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Ultimate To-Do List v1.9.0 + Ultimate To-Do List License v1.2 apk

Ultimate To-Do List v1.9.0 + Ultimate To-Do List License v1.2

Requirements: Android 2.0+, Modded Google Play

Overview: A to-do list and notebook for power users, which syncs with Toodledo and Google Tasks / gTasks. This is the smartphone edition. We also have a separate tablet edition for devices with large screens.

A to-do list and notebook for power users, which syncs with Toodledo and Google Tasks / gTasks.This is the smartphone edition. We also have a separate tablet edition for devices with large screens.

This is a 14 day free trial. After the trial, a license may be purchased for $5.


- Organize tasks by folder, location, context, tags, goal, star, and subtasks.

- Supports complex repeating patterns (for example: every Tuesday and Thursday).

- Track both estimated and actual length of tasks. Includes a built-in timer.

- Organize your notes into folders.

- Link your tasks with contacts on your device. Allows you to quickly call, e-mail, or navigate to someone right from your to-do list.

- 2 home screen widgets: a task list (in multiple sizes), and a new task button


- Synchronizes with and Google Tasks / gTasks, allowing access from both your desktop computer and handset. Supports all features supported by Toodledo and Google.

- Supports multiple accounts.

- Automatic synchronization, including instant upload of changes on your phone to Toodledo and Google.

- Supports subtasks without a paid Toodledo Pro account. (Subtask syncing requires a Toodledo Pro or Google account.)

- Optionally view your tasks on your device's calendar.


- Includes 5 priority levels and a task status field (active, planning, waiting, etc.).

- Option to set a time based and/or location based reminder (proximity alert) for a task. When linking a task with a location, a location alarm will occur when you reach that location.

- Optional nagging alarms remind you again if you don't hear the sound or feel the vibration.

- Custom vibrate patterns, sounds, and light colors allow you to distinguish a task alarm from other alarms.

- Snooze alarms until later if you can't do the task right away.


- Filter and search on any task field.

- Sort by up to 3 levels, on any task field.

- Configurable display allows you to see the exact information you are interested in.

- Save your filter, sort, and display options into custom views for quick access later.

- Customizable interface: Turn off the features you don't want to keep things simple.

- Choice of light or dark theme.

Whats New:

Location-based reminders can now be triggered using cellular location only, improving battery life. Power consumption has also been reduced even if GPS is in use.

You can now configure the location filter to only show tasks for your current location. As you move around, only tasks applicable to your current location will appear.

Added buttons to the date picker for common choices (today, tomorrow, etc.).

The on-screen keyboard now pops up automatically to enter the title when adding a task.

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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BlackList Pro v3.3 apk

BlackList Pro v3.3

Requirements: Android 2.0+, Modded Google Play

Overview: This is an advanced call/sms filter and blocker tools. Create a black list and stay safe with your Android phone. This is a simple app, but rich and powerful features to manage unwanted call/text message from anyone.

This app works with per caller ID (incoming number) basic. Caller Ids can be organized into blacklist, or exception list and configured blocking options. Here are a list of features:

Kit Kat users: not SMS blocker dueto Google changed on Android OS

1. Blocking:

☆ Block call/text/MMS messages for a blacklist (a list of numbers)

☆ Block call/text/MMS messages for private numbers (no numbers, no caller id), numbers not in my contacts

☆ Block call/text message for pre-/post-fix numbers

☆ Exception list (don't block list) (PRO)

☆ Text filters by plain text or regular expression, prefix-matches, postfix matches.

2. Manage blacklist and logs:

☆ Options for an incoming call:

- Turn off ringer

- End call

- Optionally "pick up then hang up" (change in app's settings)

☆ Advanced number matching mode including exactly, start with, end with, contains, regular expression

☆ Blocking scenario (can be set up from app's settings or widget (press HOME/menu/Blacklist/widget)

- Block numbers in blacklist excluded exception list (regular mode)

- Block all numbers excluded exception list (very useful when you are in vacation)

- Block all numbers (useful when you are sleeping)

- Turn blacklist off

- Auto SMS reply for blocked calls

☆ SMS blocked with/without logs

☆ Option to clear blocked missed call log

3. Configuration

☆ Hide Blacklist's icon from Launcher and dial to launch the app (default is <5555> or <##5555>

☆ Schedule to turn on/off (PRO)

☆ Import contacts/call logs/ sms into a black list or add a custom number (not in your phonebook)

☆ Easily manage logs (sms back, call back, search, delete, restore, disable (PRO),...)

☆ Disable/enable logs (PRO)

☆ Password protection (PRO)

☆ Enable/disable block notification

☆ Backup and restore blacklist settings

4. Widget

☆ Quick access widget to change blocking scenario and common configuration

☆ Auto-reply counters

5. Call Confirm and Secret Box modules

6. and event more:

☆ Auto reply pre-defined templates

☆ Change widget themes

☆ Invisible blacklist icon (Invisible)

☆ Quickly add last call/text number to blacklist/exception list

Bug report and enhancement request:

☆ Drop a few line to

* PRO: Pro version can be purchased on Android Market

* Invisible: Invisible version likes Pro version, but it has an icon and a name differe

* Note: to enable pick up then hang up feature, go to setting/pick up then hang up


☆ Why caller is sent to voicemail: Block a number with "end call" and turn "Pick up then Hang up" OFF

☆ Do not send to voicemail: Block a number with "end call" and turn "Pick up then Hang up" ON

☆ Issue report: Email to [email protected]

Other stuffs

☆ Video demo:

☆ Screenshots, roadmap open issues:

☆ User Guide:

☆ Community support:

☆ LG Optimus One, LG C660, Samsung Epic: please turn on "Use alternative block method" if endcall does not work on your phone


