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VpnROOT - PPTP - Manager v1.7.1+ VpnROOT - Pro Plugin v1.0 Android apk

VpnROOT - PPTP - Manager v1.7.1+ VpnROOT - Pro Plugin v1.0

Requirements: 2.2 and up

Overview: This application was designed to allow connection of a VPN server without having to use PIN or Pattern Lock-Screen in Android.

To use the VPN service application needs ROOT.

* posibility to add multiple widgets for vpn server quick connect in Pro version

* you can backup and restore vpn servers configuration.

* support reconnect on disconnect, manual dns, automatic dns, get dns from vpn server, dns search domains.

* possibility to send logs to developer via email

* added WakeLock option to keep device awake

* added WifiLock option to keep wifi connection alive

* added support for Tasker using "Send Intent" on service

com.did.vpnroot.CheckRun using two parameters :

- vpn_server:1..5

- vpn_connect:on/off

* added possibility to select authentication methods :


* added support for IPv6 (PPPD must be built with IPv6 enabled)

* changed the default route push on device that use policy routing for default route

* possibility to select the number of vpn servers, no limit to 5 anymore (only for Pro)

* dynamic widget

* possibility to autostart at boot (only for Pro)

* auto connect/disconnect on a specific WiFi (only for Pro)

What's New

* If you experience problems, please don't hesitate to contact [email protected]

Version 1.7.1

- fixed crash bug on android 4.4

- added possibility for wifi rules to match all wifi's by using ssid *


- added the pro plugin into google play.

Released by Yuki918

This app has no advertisements

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RAM Manager Pro v5.3.4 Android apk

RAM Manager Pro v5.3.4

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up , root

Overview: This application optimizes the RAM of all android devices and gives you better performance.



★Balance - Option which makes your RAM to the best optimization, this option is for everyday using. Use this option when you want to have fast phone without lags.

★Balance (More free memory) - This option is nearly the same as Balance, but this option should be advantageous for users who have more RAM than 512 MB. This option gives you more free memory but a bit reduces multitasking.

★Balance (More multitasking) - This option is nearly the same as Balance, but this option should be advantageous for users who have less RAM than 512 MB. This option gives you more multitasking, but a bit reduces free memory.

★Hard Gaming - Option which stabilizes your RAM for playing hardest games. Use this option for games which lag on your phone. Your games will run smooth without lags.

★Hard Gaming (Less aggressive) - This option is similar to Hard Gaming but should be better for devices with RAM lesser than 512MB.

★Hard Multitasking - Option for users which are really hard working on their phones. You can have a lot of running apps and quickly switch between them without lags.

★Default (Samsung) - Default settings by Samsung, these settings are also used by LG, HTC, etc.

★Default (Nexus S) - Default settings which are used by all Google devices.

★Default - This option reverts your RAM to your default settings, which you had before you installed this app.

★Lock launcher in memory

★VM Heap size

★Swap file - Improves a performance but it may degrade your SD card life

★Memory info

★Free memory meter


★Chosen option is automatically set on each reboot

★You can easily switch between all options without rebooting

This application optimizes the RAM of all android devices and gives you better performance. We tested and we're still testing the best RAM balance which makes your system as fast as possible. This application improves perfomance of your device in all directions. Switching between applications is very fast, your system will be smoother then ever before. You can fully use your multitasking and you still have as much memory as you need.

This application is the best solution for all who have problem with free memory, with multitasking, with slow swapping between applications or with slow performance of your device. I recommend to use this application to everybody who wants have better phone, because this application increases speed of your phone and other parameters which depend on RAM.


If you want be really sure that my application works, I recommend to not use any RAM scripts and tweaks.


What's in this version : (Updated : Nov 25, 2013)

Fixed "Memory info"

This app has no advertisements

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Dolphin Emulator Pro Alpha v0.12 Android apk

Dolphin Emulator Pro Alpha v0.12

Requirements: 4.0 and up

Overview: If you like the idea of having a gamecube emulator on your Android device and want me to push out updates and features more quickly;Think about buying this version.


- You must have the right to a given ROM before you play it!

This is exactly the same as the non-pro version!

If you like the idea of having a gamecube emulator on your Android device and want me to push out updates and features more quickly;Think about buying this version. This may be exactly the same as the non-pro version, aside from the shiny golden icon, but it helps the development process by giving the developers money to directly work on improving this emulator.

This can help with:

Getting developers the money needed to buy the latest devices to make sure it runs well.

Incentive to help port it to new devices (Intel Bay Trail devices, iDevices?)

Money needed to feed the developers so they don't starve to death while developing this.

The time required to put in to such a project to make it as quick as possible.

Tegra 3 devices crash right away. I don't know why yet

Usage guide

OpenGL ES 3 guide

Visit the official Dolphin emulator website at and receive support in our forums!

This is the first OpenGL ES 3 application on the Android Market! The amount of devices that support OpenGL ES 3 is minimal at best. Hardware support will increase in the future as more phones come to market!

This is a public preview release of Dolphin the Gamecube and Wii emulator for Android.

If you're expecting reasonable speeds out of this, you are sorely mistaken. This will run slow on every single Android device, no matter if it is the most powerful one in the world.

Some caveats

- It will crash. Alot.

- It might need to be force closed and ran multiple times to work.

- It will run slow

This app is licensed by the GNU GPL v2, and the full source code is available through the public GIT repository at

This app has NO advertisements

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Riptide GP v1.6.3 apk download

Riptide GP v1.6.3

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Overview: The premier console-quality water racing game for mobile.

NEW: Touch-screen control options added!

Riptide GP is the first ever console-quality water racing game for mobile, featuring super-realistic water physics, real-time reflections (dual core only), and gorgeous high-detail vehicles and environments.

Rev up your supercharged jet ski and take a wild ride through twisting canals and rivers, futuristic cityscapes, and mysterious research facilities. Skill, stunts, and speed will be your best allies as you grab massive air off huge waves, kick out death-defying tricks, and boost your jet ski to victory across a dynamic, ever-changing torrent of foam and spray.


The quad-core power of NVIDIA's Tegra 3 superchip has enabled us to add even more detail and excitement to the Riptide GP experience. Tegra 3 players get extra-high-detailed normal-mapped waves, realistic water splashes on the camera, and a dramatic motion blur effect when boosting. Riptide GP looks even better thanks to the power of Tegra 3!


Please note that Riptide GP is a processor intensive game, and requires a high-end smartphone or tablet for optimal performance.

