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Dr. Driving v1.24 Android apk download

Dr. Driving v1.24

Requirements: 2.1+

Overview: Dr. Driving drives you crazy!

Burn up the street with the fastest and most visually stunning edition of the Dr. Parking series.

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Pure news widget (scrollable) v1.4.2 apk

Pure news widget (scrollable) v1.4.2

Requirements: 1.5 and up

Overview: Pure news widget is a scrollable widget for Rss/Atom news reading from Google Reader or RSS/Atom list (OPML).


Pure news widget is a scrollable widget for Google Reader news reading (Rss).


This is a scrollable widget which REQUIRE ADW Launcher, Launcher Pro, LiveHome, Go Launcher Ex or an Android 3.0 device like Xoom. If you don't use a Launcher supporting scrollable widgets, it won't work.


- Connected to Google reader to retrieve your prefered news

- Scrollable widget with most alternative launchers like ADW, Zeam Launcher, Go Launcher or LauncherPro

- Show news thumbnails

- Multiples skins and widgets sizes to make a fancy widget

- Lot of options to customize rendering

- Can use Google Mobilizer to reduce used bandwidth when reading full article

- full Android 3.0 / HoneyComb / Xoom support !!! with scrolling !

- Can mark as read in Google reader

- Optional local cache of articles

What's New


- FIX major crash issue with multiple widgets on Android 3.x/4.x

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Download Instructions:



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Swipe Dialer Pro v1.9.2.11 apk

Swipe Dialer Pro v1.9.2.11

Requirements: Android v4.0+

Overview: Fed up with your slow dialer, Would you like a more stock (AOSP) android experience? Would you like to swipe effortlessly between your dialer, contacts, recent and favourites with no LAG!


Fed up with your slow dialer, Would you like a more stock (AOSP) android experience?

Would you like to swipe effortlessly between your dialer, contacts, recent and favourites with no LAG!

+ Full T9 support

+ Set as default

+ Speed dial (Pro Only)

+ Keep in memory (Pro Only)

+ Totally customisable tabs (Pro only)

+ Customisable Transition effects (Pro Only)

+ Cover flow for contacts; Just turn your phone landscape (Pro only)

+ Custom fonts, Backgrounds, Colours just about every item! (Pro only)

+ Use your own background (Pro only)

+ Change dial pad colour (Pro only)

+ One handed dialer mode for large screen devices (Pro only)

+ English, German, French, Norwegian, Spanish, Hindi, Hebrew, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, and Chinese support

+ Indexed contact list

+ Phone number formatting

+ Stock android style

+ Big favourite photos

+ Very fast

+ Delete one or all call logs via long press

+ Copy & Paste & Edit phone numbers

+ Send SMS's, edit or call contacts via long press

+ Haptic feedback f000h

+ Pressing dial brings up last called number

+ Sort by surname in contacts list

+ Configure dialer sounds

Any problems email me :)

Screenshots are from the pro version.

Keywords: dialler app,dialler,diallers,t9 dialler,predictive dialler,phone,dialer,dial,T9,contact,contacts,smar t dialer,quick dial,speed dial, aosp, stock, fast,dialer predictive ,pronto dialer, dial, dialing

What's New

Please, please if you like the app rate it

Thanks for the bug reports!

+ New: Faster photo engine

+ New: Performance improvements

+ Translations: French thanks Intika

+ New Language: Bulgarian thanks git72!

+ New Language: Catalan thanks reykilibo!

+ New Language: Hungarian thanks bazolka!

+ New Language: Swedish thanks pontus123!

+ New: KitKat dark theme in play store

+ New: KitKat pink theme in play store

+ New: Delete contacts

+ All translations updated

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Download Instructions:Released by Yuki918


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Mini Plane v4.3.0 Android apk download

Mini Plane v4.3.0

Requirements: Android 1.6+

Overview: Fly your little yellow plane for as long as you can!

[break]Fly your little yellow plane for as long as you can!

Keep your plane in the air avoiding other planes, tall buildings, and many other obstacles. Pickup various bonus items for extra points and fuel, unlock new worlds, extra planes, and much more!

Uses Open Feint for highscores and achievements

“If you’re a big fan [of these type of games] then you won’t be disappointed – I give it 4/5 stars.” – MeAndMyDroid

“Android Arcade – app of the day “ – Android Arcade

“Definitely a fun little game for the casual gamer.” – Droid gamers

"Like throttle copter, just much better"!

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Jumpy v2.1.0 Android apk download

Jumpy v2.1.0

Requirements: Android 1.6+

Overview: Jumpy is our tribute game to the classic Run and Jump games like Mario and Sonic. In full retro pixel style, we give you a simple but extremely fun gameplay.

[break]Using Open Feint for online scores and achievements!