- MMS: Multimedia Messaging Service

- Text ~ SMS: Short Messaging Service

Supported languages: English, Français, Español, český, Italiano, Pусский, Slovenských, Deutsch, Português, Svenska, 臺灣福建話, Polszczyzna, Português,עִבְרִית (Hebrew), Lietuva, العربية (Arabic), Magyar, 한국어, Română, Ελληνικά, Български, Tieng Viet

** call filter, call blocker, sms filter, anti spam, sms blocker, number **

Whats New:


- Kit Kat compatibility

View full change logs at



This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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Action Launcher v2.0.1 + Pro Key v1.0.0 apk

Action Launcher v2.0.1 + Pro Key v1.0.0

Requirements: Android 4.0.3+, Modded Google Play

Overview: Action Launcher looks and feels like a natural launching pad for the Android ecosystem, and is designed to get you where you need to go, faster.

★★★ Featured by Engadget, Google Play, Lifehacker, MKBHD and Leo Laporte on TWiT ★★★

★★★ "Action Launcher is something special." - Android Police ★★★

★★★ "Action Launcher brings something new to the table, and it's definitely worth a look." - Android Central ★★★ Action Launcher looks and feels like a natural launching pad for the Android ecosystem, and is designed to get you where you need to go, faster.

Standout features include:

• A sliding Quickdrawer for instant access to all your apps and widgets.

• Covers, an innovative new way to quickly launch apps and shortcuts without compromising the look of your carefully crafted home screen.

• Shutters, a unique feature that unlocks the power and potential of Android widgets. Swipe an app icon, and that app's widget is automatically created and displayed.

• Quickpage, a fully featured home screen accessible from the right edge of the screen.

• With 1-Swipe, you can access the Quickdrawer and Quickpage from any app on your device, whether Action Launcher is running or not.

• Quicksearch, a fast and powerful feature that allows you to search for apps, contacts and even music directly from the action bar.

• Translucent status and navigation bars (requires Android 4.4).

• Android's unique and powerful action bar is fully integrated into your desktop.

• Full tablet support (including the Nexus 10).

• Icon pack and icon scaling support.

• Layouts can be backed up and restored to and from an SD card.

• Strong Play Store integration.

• All of the settings you expect from custom launcher: specify apps to hide, adjustable number of home screen pages, grid sizes, page margins, dock toggles, lock desktop, resize any widget, etc.

Action Launcher allows you to import from your existing layout from other launchers such as Apex, Nova, Google Launcher, Sense, TouchWiz and the stock Android launcher, so you'll instantly feel right at home.

Regarding permissions:

* CALL_PHONE: Required so that any Direct Dial shortcuts you create can initiate a phone call.

* READ_CONTACTS: Used to instantly filter your contacts via the integrated Quicksearch.

* READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For backing exporting and restoring to and from an SD card.

Try it out for free!

Whats New:


• Detected valid Pro key instantly.

• Import from ADW.

• Many stability & bug fixes.

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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[email protected] Mail Pro - email evolved v1.43 apk

[email protected] Mail Pro - email evolved v1.43

Requirements: Android v2.1+

Overview: [email protected] Mail Pro (Kat Mail Pro), the first and only email client for Android that combines a gorgeous graphical design with great user experience and the power of K-9 “under the hood”.


About [email protected] Mail Pro - email evolved

[email protected] Mail Pro (Kat Mail Pro), the first and only email client for Android that combines a gorgeous graphical design with great user experience and the power of K-9 “under the hood”.

Please note: Exchange accounts are NOT supported yet.

••••• Highlights •••••

★ Beautiful yet simple design for a great user experience

★ Automatic setup for many popular email services like Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail

★ Supports more email services via IMAP, POP3 and/or SMTP

★ Split-screen views on tablet sized screens

★ Advanced Email Widget

★ Text-to-speech notifications based on user activity (driving, cycling, walking...)

★ Localized in more than 20 different languages

★ Encryption and signatures (PGP)

★ Highly configurable and customizable

••••• Supports •••••

✔ Phones and Tablets

✔ Portrait and landscape mode

✔ All screen types and sizes

✔ Keyboard, trackball and touch screen

✔ Android 2.2, 2.3, 3.x, 4.x

✔ DashClock Widget

••••• New Features •••••

We are currently working on the following features.

They will be released in an upcoming version for free:

★ Rich-Text Editor for message composition

★ UI Enhancements (swiping gestures to delete and archive mails, animations...)

★ Conversation view

★ Exchange Support

★ and much more...

••••• Permissions •••••

[email protected] Mail uses the following permissions:

★ Network communication - full network access: retrieve, send, delete, update emails

★ Network communication - view network connections: enable/disable account synchronization depending on the availability and the type of the network connection

★ Network communication - Google Play license check: used to check the license of the Pro version

★ Sync Settings - read sync settings: enable/disable account synchronization depending on the background synchronization settings of the device

★ Your applications information - run at startup: scheduled polling and push email is started after the device has booted

★ Your social information - read your contacts: use contacts as recipients for emails

★ Your social information - modify your contacts: create contacts from recipient and sender fields

★ Your social information - activity recognition: used to notify incoming emails using text-to-speech based on the user's activity (walking, driving, running etc.).

