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FINAL FANTASY V v1.0.3 apk download

FINAL FANTASY V for the Android is here!

FINAL FANTASY V first debuted in 1992 as the fifth installment in the iconic FINAL FANTASY series. This wildly popular RPG was the first in the series to sell over two million copies.

This groundbreaking title allowed players to customize their characters with an unprecedented degree of freedom thanks to a new job and ability system that further improved and refined the job change system used in FINAL FANTASY III. The title also saw the introduction of more detailed and expressive 2D character models, which helped further fuel the player's imagination, making the story even more immersive and fun to play.


Earth, water, fire, and wind...

These are the four crystals that bring peace and prosperity to the world,

but they have lost their power and are now on verge of destruction.

It all started with a strange change in the wind...

Sensing something ominous astir, the young traveler Bartz astride his chocobo, Princess Lenna of Castle

Tycoon, the mysterious Galuf, an old man with a bad case of amnesia, and the pirate captain Faris soon find that fate has brought the former strangers together.

With spirits fired by strong will and purpose, the four heroes set out on an epic adventure.

Requires Android

4.0 and up

how to install

Install Apk

copy the "com.square_enix.android_googleplay.FFV_GP" to SD Card/android/obb

launch the Game

Root or Modded Google Play Needed



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Ultimate Sound Control Pro v1.2 apk

Ultimate Sound Control Pro v1.2

Requirements: Android Varies with devices, ROOT

Overview: Easily adjust the phone's ringer/notification volume, media volume, alarm volume, system volume, and call volume.


***Email me if you have problems. I respond to every email***This app enables you to:

• Easily adjust the phone's ringer/notification volume, media volume, alarm volume, system volume, and call volume.

• Turn on or off any system sound, such as the shutter sound or low battery sound.

• Pro Version Only: replace any system sound with a sound of your choosing, so for example, you can replace your unlock sound with a sound of a door unlocking or a gun cocking.

In case you are worried about accidentally messing up your sounds, the app automatically makes a backup of each sound you replace / turn off, so you can use this app risk-free.

If the app isn't working or if you have any other questions, please email the developer and a fix will be on the way. I strongly encourage you to email [email protected] about your problem instead of just talking about it in a review, as there is no way for me to really help you unless you email.

What's New:

Version 1.2;

• Added the ability to play sounds

Version 1.1:

• Fixed an issue which caused app to crash

• Added audio feedback when changing volume

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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Piano Melody Pro vMore apk

Piano Melody Pro vMore

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Overview: Learn to play your favorite songs on the piano by playing back the melody

Learn to play your favorite songs on the piano by playing back the melody

• 300 songs to learn from different eras and genres.

• Highly configurable piano (multitouch, glissando, highlighting, note labels)

• Resizable piano suitable for all devices and tablets.

• No advertising


Set the size of the keys on the piano. The larger the keys, the more accurate to get the right notes, the smaller the keys you can see all 3 octaves on screen.

Full support for all phones and all tablets.

Focus on parts of the song to play back and learn the licks.

Multitouch and Glissando.

Pressure Sensitive. Control the volume depending on how hard you strike the notes.

Authentic digitised grand piano sounds.

Highlight notes on/off to play by ear.

Show/Hide note names.

Slow down / speed up the song.

Turn up / down volume of song play, which is ideal for play along mode.

Immersion's Ultimate Density Control Haptic Feedback.

No advertising.

****Become a Better Musician*****

Develop your ability to play by ear.

Start with a few notes and build up until you've mastered the song.

Suitable for all ages (kids to adults) and for all abilities (beginner to advanced).

*****Song List*****

The song list is varied containing all genres such as Rock, Classical, The Latest Pop, Film Theme Tunes, TV Theme Tunes, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Naughties, Modern, Alternative, Indie, Latin and more. Includes:

A-Team, Abba, ACDC, Adele, Aerosmith, AHa, Alice Cooper, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Axel F, Beethoven, Ben E King, Beyonce, Bizet, Black Sabbath, Blur, Blink 182, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Boomtown Rats, Bruno Mars, Carter Burwell, Christiani Perri, Claire de Lune, Coldplay, Cream, David Guetta, Deep Purple, Def Leppard, Deee-Lite, Depeche Mode, Dire Straits, Dirty Dancing, Doctor Who, Doctor Zhivago, Donna Summers, Ed Sheeran, Elastica, Elton John, Elvis, EMF, Eminem, Eric Clapton, Erik Satie, Evanescence, Final Fantasy, Fleetwood Mac, Free, Gangnam Style, Gary Jules, Gary Newman, Guantanamera, Green Day, Grieg, Guns N Roses, Haley Westenra, Hallelujah, Happy Birthday, Happy Mondays, Harry Potter, Heart and Soul, Herbie Hancock, Inspiral Carpets, Iron Maiden, James Bond, James, Jason Mraz, Jaws, Jean Michelle Jarre, Jethro Tull, Jimi Hendrix, Jingle Bells, Joe Satriana, John Denver, Justin Bieber, Kasabian, L7, Lady Gaga, Led Zeppelin, Lenny Kravitz, Legend of Zelda, Les Miserables, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Mancini, MASH, Match of the Day, Metallica, Michael Bublé, Michael Jackson, Misirlou, Mission Impossible, Mozart, Muse, My Chemica Romance, Nirvana, Nyan Cat, Oasis, Ocean Colour Scene, One Direction, Owl City, Ozzy Osbourne, Patzy Cline, Peter Gunn Tune, Petula Clark, Pink Floyd, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pretty Woman, Primal Scream

...and lots more


Songs capture the main melody / chorus / intro / verse and contain upto 400 notes.

Uses standard note tabs where lower case are the white notes and upper case the black notes. For example, "C4" is either C#4 or Db4 and "c4" is middle C.