If you do encounter a problem running the game on your device, please email the device you're using, Android OS version, and a detailed description to [email protected], instead of just leaving it in comments. We actually respond to our support emails, and if we can't fix your problem we'll give you a refund.


• Explore 12 futuristic water raceways

• Grab massive air and perform dramatic stunts to earn boost

• Unlock and master 6 screaming fast jet skis

• 3 game modes: Race, Hot Lap, and Championship

• Bluetooth and USB gamepad support

• Earn Achievements, post to Leaderboards, and race against your Friends' best split times with integrated OpenFeint™ support

• Easy and fun to pick up and play – delightfully challenging to master

• Created by Vector Unit, developers of the Xbox 360 hit Hydro Thunder Hurricane.

What's New

Version 1.6.3

- Native Support for X86 Devices

- Bug Fixes

Version 1.6

- Google Play Game Services integration. Sign in with your Google account for leaderboards, achievements, and cloud saving.

- Simplified Permissions

This game has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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Shine Runner v1.4.3 apk download

Shine Runner v1.4.3

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Overview: There ain’t nothin’ like the thrill of runnin’ shine!

Throw your flat-bottomed fanboat into high gear and slip and slide through the muddy waters of the backwoods bayou. Smash and crash through a destructible world filled with rickety swamp shacks, fishin’ boats, chicken coops, gators, and more. Pack your cargo hold to the brim with moonshine, tobacky, snake oil and other contraband and then sell ‘em to the highest bidder in a rampagin’ 10-day race for profit and glory. Just make sure you keep an eye out for Smokey–the more notorious you get, the more cops will come gunnin’ for you.





Power slide through twisting rivers with the most realistic boat physics ever seen on mobile.


Crash through docks stacked high with barrels. Demolish shacks and outhouses. Punt gators and chickens. If you can see it, you can smash it!


Buy and sell contraband goods like Moonshine and Tobacky, smuggling them from one colorful locale to the next in a race for maximum profit.


Explore a colorful southern world filled with high-detail boats, animated characters, beautiful bayou, marsh, and mountain environments, all running at a silky smooth framerate on your smartphone or tablet – or on your HDTV with HDMI out.


Make your name in the Shine Runner Hall of Fame leaderboards or show off your skills with some of the wackiest, most inventive Achievements around.

What's New

Version 1.4.3

- Native Support for X86 Devices

- Bug Fixes

Version 1.4

- Google Play Game Services integration. Sign in with your Google account for leaderboards, achievements, and cloud saving.

- Simplified Permissions

This game has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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Cogs v1.1 apk download

Cogs v1.1

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Overview: Get your mental gears going with this award-winning puzzle game!

Cogs is a ground-breaking puzzle game where players build increasingly complex machines using sliding tiles in 2D and 3D environments. It comes with 50 puzzles and three gameplay modes for a total of 150 unique challenges, totalling more than 10 hours of mind-bending gameplay. This award-winning game is perfect for puzzle fans of any age and ability!

“It is awesome.” – TouchArcade

"One of the highest quality puzzle games we've seen." – PocketGamer

“The visual design and imagination of the game are stunning, with great attention to detail, and the sound effects are downright enticing.” – Adrenaline Vault

“If a sliding puzzle was a wheel, consider it re-invented!” – TouchGen

“A masterpiece visually, as well with the actual gameplay.” – AppAdvice


Starting with simple puzzles, players are introduced to the widgets that are used to build machines — gears, pipes, balloons, chimes, hammers, wheels, props, and more.


If you finish a puzzle in Inventor Mode, it will be unlocked here. This time, it will take fewer moves to reach a solution, but you only have 30 seconds to find it.


Take your time and plan ahead. Every click counts when you only get ten moves to find a solution.


Unlock achievements, see how you stack up on global leaderboards, and play with friends!

Note that Cogs requests access to user accounts because of OpenFeint account management functionality and that the information is not used in the game itself.

What's in this version: (Updated : Nov 25, 2013)

Google Game Services now available!

If you receive a "graphics format unsupported" error, please email us! If you are using Chainfire3D, please set it to support PVR or uninstall it to play Cogs

Asus Transformer tablet users: please reboot your tablet if Cogs crashes.

More Info:


Download Instructions: rel. by : chathu_ac

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Klyph Pro for Facebook v1.2.0 apk

Klyph Pro for Facebook v1.2.0

Requirements: 4.0+

Overview: Everyone gets tired of the ugly, slow official Facebook app so why don’t you give a try to Klyph: a new client for Facebook.


With a nice and smooth UI designed following the Android Design Guidelines, Klyph looks like the Google+ app but for Facebook.

Still young and in early development, Klyph may still miss some features but tries to bring the best user experience of Facebook on your Android devices (mobiles and tablets).

Please be aware that chat is not currently supported but we do our best to include it ASAP.

Also, due to Facebook limitations on third-party apps, the following features are not allowed:

• Like a page

• Tagging in statuses/comments with “@” like the official Facebook app

• Share a status/photo/video on a friend’s timeline.

Add a friend is currently a broken feature on Facebook’s side, we’ve sent a bug report, they said that they will fix it. You can see the bug report here:

We are looking for translators. Making a translation take less than two hours, so contact us if you want to make Klyph available in your language.

We are always happy to receive suggestions, bug reports or simply a thank you. We always try to answer so don’t hesitate to send us an email.

To people who rate the app 1 or 2 stars : we can understand that you dislike the app either because of its design, bugs or anything else but please, please, let a comment to help us improve the app.

What's New

Version 1.2.0

A lot of modifications, improvements and bug fixes !

Starting with this version, only devices with Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) and higher are supported.

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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LEDBlinker Notifications v5.4.2 apk

LEDBlinker Notifications v5.4.2

Requirements: 2.1 and up

Overview: Let your LED show your missed calls, SMS, Facebook and Whatsapp messages. If you have no hardware led, the screen is used.


★ ALL apps are now supported, click on the + button on top!!!

This app is very simple to use and not much configuration is needed!

Warning: Unlike other apps in this category you don't need 'ROOT' access to use LEDBlinker and this app is very battery friendly!

Please don't rate with 1 star if you have a problem.

Hint: If you have problems please do a full re-install and/or reboot your phone.

Otherwise contact me to get help.

Support at Facebook

Support at Google+

Fast support is very important for me! (Look at the ratings, thanks to all people!)