★ Your accounts - find accounts on the device: used to populate the account setup screen with the default email account (only first account)

★ Affects Battery - control vibration: emails can be notified by vibration

★ Affects Battery - prevent device from sleeping: the device needs to be awake when emails are polled on a scheduled basis or pushed by the server

★ Storage - modify or delete the contents of your USB storage: store the account database on sdcard, load and save attachments from and to sdcard

★ System tools - test access to protected storage: this permission is automatically requested if the storage permission above is required

[Yahoo!, Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, E-Mail, email, mail, Exchange, IMAP, POP3, SMTP]

What's New

★ Added swipe-to-delete (+ swipe-to-archive, swipe-to-mark as spam)

★ Added Persian translation

★ Fixed issue with DashClock Widget not updating

★ Improved link handling in rich text editor to allow entering text before and after the link

★ Improved notifications (show sender instead of recipient and contact picture / color batch for single mails)

★ Fixed issues with messages not scrolling (pre-KitKat) and not opening at the top (KitKat)

★ Lots of bug fixes (see the app's What's New section)

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:[email protected] Mail Pro_1.43.apk


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LEDBlinker Notifications v5.5.4 apk

LEDBlinker Notifications v5.5.4

Requirements: 2.1 and up

Overview: Let your LED show your missed calls, SMS, Facebook and Whatsapp messages. If you have no hardware led, the screen is used.


★ ALL apps are now supported, click on the + button on top!!!

This app is very simple to use and not much configuration is needed!

Warning: Unlike other apps in this category you don't need 'ROOT' access to use LEDBlinker and this app is very battery friendly!

Please don't rate with 1 star if you have a problem.

Hint: If you have problems please do a full re-install and/or reboot your phone.

Otherwise contact me to get help.

Support/Like at Facebook

Support/Like at Google+

Fast support is very important for me! (Look at the ratings, thanks to all people!)

Warning: If your phone speaks after install (Samsung S4, S3, S3 Mini, S2, Note1, Note2, LG Nexus 4) you have to disable Samsung TTS (text-to

What's New

★ Bugs fixed for silent mode

★ Brightness of screen LED (energy saving!)

★ Repeat count for vibration and sound

★ Bug fixes

★ Persian translation


★ Please checkout my latest app for free

★★★ All apps are now supported, click on the + button on top!!! ★★★

Support/Like at Facebook

Support/Like at Google+

What's New

★ Translation updates


★ Brightness of screen LED (energy saving!)

★ Repeat count for vibration and sound

★ Persian translation

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions


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Naked Browser Pro v1.0b24 Android apk

Naked Browser Pro v1.0b24

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Overview: An Android web browser.

TRUST: Right permissions with no spying.

SPEED: No bloat with focus on efficiency.

FEATURES: Crash restore, undo closed tabs, infinite tabs, one finger zoom & more.

I want everyone who purchases this web browser to be happy with it so please try the free version. It will help you become familiar with how this Pro version works: Free version also available from the web site.


See the list of new features below. More features to come!


Please "star" this issue on Google's bug site to vote for it. Must be logged in to Google to vote.


Please email me with any bug reports or comments: [email protected]


This app does not and will never spy or monitor in any way. All permissions are used only for functionality that you want and NEVER for any other purpose. See below for more information about permissions.


See for help. Newer Android versions enable even more features.

• set white list rules per website for: images, JavaScript, user agent, cookies, geolocation

• optionally show images only over WIFI

• tab close method and more gesture options

• set link long press action to show context menu or open in new background/foreground tab. Open in background tab then swipe to switch to new tab. See browser options text for instructions.

• make screenshots of web pages

• bookmarks import from text file makes it easy to transition from the free version

• keep screen on

• NFC sending/receiving

• remembers open/closed bookmark folder states

• UI tweaks: expanded/scrollable bottom menu, bottom menu labels removed, new and higher resolution app icon, app icon label now "Browser NBPro"

• set web page layout algorithm (normal/wide/single column)

• Adobe Flash can be set to "always on", although not recommended

• new option: use higher priority for displaying web pages

• privileges added for future options/functions: system bookmarks, shortcuts


• Internet: ONLY for your web page requests & retrievals. Absolutely no monitoring or snooping, & ad-less too.

• File read/write: ONLY so you can save & upload files. Absolutely no other reason.

• View network & WIFI connections: ONLY to handle changes in network connectivity and allow optionally loading images only on WIFI.

• Keep device from sleeping: ONLY to prevent downloads from being cut off.

• Access download manager: ONLY to ensure access to your device's download manager for downloading files.

• GPS: ONLY to allow web sites to access your location. Option must be enabled, and even then each site interested in your location will ask your permission.

• Near field communication (NFC): ONLY to send and receive web addresses to and from nearby devices via NFC. Option must be enabled to send.

• All other permissions requested are not currently used as this app is a work in progress. Once implemented, these permissions will only be used if you enable the functionality in the browser. No permission will EVER be used by this software to spy or monitor in any way.


User interface graphics are a low priority at this time.

Thanks to XDA Developers for all of the help and support.


Uses the list from under the MPL2 license

NB Pro v1.0b24 (Updated: December 07, 2013)

• bug fixes for whitelists

• new option: change URL bar behavior to allow keyboard suggestions/mic/auto spacing after words, some keyboards

• app launch, page load, and other speed optimizations

• app pause/resume less likely to resort to "restored" tabs

• small UI/usability changes

• better KitKat support

ATTENTION: Google is downgrading the WebView component used by Naked Browser and many other apps. See this app's description for how you can make your voice heard.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download :

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Mighty Dungeons v1.7.0 apk download

Mighty Dungeons v1.7.0

Requirements: 2.2+

Overview: ✮ Enjoy this fan-made dungeon crawler crossover between old-school boardgames like Heroquest, Warhammer Quests and good oldies like Diablo I and DungeonMaster.

✮ Available in English and in French

✮ Looks great on your mobile and purely awesome on your tablet

✮ Wander evil-packed dungeons and battle golems, demons and other soul-less creatures with dozen of hours of gameplay through 3 campaigns, 6 heroes, a plethora of weapons, armors, potions and magic spells at your disposal

✮ Use your headphones for pure immersion

✮ Loyal to its boardgame roots, the game engine is extensible so visit now to make this game your own: submit your quests, creatures and completely new game boards and enjoy the regular updates of content from your peers and the community. You can even get your own characters drawn and integrated into the game.

