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THEME SE CM10,CM10.1 and AOKP v1.0 (android)

THEME SE CM10,CM10.1 and AOKP v1.0

Requirements: Theme SE "Special.Edition"

Overview: 4.1 and up

CM10/CM10.1 and AOKP THEME



ROOT needed and a custom ROM like CM10/CM10.1 or AOKP needed that supports the Theme Engine.


Download the theme, go to settings/themes and APPLY THE SYSTEM THEME AND REBOOT. Now select my Theme & apply. You may get an error: 'Sorry, this theme is missing assets for your device's screen size'.

Ignore that and apply it anyway and REBOOT.

The lock screen and some system dialogs cannot be themed in the T-Mobile Theme Engine, therefore they will remain unchanged.

This theme is a mix of stock, some redesigned sense5 and my own icons + what I like most, about the color scheme etc, the holo color is a slightly lighter blue color compared to stock and all the widgets are solid white.

The dialer supports Russian,Korean,Bulgarian and Hebrew

What's themed

* Frameworks

* Systemui

* Settings

* Contacts

* Phone

* Trebuchet

* Nova launcher

* Launcher2

* Torch

* Browser

* Keyboard

* Message Widget

* Email Widget

* Power Widget

* Gmail Widget

* Facebook Widget

* Calculator

What's New

Version 1.0 initial release

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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Next Launcher Theme Graphite v1.5 (android)

Next Launcher Theme Graphite v1.5

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Overview: Theme Graphite Next Launcher


I am pleased to present you the new theme for the Next Launcher

Great HD quality icons.

Replace everything application icons

Background icons superimposed on the outside of the icons, thus creating the effect of glare on the icon

*** Important tips:

After purchase, be sure to click to open a theme (theme is ask yourself reinstall click Yes, install), or theme does not appear in the list of themes. This is necessary due to the new defense Android 4.1.

1. Make sure that the latest version V1.15 of Next Launcher has been installed! (Look for the "Next Launcher" into Google Play to download)

2. Apply the theme: menu-> Indicidual-> Installed Themes-> Choose Graphite theme.

What's New

The new menu themes

Check for the availability of the Next Launcher when you exit the menu Tools

Adding a new theme items not replaced

New indicator scroll the screen

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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wp clock design live wallpaper v2.4.1 FULL version (android)

wp clock design live wallpaper v2.4.1 FULL version

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Make your android device look fantastic with wp clock 2 - the beautiful typographic live wallpaper!

NEW! this version includes the android 4.2+ daydream functionality!

This stylish design live wallpaper clock will display a lot of useful informations directly on your home screen *:

- time, date, month, year and week or day of the year;

- wifi / wlan (SSID) & telephony provider with signal strength and network type (like umts, hsdpa, lte, 3g, edge)

- battery status in % with charging icon

- current weather and temperature (celsius or fahrenheit and weather condition)

WP clock 2 is now highly customizable and optimized for most tablets and mobile phones - especially for honeycomb and ice cream sandwich (ics)! it supports portrait & landscape orientation as well as animated background images and slide shows *. start the stand alone * version and convert your android tablet to a stylish typo watch!

This animated hd live wallpaper is a must-have for all fans of beautiful design and fancy typography!

*) Some features of the live wallpaper are disabled by default and may be unlocked via in-app purchase. please try the included one hour full functionality demo before you buy or just become a wp clock fan on facebook and periodically get free codes to unlock paid features!

Unlike the the most animated live wallpapers wp clock does not drain the battery - it is super optimized in order to save power.

Visit our server to download wonderfully designed and especially optimized for mobile phones high quality 3D flags of your country and create a patriotic theme! browse the library to find many other professional background photos!

Go to -> settings -> appearance -> time -> toggle 'fit to screen' YES/NO to make the time font fit to screen!

More paid features:

- adjustable battery indicator

- highly optimized for longer battery life

- promotional code support

- background image cropping tool (for OS 2.3.3+)

- text animations

- adjustable vertical position

- save settings as presets

- free adjustable colors, opacity & outlines for each element

- multiple language support

- soccer / football background images


What's New

version 2.4.1

- app crashes after update - hot fix - sorry about that ;

version 2.4

- major energy improvements (wifi, weather);

- location based weather fixes and improvements (GPS);

- general improvements to tablet versions;

- improvements for android 4.x;


Version Complete

Install and Run

More Info:

This Live Wallpaper has NO advertisements.

Download Instructions:


APK :honeypot:

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Paladog v2.1.5 apk download

Required Android O/S : 2.1+


In a far future,

the mother earth has lost vitality due to overwhelming greed and selfishness of human.

