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Next Launcher Glass Theme v1.01 apk

Next Launcher Glass Theme v1.01 apk
Next Launcher Glass Theme v1.01
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Overview: A GLASS theme a clean design. Dark wallpaper backgrounds to choose. Very nice, simple and beatifull. Custom 63 glass icons. You need NEXT LAUNCHER to use this theme.


..... .....


See my other Apps for the matching themes.

Newer version of application (Next Launcher v1.15+) installed to apply the theme. This application is available in Google Play Store by (GO DEV Team).

.-=[ JELLY BEAN FIX ]=-.
If you phone have Jelly Bean Android version the theme will not appear in the theme selection screen. In this case, reinstall the theme and after the installation click the OPEN button, a screen instructions will open, follow the instructions to download the fix. If you still can't get the theme to work contact me by email.

If the icon set of the theme doesn't appear in the custom icon changing, please restart your phone, this will fix this issue the Next Launcher not showing the icon set.

1) In Next Launcher press the phone menu button;
2) Select the PERSONALITY option;
3) Click on the THEME icon;
4) Select the Installed tab option;
5) From the Theme listing select the theme you´ve just download and installed;
4) Select APPLY;

1) In Next Launcher press the phone menu button;
2) Select the Wallpaper option;
3) Select the Glass Wallpapers option;
4) Select desired wallpaper and click Set Wallpaper;

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Light Flow - LED&Notifications v3.6.1 apk

Light Flow - LED&Notifications v3.6.1
Requirements: 2.2 and up
Overview: Light Flow allows you to take control of your notification LED or trackball colors and makes them successively flash one color after another.
It also allows you to set repeating sounds on vibration patterns for you notifications. You can also set a "sleep time" or "on charge" where the lights and/or sounds and vibrations will not be heard or seen.

This program will allow you to control the notification color for the following:
* Missed calls
* Voice mail
* Calendar reminders
* gmail
* email
* SMS messages
* MMS messages
* Low battery
* No signal
* Google talk
* Facebook
* Twitter
* Twidroid
* Tweetcaster
* Tweekdeck
* Skype
* Whatsapp
* Tapatalk
* Yahoo mail
* Google Voice
* Plume and Plume Premium (integrated into twitter notification)
* K9 mail
* Handcent (integrated into sms notification)
* Basic SMS Popup support
* Astrid
* Foursquare
* ChompSMS ( integrated into sms notification)
* LiveProfile
* Exchange Touchdown ( integrated into email notification)
* Ebay
* Craigsnotifica
* Taskos
* TV Listings / TV-Guide(USA, UK, Germany and more)
* Go SMS and Go SMS Pro (integrated into sms notification)
* kakaotalk
* Flow (f+)
* Pingchat
* DejaOffice
* Good for enterprise
* Wordfeud
* Words friends
* Enhanced Email app (integrated into email notification)
* Improved e-mail. (Integrated into email notification)
* Maildroid (integrated into email notification)
* Battery charging and charged notification
* gtasks
* TigerText
* greader
* newsrob
* Enhanced email - e-mail notifications
* Epinephrine Messenger
* Trillian
* AndChat irc-client
* Yelp
* Android market
* Chrome2phone
* pmessenger
* ColorNote
* Yahoo live score
* TV show favs
* Yahoo Messenger
...and more

It works on non-rooted phones and also allows the colors to flash in succession, so if you have a new SMS and a missed call it can alternate between the two colors. You can also set which notification type has the highest priority and let it flash in just that one color.

There's different profiles for when your phone is charging and when it is running on battery. If you find it eats your battery too much for your liking then you can change settings to conserve the battery use.