Recent changes:

- fix: one of hidden areas was not reachable

- fix: tweaked controls, should make game more playable

- fix: onscreen controls now easier and clearer

- fix: camera is higher, so fingers dont block the action to much

- fix: some sounds weren’t triggered

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Sonic Racing Transformed v530620G1~G4 apk download

Sonic Racing Transformed v530620G1~G4

Requirements: Android 3.1+

Overview: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is a racing video game developed by Sumo Digital and published by Sega. It was released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U in November 2012, for PlayStation Vita in December 2012, for Microsoft Windows in January 2013, and for Nintendo 3DS in February 2013. Ports for iOS and Android were released on January 2, 2014.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is the sequel to Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, the fourth installment in the Sega Superstars series, and the eighth racing game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is a mascot-based racing game in which players race against each other using characters from various Sega franchises, although it features many new mechanics and improvements from the last game. The most obvious is that, at certain points in a race, vehicles can alternate between car, boat and plane modes. The car mode handles similarly to the previous game, in which players can earn boost by drifting around corners or performing tricks whilst in the air. Boat mode features true boating physics, requiring players to consider their vehicle's turbulence. They may also be affected by waves made in the water, some of which can be used to leap into the air and perform stunts. Plane mode, the fastest of the three forms, gives players the freedom to move both vertically and horizontally. Like the other modes, players can 'air-drift' around corners to earn boost and can also perform rolls to quickly adjust their position, earning boost for narrowly dodging obstacles. Players alternate between these modes by driving through blue transformation gates. Certain tracks in the game terraform as players proceed through them, offering different playstyles between each lap.

Several new varieties of weapons have been added, including explosive hot rod engines, freezing snowballs and swarms of wasps that appear at the front of the pack. All-Star Moves return from the previous title, though these are awarded slightly differently compared to the last game, and can now be used in online multiplayer. During races, players can collect star tokens, found scattered around the course or earned by attacking opponents, which can be spent in a slot machine between events to earn random bonuses, such as enhanced items or faster recovery from certain weapons.

The main campaign is the Career Mode which, along with returning features such as Grand Prix, Time Attack and Single Race, mainly revolves around the World Tour mode. This mode involves going through a branching series of events, ranging from standard races to various challenges, including earning time by drifting, maneuvering through traffic or fighting against large tanks. Completing these challenges on various difficulties earn stars which are used to open up new branches and unlock new characters and mods. Racing with each character in any mode earns XP which unlock modifications that alter the stats of each vehicle.[13] The game features 16 new tracks inspired by games like Super Monkey Ball, Panzer Dragoon, Golden Axe, After Burner and Burning Rangers, as well as four returning locations from the first game and mirror versions of each track. The game also features online multiplayer in all versions and four player split-screen multiplayer for the console versions. Some of the career modes can also be played in split-screen multiplayer. The Wii U version also features unique minigames and features that utilize the Wii U GamePad and can support up to five players via split-screen.

More info:


Sonic Racing Transformed v530620G1 [Mali]

Apk - Zippyshare | Mega

Obb - Zippyshare | Mega

Torrent - Apk + Obb

Sonic Racing Transformed v530620G2 [PowerVR]

Apk - Zippyshare | Mega

Obb - Zippyshare | Mega

Torrent - Apk + Obb

Sonic Racing Transformed v530620G3 [Adreno]

Apk - Zippyshare | Mega

Obb - Zippyshare | Mega

Torrent - Apk + Obb

Sonic Racing Transformed v530620G4 [Tegra]

Apk - Zippyshare | Mega

Obb - Zippyshare | Mega

Torrent - Apk + Obb


- Install APK;

- Copy "com.sega.sonic.transformed" folder for "Sdcard0/Android/obb";

- Enjoy.

Note : this version works for me (Xperia SP), and others devices.

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Gunslugs v2.0.6 Android apk download

Gunslugs v2.0.6

Requirements: 2.1+

Overview: Gunslugs is the most chaotic, fun, arcade action game you'll find on any platform! Non-stop action from the guys behind Meganoid, Meganoid 2 and Stardash !

- We grabbed a bunch of expendable action hero's from the 80s and we made them team up as the Gunslugs to fight the war against the always evil Black Duck Army. Can you save the planet? maybe even the universe?


* Random level generation - no 2 game sessions will be the same!

* Unlockable characters

* Thumping sound track

* Fun variation of weapons

* Tank driving!

* Jetpack flying!

* Secret levels

* Objectives/achievements

* Destruction

* Chaos

* Rain, snow, and big bad hell worms

* Wizards, princesses, geeks, voodoo priests and many more surprises... !

- Two player co-op mode is supported by use of the BT controllers, Wiimotes, OUYA controllers and more, check for more info

Xperia PLAY Optimized

MOGA controller supported

Green Throttle controller supported

NVidia Shield supported

Supports WiiMotes, and a host of bluetooth controllers, just connect and play!