What's New:

Better scrolling

More Songs:

David Guetta - Play Hard

Einaudi - I Giorni

Hans Zimmer - Gladiator Theme

Jessie J - Price Tag

Mascagni - Intermazzo (Raging Bull)

Nyman - The Heart Asks Pleasure First

Simon and Garfunkle - Bridge over Troubled Water

Silvestri - Forrest Gump Theme

The Smiths - What Difference Does It Make

Thomas Newman - American Beauty Theme

Tiersen - Amelie Theme

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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Dead Effect v1.0.1 Mod [Autohealing] apk download

Dead Effect v1.0.1 [Autohealing]

Requirements: 2.3.3+

Overview: "Dead Effect is pretty awesome." 9/10

"Graphically, the game is top notch." 4/5 Stars

"Dead Effect [...] strikes an impressive balance between humor and fear" 4/5

ESS Meridian System: Wednesday September 7, 2045… 178 days of hibernation.

Delta 3 Chamber, Active… Tissue and vital functions Check.

Error! Disruption Detected… Critical Health Detected.

3… 2… 1… Awakening!

Something is not right, the hibernation pods are all empty. What is happening?

You are an elite member of the Unit 13. Fight for your life in a SCI-FI FPS game that will send chills down your spine.

• Grab your phone/tablet, get in control and bring infected horrors down. Your interface is zombie-shooting ready.

• An epic single player campaign awaits you with more than 5 hours of story gameplay. Space is cold and full of horrors.

• Throughout the campaign you will find new weapons and money to upgrade your armory.

• Discover the mysteries of the ESS Meridian, and wander around its impressive environments with intense background music.

• Use your special ability to slow down the time and defeat even the toughest enemies!

• Will you take up the challenge and try to defeat all your enemies in survival mode arenas? Unlock all the achievements and get all the weapons available!

What's new in this version : (Updated : Oct 16, 2013)

Be careful, you need at least 160 MB FREE RAM to run the game !

More Info:


Download Instructions: rel by : chathu_ac


Install APK

Copy 'com.bulkypix.deadeffect' folder to 'sdcard/Android/obb/'

Launch the Game

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Shoot Many Robots v127434 Mod (Unlimited Nuts) apk download

Shoot Many Robots v127434 (Unlimited Nuts)

Requirements: 2.1 and up

Overview: It's called "Shoot Many Robots" – do we really need to explain more? Ok…

This endless runner (and gunner) has you playing as P. Walter Tugnut, the hapless hillbilly who loves nothing more than killing robots. Jettisoned from his RV, Walter barrels through farmlands and oil fields, shooting every chainsaw-wielding toaster that gets in his way. And there are LOTS of robots in his way.

Full of explosive, robot-crushing action, Shoot Many Robots skips the fluff and delivers the gruff. Did we mention you’ll be shooting a bazillion robots?


★★★★★ "BEST GAME EVAR!!" – A Totally Real Journalist

★★★★★ "Is what game awesome? Stop bothering me. Can't you see I'm shooting robots?!" – Your Mom


• Endless running and gunning action

• Silly Hats give you special abilities (duh)

• Challenges & daily rewards

• Rank up and expand your arsenal

• Simple controls: tap to shoot, swipe to change lanes

• Revolutionary exploding red barrels

• Beautiful 3D environments

• HD graphics for high resolution displays

Demiurge Studios teamed up with Owlchemy Labs, creators of Snuggle Truck, to bring the hit Shoot Many Robots to Android so that you can kill robots on-the-go! Let us know what you think on our forums, Facebook, and Twitter:

What;s new:

Improved device compatibility, including loads of new high resolution tablets!

Added ability to remove ads and support development... at time same time!

More Info:


Download Instructions: Credits: Stranger97

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Gangster Granny v1.0.7 apk download

Gangster Granny v1.0.7

Requirements: Android O/S : 4.0+

Overview: Follow Gangster Granny on her way out of the prison.

Someone once told me, that some time ago in some place far away, there was this Old Granny. For some reason she was called Gangster Granny. Not so much for her connection with mafia families, but for her terrible deeds. Bank robberies, stealing gold, buying the most powerful weapons and getting into conflicts with the law all described her personality perfectly.

The moment came when there was one last job to do - to rob biggest bank of the city. Granny did her best, but unfortunately she got caught and was sent to prison for a long time. You may think this was the end of it...

Funny cartoon-style characters and colorful levels with different environment!

More than 10 unlockable weapons in different classes!

Different types of enemies and objectives to complete each level!

Easy, user friendly controls over the 3rd person character!

9 unlockable levels, able to be replayed over and over again!

What's new in this version : (Updated : Oct 16, 2013)

Re-balanced enemy health and some weapons.

New App icon.

More Info:


Download Instructions: Rel. by : chathu_ac

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SimpleRockets v1.4.4 apk download

Design your own rocket ships. Blast off into space. Explore the solar system. See if you have what it takes to be a rocket scientist.


Choose and connect parts together to build rocket ships. You can choose from a variety of rocket engines, fuel tanks, and other gizmos. You can even build rovers with powered wheels. You are only limited by your imagination.


Blast off from any planet you want. You can fly through the intense atmosphere of Venus, or you can take advantage of the low gravity of Mercury. Whip around the sun and launch yourself out to the far reaches of the solar system.


Several challenges are built into the game so you can compete with other humans from around the world to see who can go the fastest, fly the farthest, orbit with the least amount of fuel, land on the moon, and so much more.


Kepler wrote the equations 400 years ago, and SimpleRockets uses those equations to model extremely realistic orbital physics. Players will learn about rocket science and astrodynamics while they are having a blast exploring the solar system. This makes SimpleRockets ideal for the classroom, or as a healthy alternative to the barrage of brainless games available on the App Store.

What's New

* New Challenge - Parachute Landing

* New Challenge - Escape Smearth

* Encounter / Closest Approach markers

* Added Flair Request feature for reddit - if you make All Time Leaderboards, request your flair!