Not so long after, the gods eventually decide to annihilate the entire human race.

Instead, critters have given intelligence to have a chance to establish their own civilization.

They worshipped their creators and spent a millennium in peace.

Different from human race, the critters were innocent, pure and peace loving creatures.

Meanwhile the devils were struggling to find evil minds which once were full of and around when the earth was full of human.

The devils, after all, decide to declare war on the critterland.

Critters have long accustomed to peace.

They seemed incapable to battle against the human undeads summoned from the hell by the devils and the fate of the nation seemed grim.

At the very moment everyone was about to give up hope, one paladin arose from the dark to fight back for the peace of the critterland….

His name…. was… Paladog.


Download: Zipppyshare Link ----->

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Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue! v1.4.4 (Unlimited Coins/Peanuts) apk download

Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue! v1.4.4 (Unlimited Coins/Peanuts)

Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: Rescue animals in a wild safari adventure and welcome them into your Wonder Zoo! An infamous poacher and his lackey are threatening animals of the wilderness by stealing them from their families! Your exciting story begins as you head out on safari to rescue wildlife from danger.


✓Follow an adventurous main story through dozens of missions.

✓Enjoy impressive 3D graphics that bring the vast environments, cute animals and your dream park to life.


✓Explore the wilderness in 5 special maps: savannah, jungle, mountain, paddock and polar.

✓Find and rescue various animal breeds, then welcome them into your wonderful zoo.


✓Collect legendary species such as the Unicorn and the Phoenix, breed them and create a happy family.

✓Decorate your zoo with plants, wishing wells, gift shops and restaurants. There are tons of customization options to give visitors the best possible experience.


✓Embark on a safari with friends; combine your abilities as Trackers, Handlers and Scouts to increase the odds of finding an animal.

✓Interact with friends, visit them and help each other create a true Wonder Zoo full of happy pets!


The ultimate goal of a Wonder Zoo Keeper isn’t just a zoo full of animals; it’s a whole world full of ‘em! Discover the brand new Release feature and much more in this update.

• Release lots of animals to save them from extinction

• Repopulate an environment to unlock its Legendary Guardian

• New quests to learn about releasing animals and saving endangered species

• Breeding is easier than ever with simpler options & discounts

• Fixed an issue with the time machine

Hack Description:

-Unlimited Coins

-Unlimited Peanuts


-Uninstall previous game

-Extract and install this apk

-Extract and copy data to Android/data


More Info:


Download Instructions: Credits: Stranger97


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True Skate v1.02 apk download

True Skate v1.02

Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: The most authentic skateboarding sim ever. As close as you can get to a real skate board with out getting a scraped knee.

Note: True Skate comes with a single skate park and contains additional content only available by In-App Billing. See below.


- Realistic touch based physics.

- Flick the board to make it react exactly how you would expect.

- Drag your finger on the ground to push.

- A beautiful skate park to get lost in including ledges, stairs, grind rails plus a bowl, half pipe and quarter pipes. (An additional skate park is now available as an In-App Purchase)

- Smooth graphics.

- A camera that lets you see where you are going.

Available by IN-APP BILLING only:

- Additional skate park.

- We hope to bring more new skate parks to True Skate in the future.

Optional IN-APP BILLING : (The same content is also available for free by spending True Credits earned by doing tricks and finishing missions)

- Unlock all missions.

- Unlimited slow motion.

- Unlimited board customization.

Trick Possibilities:

50 50 grind, 5 0 grind, boardslide, rail slide, tail slide, nose slide, darkslide, dark 50 50, suski grind, smith grind, feeble grind, salad grind, nose grind, crooked grind, lazy grind, overcrook, losi grind, bluntslide, noseblunt, kickflip, heelflip, pop shove-it, 360 pop shove-it, backside 180, frontside 180, ollie, nollie, impossible, hard flip, 360 hard flip, inward heelflip,360 inward heelflip, varial kickflip, nightmare flip, 360 flip, varial heelflip, laser flip, late tricks and more, or what ever else you can make the board do.

What's new in this version : (Updated : Aug 7, 2013)

Fixed start up crash bug on LG Optimus L5, and LG Optimus L7. We are getting reports that this has also fixed some Xperia devices that had start up issues.

More Info:


Download Instructions: thanks to alien shooter


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Kingdom Conquest II v1.2.2.0 apk download

Kingdom Conquest II v1.2.2.0

Requirements: 2.2 and up

Overview: The true sequel of "Kingdom Conquest", which has now recorded over 3.5 million downloads worldwide!

Awesome new graphics and a variety of new features!

New players too can jump in and enjoy the game!