✮ Share with your friends and spread the word. The bigger the community, the more content we will all enjoy.

What's in this version :

- Finally: monsters offensive/defensive magic!!!

- Upgrade monster if too weak compared to hero

- NEW hero 'Ninja' (Thanks Jeremy!)

- Increase gang bonus to all monsters around

- Fixed eye of divination

- Minor bug fixes

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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Legend Dary: Classic v1.0.23 apk download

Legend Dary: Classic v1.0.23

Requirements: 2.2+

Overview: The legendary mercenary hero Dary is hired to get the dragon's horn.

He decides to accept the mission ONLY because the king told him that he can marry the princess after successful mission.

Let's beat some naughty enemies and get some coin for upgrading Dary's weapon!

- Typical Plain Plain Platformer game.

- Because I like platformers!

※ Feature

- 36 Stages and continuous updating!

- 2 Boss and continuous updating!

- 15 Enemies and continuous updating!

- 10 Obstacles and continuous updating!

- 2 Vehicles and continuous updating!

※ This is the one-man game studio with a occasional help from a designer who is my wife. Please enjoy the game and feel free to leave a comment in my Facebook page if you have a suggestion for this game.

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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Tatsu: Challenge v1.04 apk download

Tatsu: Challenge v1.04

Requirements: 1.6+

Overview: Tatsu: Challenge is an innovative new action-puzzle game designed specifically for your touchscreen device!

HOW TO PLAY Tatsu: Challenge

Sphere "triplets" come at you from the left end of the screen. Slide the spheres on the right end of the screen up and down to make room for the triplet. Complete a column and it will disappear, and you'll earn points. Don't let the spheres accumulate; if they reach the left side of the screen, the game is over!

In Tatsu: Challenge, you advance through a series of levels. Each level starts out with some spheres already present; you must clear out all of those spheres to continue on to the next level.

Are you left-handed? Just activate "Lefty Mode" in the options!

Features include:

- responsive touch controls!

- 4 difficulty settings: fun for all skill levels!

- 150 unique levels, including occasional "shuffle" levels that are different every time you play!

- works great on tablets as well as phones!

- smooth framerate on most devices!

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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Dr. Panda's Beauty Salon v1.5 apk download

Dr. Panda's Beauty Salon v1.5

Requirements: 2.0.1+

Overview: It’s time to let out your inner stylist in Dr. Panda’s Beauty Salon! You can paint faces and nails, make necklaces, dress-up different customers and even pluck nose hairs with a cute cast of animal friends in over 11 different minigames.

There are a ton of activities to do in Dr. Panda’s Beauty Salon, from matching bowties with hip sunglasses, to painting faces with glow in the dark paint, to spraying shaving cream on a pig with a 5 o’clock shadow. You can make the animals as pretty, funny or crazy as you’d like! Basic hygiene activities like face washing and nail-clipping are combined with the fun of face painting and painting nails.

Made for anyone 2 and up!

Key Features:

- Over 11 minigames in all

- Everyday activities like nail cutting and face washing made fun

- Lots of variety. There are endless possibilities to what you can create.

- Creative freedom! You decide when to stop painting and decorating faces, nails and jewelry.

- Lots of secrets to discover on every screen. Encourages thinking outside the box.

- Robust parental controls and locks

- No third-party ads or in-app purchases

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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FINAL FANTASY IV: AFTER YEARS v1.0.3 (Patched) apk download


Requirements: Android O/S : 2.3+

Overview: FINAL FANTASY IV: THE AFTER YEARS is available on Android devices!

With a full 3-D remake, FINAL FANTASY IV: THE AFTER YEARS can now be played as never before. Take part in the epic sequel that unfolds nearly two decades after the events of FINAL FANTASY IV. Classic characters make their return alongside several new heroes, such as Ceodore, son of Cecil and Rosa.

- Ten Playable Tales

Begin your journey with ""Ceodore's Tale."" Complete it to unlock the tales of six additional characters, which can be played in any order, and then return to the core story with ""Kain's Tale,"" ""The Lunarian's Tale,"" and ""The Crystals."" A total of ten tales in all, and all contained in FINAL FANTASY IV: THE AFTER YEARS.

- Active Time Battle

Take control of exhilarating combat made possible by the non-stop action in Square Enix's iconic battle system.

- Lunar Phases

Feel the moon's presence in combat, as its waxing and waning influences the potency of attacks and abilities of all combatants. Lunar phases cycle naturally with the passage of in-game time, or when resting at an inn, tent, or cottage.

- Band Abilities

Combine the strength of your party members to awesome effect with Band abilities that can be unlocked through in-game events or by leveling your characters' Affinity.

- Minimap

Keep an eye on your current location and nearby surroundings, or tap for quick access to the world map.

- Google Play Game Support

Step up to meet all-new challenges offered by dozens of achievements.

Seventeen years have passed since the war's end, and the son born to King Cecil and Queen Rosa of Baron has grown into a young man. Prince Ceodore has enlisted in the airship fleet known as the Red Wings, eager to meet the expectations demanded of his blood and station. Yet once more another moon has appeared in the sky, and with it vast hordes of monsters intent on destruction. The brief peace enjoyed by the Blue Planet now stands threatened under the shadow of impending catastrophe.

What's in this version : (Updated: Dec 4, 2013)

Various minor bug

This game has NO advertisements

No Modded Google Play Needed

More Info:

Download: Patched by Morthis

OBB : sdcard/Android/obb/com.square_enix.android_googleplay.FF4AY_GP/ GP.obb

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Dr. Panda's Veggie Garden v1.1 apk download

Dr. Panda's Veggie Garden v1.1

Requirements: 2.0.1+

Overview: ★ #1 Educational app on App Store in 18 countries, including Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.