* Improved parachute physics

Requires Android

2.2 and up



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Camera FV-5 v1.54 apk

Camera FV-5 v1.54

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Overview: Camera FV-5 is a professional camera application for mobile devices, that puts DSLR-like manual controls in your fingertips. Tailored to enthusiast and professional photographers, with this camera application you can capture the best raw photographs so that you can post-process them later and get stunning results. The only limit is your imagination and creativity!


Tailored to enthusiast and professional photographers, with this camera application you can capture the best raw photographs so that you can post-process them later and get stunning results. The only limit is your imagination and creativity!

Features :

All photographic parameters are adjustable and always at hand: exposure compensation, ISO, light metering mode, focus mode, white balance and program mode.

DSLR-like viewfinder display: see exposure time, aperture and stops display with EV and bracketing settings.

Full fledged exposure bracketing: from 3 to 7 frames, unlimited stops spacing, plus custom EV shifting.

Built-in intervalometer: make stunning timelapses (even bracketed/HDR timelapses) and time-controlled picture series.

Program and Speed-priority modes.

Long exposure support: take beautiful night photos and light trails with long exposure times up to 60 seconds*.

JPEG as well as RAW (PNG) image formats for lossless photo capturing, perfect for post-processing.

EXIF and XMP sidecar metadata support.

Self timer for delayed shooting.

Autofocus, macro, touch-to-focus** and infinity focus modes, plus a focus lock switch (AF-L).

In background photo developing and processing allows a smooth, uninterrupted camera operation.

This camera application completely avoids scene modes, instead you get full manual control over all photographic parameters, just like you do with a reflex camera, so you can ultimately control every aspect of the picture, and leave the post-processing to the computer. So after your DSLR, you will never miss a photo opportunity again, being able to capture it with the closer sensation to your DSLR as possible.

What's New

- New: long-press on lower toolbar icons (ISO, EV, metering...) to reset their settings to their defaults.

- New: option to change composition grids and crop guides using the volume keys.

- New: brand-new user guide built-in within the app. Check it out on Settings > About Camera FV-5 > Show app user manual.

- New: touch-metering (when available) is now more visible on the metering toolbar.

- Fixed: ISO is now working on Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3.

- Improved: better support on Android 4.3.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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Iesabel v3.3 apk download

Iesabel v3.3

Requirements: 2.0.1 and up

Overview: In the times of darkness, only the mightiest of heroes can save the world.

Stand out against the evil all by yourself in epic single player mode, or form an unstoppable team with up to 7 of your friends in an extraordinary co-op mode. Swarms of bloodthirsty monsters, loads of epic gear to collect, dozens of skills to obtain and the most beautiful world in any Action RPG Hack n Slash on Android, await you. Grab your sword and fling yourself into action now!


Iesabel is one of the biggest games on the Google Play and will be updated monthly; with next chapter of the story unfolded in the 2.0 update. You'll head to the frozen North, climb the steep glaciers, traverse the icy valleys and loot the ancient chambers hidden beneath the mountaintops. Once the next episode is added the price will rise but if you buy Iesabel NOW you'll receive it for free!


Iesabel is a beautiful and detailed 3D game and as expected you'll need a powerful hardware to experience it in ultra HD graphics. For those with older devices we've included option to sacrifice graphics for higher FPS, but still Tegra 3 GPU or equivalent is highly recommended.



- A fantastic, action-packed single player mode.

- Amazing co-op multiplayer with up to 7 of your friends.

- Cross-platform gaming. You have an Android device, your friend has a desktop computer, and other friend has an other mobile device? No problem! You can all freely play in co-op mode. You won't find it in any other RPG game in the Google Play.

- One of the biggest and most complex RPG games on Google Play.


- Simply breathtaking 3D visuals, the best of any Action RPG on the Android.

- Multitude of unique locations, villages, swamps, caves, crypts and more.

- Action-packed fights with variety of enemies: wildlife, undead, trolls, renegades and many more.

- A climatic soundtrack perfectly fitting the atmosphere of darkness.


- Powerful range and melee characters.

- Dozens of powerful skills to learn and use in your battles.

- Thousands of weapons and items to collect.

- Four categories of items: Normal, Unique, Epic and Legendary.

- Multitude of immersive quests to complete.

- Challenging fights with giant bosses.


- True and upright Action RPG. No buying potions for real cash, no gems, no constant nagging for purchases like in other similar games and absolutely no In-App Purchases. You can't buy victory; you have to earn it with your own skills.

- Intuitive touch controls.

- Engaging story of hope, heroism and betrayal.

- Hours of hack and slash mayhem.

What's in this version : (Updated : Oct 15, 2013)

- Invisible walls in lower garden fixed

- Walking on water bug fixed

- 1st quest in Act III can now be completed in whatever order

- Some other invisible walls in Ruins and Oasis fixed

- Other minor fixes and improvements

This game has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions: Thanks to alien shooter

Instructions :

Install APK

Copy 'com.forever.iesabel' folder to 'sdcard/Android/Obb/'

Launch the game

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Akinator the Genie v2.42 apk download

Akinator the Genie v2.42

Akinator... the Genie is back!

Akinator the Genie

Akinator can read your mind and tell you what character you are thinking about, just by asking a few questions. Think of a real or fictional character and Akinator will try to guess who it is. Will you dare challenge the Genie?

Customize people you know (name and picture) to impress your friends, share your results on Facebook, discover the new Akinometer... and much more in the updates to come. Turn on the child filter to let your children play safely.


Available in Korean, Italian and Turkish! Version also adapted for your tablet.

Available in Arabic (only from Android OS 4.0)

Please note:

IMPORTANT! Akinator changed publisher and is now back with its original creator.

Akinator requires an Internet connection to use his magic lamp. Turn on Wifi or be sure to have a data plan (3G).

Available in several languages (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Turkish and Korean).

To select your language, don't forget to scroll down the list to find it.