What's in this version:
Version 3.6.1 (Release 1071) - 19 March 2013
- fix for google now not showing items
- added support for labels in gmail in android 4.0 and 4.1
- Fixed gtalk not working
- Fixes sms's sent from e-mail addresses causing a crash
- Fixed repeated crashing for some new notifications
- Removed dashclock reference (until the feature is complete)
- Added whatsapp contact specific notifications
Known issues: Google labels not showing for some gmail accounts, still looking into this

More Info:


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WhatsApp Messenger [Holo+Optimized ] v2.9.4062 apk

WhatsApp Messenger [Holo+Optimized ] v2.9.4062
Requirements: Android v2.2+
Overview: WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone and Nokia phones.
WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone and Nokia phones. WhatsApp uses your 3G or WiFi (when available) to message friends and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and video messages. First year FREE! ($0.99 USD/year after)


★ NO HIDDEN COST: Once you and your friends download the application, you can use it to chat as much as you want. Send a million messages a day to your friends for free! WhatsApp uses your Internet connection: 3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi when available.

★ MULTIMEDIA: Send Video, Images, and Voice notes to your friends and contacts.

★ GROUP CHAT: Enjoy group conversations your contacts.

★ NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES: Just like there is no added cost to send an international email, there is no cost to send WhatsApp messages internationally. Chat your friends all over the world as long as they have WhatsApp Messenger installed and avoid those pesky international SMS costs.

★ SAY NO TO PINS AND USERNAMES: Why even bother having to remember yet another PIN or username? WhatsApp works your phone number, just like SMS would, and integrates flawlessly your existing phone address book.

★ NO NEED TO LOG IN/OUT: No more confusion about getting logged off from another computer or device. push notifications WhatsApp is ALWAYS ON and ALWAYS CONNECTED.

★ NO NEED TO ADD BUDDIES: Your Address Book is used to automatically connect you your contacts. Your contacts who already have WhatsApp Messenger will be automatically displayed.

★ OFFLINE MESSAGES: Even if you miss your push notifications or turn off your phone, WhatsApp will save your messages offline until you retrieve them during the next application use.

★ AND MUCH MORE: Share location, Exchange contacts, Custom wallpaper, Custom notification sounds, Landscape mode, Precise message time stamps, Email chat history, Broadcast messages and MMS to many contacts at once and much much more!

We’re always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at:

[email protected]

or follow us on twitter:


When roaming, additional carrier data charges may apply. Please contact you carrier for details.

What's in this version:
Version 2.9.1547
Fix for unable to send message when there are less than 7 days remaining of service.
Version 2.9.1035
bug fix for service notification incorrect date of 1974 and 2110
Version 2.9.378
adopt google play in-app purchase for service extension
miscellaneous bug fixes and localization improvements
Version 2.8.9108
add romanian and bulgarian translations
many bug fixes and crash fixes
update the broadcast functionality
improvements to phone number verification

More Info:


whatsapp original v2.9.4062

Whatsapp optimized version: (better and faster than original)
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Chameleon Launcher v1.9.208 apk

Chameleon Launcher v1.9.208
Requirements: 3.2 and up
Overview: Chameleon Launcher is a Home Screen replacement geared for Android Tablets. It lets you create multiple home screens, each your own layout of Widgets and Apps.

Chameleon app includes an innovative context based home screen system giving you the most relevant information you want - when you want i

The Next Generation of Widgets.

Android widgets are not all created equally - and that's the problem - so we decided to raise the bar. The result is widgets that look beautiful together and are as easy to layout as drawing on a screen. Take a look at some of our other widgets or build your own our custom API.

-Media Player (Coming soon!)
-RSS News Reader

Home Screens that Change You
Your information needs change throughout your day, so Cwe have included an innovative context system. You can create context rules based on GPS locations, WiFi networks and time ranges, allowing you to define which Home Screen is the most relevant for any situation.

App Tray & Launcher
Chameleon doesn't just let you customize your Home Screens the widgets you want. It also lets you customize your own mini App Tray. Giving you the apps you want up front, out having to swim through a large grid of apps.

Super Easy To Customize
Quickly set up Home Screens, Widgets, App Trays, and Wallpapers all a few gestures.