Two years since its first release, "Kingdom Conquest II" is finally here!

Combination of immersive full 3D combat, and full-scale simulation with many added features. Take control by forming an alliance with players from around the world!




◆ Form alliance and conquer Magna, the land of monsters with your comrades!

Which alliance shall capture of the soaring Debris Towers of Magna to find glory in the land of monsters?

Wisely use all resource of Magna, expand your territory and establish your own kingdom!

Create an alliance with players from around the world to conquer all of Magna!




◆ Fast-pace and full 3D combat action

Co-op with online players to explore dungeons!

Use weapons and magic during 3D combat mode to defeat monsters and further explore the dungeon!

Enjoy action-packed combat with 3rd person view and character controls from behind.

◆ Full-scale simulation (City Development)

Develop the ruined city and establish your mega fortress!

3D rendered map and greater freedom to develop city compared to KC1.

◆ Intense Field Battle (Card Battles)

Edit your deck of monster cards and create a powerful unit!

The new "Commander" feature will intensify your monster battles!

◆ Comrades from around the globe!

Scheduled to support 9 languages (with auto-translation assistance). Translation support of chat and SNS.

Planned for Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Korean language support.

iPhone and Android players can both enjoy the game.




◆ New characters and New skills!

Swordsman, Warrior, Mage as well as newly added Monk and Ninja are available for deeper gameplay!

New concept to acquire/customize skills for extensive play.

Up to four players can simultaneously join for 3D combat.

◆ Strategically advanced card battle!

New 3x2 unit formation is implemented to the new card battle system.

For monster battles, "Commanders" are assigned to order and lead your units.

Role of commander introduces new tactical elements when editing and managing your units.

◆ Massive number of monster cards featured in battle!

New and original monsters are added to the lineup.

Powerful monster cards available in a new double-size format!

What's in this version:

■ Improved Usability

・Faster screen loading

・Improved communication procedure

■ Added Features

・Page jump feature when viewing log

■ Others

・Various bug fixes

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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FIFA 12 by EA Sports v1.8.0 Samsung Apps apk download

FIFA 12 by EA Sports v1.8.0 Samsung Apps

Requirements: Android 2.1+


Experience the action of your favorite sport like never before! Watch matches come to life with vibrant graphics and ultra-realistic animations.

** This is a big game, so we strongly recommend connecting to WiFi before downloading. We promise – it’s worth it! **


Featuring over 22 officially licensed leagues, 500+ licensed teams and more than 15,000 players. Take to the pitch with superstars like Kaka, Wayne Rooney, Gerard Piqué, Karim Benzema and more. From the English Premiership and La Liga, to the German Bundesliga and beyond – dominate your league and march toward glory in 32 authentic stadiums.


Capture the passion and power of the world’s most popular sport with unprecedented authenticity. This is the deepest, most visually striking football title ever. Feel every thrill on the pitch with your heroes, anytime, anywhere.


New control schemes let you handle the ball with greater precision than ever before. Master free kicks and penalty shots with full touch control. Get in the game with realistic 360° player movement and gesture-driven skill moves. Pull off defense-splitting passes, rifling shots, penalty kicks, and pro-style tricks.

Football is life! Now live it to the fullest with the ONLY officially licensed FIFA game on Android!

Discover more games from EA like NBA JAM by EA SPORTS™, The Sims™ FreePlay, and Real Racing 2. See all our games for Android now!

Be the first to know! Get inside EA info on great deals, plus the latest game updates, tips, and more!

What's in this version: ?

Download Instructions: FIFA 12 by EA Sports v1.8.0 Samsung Apps

SD Data :Download via WiFi

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Max Awesome v1.3.0 MOD[Free Shopping/Unlocked] apk download

Max Awesome v1.3.0 MOD[Free Shopping/Unlocked]

Requirements: 2.2 and up

Overview: "With its zany collection of stunts, quirky graphics, amazing level builder, and customisation abilities it truly is a pleasure to play!." - 18Apps

"Max Awesome is a outstanding extreme sports game." - Best10Apps

Perform death-defying stunts and win over the crowds.

Take it to the max and become a daredevil legend. Learn to wheelie, jump, duck, and flip then put your skills to the test through 60 perilous courses. Complete over 100 objectives, buy and unlock new skills, and challenge your Facebook friends to top your record scores.


Send Max careening round 60 deadly courses with hundreds of objectives to complete, 13 rivals to challenge, collectibles to find and records to beat.


Earn ‘Awesomes’ for completing objectives and spend them on new helmets, outfits, bikes, and tricks.


Top the leaderboards and challenge your Facebook friends to beat your times.

