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Championship Racing 2013 v1.1 apk

Championship Racing 2013 v1.1
Requirements: Android O/S : 2.0+
Overview: Here comes the fastest racing game you've ever played!

Prepare to test your driving skills to the max! Hold on tight, as there are 10 speed monsters to try at 19 realistic tracks around the globe. Compete in any of 10 different racing teams in career mode, in a number of different challenges. Have you got what it takes to beat the rest?

Collect points during races to improve or upgrade your vehicle. Don't forget about pit-stop duties too - if weather gets ugly you may need to change your setup. Feel the buzz and excitement of race day as the chequered flag drops and you go head to head for the champion's trophy. Get ready and start your engine!

2 gaming modes: career and quick race.
Damage system and pitstop duties.
Uprades system / car tuning.
HD graphics.
Weather effects affecting how you drive.
19 realistic tracks all over the world.
10 racing teams to join.
10 unlockable cars.

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Medieval v2.0 apk

Medieval v2.0
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: For those wondering, this full version of Medieval has UNLIMITED levels - that's right.. forever! Our current record sits @ Level 26095 on Normal... Adding a global leaderboard to Android soon!

** Fast-Fire is 'cheat' mode. For the real experience, play on 'Normal' or 'Hard'. Otherwise, you'll find it too easy!

Legions of Medieval and Medieval HD fans around the world have spoken and after 2 MILLION+ iOS downloads, Medieval is finally available on Android!

Welcome to Medieval - tower defense at it’s finest. Stunning graphics, outstanding audio, and addictive gameplay combine to make a gaming experience of epic proportions supporting both Tablets and Phones.

Simply Tap the screen to unleash various diabolical Medieval weapons on the legions of enemy forces that threaten your Castle and your honor.

Leave the magic fairies, silly plants, and spells to the others - Medieval is hardcore castle defense in its purest and most satisfying form. Where archers and armour, bombs and boulders, catapults and cauldrons...all battle it out in defense of your castle and your honor.

"Between the great graphics, realistic sounds, and addictive gameplay, you quickly find yourself fully immersed in the world of Medieval as hours slide by." Score: 4.5/5 - Macworld
"The best graphics of any castle defense game on the App Store by a wide margin." -
"Graphics go from polished to stunning...colors are vibrant and the level of detail is impressive." Score: 5/5 -
"A game that will stay on my iPhone for quite a while." Score: 4.2/5 -
"This is a great game for any age." Given top rating of 'Best' -
"An awesome game." -

• 4 Game Modes: Easy, Medium, Hard, and FAST FIRE for a finger-tapping frenzy!
• 3 Different Shooting Modes: Auto Fire, Show Arc, Drag Fire.
• 6 Different troop types including war machines like Catapults and fast moving cavalry Raiders.
• Tailor your forces to suit your personal style of warfare
• 8 Unique weapons such as flaming arrows and powerful multi-shots - each multiple upgrades available for maximum devastation.

What's in this version : (Updated : Mar 15, 2013)
Fixed some crashes.

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Slender Man! Chapter 1: Alone v3.3 apk

Slender Man! Chapter 1: Alone v3.3
Requirements: 2.0.1 and up
Overview: Slenderman! is a new 3D survival horror game based upon the Slenderman legend!
Experience the game called "The scariest game of all time".

Slenderman! is a brand new 3D survival horror game based upon the Slenderman (slender man) legend. See how long you can survive before Slender Man gets you, only your wits to aid you!

Can you find all the hidden pages before Slenderman gets you?

Thanks to everyone for all the helpful feedback. We promise to respond promptly to suggestions and and bugs.

Samsung Galaxy Y user have reported issues. Some older ARM6 phones may not be able to run correctly. Sorry.

What's in this version: (Updated : Mar 17, 2013)
Fix for falling though the level.

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Fly Cargo v2.0.3 apk

Fly Cargo v2.0.3
Requirements: 1.5
Overview: Drive the futuristic helicopter, deliver cargos, solve challenging puzzles, get prizes!


- Realistic helicopter physics

- Regular free updates new levels

- Hidden artefacts

What's in this version:
Version 2.0.2
- helicopter shop
- gameplay improvements
Version 2.0.1
- gameplay speed optimization
Version 2.0
- new game engine!
- new graphic!
- new levels!

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Root Toolbox PRO v2.2.4 apk

Root Toolbox PRO v2.2.4
Requirements: 1.6 and up
Overview: Root Toolbox Pro version.

DISCLAIMER: This app is made available for use at your own risk no warranty of any kind.


I cannot respond to comments so E-MAIL ME!!!!

Root, Busybox and S-off are require to use most features in this app.

