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DFX Music Player Enhancer Pro v1.05 apk

DFX Music Player Enhancer Pro v1.05

Requirements: Android 4.1+

Overview: DFX processing technology restores high frequency harmonics that were damaged in the MP3 encoding process and also dramatically increases your bass frequency response without lowering your playback levels. DFX also restores the lost natural depth to your music for a more natural listening experience.

CNET DFX Review - “Makes your MP3s sound way better. Hear its magical effect on your music.” - Rated 5 starsDFX Player is the first Music Player to provide true Professional Audio Quality to Android devices.

DFX Player was created by an engineering team that developed award winning audio technology used by Grammy winning producers and engineers.

Thanks to the recent advances in Android device processing speed and power, DFX audio processing technology is finally available on your Android phones and tablets.

DFX processing technology restores high frequency harmonics that were damaged in the MP3 encoding process and also dramatically increases your bass frequency response without lowering your playback levels. DFX also restores the lost natural depth to your music for a more natural listening experience.

Finally you can fully enjoy your MP3 songs without the unnatural muffled sound and limited bass response of past music players.


- Uses advanced DSP processing to dramatically improved sound quality and bass response over existing Android music players

- Powerful yet easy to use Song, Artist and Playlist based music selection and playback methods

- Includes multiple DFX audio processing presets to best optimize DFX for your listening environment and personal tastes, including Bass Boost presets

Try the DFX Player now to hear what you have been missing . . .

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Download Instructions:

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MiniBrowser PRO v2.5 apk

MiniBrowser PRO v2.5

Requirements: Android 3.2+

Overview: MiniBrowser Mobile is a fast and easy to use internet browser. Powerful built-in advertisement filter (Ad-Block) will save internet traffic, CPU processing/battery consumption, phone memory usage and make web pages to load much faster.

MiniBrowser Mobile is a fast and easy to use internet browser. Powerful built-in advertisement filter (Ad-Block) will save internet traffic, CPU processing/battery consumption, phone memory usage and make web pages to load much faster. Mini Browser Ad-blocker is much more powerful than ones used in other browsers. It filters out not only the banners but also all hidden requests to unknown servers which are used by website for collecting statistics about your browsing activity.

Video Downloader feature will find for you all video links on the page and allow to download them on sdcard.Browser supports:

- Adobe Flash Player plugin

- Ad-blocker

- Incognito browsing

- Tab browsing

- Auto-complete address bar

- Translate with Google service or search Wikipedia right from address bar

- Full screen mode

- Bookmarks (+import bookmarks from IE, Chrome and other computer browsers)

- Download images and files

- Find on page

- Pinch to zoom, double-tap to zoom

- Desktop User-Agent mode

- Listing of all URL requests during the page loading

- Video Downloader. (Please note that YOUTUBE DOWNLOAD NOT SUPPORTED DUE TO GOOGLE TERMS OF SERVICE and disabled in this browser. Same restrictions applied to few others video-services. Downloading and viewing of video protected by copyright are prohibited and are regulated by the laws of the country where you live.)

Keywords: fast browser, internet explorer, ad-blocker, AdBlock, video downloader, mini browser , google translate , wikipedia search , flash video, adobe flash, banners blocker, flashplayer

What's New:

What's new in 2.5:

- Night mode page view

- Fixed crash when translate text from address field

- Ad-blocker improvements

- Stability improvement

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Ease Backup PRO key FREE v1.0 apk

Ease Backup PRO key FREE v1.0

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Overview: Ease Backup PRO key are avaliable FREE for limited time!!!

Ease Backup PRO key are avaliable FREE for limited time!!!***PRO key for EaseBackup***

EaseBackup is a powerful data backup tool on Android, combines with powerful functionality and simplicity, helps to ensure the security of your phone data or migrate your phone data to other devices. Many practical and useful features, including backuping app and data on your SD card, cloud backup, schedule backup, app freezer, app quick aciton panel, and more. Well interface design makes everything simple and easy, you just need few click to finish your work.