+Google Play Game services

Recent changes:

NVidia Shield support added

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Meganoid 2 v2.0.4 Android apk download

Meganoid 2 v2.0.4

Requirements: Android 1.6+

Overview: Survive tombs, temples, traps, bats, snakes and much much more

The sequel to the much acclaimed Meganoid !

Meganoid 2 continues the brutal platform gaming that all you guys loved in the first part. Again: this game is not easy! You will need to bring your best game skills to complete the short but hard levels.

Meganoid gets most of it’s inspiration from 80s and 90s games, the pixel-art graphic style is on purpose!


Each challenging level can be completed within a few seconds of gaming, making the pace of the game pretty fast, but many levels require multiply tries to complete. New levels will be added in updates - So tell your friends to download this game now!

level count: 40 levels! get your friends to download the game, and we'll be able to add more levels in updates!


- complete a level to earn a level star

- complete the level within the time limit to earn the time-trophy

- find the (hidden) treasure in evera level to earn the treasure-trophy


Meganoid 2 comes in full 8bit retro pixelart style, complete with chiptune and sound effects, we love this style, and it fits the genre! The game is set in an adventurous environment with tombs, temples, skulls, arrows, traps, boulders, snakes and bats!

Keep updated on this game by checking:

If you are stuck in the game, check out facebook and ask for help:


if you run into problems or the game wont work on your device, instead of just rating 1 star, you could help us fix it by providing feedback!

keywords - retro 2D platform action game 8bit pixelart

Xperia PLAY Optimized

Supports WiiMotes, and a host of bluetooth controllers, just connect and play!

What's in this version :

- And another 10 levels! now at 70 levels, closing in on the 100 levels ! Thanks for your support guys, that's what makes it fun to keep making these games

- Added support for MOGA controller

- KEYBOARD USERS: use A/D and i/J to move!

- If you are stuck on a level, tell us on facebook:

we can either help, or make a level easier if many people are stuck

This game has no advertisements

More Info:


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The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season v1.0.0 [Full] apk download

The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season v1.0.0 [Full]

Requirements: Android 3.1+/Root

Overview: Episode one of a five-part game series set in the same universe as Robert Kirkman’s award-winning series.

Play as Lee Everett, a convicted criminal, who has been given a second chance at life in a world devastated by the undead. With corpses returning to life and survivors stopping at nothing to maintain their own safety, protecting an orphaned girl named Clementine may offer him redemption in a world gone to hell. Experience events, meet people and visit locations that foreshadow the story of Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes. A tailored game experience – actions, choices and decisions you make will affect how your story plays out across the entire series.

Product Features

- Winner of over 90 Game of the Year awards

- All five award-winning episodes plus special episode '400 Days'

- Based on Robert Kirkman's award-winning comic book series

- Choice matters: your decisions change the story around you

More Info:

Installation [ 1 ] ( Root ):

1 - Download and install APK game , but not open yet.

2 - Use the GLTools to " emulate " the Adreno 320 GPU ( risk bootloop ) .

3 - Open the Lucky Patcher , find the game , click "Remove license check Amazon ."

4 - Open the game and good fun .

Installation [ 2 ] ( Root / Non-Root ):

1 - Download the Amazon App and make a free account .

2 - Now visit the web version of the Amazon App Store on your computer , or your Internet browser of Android ( if you are using Android to navigate , make sure you configure your browser to view pages in desktop mode) .

3 - Visit the game page on Amazon : Amazon Link .

4 - Click on "Get Now With One Click " . A message will pop up saying " this application may not support your device , continue ? " click " yes " , and will now indicate that you bought the game .

5 - Install the apk downloaded here, open it and see that the license check is valid , good fun .

Leaving the full game ( Root ):

1 - Before you have Titanium Backup installed on your device .

2 - Backup Download of the game , extract and copy the 3 files to the " TitaniumBackup " folder which is in its internal memory .

3 - Open the App Titanium Backup , go to the " Backup and Restore " tab , find the game and restore App + Data .

4 - After the procedure ( delayed) start the game and enjoy it completely.


Game Apk - Mega | Zippyshare

Amazon Apk - Mega | Zippyshare

GLTools Apk - Mega | Zippyshare

Game Backup - Mega | Zippyshare


Xperia player ( installation instructions without Root )

GaneP ( APK game )

a69b ( Backup Game )

bullX75 ( Backup Game )

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Skatroid v1.8.5 Android apk download

Skatroid v1.8.5

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Overview: Skat is the most popular card game in Germany, but also well known all over the world.

Three players form two counter parties, which are playing against each other. The Declarer (player which is playing alone) is determined by bidding against the other players. Bidding means, each player estimates a bid value of its card deck and tries to outbid the other players. The bid value is a combination of high trumps (jacks) and the bidded suit (trump suit), with exception of Grand and Null games. In Grand games only Jacks are trump, Null games don't have trumps and have a fixed bid value.