Current Features:
-Wipe Delvik
-Wipe Battery Stats
-Remount System
-Backup/Restor/Flash/Erase Recovery
-Fix permissions
-Launch Hidden Menu
-Fix Market Links
-Sim Settings
-Update Busybox
-CM7 Themes
-Restart Status Bar
-Dual Mount Sdcard + EXT
-System App Remover/Backup/Restore
-Enable/Disable Boot Animation
-Read Logcat
-Display Device Information
-Download To Change Sdcard Read Speed
-Wipe All Webview Cache
-MD5 Sum Fixer
-Package Manager
-Debug Message
-Install Non-Market App

All suggestions on features I can add or change to improve this app are always welcome. Please fill free to E-mail me and ill get back to you as soon as possable.

To Help Support The Development Of This App Go To

What's in this version:
* Fixed settings menu crash
* Added superuser permission in manifest
* Dutch translation added - Thanks to Jan Wytze Zuidema

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LEDBlinker Pro v3.3.1 apk

LEDBlinker Pro v3.3.1
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Let your LED show your missed calls and sms (if you don't have any hardware led, the screen is used).
Test your hardware LED light: Which colors are supported by your android device?

Let your LED show your missed calls, SMS, Facebook or Whatsapp messages (if you have no led (hardware), the screen is used).

Warning: Unlike other apps in this category you don't need 'ROOT' access to use this app and this app is very battery friendly!

Hint: If you have problems please do a full re-install and/or reboot your phone. Otherwise contact me over the in-app function!

Warning: If you use a Samsung S3 (Mini) you have to disable Samsung TTS (text-to-speech) under settings -> apps manager -> all (on the right) and Google TTS (text-to-speech).
Only needed when you use the accessiblity service!

And this app doesn't use internet permission, your data is SAFE!!!

Please try the lite version first to test the hardware led (on screen led is always working).

★ Let your LED show your missed calls and sms
★ Battery status (LED notification for low battery, < 10%)
★ Google Mail
★ Calendar reminder notifications
★ Google Talk
★ Standard Android EMail App now supported
★ Hike messages
★ SNOView - Social Network Overview (only paid version, LED lights up for new messages)
★ Facebook messages
★ WhatsApp messages
★ Skype messages
★ gReader messages
★ Bluetooth messages
★ Alternative On-Screen-LED
★ Autostart function after device reboot

Other supported apps:
★ TapaTalk
★ Xing
★ AndLytics
★ Facebook Messenger
★ Twitter
★ Instagram
★ Tango
★ Handcent SMS
★ Kontakte+
★ AquaMail
★ GroupMe
★ FotMob
★ HeyTell
★ textPlus Free Text +
★ ChatOn
★ Kik Messenger
★ K9 Mail
★ Touch Messenger
★ mysms - SMS anywhere
★ Yahoo! Messenger
★ Viber : Free Calls + Messages
★ Gmail Priority Inbox
★ Any.DO Todo | Aufgabenliste
★ n-tv
★ N24
★ Yahoo Mail
★ Hotmail (Microsoft + SEVEN)
★ Wordfeud Pro/Lite
★ Business Calender
★ Ebay
★ MailDroid
★ Pakete
★ ColorNote
★ Blackboard
★ Geburtstage
★ CalenGoo
★ Notify My Android
★ IM+
★ COL Reminder
★ TouchDown NitroDesk
★ comp SMS
★ K10 Mail
★ MailDroid Pro
★ Ruzzle
★ 1&1 Mail
★ Voxer
★ Forfone

Let your led blink different lights!

What's in this version:
★★★ Talk problem at Samsung S3? See app description! ★★★
★ Bug fixes
★ K10 Mail, MailDroid Pro, Ruzzle, 1&1 Mail, Voxer, Forfone, ICQ, IM+, COL Reminder, TouchDown NitroDesk and comp SMS are now supported!
★ Bug fixes
★ New Logo, thx Enrico Bianchi !
★ App icons instead of colors are now supported for the on-screen LED!!!
★ CalenGoo, Notify My Android are now supported

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:
Download Instructions:

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Contacts+ v3.6.1 apk


Contacts+ is your everyday contacts & dialer app, powered text messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and much more - all in one place.

Contacts+ you can send FREE and regular text messages out switching apps, auto-sync beautiful pics to your contacts from Facebook, and get birthday reminders so you’ll never forget a birthday again!

Contacts+ is the place to connect, however you want, the people you care about!