Game Features:

• Challenge friends via Facebook

• Do awesome stunts and tricks

• Upgrade your looks and abilities

Whats new:

Various bug fixes and improvements

Mod Info:


2.Unlimited Money

3.Level Unlocked

4.You need Play Offline.

This game has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:Thanks to


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Pixel Defenders Puzzle v1.2.6 apk download

Pixel Defenders Puzzle v1.2.6

Requirements:Android 2.2+

Overview: A unique game of strategic matching and RPG battling!

Place, match and thwack your way through dozens of gorgeous retro-style levels, a variety of game-modes and special hand-crafted scenarios.

** This game has NO In-App-Purchases! **

• "you shouldn't miss this game" - 4.5/5 - Touch Arcade

• "We highly recommend Pixel Defenders Puzzle three times over." - 4/4 - Slide To Play

• "With loads of game modes, achievements and levels this is one of the best puzzle-strategy games in the App Store." - 4.5/5 - TouchGen

• "Clever and great value game" - 4/5 - The Sunday Times

• "this is much more than just another match-three puzzler." - 8/10 - EuroGamer

Pixel Defenders Puzzle is an innovative hybrid of match-3-puzzler and RPG-battler. Match pixels to create Defenders and protect princesses, kings & queens from waves of fiendish enemies!

• Test your wits in specially designed puzzle stages!

• Take on endless hoards of enemies in the action-packed Assault Mode!

• Put your skills to the test in Endless Mode: no enemies, just unlimited pixels to match and build your high score!

• Face the ultimate challenge of the final boss battle.

What's New

• Google Play Games integration!

- 64 Achievements

- 2 Global high-score leaderboards!

• Added a failsafe for rare cases in which low-memory devices don't have enough available memory to maintain game stability.

• Minor bug-fixes

This game has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:Released by *youbenow*


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Tractor Mania v1.0.2 MOD [Full] apk download

Tractor Mania v1.0.2 MOD [Full]

Requirements: 2.2 and up

Overview: Drive your tractor through the dangerous levels and deliver your cargo.


Drive your tractor through the dangerous levels and deliver your cargo.

Your task in this skill-racing game is to get your tractor to the finish without

wrecking it and deliver the various kinds of cargo.

This game has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:Thanks to opera-fan


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Summer Blog v1.0.9 (Full/Unlocked) apk download

Summer Blog v1.0.9 (Full/Unlocked)

Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: Summer blog, invites your children to a virtual fairytale, where they are encouraged to help others and have fun. This captivating story is designed for children of age 5 - 12. It is told throughout all the ten distinct and colorful levels of the game.

The virtual fairytale is narrated in real unique voices. The voiceover and colorful 3D visualizations of Summer blog allow a more involded experience for the children.

Redbee, developers from Lithuania, are presenting a new game, that draws the children into the mood of the holidays. And it does not make the parents worry that children spend time in front of the aggresive computer screen - game Summer blog, designed for smartphones and tablets, invites your children to a virtual fairytale, where they are encouraged to help others and have fun.

We were inspired to create this game by our own children; they were the first testers of it too! We hope it will be interesting not only for kids, but for their parents as well - we have not met a parent yet, who would not have their phones occupied by their offspring…and usually, while waiting to redeem it from a tight clasp of the small palms, fathers and mothers worry of the content of the games.

We want to prove the virtual games are not evil. This game is a magic tale about three children who help Pookumooku, a small forest creature and save the children of their district from nightmares… It encourages them to seek for creative solutions and not to be afraid of nightmares. We believe it could be played before sleep, as an interactive fairytale, –said developers from Redbee.

The game is based on mysterious adventures of one summer holiday of the characters of Summer blog. Each character has its own distinct appearance and mood, so the player can choose the most attractive one – Sarah, Kai or Oscar. Later, if bored with the choice, the player will be able to change it to another. There is no violence in the game, only merry adventures: jump and run, run from mini boss, explore. If the characters need to pass a creature not too friendly, they can distract it by feeding them an orange – why should they hit someone? The characters of Summer blog do not die, if they fail to do a task. It means the young players won‘t need to start the level all over again, as it would happen in most of the computer games.

More Info:


Download Instructions: thanks to muzhiwan


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Smash the Office - Stress Fix! v1.3 (Unlimited Gold) apk download

Smash the Office - Stress Fix! v1.3 (Unlimited Gold)

Requirements: 4.0.3+

Overview: Cubicle warrior's dream come true!

Are you ready to smash stuff!?

1. Destroy the office with guerilla weapons!

2. Work your way up to executive suites!

3. Instant stress relief!

Play as Steve Snaps and rage against the machine!

Great way to blow off steam!