★ SmartAppsForKids “Another winner from Dr. Panda, this endless loop of gardening mini-games will keep your small ones occupied for ages.”

★ TheiMums “The app has many opportunities for open ended play as well as the opportunity to explain a specific step such as the growing process in a simple concise manner to children.”

Plow, plant, water and harvest in Dr. Panda’s Veggie Garden!

In Dr. Panda’s Veggie Garden your little farmer will grow all kinds of veggies and fruits for their very own animal customers!

Kids can plow, plant, water and harvest in Dr. Panda’s Veggie Garden combining fun with clear educational values. Dr. Panda’s Veggie Garden makes kids familiar with the process of planting and growing different vegetables and fruits.

With 2 bonus games included! Great learning value for kids and parents alike while having fun!


- 30 different steps including digging, plowing, seeding, watering and harvesting

- 2 educational bonus games included

- 5 animal customers

- 12 different vegetables and fruits

- Kids Safe - no in app purchasing and 3rd party website links

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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Tizzy Driving Adventure v1.0 apk download

Tizzy Driving Adventure v1.0

Requirements: 1.6+

Overview: Move over Mom and Dad!!! There's a new driver in the house, and they want the keys to the car to go on a Tizzy Driving Adventure.

The latest smash hit release from Tizzy Labs brings your child the wonder and excitement of driving their very own vehicle, on the open road, for the first time.

Choose your character, pick up your map, and start your adventure…

- Pick and Sort Strawberries in the Strawberry Patch

- Help a family of Ducks cross the road safely

- Play an assortment of games in your very own Camper

- Feed the Goldfish in a Beautiful Outdoor Aquarium

- Custom Music to Help Augment the Journey

- Universal Apps (Plays on your iPad and your iPhone/iTouch)

- Plus so much more

Tizzy Driving Adventure, by Tizzy Labs, makes learning fun.


1) What kinds of activities are featured?

There are all sorts of games for your child to enjoy. Connect the Dots ( Dot to Dots ), Matching Games, Sorting Games, Color and Size based Games, Counting Games, Imaginative Games, as well as reinforcing the basics using Cognitive Learning Skills, Visual Spatial Skills & Fine Motor Skills.

2) Does my child need to be able to read English in order to play?

Absolutely not. Tizzy Seasons uses activities, instead of text based games to show your child all the fun of the Seasons. Regardless of the country you live in your toddler /or preschooler will be able to pick up this app and have a blast playing it.

3) Will this game work on my device?

Most likely. It has been tested on a number of devices and android operating systems including the Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus, many Android phones as well as the iOS version on the Apple iPad, iPhone & iTouch.


What are other people saying about the Tizzy Labs line of Imaginative Games?

"Lots of fun for young kids! Has simple, fun puzzles for kids of all ages. Highly recommend!"

"My 4 year old daughter absolutely loved this game!! It is simple and intuitive enough for her to figure out most of the puzzles without any help. She was really proud of her accomplishments."

"If you love Toca Boca apps, then you will LOVE this as well!!"

"Puzzles galore! Makes grocery shopping and doctors visits stress free. Thanks!"

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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Kids Shape Puzzle for Toddlers v1.61 apk download

Kids Shape Puzzle for Toddlers v1.61

Requirements: 2.2+

Overview: The #1 app for kids on iPad in many countries is now on your Android device!

Do you want a heavenly measure of good fun for your child? Abby Monkey® Preschool Shape Puzzles is a must-have. Let your toddler play with it while developing his or her fine motor skills and learning names of numerous objects! Abby's Preschool Shape Puzzles, developed by well-loved educational experts with more than two-decade old teaching experience, is a wonderful game for all young curious minds.

Try it and enjoy how your children make progress while being engaged! Buy this puzzingo app from our extremely successful series right now!

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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OnePowerGuard Pro v5.2.0 apk

OnePowerGuard Pro v5.2.0

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Overview: OnePowerGuard Pro is a best, excellent, brilliant android battery saver on rooted Android smartphones/tablets. It is an optimized combination and not a single solution!

Geek, Play, Attempt or Improving……

Two-year effort to build

13,280 hours of test duration, 1,252 user's posts, 767 gmail conversations

Not simply to play, but it is simple to use

Make a battery app of difference


1. Extends stand-by time and battery life and optimizes charging parameters

2. Easily find the consumption processes by Battery Doctor

2. Optimizes system kernel and CPU usage to improve device performance

4. Six (6) customized power-saving modes to suit different scenarios

6. Proactively guards from power-killer apps and safely shuts down useless power-consuming programs

7. Fast ON/OFF settings for 100% system customization

9. Intelligently switches to/from WiFi/Cell data to preserve battery life

10. Professional tips on power optimization

Official website:


What's New:


1. Fix some bugs and enhance stability

This app has no advertisements

More info:


Download Instructions:


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Alien Shooter v1.0.3 apk download

"With a wonderful array of weapons, non-stop action, splendid graphics, eerie music and a wonderful adventure setting, Alien Shooter is a game that delivers on every front." - Game Tunnel

Legendary PC Alien Shooter is now available on your Android device!

Deserted military complex. Hordes of merciless creatures. Here you are. Your mission is simple – clear the base so there are just dead monsters' corpses left around.

- burst through 10 missions and find out the reason of alien invasion!

- Enjoy user friendly control schemes with auto-aim option available!

- stand up to the huge crowds of monsters appearing on one screen at a time

- level up, try out superhuman fighting abilities in an intense battle

- corpses of the monsters eliminated do not disappear - check out what happens at the end of every level!

Mow them down and stay alive!