What's in this version : (Updated : Oct 16, 2013)

Minor bugs fixed

Optimized for Samsung Galaxy S4

Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots N INFO

Download : 11Mb APK

HighSpeed Resumeable Link ; Better Then Zippy ;): HERE

How To Download (Uncheck "use our Download manager option" then click on Download now! button) See this Image for more instruction.

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Bike Race Pro by T. F. Games v2.9 apk download

Bike Race Pro by T. F. Games v2.9

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Overview: In this simple and fast-paced physics-based free game, tilt your device to lean your bike and touch the screen to accelerate/brake.

This version of Bike Race has:

- All levels unlocked!

- No Ads!


- Multiplayer

- Simple controls

- 12 addictive worlds

- 96 challenging tracks

- 13 amazing bikes

- Touch to accelerate, tilt to lean the bike

- Cool stunts

Bike Race is brought to you by Top Free Games - the creators of the #1 game in the google play store, Racing Penguin.

Multiplayer Mode is available! Try to become the best biker on Android!

What's in this version: (Updated : Jul 5, 2013)

Enjoy the new level pack:

Have fun with these 8 AWESOME tracks

Do your best to get ALL STARS


Complete the achievements to get this awesome bike


It is faster than the Super Bike

Goes through walls like the Ghost Bike

And is better to do stunts than the Acrobatic Bike

Minor bug fixes!

Fixed bug int the user created levels' access!

What's in this version: (Updated : Oct 15, 2013)

Halloween Bike is available


Halloween Special Tracks are available

Can you get 3 stars in this new challenging levels?

More Info:


Download Instructions: released by chathu_ac

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Pocket Mine v1.3.1 (Unlimited Energy/Gold) apk download

Pocket Mine v1.3.1 (Unlimited Energy/Gold)

Requirements: 2.3.3+

Overview: The new addictive hit from the makers of Extreme Road Trip!

It’s mine o’clock, time to dig! Tap the blocks to delve deeper and deeper in your Pocket Mine. Find treasure chests, rare artifacts and trigger explosive chain reactions!

Build your deck of booster cards to reach your maximum digging potential and reach the top of the leaderboards!

Trade with your friends to complete museum collections and get sweet rewards!

The game features awesome music by Jimmy "Big Giant Circles" Hinson (of "Extreme Road Trip 2" fame) and is frequently updated with more content.

== Features ==

* Extremely addictive gameplay

* Build your deck of booster cards to reach your maximum digging potential

* Huge gratifying explosions

* Catchy music that will stay with you all day

* Bombs, dynamite, drills and other crazy power-ups!

* Find long lost treasures and rare artifacts!

* Facebook Achievements and Leaderboards

* Free!

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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FIST OF AWESOME v1.0 apk download


Requirements: 2.2+

Overview: Have you ever wanted to punch a bear IN THE MOUTH?

When Tim Burr's family disappeared and his house spontaneously burst into flames he thought his day was as about bad as it could get. That's when his hand became self-aware and broke the horrific news that the world was now ruled by bears. Join Tim as he embarks on an epic battle across time and space, unravelling the bear-ridden damage to Earth's timeline. It's a bit like Quantum Leap but with more bears and lumberjacks.

FIST OF AWESOME is a heartfelt love-letter to golden classics like Double Dragon, Streets of Rage and Final Fight. Prepare yourself for the most epic time-travelling-lumberjack-em-up OF ALL TIME!

More Info:


Download Instructions: thanks to alien shooter

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Champ Man v1.2.1 Mod (Unlimited Gold/Teams Unlocked) apk download

Champ Man v1.2.1 (Unlimited Gold/Teams Unlocked)

Requirements: 2.2+

Overview: The legendary football management game arrives on Android - and it’s FREE!

Designed in classic Championship Manager style, Champ Man gives you the opportunity to manage any one of 400 real clubs from 21 leagues across the world in a realistic season-by-season football management challenge.

With tens of thousands of real players to sign for your club and the ability to boost their attributes, undertake training, and bring in greater transfer revenue, Champ Man reflects all the emotions, tension and glory of being a real football manager.

Choose your tactics, give team based instructions, select specific roles for your key players, and watch the drama unfold in realistic, fast matches specifically designed to enhance mobile play.

The new Champ Man is perfect gaming-on-the-go for football fans- play while travelling, watching a match, or when the lack of football on the TV has left your other half in charge of the TV remote!

Constantly updated throughout the real season, with database updates (following the closure of the real world transfer windows) and new features being added on a regular basis, the return of Champ Man marks the beginning of a new era in mobile football management games!

Game features:

-Fully up-to-date team/player/competition data for football season 2013/14

-21 playable leagues in 11 countries: England, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia

-Over 400 playable clubs

-Worldwide database of real players

-Persistent manager profile allows you to compare your manager rating with your friends

-Frequent updates throughout the footballing season

-Languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian)

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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Zombie Ragdoll v1.9.5 Mod (Unlimited Gold/Gems) apk download

Zombie Ragdoll v1.9.5 (Unlimited Gold/Gems)

Requirements: 2.3.3+

Overview: The most addictive and entertaining zombie based physics game, Zombie Ragdoll promises hours of fun as you aim, tap, and shoot zombies into deadly weapons to complete levels.

Get ready to be bombarded with Fun with this zombie infested physics game. The game combines the physic feel and firing of a ragdoll with zombies. It's a deadly combination that promises hours of zombie killing fun and entertainment. The game is super easy to play, simply tap to fire, but hard to master. If you love physic games, then this game will challenge you as you progress through the levels! It requires your best zombie shooting skills.

Zombie Ragdoll offers tablet optimized UI and game play. Download and play this fun zombie shooting game, on any optimized tablet and enjoy HD graphics and sounds.

Key Features:

- Plethora Of Weapons To Shoot Zombies Into

- Feel The Sensation Of Firing Zombies Wildly

- Tap & Aim Controls, Fun For All Ages

- 140 Extremely Addictive Levels

- Amazing Graphics & Fun Zombie Sounds

- Compete With Your Friends On Facebook

The game fully integrates Game Play Services, and Facebook for added fun & competition between friends. Simply, login to Facebook and Game play Services and see how you are doing compared to your friends. Compete with friends to see who can complete all the levels first.