PRO Features:

1. Unlimited backup history (free version limits to 1)

2. Backup high-definition photo of contacts(only works on Android 4.0 and higher)

3. Cloud backup. Sync backup to/from the cloud, makes the migration of phone data between different devices easier, and enhance the safety, supports Dropbox and GoogleDrive

4. Scheduled backup. Flexible and powerful configuration makes backup work much simpler

5. Auto backup APK file when new app installed or updated

Thanks for your supporting our work!

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Attached Files

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Root Call Blocker Pro v2.1.3.7 apk

Root Call Blocker Pro v2.1.3.7

Requirements: Android 2.3+, ROOT, Modded Google Play

Overview: Root Call Blocker 2 is a powerful call, SMS and MMS blocker for root users. Stop bill collectors and text message spammers 100% of the time with our unique root-enabled call manager. Now with better everything!

Unlike other call filters, Root Call Blocker silently blocks calls at a system level. You need not even know its working and can choose to be notified only if specific numbers are blocked.

Some translations are missing in RCB 2. If you want to help us with a language, please visit to get started.


★ Completely ignore spam calls and messages

★ Import large lists of numbers from files, including CSV

★ Block MMS and numbers containing letters

★ Reject unknown, withheld, private and restricted numbers

★ Keep blocked calls and messages hidden with password, dialer and pattern

★ Block area codes or countries

Unique features:

★ Your phone never rings and the screen never turns on

★ In call widgets allow you to ignore/block calls on the fly

★ Customize your notifications with vibration, ringtone and LED colors


★ Silent/hidden operating mode

★ Cloud backup to Google Drive and Dropbox

★ Google Groups integration

★ SMS auto-replies

★ Encrypted backups


WARNING - app generally only supports devices commonly available in the West. We will ignore requests for compatibility with random knockoffs and no name provider phones.

WARNING - multi-sim devices are not officially supported and never will be. On some devices it will work, on others not. No idea which these might be.

If you need help, use "Write to us" in the app's settings or visit the website:

This app does not control your voicemail service. If your blocked calls are being sent to voice mail, try another blocking method or use Google Voice. You can simulate a disconnected message by forwarding busy calls to a number that doesn't exist.

Don't believe the hype about Extreme Call Blocker or Mr Number or DroidWall those apps are not the only ones that work on Jelly Bean - RCB functions on any Android version 2.3 and up, is much faster and 100% silent.

OUTGOING CALL permissions are needed for hidden mode, using the dialer to enter a password.

ACCOUNTS are needed for Google Contact Groups.

SEND SMS needed for auto replies and SMS routing.

INTERNET ACCESS is for licensing and the "Write to us" feedback tool.

LOG DATA is only sent with your permission via the "Write to us" menu item in Settings. You do not have to send anything if you don't want to.

Keywords: call block, call manager, sms block, mms block, call security, shady conversations, shady sms, private sms, private calls, privacy manager, private call control, call confirm

What's New:

Welcome to Root Call Blocker 2. If you experience an issue or need advice, let us know via [email protected] and we will help.

Added number tester to manage action bar

Added new radio restart method

Fixed issues on new Samsung RIL (Note 2 and 3, S4, S4 Mini 4.3)

Fixed issues from user feedback

Suppress notifications no longer applies to add number offers

Implemented full ALLCAPS in actionbar

Improved Dark theme for AMOLED displays

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Download Instructions:

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Call Of Mini: Zombies v4.3.4 mod (Unlimited Money) apk download

Call Of Mini: Zombies v4.3.4 mod(Unlimited Money)

Requirements: 2.0.1 and up

Overview: The Smash-Hit #1 Action Game in the App Store is now on Android!


LOCK 'n' LOAD and come out GUNS BLAZING in HD GLORY!


A strange virus has taken hold in a small town; one after another, the town's people have succumbed, losing their appetite for food and gaining one for BRAINS.

A few brave men hold out against all hope, machine guns and rocket launchers their only aid. Will they survive another day?

That's up to YOU.

• Amazing 3D VISUALS

• Fast & furious RUN-AND-GUN ACTION

• Awesome WEAPONS in the ARMORY

What's New

Optimized for 1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720 pixel resolutions.