What's New

- "black screen" error fixed.

Requires Android

Varies with device



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Alien Shooter v1.0.3 apk download

Alien Shooter v1.0.3

Requirements: Android O/S : Varies with device

Overview: Legendary PC Alien Shooter is now available on your Android device!

With a wonderful array of weapons, non-stop action, splendid graphics, eerie music and a wonderful adventure setting, Alien Shooter is a game that delivers on every front." - Game Tunnel

Deserted military complex. Hordes of merciless creatures. Here you are. Your mission is simple – clear the base so there are just dead monsters' corpses left around.

burst through 10 missions and find out the reason of alien invasion!

Enjoy user friendly control schemes with auto-aim option available!

stand up to the huge crowds of monsters appearing on one screen at a time

level up, try out superhuman fighting abilities in an intense battle

corpses of the monsters eliminated do not disappear - check out what happens at the end of every level!

Mow them down and stay alive!

What's new in this version : (Updated : Dec 8, 2013)

"black screen" error fixed.

More Info:


Download Instructions: rel. by : chathu_ac

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Burning Wheels 2 - 3D Racing v1.0.2 Mod (Unlimited Money) apk download

Burning Wheels 2 - 3D Racing v1.0.2 Mod (Unlimited Money)

Requirements: 2.1 and up

Get ready for new ultimate racing game!

If you've ever played first version of the game, or not, you'll love this one for sure!

Get your wheels even more BURNT while racing!


Burning Wheels 2 features some of the most expensive supercar models!

Try to collect all 16 supercars that are in the game!


Now you can setup the controls as you wish:

1) control by arrows

2) control by tilting the device

3) control by using steering wheel

Also, there are 3 different views of camera!

And, now you can turn off/on sounds and music!


Improve your car by upgrading stats of your car such as top speed, acceleration, nitro top speed and handling!


Drive at high speed, pick up Nitrous Oxide to speed up, and do the drifting!


Complete all 5 Season!

There are totally 40 levels you can try to be first to cross the finish line!


High resolution screens support

Realistic 3d Physics

Up to 7 opponents to beat

Engine roars and tire burns

More info:

Google Play

Credit: Matrix by Neo

Download instructions:






Unlimited Money

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Smart Launcher Pro v1.12.9 (Build 127) apk

Smart Launcher Pro v1.12.9 (Build 127)

Requirements: 2.1 and up

Overview: Smart Launcher is an innovative launcher characterized by a minimalist design, low memory usage and an user-friendly UI that let you start any application with a few taps.

It is currently the only launcher on the store to features automatic cataloging of installed apps!

This is the first version :)


- Main screen with Quick Start

- Drawer organized by categories

- Ready to use without special configurations.

- Support for Live Wallpaper and screens of different sizes.

- Support of set of icons for Launcher Pro and ADW Launcher

What's New

Version 1.12 (updates with the same #version are just bugfixes)

- Backup utility;

- Folder in the flower;

- Lockscreens (beta);

- Transparent statusbar in android 4.4;

- Possibility to edit bubbles size.

- Fixed some problems about widgets.

- New languages and improved translations.

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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EveryTask | GTD To-do List FULL v0.7.4.3 apk

EveryTask | GTD To-do List FULL v0.7.4.3

Requirements: 2.2 and up

Overview: EveryTask is a to-do list and task manager that will enable you to implement the complete GTD process easily.

The app will enable you to get things done with a true GTD system. EveryTask has a beautiful interface that makes using it a pleasure.

* Capture Everything *

Task details include: Due Date and Time, Start Date and Time, Contexts, Tags, Priority, Notes

Add to current GTD Lists: Inbox, Next Actions, Waiting For

Track the things you want to work on later through Scheduled, Planned and Sometime lists

Keep track of your long term Outcomes in the Areas, Goals and Visions lists

* Get Things Done Now *

Sort Lists by Due Date, Context, Priority etc

Filter lists by Contexts and Tags etc

Repeating tasks. Tasks repeat by minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, days of the week, nth day of the month


Bulk editing of the lists to move tasks, delete tasks, add tasks to Projects

* Plan your Projects *

Plan your Projects in detail and add all Tasks to the Planned list

Drag and Drop to order the tasks.

Project view keep track of all your project lists

* Additional Features *

Beautiful Widgets that are re-sizable, scroll-able and configurable.

Quick add from the widget

Backup and Restore

Dropbox Cloud Backup/Restore

* Upgrade to EveryTask Plus *

The upgrade will unlock the following features

- Backup/Restore to Dropbox

- Backup/Restore to Device

- Sync with Toodledo

* Toodledo Sync (Available with the EveryTask Plus Upgrade) *

Sync all task elements with Toodledo

Projects are synced to Parent tasks for users with Pro accounts

Toodledo Folders are synced to Areas in the app.

Toodledo tasks with Reference and Cancelled status are not synced.

What's New

- Repeat functionality has been enhanced. Repeat tasks now by minutes, hours, weeks, months, years, days of the week, nth day of the month.

- Sync with Toodledo added

- Custom sort for all the lists. Now you can drag and drop to reorder lists.

- Added support for Dropbox Backup/Restore.

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions: EveryTask Plus features are enabled!!


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AppDialer Pro–T9 app searching v4.1 apk

AppDialer Pro–T9 app searching v4.1

Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and up

Overview: Launch apps with T9 app dialer!

Pro features:

- Pin app to home screen

- Show app info

- Uninstall app

- Quick Launch Panel in Notifications (Android 4.1+)

- Widgets (coming soon)


- Search for apps and games by vendor or words in name

- See the MOST USED apps automatically displayed

- Ranking System list “most-used” app in order from top to bottom

- Search T9 Dialer Style

- Lightening quick searching

Apps have took the world by storm. With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, there are over hundreds of thousands of apps in today's markets. This could mean tons of apps installed on your device. Searching for your most frequently used apps can be quite cumbersome. AppDialer provides a user-friendly, fast and fun way to find those apps.