Special features for parents or users who are not fans of shooting games or games with blood and gore. Zombie Ragdoll includes a less gore (kid's mode) option within settings. The heart of this game is a level based physics puzzle ragdoll firing game; so if you love those types of physics puzzle games, then this for you. Download this fun physics zombie game now!

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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Neon Shadow v1.1 apk download

Neon Shadow v1.1

Requirements: 2.2+

Overview: Neon Shadow is a fast paced Cyber Punk FPS inspired by classic shooters.

Your mission: Save humanity from the dark mechanoids who have taken control of your space station and soon the rest of the galaxy!

- Old school first person shooter game-play.

- Single player campaign.

- Online multiplayer death-match mode.

- LAN multiplayer death-match.

- Cyber Punk soundtrack from Abducted by Sharks.


On tablets:

- 2 player split screen on one device: co-op campaign and death-match modes.

When playing with a controller: (i.e. OUYA or Android + controller setup)

- Support for multiple control layouts: South paw and legacy

On Android:

- Online multiplayer with Google Play Game Services

- Controller support for Moga Pro Mode B.

- Controller support for Game Stop Red Samurai

More Info:


Download Instructions: thanks to alien shooter


Install APK

Copy 'com.crescentmoongames.neonshadow' folder to 'sdcard/Android/obb/'

Launch the game

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Deadly Bullet v1.0.3 Mod (Unlimited Skill/Exp) apk download

Deadly Bullet v1.0.3 (Unlimited Skill/Exp)

Requirements: 4.0+

Overview: Free the people of a dystopian metropolis - with a single bullet!

Deadly Bullet is a hi-octane top-down action game where you control a single bullet, take out bad guys and use special powerups to boost your game!

Featuring unique visuals, retroesque electro soundtrack and bad attitude, Deadly Bullet delivers a heart-pounding joyride.


* High-speed addictive bullet-flying action!

* 3 unique locations and 9 levels to play through, with high replay value

* Powerups to enchance and boost your gameplay!

* 2 game modes, standard mode to develop your skills and score attack!

* Leveling system gives you experience and points to spend on upgrades and powerups!

* New retro wave soundtrack featuring tracks from Flash Arnold and Tommy!

* Free of advertisements!

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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aCar PRO - Car Management, Mileage v4.7.7 apk

Requirements: Android v2.1+

Overview: Log activities, manage and keep track of your vehicles: Fillups, Fuel Mileage (a.k.a. Gas Mileage or Fuel Economy), Maintenance, Services, Expenses and Trips.

Log activities, manage and keep track of your vehicles: Fillups, Fuel Mileage (a.k.a. Gas Mileage or Fuel Economy), Maintenance, Services, Expenses and Trips

You can keep records of your cars, trucks or even your bikes; and have all of them under control.


* Very clean, modern and user-friendly interface.

* Very easy and painless data entry.

* Support for recording fill-ups, services, expenses and trips (business, personal, etc).

* Support for logging the specification of your vehicle parts.

* Gas mileage (a.k.a. fuel economy or fuel mileage) calculation with multiple units support: MPG, gal/100mi, mi/L, km/gal, L/100km, km/L

* Multiple vehicles support.

* Powerful searching and filtering.

* Thorough statistics for your vehicle.

* Time and mileage based service reminders: Engine Oil, Air Filter, etc

* Geographical location (GPS) support.

* Social support, and sharing activities on Facebook and Twitter.

* Automatic monthly data backups.

* Move to SD-Card support (Android 2.2 and later).


* Sharing statistical charts on Facebook and Twitter.

* Localized and translated into: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Danish, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Greek, Slovak. More to come...

* Quick access to the most important information by home screen widgets: Console, Service Reminders, Predictions, Fuel Efficiency and Fuel Price. f000h

* Home screen shortcuts: New FillUp, New Service, New Expense and New Trip.

* Full-screen charts for visualizing fill-ups, services, expenses and trips.

* Data import from various mobile apps: Auto 3in1, AutoMobile, Car Care, FuelLog, Gas Cubby, Mileage, MPG, My Cars, Road Trip, TealAuto, Trip Cubby, Trip and Trip Deluxe, Vehicle Manager

* Data import from various websites:,,,

* Manual and more frequent automatic data backups.

* Export records to Excel compatible CSV and browser viewable HTML formats.

* Export statistics to Excel compatible CSV and browser viewable HTML formats.

HOW TO UPGRADE TO PRO? Buy aCar PRO Unlocker app from Google Play Store to unlock the PRO features (see "More apps").

- Bugs? Issues? Contact us! Don't post the bugs here!

- Questions? Read FAQ! Contact us if needed.

- Need more info? Refer to website!

Recent changes:

* Minor bug fixes

4.7.0 - 4.7.5:

* Numeric keypad has been completely redesigned

* Auto-adding *9/10* digit to the fuel prices (US)

* Odo Reading can be guesstimated

* Currency fraction digits & the app language can be changed from Settings

* Updated translations

* Added new currencies

Visit Website

Less description »

Note: all pro features available. no key file needed.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions: thanks foooh


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Wave Control Pro v2.84 apk

Requirements:2.2 and up

Overview: Control Your Music With a Wave of Your Hand!

Control Your Music With a Wave of Your Hand!

Uses the proximity sensor on your phone to allow control of your music playback by waving your hand over your phone. No need to turn on your screen or even touch your phone at all!

Pro Features:

No Ads

More Commands

Assign Which Gesture Does Which Command

Coming Soon:

More Features - feel free to email any requests you have

Update the UI

Easy to use, just wave your hand over the sensor (usually located just next to the earpiece on your phone).

Holding it there will Pause/Resume

One wave across will go to the Next Song

Two waves across will go to the Previous Song

Three times (needs to be fast) will Pause or Resume the controls

Be sure to enable Headset Button Control in your player of choice


There is a little less than a second to register your waves.