★ Beautiful contacts design
★ Integrated Dialer, Call log and Messages list (swipe left/right)
★ Light / Dark themes
★ Groups & favorites contacts display
★ Grid / List contacts view
★ Smart contacts prioritization by Frequency or sort by A-Z / Recents
★ Send FREE & regular text messages to your contacts from one place
★ View contacts messages history (thread) in their profiles
★ Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Foursquare integrated in your contacts
★ Navigate to your contacts addresses from their profiles
★ Auto pictures and birthdays sync Facebook, including cover photos
★ Auto pictures sync Google+
★ Merge duplicate contacts (supports most devices)
★ Contacts widget
★ Birthdays reminders
★ Fast T9 & Gesture search by names, numbers, emails and company
★ Quick call - press & hold a contact pic to call from your main contacts screen
★ Speed dial!


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SF Launcher Beta v0.3.2 + SF Launcher Plus Key v1.0 apk

SF Launcher Beta v0.3.2 + SF Launcher Plus Key v1.0
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Overview: This is a beta of an alternate homescreen that is designed to be simplistic, yet beautiful and customizable.


As it is beta, it is still somewhat buggy and there are many more features that I would like to add in the future.

The top section of the launcher is a header the time, date, and a graphic of a the San Francisco skyline from Google Now. This image changes based on the time of day. You can configure at what times the images change from header settings. As of 0.1.4, you can now switch between San Francisco, London, and the Generic Google Now background. As of 0.2, there are configurable tap and long press options for the clock and the header image (Search, Voice Search, Clock, Toggle Status Bar, Toggle Theme, Expand Notifications, Expand Quick Settings).

Below this is the widgets section. Tap on the card labeled "Add..." to add a new widget card. Swipe in this area to switch widget cards. Long press on a widget and select "Remove Widget" in the popup that appears to remove it. Eventually, you will be able to rearrange widgets. From widget settings, you can adjust the height of the panel.

Below this is the favorites section. This will be empty at first, but you can add favorites by long-pressing on apps in the all apps list. You can remove favorites by long-pressing and selecting "Remove favorite." Apps currently display in the order that they are added and cannot yet be rearranged, but this will be added as soon as I can write or find a decent drag and drop GridView. Starting in 0.1.2, you can change icon size and number of columns. SF Launcher Plus users can also select an icon pack (compatible most packs designed for ADW, Launcher Pro, and Apex)

Swipe right from the favorites section to access the list of all apps. From this page, you can long press on an app and select "Add favorite" to add it to your favorites. You can also long press and select the option to uninstall the app.

SF Launcher is currently portrait-only and is not designed to work on tablets (though it will run). I will try to add support for landscape and larger screens provided I can find an optimal configuration. The adjustable widget panel height added in 0.2.2 should help to alleviate this somewhat, particularly on smaller tablets.

Starting in 0.1.3, you can set a light or dark theme for the app. You can also set the theme to auto, which will cause it to change to light while showing the dawn and day images (default is 6 AM to 6 PM, although this can be changed) and change to dark while showing the dusk and night images. If you set a tap or long press action to toggle the theme, it will override the automatic theme.

From Header and Themes settings you can also disable the status bar and select to use the current header image as your system wallpaper.

If you want to try SF Launcher, but would prefer to use another launcher as your default, it is accessible from the apps list of other launchers.

If you like SF Launcher, you can now get SF Launcher Plus ( ... for $1.99. It currently only adds custom icon packs, although more plus features will be added soon. There is also a link to it available on the settings panel for easy access.

Known Issues:
-Long press on the widgets is finicky, and sometimes triggers at the wrong time
-When expanding the panels while the status bar is hidden, the status bar will unhide (required by the system). It won't disappear again until you interact the app in some way. I'm looking for a more elegant solution.

Please let me know if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions at [email protected]

This is the plus key for SF Launcher ( ... s.launcher). It currently only adds custom icon themes, but more features will be added as the app progresses.

This app is only a license key. You must have Version 0.2.2 or higher of the main SF Launcher app installed in order to use it. New plus features will be added through updates to the main launcher, not this key (although this key may be updated to make the licensing more secure)

Once you install, restart SF Launcher to have access to plus features (hit back until you get the restart dialog).

When SF Launcher is complete, this will likely cost between $3.99 and $5.99, although it is currently available for $1.99. This price may increase before it leaves beta, but it won't go above $2.99 until it does.

Current Plus Features:

Custom Icon Theme - Set an icon theme each for favorites and the app list. It should be compatible most ADW, Launcher Pro, and Apex themes, although additional icon masks and backgrounds have not been added yet.

I will frequently add new plus features, particularly while in Alpha and Beta.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, contact me at [email protected]

What's new in this version:
Fixes clock/date text color for day not working
Fixes crash on boot (sorry for the delay)
Rearrangeable favorites
Header height can be lowered
Restart moved to settings
Persistent activity when converted to system app
Fixes some restarting issues
Now Beta!