What's in this version:
- Support for Phones!
- Folders & Linked Folders.
- App Launcher Widgets.
- Contextual Dashboards redesigned.
- Performance Improvements.
- Updates to many Chameleon widgets.

More Info:


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Adblock Plus v1.1 apk

Adblock Plus v1.1
Requirements: 2.1+
Overview: It blocks all online advertising when browsing, and when using your favorite apps like Angry Birds. It is 100% free and makes your Android device much more enjoyable.


Adblock Plus blocks: mobile ads, video advertising, banners, push notifications, display advertising, HTML5 advertising, and much more.

PLEASE NOTE: Adblock Plus might have limited functionality, depending on the Android version on your device and whether your device has been rooted:
Rooted: Blocks ads over Wi-Fi and 3G
Non-rooted Android 4 (or later): Blocks ads over Wi-Fi
Non-rooted Android 3 or earlier: Some manual configuration is required. Please visit our website to learn how to setup your own proxy: https://adblockplus.org/en/android-config#proxy.....
Also, Android does not allow ads to be blocked on SSL encrypted websites.

Adblock Plus is an open-source, community driven project. Many volunteers are contributing to the development and maintenance of Adblock Plus. Currently, there are over forty continuously updating filter lists in over a dozen different languages, ensuring that all obtrusive ads remain blocked.

Please note that Adblock Plus will probably become the highest data-using application on your Android device. However, this is only because Adblock Plus needs to filter the data to ensure that the ads can be blocked. Adblock Plus is actually only using a fraction of the data shown on your device.

What's in this version:
-Implemented automatic updates
-Added a dialog to help the manual proxy configuration
-Separated filtering and proxy activation settings to avoid loss of connectivity after manual configuration
-Switched to the Holo user interface theme
-Improved icon hiding
-Implemented a workaround for a Chrome issue causing blank pages
-Fixed an issue URLs containing apostrophes

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:

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Battery Indicator Pro v8.0.0 apk

Battery Indicator Pro v8.0.0
Requirements: 2.1 and up
Overview: Battery Indicator Pro shows your battery charge level (percent) as an icon in your status bar, temperature, health, voltage, and time since plugged / unplugged in the notification area. Now has an alarm feature.


• Fully configurable green, amber, red, and black icons
• Estimated charge / discharge time left
• Battery logging. You can log the battery state (charge, status, voltage, temperature) and browse the logs on the phone or export to CSV.
• Manually or automatically disable / reenable device lock screen / lockscreen / keyguard
• Alarms (full, charge above X, charge below X, temperature above X, or health failure)
• Themes for main window
• Lots of configurability; most features are optional
• Very lightweight (please email me if you think otherwise, and I'll help you figure out what's wrong — I promise this app will not drain your battery.)
• Open source

• Motorola Droids and Samsung Moment only show every 10%
• It's not possible to replace the built-in battery icon

* Please see the project website (linked to below) to contact me if you have any questions or problems — I can't respond to comments left here. *

What's in this version:
This is a beta release of the redesigned app for those who don't mind things changing frequently.
* I don't think anything is seriously broken, but I may have missed something.
* Translations need to be updated.
* Some features have not been ported to this new version. Some are planned to come back, but some may be gone for good.
* There are definitely some rough edges that will get cleaned up over time.
* Many things, large and small, WILL be changing.
Keep all that in mind before upgrading.

More Info:

Download Instructions:

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Fingerboard HD v1.6 apk

Fingerboard HD v1.6
Requirements: 2.0 and up
Overview: Touch, grind, and skate in this all new 3D skateboarding game!


Fingerboard HD is a skateboard game where you use your fingers to skate, grind, bust tricks, launch off ramps, and control the skateboard.

Download now and check out our exclusive in-game Mike Steinkamp promotional skateboard!