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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QuitNow! Pro - Stop smoking v3.7.1 apk

QuitNow! Pro - Stop smoking v3.7.1

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

Overview: Let your Android help you quit smoking!

* This is a "Pro" version, before you by this app, please try the FREE version first.

Let your Android help you quit smoking!

* This is a "Pro" version, before you by this app, please try the FREE version first.

Are you quitting smoking? Want to quit? Let this application help you!

- Days without smoking

- Cigarettes not smoked

- Money saved

- Time saved

- 9 Aspects of your health that you will see gradually improved

- Tips for quitting

- Facts about snuff

- 30 Achievements to unlock and share with your friends!

- Widget to see your progress

- Gallery

- Share your progress

- Facebook and Twitter integration

Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Greek and Polish.


Remember that if you move the application to the SD Card the widget will not work!! Blame Android, not me...

Don't kill the "widget.update" service with any taskiller, or the widget will not update!


# Quit smoking stop smoking #

What's New

- Autocomplete nicknames

- Mentions list (only pro version)

- You'll not receive notifications from ignored users

- German translation improved

- Minor bugs fixes

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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1Weather Pro: Local Forecast, Radar v2.2 apk

1Weather Pro: Local Forecast, Radar v2.2

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Overview: 1Weather is the most loved weather app on Google Play. At 4.6 stars, no weather app has a higher rating among users. And reviewers have heaped on the praise as well.

Why do they love it? In a word – Design. The app has a simple, yet beautiful interface that makes getting the weather elegant and fun. This UI, combined with a powerful set of weather tools, makes this app #1.

When it comes to weather apps, you have lots of choices, so why not choose the best? Download 1Weather and judge for yourself.


"The Most Attractive, Feature-Packed Android Weather App We’ve Ever Seen" - Lifehacker

“The most beautiful weather app we’ve ever seen” – Android Police

“A Game Changing, Gorgeous Weather App” – Android Static


· Real-time local weather and forecasts for virtually any location around the world (Current + 48-hour)

· 7-day extended forecast and precipitation info

· Hourly forecast and precipitation info

· Conditions based background, dynamic photo backgrounds, and more!

· Follow my location - Updated weather when you are on the move

· LIVE animated radar and extreme weather warnings (US only) with layers

. Added Enhanced Cloud Layer for International locations on Radar Screen

· Animated sunrise, sunset, and Lunar phase (Phones only)

· Save multiple locations to access quickly and easily

· Gorgeous widgets (5 on phones, 6 on tablets) you can add to your home screen, including 2 clock widgets

· Share weather information (including screenshots and alert text) with friends and family via email, text, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.

· Customize with multiple weather theme backgrounds or use your own custom background

· True server push alerts for NWS supported locations with configurable notification options by location and alert level

· Configurable Ongoing notification showing the current conditions for a location of your choice

· DashClock integration allowing you to select a location of your choice

Note: We have removed sensitive log permissions.

Visit our website at

What's New

+ New Live Weather theme that changes with the conditions

+ Select from preset themes or build your own

+ Choose from 20 photo background with automatically updating pics

+ Improved Today screen for phones

+ Enhanced location detection

+ Catalan, Czech, and Esperanto language support

+ Auto update for clock widgets fixed

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions: Unlocked Pro features, removed ads!


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GO Launcher EX Prime v4.02 beta4 apk

GO Launcher EX - the final choice for 100,000,000+ people! Consumer voted finest Android mobile phone Launcher! Obtain that currently to relish 10, 000+ themes in addition to have the tremendous quick in addition to clean operation furnished by highly effective animations central! For the reason that finest residence screen alternative, that transforms your own Android mobile phone gadget right into a good particular on-line consumer experience you can truly management – it is up to you!

■ Free Features

- More than 10,000 personalized themes (keep increasing)

- Super smooth flipping and transition effects provided by 3D core

- 25+ fancy transition effects

- 15+ widgets intended for totally free (weather, clock, change, calendar…)

- Release programs making use of signals

■ Pro Features

: Multi-touch in order to fast access in order to central functions

: four extra outstanding cross over consequences

: Not any financed emails or Adverts

Recent changes:

(New) Assistance in order to set uninstall long-term untouched programs

(New) Put GET FileMaster (MENU->All plugins)

(Improve) Brand new menus intended for UI4. 0

(Improve) The actual operation of Auto-folder

(Fix) Primary call function doesn't work

(Fix) Very long push menus essential in order to type in this Google lookup doesn't work

(Fix) Issue about can’t take away notice upon Android mobile phone four. 3

(Paid) Put area ipod dock that's on any program (Preference->Appearance settings).



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