The goal of a game is, to earn the most points. Normally a game is won by the declarer, if it achieves 61 points (simple games). In exceptional cases the declarer has to achieve 91 ("Schneider") points, to get all tricks of a game ("Schwarz") or to get no trick (Null games). A Series consistes of 36 games (48 games if four players are playing a Series). Goal of a Skat is, to have the most points at the end of a Series.

The finally result will be determined by using the Fabian-Seger-System. I.e. for each won game, the declarer gets 50 bonus points. For each lost game of the declarer, the counter party gets 40 bonus points.

About Skatroid

Skatroid is a Android Skat game.It is a offline variant of Skat featuring two virtual computer players (androids) which play against you. The virtual players support very realistic and human way of playing Skat. The virtual computer players have a playing knowledge that thrills Skat beginners as well as advanced Skat players.

Furthermore the homelike athmosphere of the game and droll androids effects that it is fun to play! So give it a shot!


- No internet connection required

- Challenging virtual computer players

- Variable card deck type (old german or french)

- Supports old rules of Skat (valid until 1999) and the current rules (valid since 1999)

- Realistic and human playing behaviour of the virtual players

- English and German language support

Known Problems and Issues

- The Message "App is not licensend" after the installation is a known bug, possibly caused by Google Play. Please reboot your phone and try it again. If a reboot is not suitable, please reverse your money in your Google Checkout account.

- Skatroid currently is not optimized for tablets. If there are problems while displaying, please reverse your money on Google Checkout.

- In one case a user could'nt reverse its money from Google Checkout. This problem is unknown. (In the given case i didn't achieve the money. This was the reason, the user couldn't reverse, because it wasn't paid. Please assure, that your payment really is charged from your account. If your have a problem, please contact me.

What's in this version:

new features:

- Added additional card decks (optional as in app)

solved errors:

- error while reloading games (Message: wrong index / null)

- prevent error during saving game (autobidding do not start after loading game)

- autobidding enabled if option is switched off

- app crashing if leaving upgrade activity / closing app

- Grafic error if Skat is shown after a game

This game has NO advertisements

More Info:


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Little Galaxy v1.5.3.1 apk download

Requirements: 2.2+

Overview: Little Galaxy is a game inspired by a real story of a young scientist, who reached out for his dream to find a new home. We have met this boy and were touched by his story as he lost everyone and everything, we are trying to help him to build functional prototype of jumping space boots so he can start his journey.

We ran out of money and because we are definitely better at making games than building strange space travel prototypes, we have made this game. We want to use it to get the necessary funding to help him. Please help the boy and please help us to spread the idea of space jumping!

Little Galaxy is all about space jumping, simple one touch game play, lovely graphics, challenging quests and star dust on your cheeks.

• Space jumping and more space jumping, and yes, space jumping

• One touch game play

• Intuitive gravity mechanics

• Dozens of stages with challenging quests

• Unique levels re-generated after every replay

• Many planets, power ups, bonuses and combos

Recent changes:

• Crashing fixed

• Our space jumper is not alone any more. Now you can play also as Alice the space adventurer.

• Bored of the old same space suit? Change it for new exciting costumes including clothes borrowed from Santa.

• Is an objective too hard? Use the brand new Solutron power up to skip it.

• Christmas could not be complete without a huge Christmas tree and snow. Find them on your home planet.

• Possibility to change graphic details for slower devices.

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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XPrivacy Pro v1.11.6 Android apk

XPrivacy Pro v1.11.6

Requirements: Android v4.0+, Xposed Framework

Overview: XPrivacy can prevent applications (including associated background services and content providers) from leaking privacy sensitive data.

XPrivacy can restrict the categories of data an application can access. This is done by feeding an application with no or fake data. There are several data categories which can be restricted, for example contacts or location. For example, if you restrict access to contacts for an application, this will result in sending an empty contact list to the application, when it requests access to your contacts. Similarly, restricting an application's access to your location will result in a random or set location being sent to the application.

XPrivacy doesn't revoke (i.e. block) permissions from an application, which means that most applications will continue to work as before and won't force close. There are two exceptions to this, access to the internet and to external storage (typically an SD card) is restricted by denying access (revoking permissions). There is no other way to realize this, since these permissions are handled by Android in a special way. Android delegates handling of these permission to the underlying Linux network/file system.

If restricting a category of data for an application results in problems for the application, it is possible to allow access to the data category again to solve the issue.

By default, all newly installed applications will have no access to any data category at all, to prevent a new application from leaking sensitive data right after installation. Shortly after installing a new application, XPrivacy will ask which data categories you want the new application to have access to. XPrivacy comes with an application browser, which allows you to quickly enable or disable applications' access to a particular data category (i.e. to view and control all access to the camera, for example). It is also possible to edit all data categories for one application.