This app has NO advertisements

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Lightning Launcher Home v7.4.1 apk

Lightning Launcher Home v7.4.1
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Lose the fat, keep the muscle. Be warned, Lightning Launcher is on steroïds.
This might be the fastest home screen replacement for Android.


Lightning Launcher is a fast, light and extremely customizable launcher (also known as "home screen replacement", or "shell").

Lightning is the launcher of choice for people who wants a butter smooth, light on memory and tailor-made home screen replacement.

Unlike most traditional launchers, Lightning lets you place items everywhere on the desktop, not only to the left or right sides, but also on pages above and below. Think at the desktop as an unlimited canvas extending in both horizontal and vertical directions instead of a strip, and you will get the idea.

This mean: as many pages as you need, more space for your apps, and faster navigation.

Lightning has some interesting features, such as being able to put widgets in folders (and even other folders for hierarchical navigation), or letting you freely move, scale and rotate any items (note: please switch to "free mode" first to enable rotate/scale).

Oh, and did I mentioned that LL was light on memory, leaving more RAM for your apps ?

its wide set of options and switches, LL is one of the most customizable launcher, albeit perhaps not the easiest to configure yet ! Agreed, as most powerful tools, LL has a learning curve. But isn't that a small price to pay to get the most exciting and unique home screen ;-)

All comments, suggestions and bug reports are welcome. Please email your questions and bug reports to me (Pierre Hébert) at [email protected], or visit the facebook page at to learn more on what I am currently working on, or request for some feature, or simply ask a question.

Enjoy !

Note for people having the "Not allowed to launch this shortcut" message for call shortcuts: please install the free plugin ... auncher.dc

- EXPAND_STATUS_BAR: as its name says, used for the "Show status bar" action.
- SET_WALLPAPER_HINTS: used to set the wallpaper dimension
- no other permission needed !

What's in this version:
Add ability to create shortcuts for launcher settings and actions
Support for picking icons from ADW icon packs
Support for more icon effects background, overlay, mask and scale scheme
Support for the upcoming Theme Manager app

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:
Download Instructions:

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MANUGANU v1.0.1 apk

Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: Run, jump and slide from ropes, dodge rocks! Not enough? There is much more in Manuganu. Avoid swinging hammers and jump over moving ice blocks. Don’t get burned and jump between walls to collect coins and medallions. Break stone blocks and activate platforms before you fall into fog and much more...



Manuganu is a 3D side- scroller running game, in which you control the boy “Manuganu”.
Unlike other usual running games, Manuganu brings on the “Halt feature” to avoid swinging rocks, hammers, flames and other enemies the right timing. Another important feature of Manuganu is the ability to switch from “running” mode to “rope climbing” mode when needed. But be careful! This mode has its own challenges.


•Platforming Actions: Double Jumping, Wall Sliding, Hovering, Wall Jumping, Rolling, Breaking Stone Blocks
•Run through 30 different levels, each it’s own unique design according to the level theme.
•Two button controls and specific swipe controls.
•Run into alternate paths to get 3 Star in all Levels.
•Three different environments full 3D graphics.
•Original Soundtrack by Tolga YURDABAK
•Turkish-English Language Support

What's in this version:
- Fixes : Game freeze issue, when finished level.
- Fixes : Small Bugs

More Info:
Download Instructions:

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Aftermath XHD v1.7.1 apk


Alone in an infested city, you must survive the night.


Aftermath XHD v1.7.1


Alone in an infested city, you must survive the night.

Use your skills flashlight, guns and grenades to evade and destroy the city’s deadly inhabitants.

** XHD version – Gingerbread (2.3+), Tegra 2 and Xperia PLAY optimized and exclusive new levels. **

“If you’re looking for an atmospheric zombie shooter, this one’s an easy recommendation.” – Touch Arcade

“Aftermath isn’t your average twin-stick zombie shooter, it’s almost art.” – App Spy

* Illuminate your surroundings real-time lighting never before seen on Android.

* Unique intelligent control system designed specifically for mobile devices. Light up your enemies to shoot and choose how to use your grenades wisely.

* Fight through the zombie horde while taking care of cunning Spewers, bullish Screamers and lumbering Fatties.

* Relive the trials and near-escapes of the night as you progress through the story mode.

* Infinite replayability score-attack challenge levels.

* Play headphones to fully experience atmospheric audio.

* Exclusive 5 new levels not available on the iOS version.

* All-new HD textures, models and environments.

* 50% larger city.





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