Search for apps and games faster and better with AppDialer. Browser through your installed apps by name, developer, or words in the names of both and watch the most frequently used apps pop-up above the dialer. We understand you may not recall the name of that app you just had active or are looking for a more efficient way of sorting through your apps. So we consider those of us who fit this bill.

Our new and awesome ranking system list apps in order of most used at the top of the list to bring you your most popular apps first. AppDialer makes it easy to find your most widely used apps lightening fast!

The best part of this awesomely designed app is that you can search in T9 Dialer Style!

What's New:


- Large pixel perfect icons in app and widget

- Dramatically increase speed search in widget

This app has no advertisements

More info:


Download Instructions:


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Anatomy Quiz Pro v1.2 apk

Anatomy Quiz Pro v1.2

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Overview: Try this unique anatomy quiz game and you'll be happy you did!

Learn anatomy easily with this unique anatomy quiz where you match the correct image to the structure named. Not only is this much more fun than traditional anatomy multiple choice quizzes, but this app includes over 331 anatomical structures in beautiful 3d renderings. The topics include 99 bones, 121 muscles, and 111 organ images. In each area, you can create your own quizzes on specific structures that you need work on. Each image can be enlarged for a closer look by using a long touch. Turn on the timer option for an extra challenge!

What's New:

Version 1.2

- Fixed problems with Score screen

- Fixed memory issues for lower powered phones

- Enabled save to sd card

This app has no advertisements

More info:


Download Instructions:


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AndroZip™ Pro File Manager v4.7 apk

AndroZip™ Pro File Manager v4.7

Requirements: 2.2 and up

Overview: #1 ZIP application and first Android archiver is with you since beginning of 2009. AndroZip File Manager helps you copy, delete, move, unzip/unpack, compress, search, and organize your files, music, pictures, and folders just like you would do on your PC. Frequently updated with new and useful features.

With over 7 million downloads and its support of ZIP, encrypted ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZIP and BZIP2.AndroZip File Manager is definitive leader among similar applications on the market.

Besides the archive functionality it also lets you send files, e.g. via email.

Optimized specifically for both, phone and tablet displays. Due to many added features like drag and drop functionality, AndroZip File Manager is preferred among tablet users.

Use it also to back up your applications and install new application APK on your phone, and manage phone memory and resources via task manager.

Installs to SD card.


What others say about AndroZip

"AndroZip comes to the rescue, providing a file explorer, task manager, archive manager, app backup tool, and more, all within a simple and intuitive interface." (PCWorld, MacWorld and Washington Post had same review)

“Of all the file managers I have tried for the Android platform, the one that stands heads above the rest is the free AndroZip File Manager...“(Jack Wallen, TechRepublic)

“Just like winzip or winrar” (Eric, AndroZip user)


Work with archives: ZIP, RAR, GZIP, TAR, BZIP2


File manager (single/multiple)

Task killer, Search, application manager

Install apps: APK files

Short tap and long tap menus

Send files via mail

New features in the upcoming version!

What's New

> Bug Fixes

> AndroZip is now compatible with Android 4.4 (KitKat)

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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Android Tuner v0.12.7 apk

Android Tuner v0.12.7

Requirements: 2.2 and up

Overview: The most complete app for monitoring and controlling your Android devices!






*** ***

Following popular requests, this is the merging of Battery Monitor Widget, System Tuner and Multi Toggle Widget apps.

Best on rooted phones, works well on stock phones too.

Unique features not available elsewhere (requires root):

- Clean reboot

- Turn on/off APN, BT discovery, GPS & WiFi Localization

- Automatic backup of installed apps

- Logcat reader for Android JellyBean 4.1.x

- Graphical monitoring widgets

- milli-amp consumption reporting

A special APK is installed (with your permission) into /system for that purpose, for more information, please visit:

About the huge amount of permissions requested:

Full feature set (some require root access):

- File explorer (root, sd, network share, streaming)

- Application backups (auto, multiple version)

- Startup application manager*

- Application event control*

- System app uninstaller*

- System update cleaner*

- Monitoring (battery, cpu, network, memory)

- Logcat**, kernel message reader*

- App statistics since unplugged

- Task manager

- Auto-task killer

- Terminal emulator

- CPU tweaks (governor, frequency, voltages) relying on Kernel support*

- SD tweaks (cache size, scheduler)*

- Sysctl editor*

- Build.prop editor*

- Many notifications icons can be installed

- 1x1 and 2x1 text widgets

- 2x1, 3x1, 4x1, 4x2, 5x1 and 5x2 graphic widgets

- 1x1 and 4x1 toggle widgets***

- App optimizer (zipalign and database cleaner)

- Battery saver (cpu, switch off wifi, bt...)***

and much more...

* Requires root access

** Requires root access on Android 4.1 and above

*** Requires root for full feature

What's New

Should you experience issues, please don't post a bad review, instead send a support request from app settings describing your issue, I will help you.


Dalvik cleaner (as opposed to wipe) in scheduler or one-click app manager

Integrated Xposed binary version 2.4.1 (courtesy of rovo89 on XDA)

Improve compatibility with CM11 and Google Drive

DNS Changer UI updates automatically

Bug fixes

... see info in app for all details

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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QuitNow! Pro - Stop smoking v3.8.25 apk

QuitNow! Pro - Stop smoking v3.8.25

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

Overview: Let your Android help you quit smoking!

* This is a "Pro" version, before you by this app, please try the FREE version first.


Let your Android help you quit smoking!

* This is a "Pro" version, before you by this app, please try the FREE version first.