Warning: If your phone speaks after install (Samsung S4, S3, S3 Mini, S2, Note1, Note2, LG Nexus 4) you have to disable Samsung TTS (text-to-speech) under settings -> apps manager -> all (on the right) and Google TTS (text-to-speech).

Only needed when you use the accessiblity service!

Another solution to fix talkback issue:

You can change the launcher by using another one from the Google Play Store. For example, Nova Launcher or Go Launcher (maybe Holo launcher). These launchers will not exhibit this bug.

For Samsung S4 users: If your phone speaks when opening your browser you have to use another browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Hint HTC users: Your phone is NOT supported, you have to use the on screen led!

And this app doesn't use internet permission, your data is SAFE!!!

Please try the lite version first to test the hardware led (on screen led is always working).



★ ALL apps are now supported, click on the + button on top!!!

★ Let your LED show your missed calls and sms

★ Battery status (LED notification for low battery, < 10%)

★ Google Mail

★ Calendar reminder notifications

★ Google Talk/Google Hangouts

★ Standard Android EMail App now supported

★ Hike messages

★ SNOView - Social Network Overview notification

★ The Developer Checkout Manager (DCM)

★ Facebook messages

★ WhatsApp messages

★ Skype messages

★ gReader messages

★ Bluetooth messages

★ Alternative On-Screen-LED

★ Autostart function after device reboot

Other supported apps:



★ TapaTalk

★ Xing

★ AndLytics

★ Facebook Messenger

★ Twitter

★ Instagram



★ Tango

★ Handcent SMS

★ Kontakte+

★ AquaMail

★ GroupMe

★ FotMob

★ HeyTell

★ textPlus Free Text +

★ ChatOn

★ Kik Messenger

★ K9 Mail

★ Touch Messenger

★ mysms - SMS anywhere

★ Yahoo! Messenger

★ Viber : Free Calls + Messages

★ Gmail Priority Inbox

★ Any.DO Todo | Aufgabenliste

★ n-tv

★ N24

★ Yahoo Mail

★ Hotmail (Microsoft + SEVEN)

★ Wordfeud Pro/Lite

★ Business Calender

★ Ebay

★ MailDroid

★ Pakete

★ ColorNote

★ Blackboard

★ Geburtstage

★ CalenGoo

★ Notify My Android


★ IM+

★ COL Reminder

★ TouchDown NitroDesk

★ comp SMS

★ K10 Mail

★ MailDroid Pro

★ Ruzzle

★ 1&1 Mail

★ Voxer

★ Forfone

Let your led blink with different lights!

What's New

What's New

★ Bugs fixed for silent mode


★ Predefined apps can be hidden (see settings at the bottom)


★ Silent mode can be adjusted every day

★ A lot of improvements


★ Please checkout my latest app for free

★★★ All apps are now supported, click on the + button on top!!! ★★★

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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Decision 2 v1.0 apk download

Decision 2 v1.0

Requirements: 2.3.3+

Overview: #1 Zombie Shooter game is now available on the Android!

The streets are pretty empty tonight. Except for all of the crazy zombies. In Decision 2 it's up to you to patrol the city streets and kill as many zombies as you can. You have your trusty gun and as you make your way through the city you can earn more weapons to kill zombies with. Stay alert because the zombies are everywhere and they are hungry.

The city is completely overtaken by zombies and your aim is to find the way to clear it out! A lot of action and brain-splattering awaits you:

:: 4 players co-op multiplayer

:: 24 upgradable weapons and 15 abilities

:: A whole city to explore

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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Kunundrum v1.12 apk download

Kunundrum v1.12

Requirements: android 2.2 and up

Overview: Guide your spark, flinging orbs to their colourful goals to unlock stage after stage of brain boggling fun! Make your way through 150 levels of intense strategy using mind warping logic encountering Teleporters, Direction Changers, Blockers, Gates and Switches that alter your path as you try to complete the puzzles in as few moves as possible. And when you're done there, try out one of the upcoming Map Packs with fresh new mechanics adding to the addictive game play, the possibilities are endless!

High end graphics, colourful intense art style, catchy electronic soundtrack, and fun for the young to the old. No mobile game fan should be without this great title. Download it today!


• 180 levels

• Gradual difficulty going from super simple, to mind challenging

• Ongoing updates featuring new map packs and game play mechanics

HTW Games can be followed at:

Stuck on a level? Find the solutions here!

What's in this version: (Updated : Nov 22, 2013)

2 New 50 Map Pack IAP's

Link to YouTube videos for level solutions, with new videos to come for all the levels!

If your game isn't working after updating, go to Settings/Apps/Kunundrum and Clear Cache. That should get you off and running.

More Info:


Download Instructions: Released by chathu_ac

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Train Crisis Plus v2.5.2 apk download

Train Crisis Plus v2.5.2

Requirements: Android O/S : 2.2+

Overview: A puzzle and addictive strategy game where you have to prove your reflexes !

Train: "a series of railway carriages or wagons moved as a unit by a locomotive or by integral motors".

Crisis: "a time of intense difficulty or danger".

With these two definitions we launch Train Crisis, a puzzle and addictive strategy game with HD graphics where you have to prove your quick mind and reflexes in full 3D environment.

Would you like to travel through the history of the railroad? This amazing game lets you play in two different railroad eras, where your goal is to overcome all the obstacles that appear on each level and guide each colored train toward its corresponding destination

Features :

2 Eras of railroad history (Industrial Era and Far West Era).

Spectacular High-definition 3D environments that recreate perfectly both eras with many details as vegetation, animals, mountains, rocks, tunnels, banks, etc.

Train Crisis provides 42 levels for players to conquer (currently available).

A star rating system to assess your skills.

Extra unlocking levels that will require you to have a certain number of stars.

The addictive gameplay and challenge of increasing levels of difficulty kept you hooked.

4 colored trains and over 6 railway wagons.

You must interact with several elements to get past the level: changing junctions; timed traffic lights; trap tunnels; transportation of money; ghost trains and parts of the track obstructed with rocks you must blow up.

Spectacular colorful graphics effects with explosions of trains and rocks.

Music and 3D sound. Sound effects in real time depending on where elements are located in the screen and different music for each world.

Train Crisis's full version will be updated shortly with 2 new eras and many more levels available.

Train Crisis has been developed with Unity3D, the most optimized game engine for mobile device.