High resolution tablet support (HD)
A 3D physics world to skate around in
Bust tricks, grind rails, and launch your board off ramps
Gain XP and unlock several boards from the skateboard shop
Toggle between Practice and Competition Mode

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

800x480 display or larger
800MHz CPU

What's in this version:
Email [email protected] your suggestions!
Your 5 star rating motivates us!
- Fixed a REPLAY bug that would prevent the board from moving
- Improved memory performance during game play
- You can now trick off the grindrail!
- Reinstated varial-kickflips
- Revamped trick controls
- Removed auto-grind feature
- Slightly improved physics
- Notify player when board is unlocked
- Fixed: xp accumulation would stop just shy of 32k in some instances

This game has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions: Released by Chathu_ac

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Puzzle Alarm Clock PRO v1.3.1 apk

Puzzle Alarm Clock PRO v1.3.1
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Overview: We know some of you have problems getting up in the morning, and we want to change it! Puzzle Alarm Clock will check if you're awake enough before you're allowed to turn an alarm off.


..... .....

exceptional design and 9 possible alarm configurations, Puzzle Alarm Clock is a must-have app for all Android users.

Puzzle Alarm Clock Free features:
• Random puzzles every alarm (math equation, memory cards),
• Checking if you really woke up,
• Setting an app that will be launched after an alarm,
• Facebook-aided motivation (the ultimate solution for oversleeping),
• "Time to bed" notifications before the next scheduled alarm,
• Sleep chart and ranks,
• Recurring alarms,
• Multiple alarms,
• Custom labels for alarms.

Puzzle Alarm PRO features:
• Widget the next set alarm and "Sleep" button for recording stats,
• More puzzles to solve every alarm,
• 3 puzzle difficulty levels,
• 3 soothing melodies in Calm mode for soft alarms,
• Increasing alarm volume,
• Loud explosion sound (amazing effect external speakers),
• Shake phone a number of times to dismiss an alarm or flip the phone for snooze.

We would love to hear your feedback. Message us through the form in Puzzle Alarm Clock - the lightbulb icon.

Localised: EN, PL

Registering the app:
- Choose "Unlock Full Version"
- Choose "Enter the key"
- Choose "Verify" (no key needed)
- Enjoy full version

What's in this version : (Updated : Mar 19, 2013)
Added unlocking the full version for free GetJar,
Fixed sending uot QR code sheet.

More Info:

Download Instructions: Released by chathu_ac

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aCalendar+ Android Calendar v0.14.8.3 apk

aCalendar+ Android Calendar v0.14.8.3
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: aCalendar+ is still BETA software - please try the free aCalendar version first!


..... .....

There are not that many additional features ready yet, but buying aCalendar+ supports development, especially as I can buy some more Android devices for testing.

EXTRA FEATURES (aCalendar+ only)
Month widget
NFC sharing (if supported by the device)
Privacy and availibility settings
intuitive navigation smooth transitions
day, week & month calendar
Fullscreen widgets
flexible recurrences
birthdays & anniversaries photos from your addressbook and editing
uses Android's native calendar backend and synchronization
no battery drain
moon phases and zodiac signs for birthdays
QR barcode sharing of events
12/24h clock honoring system settings
optimized text display and improved line-break

On top of the basic calendar and contact permissions also necessary for the free version, aCalendar+ also asks for Internet and NFC. Internet will be used in the future for Google Tasks and potentially other services. aCalendar+ respects your privacy and will NEVER send any of your private data anywhere unless configured by YOU. 'Send Email to guests' is bound to 'write calendar data' by Google.

aCalendar+ is translated into over 20 languages - please let me know if there is a bad translation somewhere.