Tip for the hover gesture: if you move your hand away too quickly it'll register a wave

After an action, there is a 1 second delay before another gesture will be registered

Will work with any player that accepts headset (media button) controls

If the screen is off or another app is in focus, phone vibrates once on pause control and twice on resume controls

Practice your wave techniques by checking the "Last Action"

If you're getting another player responding to the commands, check if that app has the option to disable headset button controls

What's in this version : (Updated : Oct 12, 2013)

Crash Fixes for App in Background and swiping from Recent Apps

Note 3 fixes for UI errors

New Spanish Translation, should make more sense now. Thanks Rodrigo!

Added Note 3 sensor to Sensor Setup

Fixed sensor timing not displaying properly in the setup area

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More Info:

Download Instructions:


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Wraithborne v1.03 apk download

Wraithborne v1.03

Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: Wraithborne is an intense Action/Adventure game with RPG elements developed by the indie team at Alpha Dog Games.

When magic returned to the world, everything changed in an instant. All that remains of the past are the crumbling ruins of the fallen Age of Humanity. The old legends - wraiths, goblins and werewolves - stalk the lands. Now, one born of their greatest fear will claim the power of the Runes and protect what remains of humanity. You are Wraithborne.

Wraithborne Highlights:








More Info:


Download Instructions:

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Anodyne v1.508 [Humble Bundle Store] apk download

Anodyne v1.508

Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: xplore and fight your way through nature, urban and abstract themed areas in the human Young's subconscious, evoked by a 16-bit-era visual style and a moody, dream-like soundtrack.

Anodyne is a full-length adventure created by Sean Hogan (programming, music) and Jonathan Kittaka (artwork, writing), and is now available on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Explore The Land on your way to work, on the school bus, at the DMV - anywhere!

* Explore the subconscious of Young , and adventure through over 20 diverse areas.

* Features an original, 60+ minute soundtrack, to accompany the world of Anodyne.

* Featuring over 6 hours of gameplay, and NO IAPs! Buy the game once, play it forever.

* Extensive use of a household item.

Anodyne was an honorable mention in the 2013 Student Independent Games Festival awards, and received a spot in ESA's 2013 Student Showcase at the E3 Expo.

"The game's sound design is the strongest facilitator of Anodyne's sense of dread and unease; the ambience and music give off an air of suspicion and danger, with ugly chords and disquieting, unnatural-sounding synthetic pings. It all adds up to a game where you're not sure who to trust, and you can't be sure of what's real."

Sophie Prell, Penny Arcade Report

"Yet saying that Anodyne is a simple Zelda knockoff would be a mistake for a number of reasons, the most glaring of which is the substitution of a save-the-princess story for bizarre psychopomps and solipsistic explorations of the human condition."

Jared Rosen, Indie Statik

"Sean Hogan and Jonathan Kittaka have made magic with this game, creating a world that I could be afraid to enter but never want to leave...The locations are vibrant and detailed, going to all manner of different places...[the music] can take the visual mood and shift it into territory that pixel art shouldn't be able to inhabit...this has Game of the Year written all over it."

Joel Couture, Mash Those Buttons

Please note that Anodyne uses Adobe AIR.

thanks to alien shooter

More Info:

Download Instructions:

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Propel Man v1.0.4 Mod (Unlimited Money) apk download

Propel Man v1.0.4 Mod (Unlimited Money)

Requirements: Android 4.0+


Use the Catapult to dispatch the Propel Man to dizzy heights in the sky and cross each level by landing safely past the finish line by deploying your parachute.

- Realistic Catapult mechanics, Air resistance and Parachute handling

- 30 levels with increasing distances and various obstacles

- Shop with several upgrades like Laser gun, Rocket Boosters, Jet Parachutes, etc.

- 4 types of catapults, 16 unique designs

- A fun and catchy soundtrack to keep you entertained

- Several challenges to accomplish with integration to Google Play Services

- Sharp and crisp art, optimized for all devices

- Choose from upto 4 different characters to catapult

An overall a fun, addictive, cute and entertaining game which will keep you glued and asking for more!

Use Google Play Services for challenging your friends by posting your longest distance on the leaderboard. Also complete achievements while playing the game!

- Simple controls. Timing is the key.

- Hit the right angles, and watch the Propel Man fly!

- Use Rocket boosters strategically to fly farther and faster!

"Propel Man Is Predicted To Propel To A Top Spot In The App Store" - Appadvice

"I recommend this game to anyone with a few minutes to pass" - App-Score

"Once you do get past the initial learning curve and figure out the correct angle for the catapult — this game is a blast!" - Crazy Mike Apps

What's New

Requires Android OS v4.0 or above

Integrated Google Play Services

More info:


Credit: stoicneerob

APK: Released by MobilePhoneTalk


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Bermuda Dash v1.03 Mod (Full/Unlocked) apk download

Bermuda Dash v1.03 Mod (FullUnlocked)

Requirements: 4.0.3+

Overview: Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle! Fly a water jetpack in the most mysterious place on earth!

Bermuda Dash is made by a small indie group (a couple of programmers, a visual artist, a sound effects master and a musician), the motion in the game is physics based and almost all of the geometry is procedurally generated.

We planned out the first 10 levels of the game, so far we have completed the first 5.

The free demo includes the first 3 levels and the paid version will get access to new levels as they are completed for no additional charge.

More info:


Download APK:

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RPG Symphony of the Origin v1.0.4g apk download

Symphony of the Origin v1.0.4g

Requirements: 2.1 and up, modded Play Store (also may need Lucky Patcher)

Overview: Humans, elves, dwarves, the Evils of the Earth-depths, and golems!

Different people, different tribes, different motives- all come together in this classic fantasy RPG!

The lands where the humans, elves and dwarves live continue to be attacked by hideous creatures that have appeared from the very bowels of the earth. The attacks are frequent and widespread, and the attackers commit the most terrible of atrocities.

