 apk

Duo: Holo File Manager Pro v1.0.20131218

Requirements: Android 2.3.3+

Overview: This is the paid version with no ads and no internet permission. A free version with ads is also available, along with some free plugins. DuoFM combines the features of the popular file managers (like Astro, ES Explorer, Solid Explorer, ...) and root explorers.

This is the paid version with no ads and no internet permission. A free version with ads is also available, along with some free plugins.

App website:

Youtube channel: Holo File Manager Pro (DuoFM for short, formerly UNCOPT File Browser), aims to be your go-to app for everything file-related on your android device.

It is similar to Windows Explorer or Mac finder on your computer. Just like them, it can be used to access files on the device, and also to browse the files on your network or on cloud services.

DuoFM combines the features of the popular file managers (like Astro, ES Explorer, Solid Explorer, ...) and root explorers.

Its two main focus points are design and stability.

The application fits perfectly within the modern android holographic (Holo) style that was introduced with Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich or ICS). It looks and feels as if it was one of the apps bundled with the core of android, and follows Google design guidelines perfectly. At the same time, it improves on usability thanks to its innovative dual (split) navigation pane that is fully adjustable, and its navigation spinner in the action bar. DuoFM has also been optimized to adapt its layout on a tablet.

Extra attention is being placed on stability. This is about not crashing and having features that work the way you expect them to. This includes a lot of little things, such as restoring the state correctly when coming back from the background, or reacting to outside changes.

This mindset drove us to take unusual approaches to the way we implemented some of the core features. Those differences might not be noticeable at first, but they participate in making DuoFM rock solid and enable workflows that other applications don't support.

Two of those decisions stand out.

The first is that we developped a native api (in c) to query the filesystem. This allowed us to use the same highly optimized api for accessing files on user accessible storage areas (such as the sdcard) or on root-only partitions. We extended that api to enable access to archive content as if they were simple directories on the filesystem, including nested archives.

The second is that we decided to never create any intermediate copies, not on the filesystem and not in memory. We support opening / sending / copying files of any size, without requiring any space left on the internal or external storage. This is true for all directories: local, remote (over the network or in the cloud), or inside archives. We stream the data to the target directory or application.

The various storage areas (internal memory, sdcards) are automatically detected, including On-The-Go (OTG) USB attachments when available. No user specification is required.

Access to files not located on the device or its attachements is done through plugins. This separation is done to keep the main application small and to let users decide what extra feature to install. The available plugins are listed in the settings.

So far, the following plugins are available (and free):

- LAN: to give access to the local network shares (windows, SAMBA or SMB).

- Google Drive

- SkyDrive

- Dropbox

When superuser (root) is enabled, partitions can be automatically remounted in rw, and permissions (including suid, guid and sticky bits), group and owner can be changed easily.

For details about all the features, our roadmap and how to contact us, please visit our website at

We also have a bug tracker (no registration is required). You'll find a link to it in the settings of the app or on our webpage.

Whats New:

Dependency update.

New version number scheme.

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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ai.type Keyboard Plus v2.0.8.5 apk

ai.type Keyboard Plus v2.0.8.5

Requirements: Android 2.1+, Lucky Patcher/Modded Google Play

Overview: The BEST keyboard on the Android Market!

Buy this to get unlimited use with ALL A.I.type keyboard features!

So, what makes A.I.type Keyboards ‘SIMPLY THE BEST’?

* It’s smart! The keyboard suggests your next word, completes your current word and corrects your typos based on the context of what you are writing.

* It gets smarter! As you type, the keyboard learns your common words, phrases and style, and improves its text prediction accordingly. We call it – MyType.

* It’s accurate! You don’t have to be very precise with the keys you hit. Even if you miss keys frequently, the keyboard will understand and correct you.

* It’s cool! You can change colors, themes, background images, fonts! You can resize the keyboard by dragging the resize key! You can make you keyboard look exactly like iPhone4, Windows Phone 7 or ICS (and more!)…It has lots of FREE Skins for you to choose from.

* It is totally customizable! You can control just about anything and every behavior. You can edit and store your own shortcuts for you to use while typing. You also can download Emoji for FREE !

* It’s efficient! You have navigation buttons, you can undo and redo your changes, copy, cut and paste from the keyboard and more.

*It’s easy to use! Drag it all the way down to expose the screen, and back up. Just swipe your finger up to get a numeric / navigation / symbols row! Another swipe – eliminate it!

* It supports so many languages! The keyboard has over 35 keyboard layouts, and other than in English, text prediction is provided in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, Korean, Greek, Swedish, Polish and Hebrew.

* It’s safe! A.I.type never collects, analyzes or sends your personal information, passwords, credit card numbers etc. Text stays encrypted and private.

* It warns you when it corrects your text! Get a visual indication before auto-correction is applied, and a beep after the correction.

Privacy notice: while installing A.I.type Keyboard, you will receive a warning message about collecting sensitive data. This is the standard general-purpose Android message issued for any downloaded keyboard and it does not pertain to A.I.type. Our keyboard DOES NOT COLLECT YOUR SENSITIVE DATA.

Psychic word completions and predictions are generated by A.I.type’s servers on the Cloud. When the device is offline or Internet connection is too slow, or if you disabled Cloud-based prediction, word suggestions will be generated by the device only.

Because A.I.type keeps improving, it’s recommended that you enable auto-update from Google Play so you always have the latest version.

Please contact [email protected] with any feedback, issue or suggestion.

لوحةالمفاتيح,كيبور,teclat,klávesnice,tastatur,πληκ τρολόγιο,teclado,صفحه کلید,näppäimistö,clavier,מקלדת,billentyűzet,tastie ra,კლავიატურის,키보드,tastatūra,klaviatūra,toetsenbor d,klawiatura,клавиатура,тастатура,tangentbord,แป้น พิมพ์,klavye,клавіатура

Tags: keyboards best android gingerbread texting pro T9 compact better than multiling touchpal go hackers swiftkey

slideit smart perfect Ice Cream Sandwich ICS Thumb Jelly Bean

What's New

2.0.8 Fix: better learning, disable suggestion, new line, passwords field other bugs and stability

We are VERY proud to introduce ai.type keyboard 2.0!

With this release, we have taken our great keyboard and made it even better in every possible way!

For ANY issue: [email protected]

New flat design “The Urban Experience” with visual effects and new themes Urban Day\Night, gesture typing (Swipe), integrated English grammar checker, new settings screens with tons of new options and much more…

This app NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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Root Freezer Pro v1.1 apk

Root Freezer Pro v1.1

Requirements: 2.1 and up

Overview: This app is designed to simplify the freeze/defrost and delete system apps using Root Uninstaller technology.

Root permission required


☆ Freeze/defrost apps (both system and regular) in single click

☆ Uninstall system app in single click

☆ Very simple interface and easy to use

Use cases:

1. You phone is in low memory or short battery life. You need to remove bloatwares that you don't need anymore. But you are scared by side effect when you remove a system apps.

-> Solution: Freeze them first and see if the system works smoothly, then delete them later.

2. Your carrier pre-loads a lot of useless app and you need more room for your lovely apps

-> Solution: Freeze them. If you are sure that you don't need them in the future, delete them.


# root uninstall, bloat freezer, system app remover

This app has No advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions


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