To help you identify potential data leaks, XPrivacy will monitor attempts made by all applications to access sensitive data. XPrivacy will display a yellow triangle icon as soon as data of a data category has been used. XPrivacy will also display if an application has internet access, indicating that the application poses a risk of sharing the data it obtains with an external server. This is just a guideline, since an application could access the internet through other applications too. If an application has requested Android permissions to access data in a data category, this will be displayed with a green tick icon, but this will only be shown when looking at an individual application, since checking permissions for all applications is quite slow.

XPrivacy is built using the Xposed framework. XPrivacy taps into a number of selected functions of Android through the Xposed framework. Depending on the function, XPrivacy conditionally skips execution of the original function (for example when an application tries to set a proximity alert) or alters the result of the original function (for example to return empty calendar data).

XPrivacy has been tested with CyanogenMod 10 and 10.1 (Android 4.1 and 4.2), and will most likely work with any Android version 4.1 or 4.2 variant, including stock ROMs. Root access is needed to install the Xposed framework. Because of a bug in the Xposed framework, XPrivacy currently needs a fixed Xposed binary, which is provided as download for both Android version 4.1 and 4.2.

Recent changes:

Version 1.11.6 BETA

Fixed disabling application settings when using global settings (issue)

Fixed display issues and scroll lag (issue) (issue)

Fixed check marks not visible with some themes (issue)

Updated Chinese translation

Updated Dutch translation

Updated Slovak translation

Updated Vietnamese translation

Note: all premium features available. no key file needed. no LuckyPatcher needed.

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


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Switchr - App Switcher PRO v2.0.5 Android apk

Switchr - App Switcher PRO v2.0.5

Requirements: Android v2.1+

Overview: Switchr is a well designed, well polished, feature packed and simple, yet practical application that allows switching between running tasks with impeccable elegance and flawless perfection.

About Switchr - App Switcher

Introducing Switchr

"Ready for another one of those apps that you never thought you wanted or needed, but will fall in love with once you get it?" - Phandroid


Switchr is a simple yet practical application that allows switching between apps with the swipe of a finger. It's a lot like Alt-Tab, and with two styles to choose from, Switchr allows for great customization and use of gestures to beautifully switch between apps. It even allows switching in real time while you're swiping!

"Sometimes change is good, and this change is just too pretty to pass up" - AndroidSpin

Switchr Pro Key

Switchr can be installed for free, in all its app switching glory. However, with the Pro Key installed, all settings are unlocked, leaving you with the freedom to customize every aspect of Switchr. Switchr Pro allows you to take advantage of all gestures, customize every visual aspect, configure blacklists/whitelists to your liking, show an unlimited amount of apps, and much much more. f000h


Follow the development on XDA:

News & Media

"Switchr is a well designed and well polished app with a simple, yet practical function that allows users to access their running apps quickly and conveniently." - XDA Developers

"A lot of Android devices have dedicated buttons to bring up the multitasking list, but Switchr may offer an even faster way to jump between running apps" - Android Police

"Switchr does switching in a way that will seem more natural to you" - Phandroid

"This is a high-quality app from a developer with a proven track record, and I can warmly recommend it" - makeuseof

"Swipe between apps quickly and select the one you want, all without lifting your finger off the screen" - Lifehacker

"Switchr aims to make multitasking more efficient and effective" - AddictiveTips

"Switchr is a great idea and I look forward to seeing where it goes" - Android Dissected

Recent changes:

<b>Switchr v2.9.9 Beta</b>

- v3.0 release candidate in testing!

- Send/report all crashes!

<b>Switchr v2.0</b>

- Faster & Smoother

- Search action replacement

- Higher res icons (on apps that have them)

- Less RAM use

- Behind the scenes code cleanup

- Switchr Slide fixes

- Fixed crashes with Switchr Flow

<i>More big updates in the making!<i>

Visit Website

Less description »

Note: all premium features available. no key file needed.

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


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TouchSquid Pro v4.76 (Phone version) apk

TouchSquid Pro v4.76

Requirements: Android device (Samsung, HTC, Sony with infra red)

Operating System: Android 1.6 and up

Overview: Unleash the full potential of your Samsung or Sony tablet and the built in IR transmitter with this professional grade remote app. Nothing else to buy to get full control of your home theater system. Replaces up to 15 remotes! Uses infrared and/or IP control.

Release info:

Use any serial key, email adress and name and hit activate

Important note:

xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx (where xxxx is replace it to your liking)

Good Sample: abcd-efgh-1234-5678 (working)

Bad Sample: abcdefgh12345678 (not working/wont activate)

Setup tutorial:

More Info:

Download Links/Instructions: Install apk file and follow the release info (or screenshots)


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Freshbacks – Daily Wallpapers v1.1.5 apk

Freshbacks – Daily Wallpapers v1.1.5

Current Version: 1.1.5

Requires Android: 2.3 and up

Category: Personalization


*** NEW: Freshbacks is now available for FREE*! ***

You probably know that feeling of freshness and enchantment after changing your wallpaper after a long, long time.