These attackers have been dubbed the 'Evils of the Earth-depths'

One day, Granzalk Castle is the subject of an attack by the Evils of the Earth-depths.

In the midst of the fierce fighting, Ryle, a young apprentice swordsman whose parents were both killed in a previous attack by the Evils, and who vows revenge, finds himself in the underground chambers of the castle. In one of those chambers, he discovers a golem built to oppose the Evils.

And so the quest begins: Ryle takes the fate of the kingdom on his shoulders, and, along with Denoas, the golem built to oppose the Evils, sets off first to the village of the elves...

This is KEMCO's first brand-new RPG designed from the ground up especially for smartphones!

Don't miss the epic story that unfolds around Ryle and Denoas and the characters they encounter, each with their own intentions and motives!

Smoothly Animated Dynamic Battles

Smooth animation and dramatic voice effects bring the characters' battle scenes to life.

There are huge numbers of enemies trying to stop your progress. Some of them even have parts which are destroyed when they are damaged beyond a certain level. For example, an enemy might be clad in formidable armor to begin with, but if that armor is destroyed, the enemy's appearance changes and defense ability drops… but on the other hand, the enemy's movements might become swifter.

Don't ignore these changes- use them to alter the battle situation to your advantage!

Customize Weapons and Statuses!

The characters' weapons are each made up of parts, and by combining these parts, you can change attack strength, not to mention the magic and skills the characters can use.

What's more, by reinforcing weapons at a Weapon Shop, you can upgrade the weapons to be much more powerful than they originally were.

In addition, by assigning Merit Points on the Status screen, you can strengthen different statuses as you want- and you can adjust these statuses at any time.

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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RPG Infinite Dunamis - KEMCO v1.0.4g apk download

Infinite Dunamis v1.0.4g

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up, modded Play Store (and maybe Lucky Patcher)

Overview: A dramatic fantasy RPG about man, magic, and machine!

Offering a unique story, beautifully rendered world, classic battle system, and dynamic growth for both weapons and characters, Infinite Dunamis is sure to challenge and provide countless hours of enjoyment for RPG-lovers of all ages!


One day while returning home from a job in the Royal City, an gifted engineer by the name of Luke comes across a young woman being attacked in the cave near his village. After fending off her attackers, he attempts to pull her from a heap of discarded mechanical parts only to discover she herself is half robot! Somewhat curious about what he has stumbled onto, Luke decides to take her home and fix her up, but little does he realize the chain of events he is about to find himself tangled up in...!

■Customize the Heroine Any Way You Choose!

Unlike other party members, Estelle's parameters do not see substantial growth when she levels up. Instead, she has the ability to utilize items called crystals, souls, and cores to augment and strengthen her parameters with an unprecedented degree of flexibility.

■Battle and Gaia Icons

Dealing continuous attacks with allies generates chains and results in varying bonuses for the party.

Furthermore, as battles progress, Gaia Icons will occasionally appear in the center action bar, and deal out effects according to their type, but beware...

■Weapon Skills and Magic

Weapon skills are learned by equipping a weapon and raising its proficiency to 100%. After doing so, another weapon can be equipped while retaining the mastered skill. However, a weapon's proficiency does not stop at 100%, and can be raised much further to enhance its capabilities.

On the other hand, magic is learned by equipping and leveling up elemental rings. More powerful magic can be learned by doing the same with multiple rings.

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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DFX Music Player Enhancer Pro v1.08 apk

DFX Music Player Enhancer Pro v1.08

Requirements: Android 4.1+

Overview: DFX processing technology restores high frequency harmonics that were damaged in the MP3 encoding process and also dramatically increases your bass frequency response without lowering your playback levels. DFX also restores the lost natural depth to your music for a more natural listening experience.


CNET DFX Review - “Makes your MP3s sound way better. Hear its magical effect on your music.” - Rated 5 starsDFX Player is the first Music Player to provide true Professional Audio Quality to Android devices.

DFX Player was created by an engineering team that developed award winning audio technology used by Grammy winning producers and engineers.

Thanks to the recent advances in Android device processing speed and power, DFX audio processing technology is finally available on your Android phones and tablets.

DFX processing technology restores high frequency harmonics that were damaged in the MP3 encoding process and also dramatically increases your bass frequency response without lowering your playback levels. DFX also restores the lost natural depth to your music for a more natural listening experience.

Finally you can fully enjoy your MP3 songs without the unnatural muffled sound and limited bass response of past music players.


- Uses advanced DSP processing to dramatically improved sound quality and bass response over existing Android music players

- Powerful yet easy to use Song, Artist and Playlist based music selection and playback methods

- Includes multiple DFX audio processing presets to best optimize DFX for your listening environment and personal tastes, including Bass Boost presets

Try the DFX Player now to hear what you have been missing . . .

What's New

Version 1.08 now includes support for 3GP format media files.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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AutoVoice PRO v1.5.1 apk

AutoVoice PRO v1.5.1

Requirements: 2.2 and up / Tasker

Overview: Control your Android device with your voice, now even via your Bluetooth headset!

You can even redirect all audio to your Bluetooth headset and also react to your Bluetooth headset button and do whatever action you want with it in Tasker.

This version is limited to commands with 4 characters. If you want to unlock complete commands, you can do it in-app or buy the separate unlock key here:


(WARNING: YOU MUST HAVE TASKER INSTALLED FOR THIS APP TO BE OF ANY USE: AutoVoice is only usable as a plugin in Tasker. Please don't rate it negatively because of this.)

If you're planning to use it, please check if your Bluetooth headset works before buying the full version!

If your bluetooth headset fails to be recognized, please try disconnecting it from the phone, rebooting and reconnecting. This procedure is known to help in these situations.

Please contact me if anything is wrong and I'll respond to you promptly and try to fix it as soon as I can. Thank you.