♥ If you like aCalendar+, you can show your support by rating 5-stars and recommending it to your friends

ROADMAP (Planned features)
more calendar widgets
agenda view and widget
Google Tasks integration
more calendar import/export options
Color-coded categories (requires Android 4.0.3+)
alternative calendar system support (Bahá'í, Chinese, Ethiopian, Hebrew, Indian, Iranian/Persian, Islamic/Hijri, Thai, Zoroastrian)
send YOUR feature requests to [email protected]

What's in this version : (Updated : Mar 19, 2013)
3 fix edit crash on some configurations, fix icons on Android 2, improve 1080p layout, fix non-contact bdays
1 fix contacts bug
Improved Holo look&feel
More ActionBar navigation options
Black text for light color (only recommended for all day events, e.g. holiday calendars)
Improve Birthday handling
Fix issues overlapping events at end of day
Fix all known reproducable crashes
Many further minor improvements
aCalendar+ only:
Autocomplete for Location (more autocomplete functions to come soon)

More Info:

Download Instructions:Released by chathu_ac

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Angry Birds Space Premium v1.5.1 apk

Angry Birds Space Premium v1.5.1
Requirements: 2.2 and up
Overview: ALL NEW ANGRY BIRDS GAME FROM ROVIO -- the #1 mobile game of all time blasts off into space!


IGN's "Best Mobile Game of 2012" Winner!

Angry Birds Space Premium is totally ad-free!

After a giant claw kidnaps their eggs, the Angry Birds chase it into a wormhole and find themselves floating in a strange new galaxy – surrounded by space pigs! Luckily the Angry Birds have super powers of their own...

Angry Birds Space features 150 interstellar levels on planets and in zero gravity, resulting in spectacular gameplay ranging from slow-motion puzzles to lightspeed destruction. regular free updates, brand new birds, brand new superpowers, and a whole galaxy to explore, the sky is no longer the limit!

• Over 150 interstellar levels!
• Regular free updates!
• Brand new birds!
• Brand new superpowers!
• Zero-gravity space adventures!
• Trick shots using planets’ gravity!
• Hidden bonus levels!
• Beautifully detailed backgrounds!

Join the global phenomenon as it goes galactic!

NOTE: If you upgrade from Angry Birds Space to Angry Birds Space Premium, your progress will not be transferred.

Become a fan of Angry Birds on Facebook:

What's in this version :
Rock icon Slash has created an incredible ALL NEW VERSION of the Angry Birds Space theme song! Get the update to hear this exclusive new tune and check out how Slash looks as an honorary Angry Bird!

This game has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions: Released by chathu_ac

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Premium Widgets & Weather v1.3.6 apk

Premium Widgets & Weather v1.3.6
Requirements: 2.2 and up
Overview: Fantastic Widgets in HD, clock & weather + professional weather App 4-day hourly forecast, detailed info and HD weather animations. The most beautiful widgets + weather app for Android!


..... .....

Choose between 6 different Widgets, each skinnable 10 different themes. Widgets include Digital Clock, special effects like rain drops or clouds, and weather forecast.
just a touch the app enters "full screen mode" beautiful weather HD animations and detailed forecast. Other features include detailed weather info, location-aware weather, weather by city name, and more.

Widgets include:
- 3 Different Premium Clocks weather
- Homescreen widget clock, weather, hourly forecast, 3-day forecast.
- Small Clock + weather
- Special effects (rain drops, sunshine, clouds)
- Each widget supports 10 different skins!

Main Weather App include:
- "Today" advanced weather data (pressure, humidity, visibility, cloud cover, precipitation)
- 4-day hourly weather forecasts (morning, mid-day, evening, night)
- Today Sunrise/Sunset time
- Full Screen Weather animations (night & day)
- data by World Weather Online
- Works city name or GPS

Premium Widgets is the fastest growing weather app, over 20 updates released in a few month. We are working hard to make it always better, we want it to be the best!

What's in this version: (Updated : Mar 18, 2012)
5 new skins
A new update to improve widgets update time, implement city search results and many new features is coming soon. The coming update will greatly improve the app user experience. Thanks for your patience.