It almost makes your phone feel like new, right?

Well, sadly this feeling wears off way too fast and leaves you with the same feeling of dullness and boredom until you change it again, which is an act that is way too impractical in itself.

Fortunately, Freshbacks is here to change to help you out with that!

What is Freshbacks?

Freshbacks is an awesome way to keep your phone fresh and beautiful, every single day!

How? Easy:

• Freshbacks will download 10 new fresh and fabulous wallpapers each and every night from world famous wallpaper site in Full HD resolution. It will then loop randomly through your daily wallpapers every time you turn your screen on!

• Love a Freshback? Keep it as long as you like by simply double-tapping it!

• Dislike one? Just long-press it an tap the renew button to replace it with a fresh one!

• Really, really dislike one? Tap the block button and it will never be shown to you again.

It’s that simple, really.

Try it out now and see for yourself that Freshbacks is an app that you won’t ever want to miss again!

Important note: Freshbacks runs as a Live Wallpaper, but does NOT drain your battery in any noticeable manner while in use!

*** Android Exclusive: Freshbacks is only available on Android! ***

* = Freshbacks has a free license that limits extended functionality for Freshbacks Lite and Freshbacks Pro users. Here are the new rules:

• Freshbacks Free: Free users can renew up to two wallpapers and download one set a day

• Freshbacks Lite: Lite users can renew up to five wallpapers and download two sets a day. Lite users can also activate wallpapers manually for three hours or more (Free users can only choose between “Until the screen goes off” and “1 Hour”). You can become a Lite user FREE OF CHARGE within the app!

• Freshbacks Pro: Pro users can renew as many wallpapers and download as many sets as they please. They also get extended functionality like blurring wallpapers. Pro users are also totally awesome!

Note: Users who already paid for the app will automatically become Freshbacks Pro users.

For more information, support, updates and more:

• Follow us at

• Mail us at [email protected]

v1.1.5 update:

New / changes in v.1.1.5

• Major stability improvements

• Better rendering performance (less lags!)

• More efficient battery consumption

• Endless bug fixes

Thanks for requesting features / reporting bugs!

Download via Google Play:

Download :


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The Mansion: A Puzzle of Rooms v1.1.0 apk download

The Mansion: A Puzzle of Rooms 1.1.0

The Mansion: A Puzzle of Rooms v1.1.0

Current Version: 1.1.0

Requires Android: 2.3 and up

Category: Brain & Puzzle


After receiving top honors at Indiecade and IGF, the legendary Nintendo DS game is back for mobile and better than ever!

Puzzle your way through each room and lead the curious Anne to find the secret at the center of a toymaker’s beautiful but mysterious mansion! Magic is around every corner, and she can’t escape without your help!

This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for extra items.

* This game supports English, français, Deutsch, 한글, 中文 and 日本語.

* This game is singleplayer only. If you wish to delete or reinstall, you can use the Com2us Hub data backup/restoration services in Options to save your data.


Follow Anne on her adventure to find the truth… and escape!

- Unearth the secret hidden at the center of the mansion and escape by solving each unsolvable puzzle!

- Every room is a new puzzle and a new story!

Uncover the many secrets of the Toymaker’s mansion!

- Explore rooms like a storybook and lose yourself in the magic and mystery!

- From the beautiful art and music to the Toymaker’s secrets, every detail of Rooms was painstakingly created to be a thrilling tale from start to finish!

Play with Friends!

- Think you can solve the puzzles faster? Compete with friends for the top score on each puzzle!

- Items and tricks can increase your scores!


Com2uS: Your first search for fun!

Check out these other exciting games by Com2uS!


【Golf Star™】 Experience the most vivid game of golf ever!

【The World of Magic】 A magic world of full-featured MMORPG!

【Heroes War™】 Assemble the ultimate force of heroes to save the world!

【9 Innings: 2013 Pro Baseball】 The Ultimate Baseball game!

【Little Legends】 The ultimate RPG with a social twist!

Other fun and exciting games are available, too!


Connect with Com2uS!


Follow us on Twitter

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For information on new games and special events, check out

v1.1.0 update:

Uncover the Toymaker’s mysterious secret and help Anne escape from The Mansion: A Puzzle of Rooms!

1. New Theme Added!

- Check out the final piece of Anne’s puzzling story in the 4th Theme!

- Solve the mystery in 24 new stages and escape the Mansion!

2. New Items!

- Try out the Compass and Eraser!