This game has banner advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:Released by



SD DATA(Android/obb):


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Call of Mini: Double Shot v1.21 Mod (Unlimited Money/Crystal) apk download

Call of Mini: Double Shot v1.21 Mod (Unlimited Money/Crystal)

Requirements: 2.0.1 and up

Overview: Take out hordes of zombies and play online in this thrilling dual-stick shooter!


The small town of Lakeside is suffering from something even scarier than economic crisis: Zombies. You are an unwitting truck driver stranded in the middle of it all, forced to kill for your survival. In the face of deadly new breeds of bioengineered zombies, you and one buddy are the only two left to hunt down the source of the infection.

With super high-tech weapons and totally unique armor, how long can you hold off the zombie hordes?

radical FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE characters

500 THRILLING nail-biting stages!

DO BLOODY BATTLE alongside your friends' characters, or HIRE yourself out as a mercenary!

• 25 DEADLY weapons

• 44 EXTREME avatars

• 12 GRUESOME zombies

• 35 CHALLENGING achievements

This game has banner advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:


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After Earth v1.5.0 Mod (Unlimited Money) apk download

After Earth v1.5.0 (Unlimited Money)

Requirements: Android 2.2+


After Earth is an all-new game based on the film where you can slide, leap and fly through perilous terrain, and slice and dice evil creatures that lurk in the dark with your cutlass sword. Not your typical action-running game – you can confront and defeat an array of vicious creatures in epic battles, freefall, zipline and more!Fight for survival and defeat your enemies—but whatever you do, do not succumb to fear!

• Story Mode – Complete 20 challenging missions and unlock secret levels along the way

• Infinite Mode – Test your reflexes and explore the stunning environments inspired by the film

• Collect and change suits for different game experiences

• Fulfill multiple achievements by replaying the danger-filled levels

• Think you’re better than your friends? Prove it by besting their scores, level progressions, and achievements

What's new in this version : (Updated : Oct 3, 2013)

All new Endless Marathon Mode

Now track Ursa with Radar

All new Challenges & Missions

Compete with your friends on Social Leaderboards

Improved touch controls

Many optimizations and bug fixes.

This game has no advertisements

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F-Stop Media Gallery Pro v2.4.3 build 41 Android apk

F-Stop Media Gallery Pro v2.4.3 build 41

Requirements: Android v2.2+

Overview: F-Stop Media Gallery is a lightning fast image viewer, powerful photo organizer, and private media vault that is available for FREE on your Android™ powered device (includes tablet optimizations).

F-Stop Media Gallery is a lightning fast image viewer, powerful photo organizer, and private media vault that is available for FREE on your Android™ powered device (includes tablet optimizations).


What others are saying:

“F-Stop Media Gallery is a total gallery replacement app.” —

“We Recommend: F-Stop – An Enhanced Media Gallery” —

“At long last my photos are organized. Because it's so damned easy.” — Jefferson, User

“I didn't think anything could beat QuickPic, until I found this one.” — Kristie, User


F-Stop Media Gallery is designed for everyone. If you are a professional photographer that needs to tag your photos for stock photography or the proud parent who wants to quickly access all the soccer photos from the game last week, F-Stop Media Gallery has got you covered.

Organizing your photos and videos has never been so easy and intuitive. F-Stop is the ONLY Android application that uses the information already saved inside your photos (known as metadata) to manage your media. F-Stop uses industry standards so it can read metadata created by popular desktop applications such as Picasa™, Windows Live™ Photo Gallery, Lightroom®, Aperture®, or any program that uses these standards. This allows you to keep your tags and ratings that are created outside of F-Stop Media Gallery and sort by the actual date taken — not the date last modified like most apps.

Use the Albums feature to further organize your media. Create custom albums by manually adding your photos and videos or use Smart Albums to automatically populate albums with the media that matches simple conditions. And with the Pro version, you get access to the very powerful Nested Album feature.

Finally, protecting your images and videos with a password is very easy in F-Stop Media Gallery. Once protected, your media will be hidden from other gallery applications.