Are you quitting smoking? Want to quit? Let this application help you!

- Days without smoking

- Cigarettes not smoked

- Money saved

- Time saved

- 9 Aspects of your health that you will see gradually improved

- Tips for quitting

- Facts about snuff

- 30 Achievements to unlock and share with your friends!

- Widget to see your progress

- Gallery

- Share your progress

- Facebook and Twitter integration

Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Greek and Polish.


Remember that if you move the application to the SD Card the widget will not work!! Blame Android, not me...

Don't kill the "widget.update" service with any taskiller, or the widget will not update!


# Quit smoking stop smoking #

What's New

- Minor bugfixes

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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The Bard's Tale v1.5 apk download

They said it couldn’t be done… a full-scale massive 3D epic role-playing game on Android! See why it’s the BIGGEST Android game ever made!

NOTE: Additional assets downloaded after install require at least 1.7GB of free space.

RECOMMENDED DEVICE SPECIFICATION: 1GHz or higher CPU; Adreno 205, Tegra 2, SGX 540 or Mali 400 or higher GPU.

“The Bard’s Tale is easily the funniest game I’ve ever played, and I’ve played all the funny games out there.” – IGN

You are the Bard, a selfish rogue weary of pointless sub-quests and rat-infested cellars. Through magical song you summon characters to join you in battle, heal your party, and take damage on your behalf. Ready your weapon as you embark on a quest for coin and cleavage!

“Ready your weapon and bladder as you embark on this ridiculously addicting quest and the funniest adventure of the year, The Bard’s Tale” – Game Chronicles

Play The Bard’s Tale today on your favorite compatible Android device*. Prepare to immerse yourself in over 20-30 hours of adventure, featuring:

• 50 enemy types (not counting bosses!)

• A vast world to explore with towns, wild forests, rivers, castles, towers, secret dungeons, snowy mountains, caverns, haunted tombs and more

• A full cast of bizarre NPC’s

• Over a dozen special boss enemies to defeat

• 16 magical characters to discover and then summon at will to aid you

• Over 150 unique items of weaponry, armor, instruments, tokens, artifacts and loot!

• More Song & Dance numbers than any other game, including a zombie dance-off!

• Over 14 hours of outstanding voice-acting from top Hollywood talent, including Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride) as the Bard, and the inimitable Tony Jay as the Narrator

But wait! That’s not all! Enjoy these great new additions in the Android version:

New Features:

• Autosave—option to save automatically when you near a save-book in game.

• Time-Savers—optional in-app purchases are available to pump up your Bard and save you time! (Note: All such items are attainable through normal game-play, with time and persistence, just as in the original console release.)

• Includes the original classic The Bard’s Tale trilogy!

+ The Bard's Tale 1: Tales of the Unknown

+ The Bard's Tale 2: The Destiny Knight, and

+ The Bard's Tale 3: Thief of Fate

“This game is satire in its sharpest form” – Cheat Code Central

Play The Bard’s Tale today!

What's New

1.5 - Achievements and Leaderboards now available through Google Play Games services!

Requires Android

2.3 and up



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Wrath of Psychobos - Ben 10 v1.0 (Money Mod) apk download

Wrath of Psychobos - Ben 10 v1.0 (Money Mod)

Requirements: Android O/S : 2.0.1+

Overview: Help Ben 10 and Rook Blonko save the galaxy in WRATH OF PSYCHOBOS!

Use Ben's alien powers and Rook's Proto-Tool weapons to take down the evil genius Dr. Psychobos in a GIGANTIC BEN 10 ADVENTURE! Explore the galaxy and battle tons of bad guys in Wrath of Psychobos!


Control both Ben and Rook, using their complementary abilities to conquer any and all challenges. Unlock powerful new alien forms for Ben, including Cannonbolt, Armodrillo, Rath, Bloxx, Eye Guy, Shocksquatch, Arctiguana and others! Discover incredible new Proto-Tool weapons for Rook, like the Laser Bow, Whiplash, Proto Shield, Netcaster, Energy Sword and more!


Adventure through 31 different levels across multiple planets. Tackle a variety of environments filled with deadly enemies. Solve puzzles and complete missions to earn extra rewards.


Fight boss battles against some of Ben's most dangerous foes. Defend yourself against the likes of Dr. Psychobos, Malware, Khyber and more of the galaxy's toughest villains.


Add powerful items like recovery packs and stat boosts. Stock up on attack mods that let Ben and Rook use devastating new moves. Equip advanced tech gear to enable special abilities and customize your playing style.

This game has banner advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions: thanks to muzhiwan



OBB Parts

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Robbers v2.0 (Money Mod) apk download

Robbers v2.0 (Money Mod)

Requirements: 2.2 and up

Overview: Robber is a 2D runner, escape from the museum guardians while grabbing the biggest loot possible!

Beware of the traps, avoid security cameras, and especially the terrible robot dogs.

Anyway the goal remains the same: grab a lot of gems running on the longest distance possible while avoiding of getting busted:

- “Ready for the heist of the century?”

- “Bouh ouh this is too hard, I’m gonna end in jail...”

- “No problems, an arsenal of bonuses and gears is at your disposal to help you in your evil deeds. Hey there is no good robber without a good stuff after all!”

Games features:

• Choose your character: man or woman;

• Unlock 14 outfits to customize your character:

o gangster or fox,

o secret agent or sexy, there is something for everyone taste.

• Use numerous gears in your escape: smoke bombs and various boosts;

• Various bonus to get the ultimate thief;

• Collect master’s paintings and discover their origins;

• Accomplish 36 challenges of variable difficulty;

• Claim your exploits!

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get the latest news on our games, contests and more!

Official site:




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More Info:


Download Instructions: thanks ti max982


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