Have feedback? Leave a review or drop us a line at [email protected]

Download via Google Play:

Download :


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Dynamite Ants v1.0.1 apk download

Dynamite Ants v1.0.1

Requirements: Android 4.0+

Overview: Get Ready to Bomb those Ants that are trying to Invade your Place, Use your Unique weapon's like Flies Head, Bug's Leg and Spider's Spinneret to Crush those 13.

Get Ready to Bomb those Ants that are trying to Invade your Place, Use your Unique weapon's like Flies Head, Bug's Leg and Spider's Spinneret to Crush those 13 Different Enemy Ants before they Caught You.

Dynamite Ants is a tile based Game which use Flies Head, Bug's Leg and Spider's Spinneret as a Weapon to Kill Enemy Ants. Make Strategies for a Game with 78 Levels, expect it to be more difficult each level you pass. Learn more about ants and make Strategies to earn more Points in Game, the more level you achieve, the Thriller it will get. Good Luck Lads!!!

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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Echoes of the Past v1.0.0 apk download

Echoes of the Past v1.0.0

Requirements: Android O/S : 2.3+

Overview: Having made an incredible journey in time, you’ll find yourself in the medieval kingdom of Orion.

Reveal an ancient curse and save the kingdom and its inhabitants. The last prince of Orion is waiting for your help! Open the weird locks and explore every room of the castle in Echoes of the Past: Royal House of Stone. You will meet the castle’s inhabitants and learn the horrible mystery of the royal family in this exciting Hidden Object Adventure game.


- Perplexing puzzles

- Multiple minigames

- Dark and captivating scenes to explore!

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More Info:


Download Instructions: thanks alien shooter

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Radardroid Pro v2.76 apk

Radardroid Pro v2.76

Requirements: 1.5 and up

Overview: Radardroid will give a visual and audible warning when you approach any fixed or mobile speed camera in the application database.

This application will reduce possible speeding tickets thanks to the ever increasing available features. Please, check out our free Radardroid Lite application to get to know our apps.

If you want to help us to translate Radardroid to your own language, please join us at

What's New

-Easy access to speed camera editor.

-Button to add new cameras or mark existing cameras for later editing.

-Select window style on Configuration Wizard.

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More Info:


Download Instructions:


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Tiny Scan Pro: PDF Scanner v1.4.2 apk

Tiny Scan Pro: PDF Scanner v1.4.2

Requirements: 3.0+

Overview: TinyScan turns your Smartphone into a mini scanner for documents, photos, receipts and other texts. With this genius pdf scanner, you can scan your documents at anywhere and store or email them as PDF files.


TinyScan is well designed and extremely easy to use. The interface is user friendly. It uses fast algorithms and detects page frames automatically. TinyScan provides 3 modes for different files - color, grayscale, black & white. Each mode shows a perfect contrast.

Key Features

√ Easily Scan

TinyScan provides the scan button in the main view of our app to save you time for scanning new documents. Use your phone camera to scan all kinds of documents: photos, receipts and other texts. It detects page frames automatically and supports 3 modes for different files.

√High Quality

TinyScan provides smoothly smart cropping and enhancing to make sure that you can get the high quality scanned documents.

√Convenient Document Editing

TinyScan enables you to rename your documents, add pages to specified documents, delete pages and rotate pages as you want.

√Powerful Document Management

With TinyScan you can sort documents by date/title, and view documents in Grid/List mode. You can also delete or share multiple documents at one time.

√Share Documents

TinyScan provides the way to email single or multiple documents in PDF format. Also, you can upload scanned documents to Box, Dropbox and Evernote. And you can open scanned documents in other applications installed in your device.

TinyScan can also help you with: 

*Creates PDF documents with multiple scans. 

*Detects the page frames automatically. 

*Provides 3 modes for different files (color, grayscale, black & white). 

*Enhanced the scans to make them readable by adjusting brightness and contrast. 

*Easy to manage and order pages in one document. 

*Provides different page sizes for PDF export (Letter, A4, B5…etc.). 

*Email the scans as PDF. 

*Quick search documents by title. 

*Protects documents with passwords.

Download and start to use TinyScan to make your life easier. Please write to us before leaving negative reviews, as we can often help with your problem or help you better use the app.

If you have any problem or suggestions please send a mail to [email protected], and you will get the response and solution in a short time.

Follow us on Twitter: @Appxy_official

Like us on Facebook: Appxy

Follow us on Google+: Appxy

What's New

Update 1.4.2

1. Support Galaxy Tab 3

2. Performance optimization

3. Minor bug fixes

4. Other improvements

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More Info:


Download Instructions: Released by yuki918


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SD Maid Pro - System Cleaning Tool v3.0.1.4 Beta apk

SD Maid Pro - System Cleaning Tool v3.0.1.4 Beta

Requirements: Android 2.3.3+

Overview: SD maid will help you keep your device neat, clean and tidy :-)!