More Info:

Download Instructions: released by chathu_ac

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5UBZ3R0 Theme AOKP/CM9/10.1 v2.6 apk

5UBZ3R0 Theme AOKP/CM9/10.1 v2.6
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Overview: 5UBZ3R0 - A Cold Black Theme for Ninjas :)


This is the first theme in my set to be released. It is a black and blue theme a digital scanned feel, very futuristic and sharp. I have themed as many apps as possible the theme, including: email, Gmail, sms/mms, clock, calendar, calculator, Apollo, gallery, camera, market, Google now, search, and many many more. My goal is to make everything dark sharp blue highlights.
For the apps that are difficult to theme in them chooser I made highlights in my theme to go inverted APK's for popular apps. You can find links to all of the ones I use on my XDA thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpos ... tcount=299.....
As well I have made a flash-able Boot, Apps, and media package.This is a collection of Media like System UI sounds and Ringtones and notification sounds. As well there is a new Boot animation so it's almost necessary to install this for a great experience. Remember to back up first just in case you want to go back.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:


Whitecracker..... — Tue Mar 19, 2013 5:12 pm

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Age of Empire v1.9.42 apk

Age of Empire v1.9.42
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Overview: Be transported back through time to the European Middle Ages. Take control of your Empire and battle your way to supremacy over other rival Kingdoms. Extend your territory through ordering and commanding your troops in battle!


Be transported back through time to the European Middle Ages. Take control of your Empire and battle your way to supremacy over other rival Kingdoms. Extend your territory through ordering and commanding your troops in battle!

? Over 4 million global downloads.
? #1 Grossing Game in Google Play in 17 countries.
? #1 Android online strategy game.

Build your own Kingdom to rise through the anarchy of the Middle Ages. Secure resources, construct new buildings and repel attacks from your enemies. Build your own armies to invade and defeat other Empires and take their land for yourself. Download Age of Empire, the Best Android Online SLG game and see what all the fuss is about!

- Amazing Graphics: 3D technology is integrated in the game, generating more vivid images, and making you feel as if you are really there in person!
- Intense Combat: Grab your swords and arrows! Experience combat unlike anything ever seen before.
- Enduring Empires: Upgrade constructions, improve defense, hire heroes to lead your troops into battle, train your soldiers, be in command of huge armies, and strive for the ultimate throne!
- Challenge: Conquer all your enemies in your contest for resources and territory!

What's in this version:
1.Add the more userful building instructions.
2.Add more reward for daily login!(old version can't get the extra reward!)
3.Add the mail notice when you are scouted by others.
4.Fix some bugs

This game has NO advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:

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Nosferatu – Run from the Sun v1.3.3 apk

Nosferatu – Run from the Sun v1.3.3
Requirements: 2.1+
Overview: Whether on the couch or on the go, Nosferatu is the perfect pastime!


You are the cutest, the fastest and the best vampire of all time.
Can you escape the sun long enough to achieve the fattest HIGHSCORE on the planet?
Whatever you do, be careful where you jump to, little Nosferatu!
Compare your skills your friends and the many other vampires on earth via PlayPhone.

➤ Simple and precise touch control!
➤ Many power-ups - lots of hoarding!
➤ Many missions - many successes!
➤ Play the game again and again - endless fun!
➤ PlayPhone leaderboards & Achievements!
➤ Great 2D graphics!
➤ Great music!

Run, jump and collect - whatever comes your way, whether it be coins, humans or powerups - grab it!
It all belongs to you!

What's in this version:
Version 1.3.3
- minor bugfixes

This game has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:

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Alarm clock PRO v6.3.5 apk

Alarm clock PRO v6.3.5
Requirements: Android v2.1+, Rooted, Google Play Store v3.10.9 Mod
Overview: So far PRO version has no ads - more options will be added soon.

What's more in PRO version:
- You support small developer to develop this great app
- No ads (smaller app size, no app crashes, lower battery usage)
- Full alarm profiles support
- Shake to snooze
- Widgets are resizeable (>= Android 3.1).
- Widgets can be placed on lockscreen (>= Android 4.2).
Caynax Alarm Clock
Functional alarm clock great GUI (Graphical User Interface). Language packs are available as separate applications to minimize alarm clock size.
Alarm clock can also be used as todo list (tasks list) and tasks reminder.