What's in this version : (Updated : Nov 25, 2013)

Support for Android 4.4 (Kitkat) inmersive mode

New complete Era, with 24 new levels and new elements to play: Future Era

Some of the hardest levels have been made easier

New social features: with Google Play Game Services: leaderboard, achievements, shared friends progress

Cloud saving: share your progress across multiple devices and restore it upon reinstallation

Option to view solutions of each level.

Bug fixes

More Info:


Download Instructions: rel. by : chathu_ac

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AirAttack HD v1.5 apk download

Air Attack HD - is Award Winning next-generation top down air combat shooter with stunning 3D graphics alongside great audio, effects and awesome gameplay.

Over 1 000 000 Downloads on iPhone / iPad

Unity Awards 2010 - Grand Prix


* 10 Great Missions

* 64 Different Enemy Types

* 3 Player Planes

* Numerous Upgrades and Special Weapons

* Amazing Lighting and Special Effects

* Orchestral Music

* 3 Difficulty Modes

* Arcade and Survival Mode

* Realtime Physics

* Destructible Bridges and Buildings

* Shmup with Amazing 3D environments enhanced with LightMaps and SpecularMaps

* 10 Huge End Level Bosses

* 7 Control Types: Touch, Relative, Tilt, Joypad, Mouse, Keyboard, Gamepad

* MOGA, NVIDIA Shield, XBox360, PS3, HID controllers support

* App2SD support

* NVIDIA Tegra based devices support - THD

* Portrait/Landscape orientation

* Xperia PLAY optimized

What's New

Support for:

* MOGA controllers

* NVIDIA Shield

* Mouse, Keyboard

* XBox360, PS3, HID controllers

If you have problem starting the game after update, try to restart your device

Requires Android

2.0.1 and up



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Cross Court Tennis 2 v1.22 apk download

Cross Court Tennis 2 v1.22

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Overview: The most realistic tennis simulation on the mobile platform!

The most realistic tennis simulation on the mobile platform!

New and improved, Cross Court Tennis 2 ranks #1 in the world! Real ball physics and pro level ball speed make you feel like a real tennis pro.


Real ball physics and pro level speeds make gameplay realistic.

High quality animations show off your slice, topspin, volleys, lobs, and dropshots.

Jump in and win with Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of play.


Create a player by choosing skin, hair, and clothing colors.

Perfect your skills with your own customized training program.

Compete in 15 worldwide tournaments with 45 distinct opponents and reach #1 in the world!

Adapt your gameplay to clay, grass, and hard courts.

More Info:




Cross Court Tennis 2 v1.22 (Full version unlocked)

Cross Court Tennis 2 v1.22 Free(Use Freedom and unlock the full version)

DATA SD(sdcard/Android/obb):

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4 IN A 3D ROW v2.0 apk download

Play against thousands of other players and train your 3-dimensional sense in a completely new kind of puzzle game.

4 IN A 3D ROW is not a classic Connect 4 online game, it offers a brand new gameplay twist.




Turn the 3D cube, place your gems and go for 4 gems in a row. But be careful your opponent has the same goal. A fantastic gameplay simply working with a one tap / swipe control.


4 IN A 3D ROW offers an awesome Leveling system. Unlock several levels of difficulty, Achievements and Turntime Modes! With every success you earn more XP. Level up your Character to earn more points. Be number ONE and keep winning!


Play against thousands of other players around the world from any device you have and wherever you are.

Display your results in the Worldwide Ranking System and show the world who is the Master of Dimension! Share your game progress to any device you have. No matter which device you use, your other device will be up to date and ready to play.


4 IN A 3D ROW is innovative, addictive, challenging and offers a fun-to-play game for everyone.



✓ A brand-new game style

✓ Single / Multiplayer Mode

✓ Simple and innovative control

✓ Addictive Leveling System

✓ Tons of Achievements and unlockable modes

✓ Worldwide Ranking System

✓ OPENFEINT support

✓ Stunning 3D HD graphics

What's New

Start-crash fixed!!! Please update your version and re-rate 4 IN A 3D ROW!

Thank you!

Hi Fans!

V2.0 ----- BIG UPDATE!

We added the "OFFLINE PvP Mode"

Now you can play together on one device. have fun while playing!

also added:

graphic changes

several bug fixes

thanks to all our fans!

please rate 4 IN A 3D ROW!

Requires Android

2.0.1 and up



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V for Vampire v1.0.35 apk download

Help the little Vampire to make his way through the levels to the objects of his desire: Beautiful pale Princesses with delicious royal blood running through their veins!

Together with his best and worst friends, the little Vampire celebrates his birthday party. Join him in 4 creepy mind-dazzling enchanted worlds, where incredible physics puzzles are waiting for you.


✓ More than 35 mind-blowing levels with frightening realistic physics!

✓ Wide ammo range: from plain rocks to magnets, blowing bags, smoke and water!

✓ Use in-game solutions per level should the puzzles get too difficult!

✓ Unlock mysterious bonus levels and find secret gifts!

What's New

First release! Join us on facebook and give us feedback, be the first to learn about updates and receive free goodies!

Requires Android

2.1 and up



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Spelltower v1.13 apk download

A New Word Game Classic!

Looking for a word game that goes beyond a simple Scrabble/Boggle/Jumble clone? SpellTower is for you.

As seen In The New York Times Magazine, and in Apple and Best Buy Stores everywhere

Best Word Game! - 148Apps' 2011 Best App Ever Awards

"One of the finest word games available." - Android Rundown

- Touch Arcade's Favorite Puzzle game of 2011 -

Ranked #2 in Mashable's Top 10 iPhone Word Games

"Simple, stylish and furiously addictive. Far and away the best ‘pure’ word game on iOS." 5/5 stars - Tap! Magazine

"I'm obsessed, I'm ignoring my family!" - John Moe, NPR Marketplace

"guaranteed to entertain" - IGN

"by far one of the best [word puzzle games] in recent years" - 4.5/5 Stars - Editors Choice - 148Apps

"SpellTower is an extraordinary word game that deserves a place among the best of the genre." - 4/4 - SlideToPlay

"The Boggle Tetris That We Needed"

- Kotaku's Gaming App of The Day

What's New


- fixed an issue with android 4.4

Requires Android

2.2 and up



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Iron Man 3: The Official Game v1.4.0r (Unlimited Money/Gems) apk download

Iron Man 3: The Official Game v1.4.0r (Unlimited Money/Gems)

Requirements: 2.3

Overview: Become billionaire Tony Stark as Iron Man in this free, fast-paced, endless runner, the official game of the upcoming movie!