* Lightning fast browsing experience

* Organize using standard albums, smart albums, or nested albums

* Read metadata directly from your images (EXIF, XMP, IPTC)

* Sort by actual date taken

* Easily include or exclude folders

* Customizable thumbnail bar in image viewer

* Display full EXIF data

* Password protection for privacy

* Localization support

* Browse by folder, album, tag, rating, and more

* Save zoom and position for each image - no need to crop

* Slideshow mode with slide and fade transition types

* Basic file operations such as copy, move, delete and rename

* Share using popular programs such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, Picasa, Skitch, Evernote, Google+ and more

* Easily edit with external apps like the stock gallery, PicSay Pro, Photo Editor, AfterFocus Pro, Camera ZOOM FX, PicsArt and more

* Optimized interface for tablets such as the Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Kindle Fire HD, Transformer Pad Infinity, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Asus Transformer Prime. f000h

Please visit our website for a quick tutorial or FAQ:



PLEASE e-mail us at [email protected] if you have any reason not to rate us 5 stars.

** F-Stop Media Gallery and Seelye Engineering are not affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, or Apple.

F-Stop Media Gallery is an image viewer, photo gallery, organizer, image vault and photo safe.

Combines features from multiple apps like Vaulty, Quickpic, Just Pictures, Smart Gallery, Stock Gallery, Gallery Lock, Phorganizer, PicsArt.

Recent changes:


* Improved panning and zooming for a native Android feel

* Zoom animations with edge bounce

* One finger zoom like Google Maps

* Added Japanese, Indonesian and Traditional Chinese

* Can now share protected media

* Fixed other sharing issues

* Fixed icon sizes for some devices

* Media count does not include protected media

* Much More...

Full details:

Visit Website

Less description »

Note: all pro features available. no key file needed.

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AndSMB Pro v2.0 Android apk

AndSMB Pro v2.0

Requirements: Android 1.5+

Overview: AndSMB is a SMB (Samba/CIFS) client for Android devices.


This application unlocks advanced features for AndSMB application. It acts as a key. You do need to have AndSMB (free) application installed. AndSMB is a Samba, CIFS client for android phones and tablets. It allows connecting Windows/Samba network shares over Wifi, 3G/4G, VPN to browse, upload, download and synchronize files/folders. Basic operations such as rename, delete, create folder, view file info are available.

What's New

- Sync schedule (hourly, daily, weekly) support added.

- Sync widget support added.

- Sync All menu added.

- Exclude files/folder from sync added.

Download The Main App From The Play Store. This Is Pro Licence

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RAM Manager Pro v5.3.0 Android apk

RAM Manager Pro v5.3.0

Requirements: Android 2.1+ Use lucky patcher or Modded google play if nedded

Overview: This application optimizes the RAM of all android devices and gives you better performance. We tested and we're still testing the best RAM balance which makes your system as fast as possible. This application improves perfomance of your device in all directions.


★No ads

★All features


★Faster support

★More frequent updates

★You can support development


★Balance - Option which makes your RAM to the best optimization, this option is for everyday using. Use this option when you want to have fast phone without lags.

★More free memory - This option is nearly the same as Balance, but this option should be advantageous for users who have more RAM than 512 MB. This option gives you more free memory but a bit reduces multitasking.

★More multitasking - This option is nearly the same as Balance, but this option should be advantageous for users who have less RAM than 512 MB. This option gives you more multitasking, but a bit reduces free memory.

★Hard gaming - Option which stabilizes your RAM for playing hardest games. Use this option for games which lag on your phone. Your games will run smooth without lags.

★Hard multitasking - Option for users which are really hard working on their phones. You can have a lot of running apps and quickly switch between them without lags.

★Default - This option reverts your RAM to your default settings, which you had before you installed this app.

★Custom - This option allows you to set your own settings.

★Set on boot - Saves all your settings on boot.

★Lock launcher in memory - Prevents restarting your launcher.

★Clean memory - Cleans your memory.

★Clean drop caches - Cleans page cache, dentries and inodes.

★VM Heap size - It is a maximal size in MB which application can use for its data.

★Swap file - Improves a performance but may degrade your SD card life.

★Memory info - Shows information of your memory.

★Memory graph - Shows your free and used memory.