What's in this version:
If You don't see alarm clock after update please restart your device.
Open alarm clock after update.
6.3.5 PRO
Default alarm profile wasn't added to alarm created by voice command.
Fix in alarm edit view after device orientation change.

More Info:


1. Install Google Play Installer
2. Run "Installer cracked GooglePlay" and press "Install and Reboot".
3. Enable Internet.
4. Install Alarm clock PRO
5. Run

Google Play Installer v1.0.8
Install and Run "Installer cracked GooglePlay", press "Install and Reboot".
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[root] Triangle Away v2.85 apk

[root] Triangle Away v2.85
Requirements: 4.0 and up
Overview: Many Samsung devices store a flash counter that keeps track of how many times you have flashed *custom* firmwares to your device. On some devices, a yellow triangle or other sort of visual warning is also displayed during boot if you are running a *custom* firmware. TriangleAway was built do disable the triangle (if a visual warning is present) and reset the custom ROM flash counter to 0. This app requires root !

You can find out the current status of your flash counter and firmware state (custom or official) by booting into "download mode" on most devices. The usual way of getting into "download mode" is by first turning off your device, then turning it on by pressing and holding volumedown+home+power. Alternatively, the "adb reboot download" command also often works.

When you run TriangleAway, if your device and firmware are supported, it will show you the detected state of the binary (custom or official) and flash counter value, and the option to "Reset flash counter". Please confirm that the information shown is correct before resetting the values.

On a number of devices, TriangleAway can work, but your firmware may not be supported directly. In that case, the app will tell you it needs to reboot into a special boot mode, which will be happen if you select "Reset flash counter". The device will reboot into a special mode which will allow you to review the current status and reset the binary and flash counter values (or abort and do nothing).

( and by brick I mean brick - only a board replacement or a JTAG unit will be able to save you, don't mess boot(loader) stuff unless you *really* mean it! )

Note#1: using Triangle Away may unmount your SD card. Reboot or manually remount it from Android settings.

Note#2: on the SGS3, the "system modified" status can only be reset on some firmwares.

This app has been used successfully on:

Samsung Galaxy S2:
- GT-I9100 **

Samsung Galaxy Note:
- GT-N7000 **
- GT-I9220 **

Samsung Galaxy S3:
- GT-I9300 **
- GT-I9300T **
- AT&T
- Sprint
- T-Mobile
- Verizon
- Canadia
- US Cellular
- GT-I9305 LTE **
- GT-I9305T LTE **
- GT-I9305N LTE **
- Korea SHV-E210K/L/S **
- Korea SHW-M440S **

Samsung Galaxy Note 2:
- GT-N7100/T **
- GT-N7105/T LTE **
- SPH-L900 Sprint **
- SGH-T889 T-Mobile **
- SGH-R950 US Cellular **
- SGH-I317/M AT&T/Canada **
- SCH-I605 Verizon ** (unlocked bootloader only)
- Korea SHV-E250K/L/S **

Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 **

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1":
- GT-N8000 3G **
- GT-N801x Wi-Fi **
- GT-N8020 LTE **
- SHW-M480S/K/W **

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2:
- GT-P310x 7" 3G
- GT-P311x 7" Wi-Fi
- GT-P510x 10.1" 3G
- GT-P511x 10.1" Wi-Fi

** Various related models are supported depending on firmware, but only the exact model numbers listed are supported regardless of firmware version.

Whether or not Triangle Away works depends largely on your kernel. Flashing a different kernel may make it work if it previously didn't.

Variants that are NOT based on Exynos processors but rather on Qualcomm or Nvidia processors are NOT expected to work. I honestly would NOT try (until further notice) - examples are the Skyrocket and AT&T Note.