After the events of Iron Man 3, Tony has become a peacekeeper, but new threats emerge regularly all around the globe and Iron Man is the only one who can take care of them.

Get ready for intense action in this free, addictive, endless 3D runner!


✔Fight against rising A.I.M. forces around the world during amazing runs

✔Discover 3 different locations offering endless, self-generating levels: Malibu Shores, New York City and China

✔Confront 4 epic villains from the Iron Man comics: Crimson Dynamo, Ezekiel Stane, Living Laser and the mighty M.O.D.O.K.


✔Complete various missions in fast-paced flying battles and epic one-on-one confrontations

✔Unleash Iron Man's superpowers with amazingly responsive swipe controls

✔Enjoy an outstanding 3D world with cutting-edge graphics and animations


✔Research and develop up to 18 suits from the different movies (MARK II, MARK 42, Silver Centurion, etc.)

✔Upgrade your armours and powers in the research Lab to wipe out your enemies

For all fans of superhero games, runner games, action games, arcade games, Marvel games, and for all of those who want to fight as Iron Man during amazing and intense free runs.

Iron Man 3 – The Official Game from the upcoming Marvel movie is a free-to-play game, but if you wish, you can enrich your experience by purchasing game items to boost your progress!

What's new:

Power up with 2 new suits: The Mark 15 - Sneaky and the exclusive tournament prize, Mark 31 - Piston.

New location: Battle beyond the stratosphere in Space!

New power-up: The Credit Overload generates a huge amount of Stark Credits to collect.

Levels now branch out in different directions. Choose your path to victory!

Updated and streamlined user interface and menus. Managing your armor is easier than ever.

Game size has been reduced for faster and easier downloads.

More Info:


Download Instructions: Thanks to muzhiwan


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FauxSound Audio/Sound Control v1.1.5 apk

FauxSound Audio/Sound Control v1.1.5

Requirements: 4.0.3 and up


If your favorite kernel DOES NOT support this option, Simply Ask your developers to include these patches:

APQ8064: ... b682f8ab7e (Nexus 4 / Optimus G)

MSM8960: ... dfffed034d (Samsung / HTC) ... 45dc566110

to their kernels!

Officially Supporting :

GOOGLE / LG NEXUS 4 and its VARIANTS and Samsung Galaxy S 3 (US Versions ONLY)!

Unofficially Supporting:

All Phones using Qualcomm Audio Chip WCD93xx chipsets.

Such as HTC Droid DNA, HTC ONE, Sony Xperia Z, LG Optimus G/Pro, Asus PadFone 2

Total Control to boost your Audio Amplifier Gain to help clean up audio distortions!


Great for the following activities:

Music Listening,

Video Game Playing,

Movies / Youtube Watching &

Audio Books

This app has Several BUILT-IN profiles for FAST and EASY adjustments / tweaks to your Audio Input and Output:

From Quality, Quiet and MAX LOUDNESS profiles and

lastly, it also has Custom Profile to allow for your own tweaks,

NOTE: THIS DOES BOOST LOUD SPEAKER, but the QUALITY is VERY POOR. FauxSpeaker is HIGHLY recommended for BEST speaker sounds! ... auxspeaker

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Playing audio at high volumes, especially for a prolonged amount of time, can destroy hardware and/or damage hearing.

By installing this application you agree that you will not hold its developer responsible for any damage to hardware or hearing, and you are using it AT YOUR OWN RISK.

What's New

1.1.5 => Fixed Note 3 settings issues, Fixed Nexus 5 reset issues

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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Send Anywhere PRO v3.11.25 apk

Send Anywhere PRO v3.11.25

Requirements: 2.2 and up

Overview: Send your files anywhere, easily and quickly!

Anytime! From Anywhere! To Everywhere!

File Sharing only with a 6 digit number!

File Sharing Innovation created by Send Anywhere.

From Android to Android / iPhone / iPad / PC

From Android / iPhone / iPad / PC to Android

You can quickly and easily share any folders or files (include photos, videos, and Apps).

【Features in Pro Version】

√ No ADs

√ No limited size and number of files to share

- 1 G Bytes limitation at once when files upload to server

(Upload/download can be limited when it gives too much load to server)

【How to use Send Anywhere】

-Sending file

1. Select a file(Document, Photo, Video, App etc.) and click a “Send”

2. Get a 6 digit OTK(One Time Key) and send it to your friend

3. Sending finish

Tip. Files can be sent to surrounding devices through Auto browsing function

-Receiving file

1. Enter the 6 digit OTK in receiver’s device

2. Receiving finish

Tip. Access files in your PC from Send Anywhere website

What's New

v3.11.25 pro

• Fixed error on Android 2.x.

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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musiXmatch Music Lyrics Player Premium v3.5.11.1 apk

musiXmatch Music Lyrics Player Premium v3.5.11.1

Requirements: 2.3 and up

Overview: musiXmatch is the #1 Music Enhanced Music Player on Google Play Store with +20 million users in the world and the largest and most exhaustive official catalog of synchronized lyrics.

Enjoy your music with songs lyrics moving synchronized with your music and sing along with your friends. Much better than pure Karaoke!

Key features

★ NEW: Equalizer and Cover Art fixing

★ NEW: Now Support Spotify Notification

★ Remove Ads option

★ Scrobbling, Social Share

★ Super Fast MusicID for unlimited Shazam-like tags with Lyrics

★ Search for Lyrics by typing words, artist name, song title,

★ Get instant Lyrics notifications from other music players

★ Fix your music tag/ meta data

➜ Want to be a mXm beta tester ? Join us here

➜ Help us translating musiXmatch in your language

Problems ? we hear you here

3rd party Supported players:

Default Android Music Player, Spotify, Samsung Music Player, HTC Music Player Archos Music Player, Rhapsody Android Beta, bTunes, ³ (cubed), WIMP, Zimly,Just Playlists, PowerAMP, Winamp (experiencing some problems on it), myTouch 4G, Google Music (visit for automatic notification issue),Player Pro (market), DAAP Media Player, Folder Player,GoneMAD Music Player, MIUI Music Player

★★ Works Better on 3G 4G or WIFI ★★

What's New

- Battery drain issues now fixed

- General bug fixes

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions: Premium features are unlocked!!


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AntTek Explorer Ex Pro v4.2.2 apk

AntTek Explorer Ex Pro v4.2.2

The most intuitive, useful and simple, speedy File Manager!