To learn how to use AutoVoice check out this great tutorial by Andreas Ødegård on

AutoVoice is a Tasker plugin that gives you full control of your Android device with your voice or your bluetooth headset.

Another great advantage of AutoVoice is the ease of setup. AutoVoice uses regular Tasker conditions to react to your voice, so it's as easy as setting the command you want to react to and choosing the Task to perform, all from withing Tasker! Expect to take no more than 1 minute setting up a cool new voice command!

Watch this video by dkc to see what kind of awsome stuff is possible with AutoVoice:

These are all the conditions/actions that are available in Tasker:

- "AutoVoice Recognize" action (starts voice recognition with or without headset)

- "AutoVoice Control Bluetooth" action (lets you redirect all audio from your phone to the bluetooth device at any time; please note that the Bluetooth button stops responding if this is active)

- "AutoVoice Set Command Id" action (allows you to define the next command in a chain of commands)

- "AutoVoice Recognized" condition (lets you react to your voice commands and chain several commands together)

- "AutoVoice Recognition Failed" condition (lets you react when nothing was recognized in a voice prompt)

- "AutoVoice BT Pressed" condition (lets you react to a button press on your Bluetooth headset that is not necessarily associated with voice recognition... can do anything you want with it!)

- "AutoVoice BT Pressed (2)" same as above, but for secondary button function (on some headsets it's a long button press, on others it's a short button press)

After you do a voice command you can react to it in the "AutoVoice Recognized" condition in Tasker (works very much the same way as in AutoRemote, another joaomgcd app).

You can use the words you spoke in the corresponding entry task. Learn how to use these variables here:

- %avcomm (the whole command you spoke)

- %avcommnofilter (the whole command minus the the text you put as the command filter in the condition. Could be used for instance to get the part that you want in a "play song" command, e.g. filter:"play song", command: "play song XXX", %avcommnofilter will be "XXX")

- %avword1, %avword2, %avword3 etc are all the words in the command you spoke.

AutoVoice is also much more convenient than the regular "Get Voice" action in Tasker, because you can easily chain commands together with an advanced command system that lets you avoid all the if-else-endif conditions you have to use with the Tasker built-in "Get Voice" action. Also, because of the built-in variables, you'll get to the words you're looking for much faster.

The command chain system works like show in this example video:

What's in this version:

- Bugfixes

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions: Pro features are unlocked!!


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App Cache Cleaner Pro - Clean v4.1 apk

App Cache Cleaner Pro - Clean v4.1

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Overview: App Cache Cleaner,a quick tool for clearing application cached files. One Tap to clean all cached files for getting more avalable space.

App Cache Cleaner,a quick tool for clearing application cached files. One Tap to clean all cached files for getting more avalable space. This tool can free a lot of storage memory for your phone. Free phone internal momeory, Get more internal rom storage. It is an app which is crucial to anyone who has memory management issues. If you running out of application storage, you now can get more available storage space by clearing apps created cache/data files.

You don't have to ROOT the phone anymore! ★ 1-tap to clear all cached files

★ auto clear when you open this app

★ auto clear all cache at a specified interval

★ auto exit when you cleaned all cached files

★ clear cache for a specified application

★ list applications by either cache size or app name

By long pressing any item in the app list, you can:

★ Share apps with your friends

★ view application on Market

★ uninstall applications which has cached files

★ open application

★ show application details page

If you just want to clear all cached files, you don't need to wait the completion of building apps list, just tap the 'Clear All Cache Files' button.

You can rebuild app list by MENU > Refresh, and choose different sort type by MENU > Sort

For more settings, please tap MENU > Settings.


INFOLIFE, Make Life Easier!



what is cached file?

A cached file is a mechanism for the temporary storage (caching) of web documents, such as HTML pages and images, to reduce bandwidth usage, server load, and perceived lag. A cached file stores copies of documents passing through it; subsequent requests may be satisfied from the cache if certain conditions are met.

The cached files are stored in the phone built-in memory, and sometimes can take a lot of storage space. Through the clearing of cached files, you are able to recover the precious phone memory space. Most importantly,the cached files can safely be cleared :)

What's New:


improved UI

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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Sliding Messaging Pro v7.72 apk

Sliding Messaging Pro v7.72

Requirements: Android 4.0+

Overview: Easily manage text messages in a new and up to date format compliant with the Android design guidelines and visually based on the stock messaging app from Google, with added features.

Now with full Google Voice support!Easily manage text messages in a new and up to date format compliant with the Android design guidelines and visually based on the stock messaging app from Google, with added features.


- Easily switch between conversations by dragging out the sliding menu on the left side of the screen.

- Start a new conversation by sliding out the menu on the right side of the screen

- Manage old messages with a single click

- Choose between 10 different themes or make your own from scratch

- Emoji support (1300+ to choose from)

- Google Voice support

- Quick reply popup

- Quick message templates

- Multi-window support for Galaxy Note

- Light Flow support

- Support for sending and viewing picture and group messages

- Option to choose background images for conversations menu and message list

- Custom animations

- Widget

- Individual notification settings

- Contact blacklisting settings

- Security settings

- And so much more!

If you are having problems receiving notifications, you may need to uninstall 3rd party messengers such as Go SMS.

Please email me if you have issues before leaving a poor review and I will help you out with whatever it is.


- Max Reich for the icon

- Jeremy Feinstein for his SlidingMenu on GitHub

- Google for their stock messaging app off of which this app is visually based

- Alexey Slavutsky for Russian translation

- Felix Hopfer for German translation

- Spadewalk for French translation

- Antonio Porcelli and Enrico Speranza for Italian translation

- Tobias Prahl for Swedish translation

- Alireza Afkar for Persian translation

- Kamil Wojtczyk for Polish translation

- Yusuf Rende for Turkish translation

- Cyanogenmod and Google for emoji icons

- And everyone else who's contributed

What's New:

Version 7.72

- Crash fixes

Version 7.71

- Crash and bug fixes

- Batch delete fixes

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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