★Widget (Light or dark theme)

★You can switch between all options without rebooting

★Languages - English, Czech, Slovak, Korean, Italian, Croatian, Polish, French, Russian, Greek, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish

What's New

Added option to manually set swap file location

Some minor improvements

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download :

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Infinite Defence v1.16 Android apk download

Infinite Defence v1.16

Requirements: Android v2.2+

Overview: Infinite Defence TD is a First/Third person Tower Defence game. You can choose to control your towers from above or you can get down to eye level with your enemies and personally shoot at them with cannon balls, arrows, fireballs and much more.. Everyone likes shooting at people with cannon balls, right? You'll never completely fend off your enemies, that would be rather finite, so instead the enemy will keep sending more units at you until you're defeated. But you can do your best to get as far as you can to prove your worth!

Support for app2sd.

Download apk game file, install apk game file.

This app has NO advertisement

More Info:


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Autumn Dynasty v1.06 apk download

**Autumn Dynasty requires an expansion file as the game is above the Google Play 50mbdownload limit. The particular extension document normally takes up to 12 hours to go live, when occasion one meaning "Download been unsuccessful mainly because you may not possess bought the actual app" can take place. We are fitting in with swiftness this particular way up and have the item fixed asap, as well as all of us best regards apologize to the difficulty. **

The traditional Chinese painting becomes an epic battlefield in Autumn Dynasty – any multi-touch realtime strategy activity for Android os gadgets. One on one your current armies along with brushstrokes inside spirit connected with traditional operate emulation; utilize terrain, placement as well as crafty stratagems to shield your current countries as well as get over your current invaders!

With regard to many years, the ability connected with firedust plus the icon from the 1,000 Sunlight System provides maintained the actual Autumn Empire safe via overseas barbarians. Although currently the costa rica government is usually weakened as well as her representatives corrupt; disguised subversives steer the actual peasants inside righteous revolt, intimidating in order to place bare the actual secrets connected with Empire. As city battle threatens in order to rip the actual territory asunder, do you want to occupy the actual sword, as well as remain with hills to mend the actual heavens?


- Full Real-Time Strategy experience: train units, construct buildings, research upgrades

- User-friendly motion settings: Color purchases directly upon the actual struggle map

- Gorgeous, oriental model decorated road directions: Thousands of troopers fighting onscreen

- Discover unique particular expertise to show the actual tide connected with struggle

- Great tale campaign, AI Skirmish manner as well as immediate steps Blitz Function

- 4 AI difficulties to challenge

- No in app purchases

What's New

** New 1.06 version available:

- More black screen fixed for devices using andreo 200+, and tegra 3

- Fix bug which may causes the map to become black when panning

Requires Android

3.2 and up

how to install

Install Apk

copy the "com.touchdimensions.autumndynasty" to SD Card/android/obb

launch the Game



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Antique Road Trip: USA (Full) v1.0.0 (Paid version) apk download

Antique Road Trip: USA v1.0.0 (Paid)

Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: Grace and James Anderson are newlyweds with a growing antiques business. Help them open their very own store by traveling across America and searching for hard-to-find antiques! Collect plenty of new wares to sell for a mighty profit.

Visit fantastic cities like Cheyenne, Memphis, and Austin and solve different types of puzzles in this fun and exciting Hidden Object game. Go on an Antique Road Trip today!

☆☆☆☆☆ Features ☆☆☆☆☆

✓ Multiple Hidden Object & Puzzle modes

✓ Awesome cities from across the USA to explore

✓ Upgrade and expand your antique store along the way!

More Info:


Download Instructions: thanks to alien shooter


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Transport Tycoon v0.9.1004 apk download

Transport Tycoon v0.9.1004

Requirements: 4.0+

Overview: Build the ultimate transport empire!

Take control of your own fledgling transport company, and use your engineering skill and business acumen to keep cargo and passengers moving - and keep the money rolling in!

Transport Tycoon contains everything that made the original PC game an all-time classic, plus a whole host of brilliant new features - bigger, richer worlds, deeper simulation and a huge variety of land, sea and air vehicles. The intuitive new touch screen interface makes it easier than ever to build and maintain your transport network.