AntTek Explorer EX

This is the first multi-panel file explorer on Android OS. It features "Drag & drop anywhere" to bring the best user experience.

Drag and Drop anywhere

Drag and drop anywhere

Seamlessly copy/move files from different panels or from local to server

Flexible layout customization

6 different panels to select: Overview, temporary box, etc.,

Contextual toolbar to easily drag and drop

Optimize panels for both phone and tablet

Collapsible panels

File browser

Manage local file (SDCard)

Manage system partition (if rooted)

Streaming from remote file server for audio and video

Access to unlimited cool/free themes

Root file manager

Browse private partitions (i.e. /data, /system) as regular files on SDCard

Delete system/stock/bloatware apps

View system files

Auto-remount partitions

Cloud explorer - cloud files as in your local

Google Drive,



Network - seamlessly browsing files

Samba/CIFS/Window shared/



Cool music player with full equalizer

Storage detail information

Nice home screen widgets & shortcuts

Build-in viewers

Pictures viewer

TIFF viewer

Zip/Rar viewer

APK viewer

Source code viewer: support more than 13 programming languages (java, C, php, perl, etc.,)



Pinky, Android, Wooden, etc.

Quick search

Quick search all sd card

More details:

Browse, copy, cut, paste, delete, rename, send, zip, unzip over Linux-file entry,

Build-in viewer for text, image, video files and text editor, zip viewer, apk viewer

Configurable dual panels view for large screen

Quick browsing with bookmarks and shortcuts,

Smart toolbar that commits the best user experiences,

Internal viewers for apk, zip, image, text files.

Look and feel with different view modes, sort modes, beautiful icon set, multiple selection operation,

What's in this version : (Updated : Nov 25, 2013)

Fixed Google Drive sign in error,

Supported animated GIF image,

Updated languages.

Fixed music player bugs.

Fixed minor bugs.

Updated languages.

Official support forum:

Request and vote for new feature:

Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download : 3M APK

HighSpeed Resumeable Link ; Better Then Zippy ;) : LINK1& Mirror1

How To Download (Uncheck "use our Download manager option" then click on Download now! button) See this Image for more instruction.

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IP Cam Viewer Pro v5.2.1 apk

IP Cam Viewer Pro v5.2.1

Requirements: 1.6 and up

Overview: Awarded Best Software Award 2011 in Utilities category.

Remotely view and control your IP Camera, DVR, Network Video Recorder, CCTV or WebCam using this Android app.

New! Motion Detection built into app works with all cameras. Option to play sound in viewers when motion is detected. Option to record only when motion is detected in Record Mode. Mobile notifications will be added in a future release.

2-way audio support on some cameras for use as baby monitor (axis, panasonic, foscam, more) and honeycomb tablet support.

Includes Record Mode which turns any spare Android device into a solid state, battery backed network recorder for your standalone IP cameras. Allows playback, search, and export to video clip.

- SSL and HTTPS encryption for privacy

- RTSP, H.264, MPEG4, ONVIF and more video formats

- two way audio for some cameras

- pan tilt and zoom (PTZ), presets

- motion detection inside app works with all cameras

- relay to control things like lights and garage doors

- custom controls like patrol (varies with various models)

- home screen widgets

- matrix view, gallery view, and auto sequence mode

- double tap for digital zoom using pinch to zoom

- grouping of cameras to organize and for quick recall.

- Export / Import and sharing of cameras

- built-in traffic camera database

- browser integration

- app password to protect access from others

- 24/7 recording of cameras

- scan camera capability

- auto sequencing of cameras and groups

What's New

- more drivers and driver fixes

- app password timeout in Settings

- record schedule per camera in Edit Camera -> More Options

- in-app Motion Detection! goto Edit Camera -> More Options

- for viewers, option to play sound when motion detected

- for record mode, option to record only when motion detected

- for record mode matrix view, option to play sound when motion detected

- compatible w/ FolderSync Lite for record folder sync

- ipv6 support

- background audio mode

- motion email notification

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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ZOOKEEPER BATTLE v2.0.1 (Unlimited CP) apk download

ZOOKEEPER BATTLE v2.0.1 (Unlimited CP)

Requirements: 2.3.3+

Overview: Battle online against players from around the world!

ZOOKEEPER”, the popular action puzzle game played by over 10 million people, is now a Battle Puzzle, and is available for Android!!! 

“ZOOKEEPER” has powered up and become even more fun, with rankings, avatars, item collection, and other new elements added for “ZOOKEEPER BATTLE”!

The game is simple! Those who know ZOOKEEPER - and even those who don’t - can enjoy this game from the start!

To celebrate the release of the Android version, users can invite their friends and receive 1 free “Power Bottle” in-app item for each (max. 10 invitations). Also, those users who invite the full 10 people will be awarded a special character customization item.

The game will also offer the chance to take on limited-time-only rare characters in Raid Battle Events, and even more content is planned for future implementation.

Replace the animals that are side by side,
and line up more than three animals vertically or horizontally to catch them! 
The animals caught can be used for ATTACK or DEFENSE.

Battle by catching animals and going head to head with ATTACK and DEFENSE for 30-second rounds.

When your opponent’s LIFE is completely gone, you win!

In the event of a draw, battle it out for one more round!!

*When victory hasn’t been decided after 5 rounds, the one with the most remaining LIFE wins.

What's in this version:


- Minor bug fixes


New Feature "My Zoo" has been added!

Put your characters and items on display and make the greatest zoo in the world!

Win your battles to get visitors!

And to make them happy,combine and power up your avatars!

Other additions and changes:

- For the grand opening of My Zoo, the total and time of naturally restoring CP has been changed

- The Zoo Gacha and Zoo Gacha Medals have been added

- Other general features have been added

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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Meltdown© v1.3 Mod [Unlimited Money] apk download

We are working on an update to fix issues on 15 000 and X2 coins inapp

Become the most skilled soldier and get the best upgrades.

Choose your weapons, buckle up and start your mission.

You need to get rid of all the different robots.

Enemies have different combat styles and gear.

Each enemy has it’s own special AI, adapt to them.

Meltdown is an intense arcade-shooter game

Clear all the levels and survive in the Arenas !