For discussion and technical details, see the XDA-Developers.com thread here:

http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthr..... ... ?t=1494114

Note that this download is also available from that thread completely for free. You can go there and download it for free, or buy me a beer and download it from Market. It is 100% the exact same program.

What's in this version:
- Added more info to dump file
- Support for:
--- Galaxy Grand Duos GT-I9082

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Poweramp Widgets Kit v1.0.1 apk

Poweramp Widgets Kit v1.0.1
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Widgets for Poweramp music player.


..... .....

**Size and appearance of widgets may be a bit different from that on the screenshots on different devices.
These widgets are complementary to my skins/themes for Poweramp.

All themes have been collected in one package:
— Brunneus Rubra,
— Dark Leather
— Light Metallic
— Metro UI Skin
— Dark Metallic, which now available in 3 colors: blue, green and red.
All of this themes have background corresponding to their Poweramp's skins parents , which you can make semi transparent and apply color toning.
Buttons of those new widgets for Poweramp have background in all their dimensions, so you will see "metal" buttons(or some other, depending of the chosen theme) on 2×2, 4×2, 4×1 widget as well as on 4×4 widget.

What's in this version:
— Fixed 4x1 and 2x2 widgets on Androids under 4.1
— Dark Metallic buttons out shining now, new background according to Dark Metallic Skin
— Metro UI buttons now bigger
— Maybe add new bugs

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Sense 5 Quick Settings v1.2 apk

Sense 5 Quick Settings v1.2
Requirements: Android 2.2+ / Non-Rooted and Rooted
A standalone app instant screen off function.
- GPS/ Mobile data/ ADB/ Unknown sources; Google made these settings secure, also no official api's are available for programmatically enabling/ disabling these functions. So out using reflection/ hacks, switching these states from in my app will not be possible.


What's in this version:
- added new option; Enable/disable notification shortcut
- added option to show/hide volume seekbars (off by default for better performance)
- added drawable-mdpi icons, confirmed working now for Samsung Galaxy Y, thanks to rkmiks
- switched reboot/screen places to look better
- no more beta releases

More info:



Take Note:
For APK root (Using Power options out root will cause FC)
For APK out root (Recommended for stock users)
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Sense 5 CM10.1 v1.2.0 apk

Sense 5 CM10.1 v1.2.0
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: Sense 5 Theme for Theme Chooser

As close to Sense you can come, themed from original Sense 5 rom for the HTC One.
****You need to have AOKP/PA/CM9/10/10.1 rom
NOVA/APEX support
Sense 5 widgets in development
Apps (more to come)
All suggestions are welcomed and I will try to apply them.
* Apply Theme anyway
--"SOMETHING IS WEIRD! Graphic is spiking or similar"

This app has no advertisements

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wodeaigsq..... — Tue Mar 19, 2013 1:53 pm

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Notification Weather Pro v0.8.5 apk

Notification Weather Pro v0.8.5
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Overview: A stylish application which displays the current weather conditions and a 4 day forecast in the Android notification shade.


Pro version features:
Refresh button in notification (no need to open settings)
Progress bar in notification
No notification icon
Transparent notification icon
Swipe notification to dismiss
12/24 hour switch

Options include:
Weather Provider
Manual or GPS location
Metric or imperial units
Update interval
Optional 4-day forecast

Note to users not seeing the 4-day forecast: 4 day forecast is only shown in the expanded state. if the notification is collapsed or if it's not the top most notification you will have to use the 1 finger/ 2 finger gesture to expand the notification and see the 4 day forecast.

Note to users experiencing errors auto detect location:
To fix this error please open maps and wait until the notification changes from 'Searching for GPS' to 'Location set by GPS'. This can sometimes take up to 5 minutes. A better fix is coming soon.

Support for other languages coming soon. Please send us an email if you would like to help

What's new in this version:
Don't forget to click 'Update now' after installing
V 0.8.5
- Add option for wind direction and speed
- Fix a crash during open settings
- Add options to change colors (Pro Version only)

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