Whether you're planning and constructing ambitious engineering projects, or simply exploring the intricately simulated workings of the game's world, Transport Tycoon is your ticket to many hours of absorbing and rewarding entertainment.

TRANSPORT TYCOON is the definitive version of the classic simulation game, created by 31x and Origin8 Technologies in collaboration with Chris Sawyer, the original designer and developer of the TRANSPORT TYCOON and ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON franchises.


• Deploy bus and tram networks to grow sleepy towns into bustling cities.

• Lay cross-country railroads to keep industries supplied with precious resources.

• Construct massive bridges, dig tunnels and deploy earth-moving tools to carve a path through mountainous terrain.

• Build air and sea ports to transport cargo and passengers further and faster in an accelerating world.


• A wide range of beautiful landscapes including deserts, forests, mountains, valleys and islands.

• Several ‘real-world’ scenarios modelled on regions of North America and Europe at different periods in the 20th century.

• A richly simulated world with changing seasons and working industries, farms and towns.

• An all-new interface puts everything you need to explore and interact with the world at your fingertips.


• Over 150 vehicle types allowing you to choose the ideal transport solution for every situation.

• Use railway junctions and signals to allow multiple trains to share your rail routes.

• Modify vehicles and stations and assign new routes to adapt your business in real time.

• Upgrade and replace old vehicles as new and better ones are invented – all the way to supersonic jets and bullet trains!


• Play through 49 scenarios expertly designed to suit all skill levels and playing styles.

• Try to stay one step ahead of advanced A.I.-driven competitor's companies.

• Track your progress and troubleshoot your business with in-depth company statistics.

• Prove yourself worthy of the title of Transport Tycoon and take on the life-consuming 100 Year Challenges!

What's in this version : (Updated : Oct 5, 2013)

Reworked to be installed on more devices

Lag optimisation for many resolutions

Orientation switching support

We are working on improved high end device handlin

More Info:


Download Instructions: thanks to Alien Shooter

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ASTRO File Manager with Clouds Pro v4.4.542 apk

Requirements: Varies with device

Overview: ASTRO File Manager has over 13 million downloads on the Android Market and allows you to easily manage all of your files on your phone or tablet. Pictures, music, documents, videos... ASTRO is in most Top Ten Android App lists and has been recommended in books like Amazing Android Apps. DOWNLOAD NOW and join the ASTRO family.

ASTRO File Manager has over 45 million downloads on the Android Market and 350,000 reviews!

Organize and manage your files and content such as pictures, music, videos or documents on your phone, tablet, PC (via networking) or on cloud services like Facebook Photo Albums, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive or Box. It's like Windows Explorer or Mac’s Finder with connections to the most popular clouds.

ASTRO now has support for Leef Bridge, a powerful, yet simple, innovative USB flash drive that allows users to easily transfer files to other devices (Android phones, tablets, Macs and PCs) without the need for cables, cloud services, Wi-Fi or any type of data connection. Leef Bridge features a micro USB connector and full-size USB connector that access the same memory so users can share content, photos, videos, music and documents to and from any compatible device. Visit for more information and a list of compatible devices.

It’s picture view works better than standard galleries and ASTRO is in dozens of Top Ten Android App lists and has been recommended in books. DOWNLOAD NOW.


** Click "My Files" for file management (copy/move/delete/etc) **

* NEW: New Picture Gallery

* NEW: Image Viewer enhancements including rotate picture

* SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box & Facebook integration

- SWIPE SCREEN RIGHT to get to Clouds, Network Locations or Saved Searches fast

- SWIPE SCREEN LEFT to get to Tools (App Backup, Task Killer, SD Card Usage), Settings and Help

It also gives you the ability to stop processes that burn battery life and backup your apps in case you lose or change phones.

Features include: file management, cloud storage with Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and SkyDrive, android file browser, file and/or app backup, image and text viewers, networking, Bluetooth, SFTP, Zip/ Tar, downloader, thumbnails, search files, application manager, task manager, attachments and more…

Please visit our new support portal for a Quick Start Guide, FAQ's and Documentation.

Screen Searches tab

ASTRO currently supports 11 languages including: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian & Portuguese.