30 Random Generated Levels

10 Fire weapons upgradable

5 Melee weapons to cut down enemies

Online Cross-Platform Co-Op Up to 4Players

3 Specializations (Soldier/Engineer/Medic)

What's New

Gamepad controls for Mojo, Moga, and other USB / Bluetooth controllers

Multiplayer experience improved

Prestige Mode now available

Graphical Fixes

Memory Footprint improved

Note: Multiplayer and Prestige Mode are currently in Beta

Requires Android

2.3.3 and up

how to install

Install Apk

copy the "com.bulkypix.supahtroop" to SD Card/android/obb

launch the Game



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World at Arms v1.6.0g Mod (Money) apk download

World at Arms v1.6.0g Mod (Money)

Requirements: Android 2.3 and up

Overview: LOCK AND LOAD! The United States of America is under attack by an evil alliance of highly trained forces known as the KRA.


As the leader of the free world, YOU have to stand and fight. Build and develop your military base, train your army, and battle against or ally with players from all over the world online in order to defeat the enemy for good!

World at Arms is the new ground-breaking social game by Gameloft!

- Enjoy the most beautiful war simulation on smartphone with outstanding graphics & animations, plus extra-realistic units & buildings.

- Engage in innovative, strategic and breathtaking battles across the globe, in the air and on the ground (desert, urban and snow), and unleash deadly power-ups to crush your enemy before he crushes you!

- Manage an extensive economy: Collect resources, build and develop a wide variety of units and buildings & upgrade your base to become the top superpower

- Immerse yourself in a long, rich and dynamic campaign with more than 75 missions to complete!

- Take action and attack any player in the world, loot them for bonuses and climb up the leaderboards!

- Connect with your friends through Facebook, Game Center or Gameloft LIVE! and borrow their units during battle to defeat tough enemies.

- Unlock loads of achievements!


Visit our official site at

Follow us on Twitter at or like us on Facebook at to get more info about all our upcoming titles.

Check out our videos and game trailers on

Discover our blog at for the inside scoop on everything Gameloft.

What's New



- 12 buildings & 5 decorations

- 10 submarine units

- Battle mode with two new terrains

- New campaign with 10 missions & a total of 50 battles

- 22 new quests


- Construct Atlas: An epic all-terrain unit that cannot be destroyed!

- Gather Thorium: An amazing new resource!

- Expand into 50 new slots in the depths of the sea!

Overall polish and bug fixes

This game has banner advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:Thanks to opera-fan


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Block Blocks v1.0.136 apk download

Block Blocks v1.0.136

Requirements: 2.2+

Overview: Defend your screen from Blocks in this tower defense/puzzle hybrid.

Draw barriers to block, stop, redirect, and destroy Blocks swarming towards you. Block Blocks features dynamic music that is generated by how you play. Try your best at 100 challenging levels and last as long as possible in 5 unique endless modes.

• 100 Challenging levels

• 5 Unique endless modes

• Dynamic music generation

• 24 Achievements

• 5 Leaderboards

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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Sudoku 10'000 Plus v3.12 Android apk download

Sudoku 10'000 Plus v3.12

Requirements: 1.6+

Overview: The most complete Sudoku app on Android and the only one you'll ever need!

15'000 puzzles, eight Sudoku variants (X-Sudoku, Hyper-Sudoku etc.), eight difficulty levels, world's best hint functionality, statistics, achievements and global leaderboard. The only Sudoku app you'll ever need!

(1) Game Play

* Eight different Sudoku variants: Classic & Jigsaw puzzles (aka Squiggly), Asterisk-, Centerdot-, Color-, Hyper-, Percent- & X-Sudokus

* Eight difficulty levels: very easy, easy, moderate, advanced, hard, very hard, fiendish, nightmare

* Six input methods (digit first, cell first, mixed, Andoku cell first, Andoku digit first, popup)

* Pencil marks with auto set or auto erase

* Persistent undo/redo

* Auto save

* Bookmarks

* Highlighting of selected digits and pencil marks

* Highlighting of completed digits

* Highlighting of incorrect digits

* Coloring mode (cells and pencil marks) to support coloring solving techniques

* Very advanced hint functionality

* Analysis functionality to rate the difficulty of a Sudoku puzzle and to get a detailed list of required solving techniques

* OpenFeint Integration with global leaderboards for each difficulty level and achievements to earn Feint points

* Game statistics: fastest, average, slowest times for each difficulty level and Sudoku variant

* Extremely configurable

(2) Additional Features

* Sudoku Editor: create your own Sudoku puzzle from scratch

* Sudoku Importer: import Sudoku puzzles in five different formats: *.sdk, *.sdm, *.adk, *.opensudoku, *.1gsudoku. All *.adk formats are supported including jigsaw/squiggly puzzles with extra regions.

* Sudoku Generator: generate new Sudoku puzzles in eight difficulty levels

* Sudoku Solver: solve any Sudoku in milliseconds

* Sudoku Manager: create, delete, rename folders, create, copy, move, delete Sudokus, filter Sudokus according to their game status and more...

* Sudoku Widget: gives access to the start screen functions from your home screen

(3) Supports

* Left-handed players (landscape)

* Portrait and landscape mode

* All screen types and sizes

* Touch screen, keyboard and trackball

* Installation on external storage (e.g. sdcard)

* Android 1.6-4.1

(4) Hint Functionality

* Full House

* Hidden Single

* Hidden Subset (Pair, Triple + Quad)

* Naked Single

* Naked Subset (Pair, Triple + Quad)

* Locked Candidates (Pointing + Claiming)

* X-Wing (Regular, Finned + Sashimi)

* Swordfish (Regular, Finned + Sashimi)

* Jellyfish (Regular, Finned + Sashimi)


* W-Wing

* Almost Locked Candidates (Pair, Triple + Quad)

* Avoidable Rectangle (type 1 + 2)

* Hidden Unique Rectangle

* Uniqueness Test (type 1, 2, 3, 4 + 5)

* BUG+1, BUG+2, BUG+3 and BUG+4

* Aligned Pair + Triple Exclusion

* Sue de Coq


* Remote Pairs

* Bidirectional Cycles

* Forcing X-Chains

* Forcing XY-Chains

* Nishio Forcing Chains

* Double Forcing Chains

* Contradiction Forcing Chains

* Region Forcing Chains

* Cell Forcing Chains

What's New

• Banner ads on the play screen are replaced by interstitials to have more space on the screen for the actual game and no distraction during game play

• Considerable reduced memory usage

• Layout optimizations for Android 4.x devices. The play screen has a separate menu button now if there's no physical one

• Optimized start screen layout

• Cell protection works now for all input methods (if applicable)

• Disabled support for Android backup due to increased data usage

• Bug fixes

This game has NO advertisements

More Info:


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Aqua Mail - email app v1.3.0-pre3 + Aqua Mail Pro Key v1.0.12 apk

Aqua Mail - email app v1.3.0-pre3 + Aqua Mail Pro Key v1.0.12

Requirements: Android 2.0, Modded Google Play

Overview: AquaMail is an email app for Android 2.1 and higher. Easy automatic setup for popular email services (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, and more).