This is a powerful tool! Use at own risk!

Nobody is perfect and Android neither.

Apps you have already deleted, sometimes leave data behind.

The system constantly creates logs, crash reports and debug files you don't really need.

The market leaves temporary files of downloaded apps behind.

Lets not go on here...

Why not get a maid to clean it all up?

SD maid will help you keep your device neat, clean and tidy :-)!

Give it a try, you won't find a more thorough cleaning app!

Choose a tab, press check and then either click a single item to delete or press the clean all button. It's just that easy.

There are various features available:

* Explorer is a full fledged filemanager, use it to crawl through your Androids files.

* You can use the Searcher if you know what file you are looking for.

* The CorpseFinder searches your device for dormant directories+files and compares those to the list of installed applications.

* AppControl lets you freeze,reset and remove applications (even system apps).

* The SystemCleaner scans your device and filters which directories contain unnecessary files. You an even create your own filters!

* You can optimize and shrink bloated databases to speed up access and free space.

* View your biggest files and find out what is hogging all the space.

* Find files that have been modified in the last X minutes.

And more...

10 features are currently available in the free version and an additional 2 can be unlocked by buying and installing the unlocker.

The Unlocker will also enable several convenience functions like picture previews.

SD Maid is constantly being developed and is designed very carefully.

Due to the vast amount of android devices it might not work perfectly on everyones device, but i'm working hard to get it there.

If you have questions or concerns send me a mail ([email protected]). I usually respond quite quick and will happily help you out.

What's New

########## v3.0.1.3(313) #########


- Reduced memory usage during reading/deletion operations

- Improved deletion process: smoother, less root requests, better cancellation

- Cleaned and improved log output


- Fixed issues when dealing with read only partitions (i.e. /system , /cust)

- Fixed hang after changing permissions on many items

- Fixed hang after calculating size on many items

- Selection is now also restored after changing permissions

- Fixed statistics being updates with twice the actual amount


- Fixed some privata app data directories not being acknowledged

- Improved handling of private and public app data directories


- Massive changes to the SystemCleaners search engine deal with consistency issues between SuperUser apps

- Switched from black-listing to whit- listing search locations, this fixes compatibility issues with unknown devices and improves speed

- Refactored and optimized filtering routine (up to 50% speed increase)

- Added display for items filtered per second

- Improved matching with certain sdcard constellations


- Fixed size calculation issues

- Fixed deletion issues with certain SuperUser apps


- Reduced memory use

- Improved failsafe checking speed

- Better progress feedback

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More Info:


Download Instructions Unlocked Pro features in SD Maid!


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Nandroid Manager * ROOT v2.2 apk

Nandroid Manager * ROOT v2.2
Requires Android: 2.0 and up

Category: Tools
Overview:So what is Nandroid Manager? Well Nandroid Manager is the ultimate tool for managing all of your nandroid backups!

With Nandroid Manager you can restore data from your nandroid such as apps+data, text messages, call logs, and much more!

Also with Nandroid Manager not only can you restore data from your nandroid backups but you can also flash new recoveries and use tools like fix permissions.

Nandroid Manager currently supports nandroid backups created by TWRP and Clockworkmod (v5.xx and v6.xx) based recoveries!


Current Features:

* View basic info about your nandroid backups.

* Explore contents of nandroid backup.

* Extract files from nandroid backups.

* Support for yaffs2.

* Rename backup.

* Compress backup to zip.

* Delete backup.

* Verify and regenerate MD5 hashes for backups.

* Restore Apps+Data from backup.

* Restore Text Messages from backup.

* Restore Call Logs from backup.

* Restore WiFi Access Points from backup (Pro).

* Restore Bluetooth Data from backup (Pro).

* Restore User Word Dictionary from backup (Pro).

* Restore Browser Data from backup (Pro).

* Restore Nandroid Backup.

* Flash new recovery.

* Fix permissions tool.

[COLOR=#5E6A72][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode][B][B]Many more features to come in the future!

Version 2.2

* Restore MMS messages has graduated from beta!<br>

* Added feature that allows user to view explore text messages in nandroid backup without having to restore anything. (New feature located under the Export & Explore tab right next to Restore Data!) (See Screenshots)

* Translations updated!

Version 2.1:

* Added ability to restore MMS messages. (Currently in beta)

* Fixed bug reported via the Google Play Store.

* Translations updated.

Download via Google Play:

Download :


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Lenovo Super Camera and Gallery v3.5.6 apk

Lenovo Super Camera and Gallery v3.5.6

Requirements: Android 4.1+

Overview: Here is the Lenovo Super Camera for all phones. It is the best custom camera app I've seen for our devices with a ton of options and you will definitely love it.

Powerful camera for all devices!

Whats new?

KitKat support

Bug fix

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download :

Mirrors :

Old versions v3.5.5 :

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