Recent changes:

The latest beta (542) fixes a few small issues in the last production release. The most notable was a resource exception on Gingerbread phone when the user clicked on Filter.

Note: all premium features available. no need key file.

More Info:

Download Instructions:by foooh


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Iron Sky Invasion v1.4.1 apk download

Iron Sky: Invasion

Blast into outer space and straight into battle!

This dynamic space combat simulator applies people accountable for Earth’s navy, as the human race valiantly defends the actual Blue Globe through aggresive intruders in addition to their particular armada of fatal UFOs.

Developed outside of passion in addition to adore intended for old-school room sims, “ISI” is a jerk on the immortal classics, developed by their particular supporters in addition to because of their supporters, to mix their particular amazing ideas along with modern artwork in addition to efficiency.

No matter if it’s your current mobile phone or even a supplement, along with “ISI” any kind of unit may immediately change into the actual veranda of an advanced futuristic room mma fighter, in addition to consider people straight into precise, reasonably delivered outer space, stuffed with explosions in addition to lots of special consequences.


-18 missions – through quickly precise attacks, for you to serious room ambushes against heavy fleets. (6 missions within the Cost-free version. )

-7 advanced spaceships 3 classes: heavy bombers, labeled trial and error fighters, plus the best room juggernaut designed with particle cannons. (4 lines within the Cost-free version. )

-Star honors: get gold stars in addition to unlock fresh lines soon after every objective – or review formerly accomplished duties along with new wrecks.

-Numerous opposing forces lines, through lethally quickly fighters for you to armored room the big players.


-Triple system method: choose between quickly long-ranged laserlight cannons, strong nevertheless sluggish rockets, in addition to thoroughly automatic plasma launchers.

-Rechargeable defend: keep deliver covered possibly within the most critical times.

-Hawk-Dove within room: keep nervousness steady and prevent the actual enemies’ homing missiles with the previous 2nd.

-Space save: convert predators straight into sizzling metal in addition to accumulate the item, for you to boost your current shields in addition to intended for income.

-Ammunition pickups: allied lines regularly decrease ammunition crates to keep your current bring about kids finger chaotic.

-Combo problems: the actual more rapidly people explode the actual predators, the harder the actual multiplier of your respective ranking are going to be.

-“Bleeding” problems: consider the actual toughest predators decrease piece-by-piece, through wrecking their particular cannons for you to spitting out way up their particular machines.

-Space tactic: find out solution disadvantages of armored predators, in addition to go in for any big surprise attack.

-AI assistance: when points find too sizzling, count on AI-controlled allies in addition to sensible auto-cannons equipped about decided on lines.

-Cosmic break down: in the event that dogfights will not be plenty of to keep your current cannons sizzling, handle the earth in addition to crank meteorites in addition to asteroids straight into room airborne dirt and dust.

-Freedom of combat: through objective for you to objective, your current improvement are going to be stored, allowing you to require a break in addition to continue once you desire.


-Fully customizable interface layout: resize in addition to alter the actual postures of management buttons, intended for greatest ease and comfort in addition to combat efficiency

-Two management methods: control your current deliver using a virtual joystick or your current device’s accelerometer

-Rich musical ranking, voice-overs in addition to sound clips, along with thoroughly changeable quantity intended for quieter circumstances

Requires Android

Varies with device

how to install

Install Apk

copy the "pl.realitypump.ironsky" to SD Card

launch the Game



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MotoGP 3D v1.0c Alpha apk download

MotoGP 3D Alpha 1.0c

Req : Android 2.3+

Hi all, Its my Game which i am just finalizing, I am posting here before uploading it on playstore because i need some testers and feedbacks from it,

So Please download it and test it and Review it here so that i can upload it on Playstore with some final touches


Syed Waqas Ali

More Info


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Wallpapers HD+ Pro v1.3.0 apk

Wallpapers HD+ Pro v1.3.0

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Overview: Amazing HD Wallpapers and Backgrounds for you!

Thousands of the best HD Wallpapers!


-Awesome Wallpapers & Backgrounds!

-HD quality for your viewing pleasure!

-Optimized for your Android display!

-Unlimited Saves & Shares!

& No Ads!!

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