AquaMail is an email app for Android 2.1 and higher.Easy automatic setup for popular email services (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, and more).

Support for many other email services via standard Internet email protocols: IMAP, POP3, SMTP. This includes many corporate email servers, such as Lotus Notes and Exchange, provided that the administrators enabled IMAP/SMTP (no support for ActiveSync or EWS).

Push mail (IMAP IDLE, instant incoming email delivery) for those servers that support it (Gmail, GMX and more).

Plays well with other email programs that you may be using to access your IMAP mailbox. Uses existing folder structure, can synchronize drafts, sent, and deleted messages.

Can save attachments on the memory card.

Widgets (message counts, message list).

Message auto-fit (like in Gmail) on Android 4.0 and above.

Rich text formatting (when writing messages).

Integration with Tasker (change settings, trigger mail check).

Integration with Light Flow, Enhanced SMS & Caller ID, Cloud Print, Apex Launcher Pro, Nova Launcher / Tesla Unread, Executive Assistant, DashClock Widget.

Lots of settings to configure the application just the way *you* would like. Separate settings for WiFi and mobile connections.

This is the Lite version, which is limited to two accounts, no identities, and adds a promo signature to all outgoing messages with a link to the program's web site.

You can add more than two accounts, use identites, and remove the signature by purchasing the Pro key here on Market at any time.


In case of issues, please contact me: [email protected].


What's New: ???

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:

Aqua Mail - email app v1.3.0-pre3.apk

AquaMail Pro Key v1.0.12.apk

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Phases of the Moon Pro v3.1 apk

Phases of the Moon Pro v3.1

Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: See the current Moon phase with animations created by satellites!


See the current Moon phase with animations created by satellites.

Learn the current phase of the Moon with one of the most detailed and scientifically accurate visualizations ever made of the Moon.

☾"Beautiful to watch, and supports a great site." - Kolunya

This app shows you the current phase of the Moon, using a simulation of the lunar surface created by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance mission during its observations of the Moon.

☾"It does exactly what it says and helps support an awesome site." - Erik

The image accurately represents not only the current phase of the Moon, but also the distance to the Moon - updating in real-time. The Moon appears larger when it's closer, and smaller when it's more distant.

You can smoothly drag the Moon phase back and forth with your finger, or even "spin it" to quickly advance forwards or backwards. It's kind of hypnotic.

☽ Beautiful images of the Moon were made by NASA from data collected by spacecraft.

☽ See the current date, distance, phase name and illumination percentage.

☽ Swipe left and right to move forward or backwards in time to see what the Moon will look like in the future or past. It slides back and forth with "buttery" smoothness. Spin it faster or slower.

☽ Need to find the next full Moon? You can click a button to take you to the next full Moon or new Moon.

☽ You can also access a calendar that shows you the phase of the Moon for any date in the future.

☽ Share your phase of the Moon images on all the popular social networks

☽ Put a phase of the Moon widget right on your desktop

Developed by Universe Today. Please email me if you have any questions or there are any problems with your specific version of Android.

Moon images created by NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

What's New

- Added HD Moon images when zoomed in

- Minor bug fixes

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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Handrite note Notepad Pro v2.10 apk

Handrite note Notepad Pro v2.10

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

Overview: It's the write idea. Handrite alows you to write with your finger right on your screen. Each time you lift your finger, the character or symbol you wrote appears in the notebook interface. It replicates exactly what you add to the screen. Give up the apper habit and keep, send, or post your notes.

It's the write idea. Handrite alows you to write with your finger right on your screen. Each time you lift your finger, the character or symbol you wrote appears in the notebook interface. It replicates exactly what you add to the screen. Give up the apper habit and keep, send, or post your notes.


You're in an important meeting or lecture when suddenly you realize--you forgot your pen or notebook! Or you're at a party and need to take down a phone number or an e-mail address. Don't trust your memory or try to scribble on a dry-cleaning receipt; Handrite is the solution you need.

====The Write Move====

Rather than trying to frantically type notes on your device keyboard, Handrite Note allows you to write with your finger right on your Android's screen. Each time you lift your finger, the character or symbol you wrote appears in the notebook interface. When you finish a word, just hit the space bar icon at the bottom of the screen. Hit Return if you want to move down to the next line. If you make a mistake, there's a simple backspace button to delete as many characters as you need to. You can also cut and paste with ease.

Handrite Note doesn't try to "read" your handwriting. Rather, it replicates exactly what you trace on the screen, as with a drawing program. This avoids the pain of having to "train" the app to read your writing, and the inevitable mistakes that occur. It also means you can sketch symbols, numbers, pictures, mathematical equations--whatever you write is instantly recorded digitally for later reference. And notes are saved automatically.

====Right at Hand====

You know how it goes: you write something down on a slip of paper or pad, then misplace it or don't have it when you need it. Now you can have your notes with you at all times, whether you're on the beach or in the boardroom. The app's time stamp and labeling system allows you categorize, sort, and find your notes quickly and easily.

You can also export your notes with a few taps on the screen. Whether you want to save it to your SD card, send it to yourself or someone else in e-mail, tweet it, post it to Facebook, or another sharing method, a note doesn't have to remain tethered to your Android device. Export in either JPEG or PNG format.

====Function and Form====

Unlike many notepad applications, Handrite Note allows you to write in style. Create and save different types of "pens," adjusting line thickness and color to fit your needs. Then swap them in and out when needed. You can also choose from 14 different styles of "paper," including beautiful solid hues, notebook lines, and even graph paper. The size of your text and spacing are also adjustable, so you can customize them for easy readability. Make the right choice with Handrite Note for Android.

What's New

2.08: Fix an FC caused by corrupted note file.

ealier versions:

Add Ads into the Free version.

Integrate with Open Sync for note syncing.

Improve writing performance.

Faster loading the index page.

A better UI feedback for index building.

Translations: German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian.

Index page: After "cut", "paste" should be disabled under the same folder.

Add "settings" menu in the index page.

This app has no advertisements

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Download Instructions:


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