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Picture Password Lockscreen Plus v2.5

Picture Password Lockscreen Plus v2.5
Requirements: Android v2.2+
Overview: Forget PIN codes or patterns, you can now draw points, lines, and/or circles to unlock your phone. To setup, select the background image and draw the gestures. To unlock, draw the saved gestures on the lockscreen.

Love the Microsoft Windows 8 picture password lockscreen on your laptop? You are going to enjoy it even more on your Android phone!

Forget PIN codes or patterns, you can now draw points, lines, and/or circles to unlock your phone.

To setup, select the background image and draw the gestures. To unlock, draw the saved gestures on the lockscreen.

If you like this app, please consider supporting my work by purchasing the Plus Key. Thank You
The Plus Key unlocks the following features:
- Screen Lock Delay
- Tasker Plugin
- Time Display
- Theme Color
- Greater Allowed Number And Combination Of Gestures
- Widget Locker Support
- Music Controls
- System Wallpaper Cropper

Recent changes:
- Add PayPal Support
- Long Press to Display Control Panel Instead of Suspending Lockscreen
- Controls (Enable PIN, Emergency Dialer, Music Controls etc.) Now Display Over Lockscreen
- Build Optimizations
- Implement LVL
- Fix Crash on Android 2.2
- Misc. Fixes

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Note: all plus features available. no key file needed.

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GameCIH(CheatIng Hacker) 3.0.0

GameCIH(CheatIng Hacker) 3.0.0
Requirements:Android 1.5+, root
Overview:Game Cheat/Memory Editor/Crack/Hack Tool

Game Cheat/Memory Editor/Crack/Hack Tool
Change Game Speed


GameCIH could change game speed!

You will become TOP 1 ranking in any games!

You could modify the game state(score, money, HP, ...) to allow for infinite lives, invulnerability, and etc.

Enable network to get Hidden Mode
Anti Anti-GameCIH
Change icon

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LevitOn Speed Racing HD v1.12

LevitOn Speed Racing HD v1.12
Requirements: Android: Varies with device
Overview: The LevitOn Racers HD for Android is a thrilling, exciting and challenging game app from BeltraWay. LevitOn racers features 14 hard core opponents and the velocity is fast and furious. Ride your ship over the boost arrows to get a huge surge of speed and fly past other menacing opponents. The start up screen features several customization options to make your gaming experience truly unique. Players have the option to change the graphics, alter the controls between touch and tilt, view the current high scores and view the credits for this awesome high velocity game. When starting a new race players have the option to select different modes including a time trial mode, GP race or play in practice mode.

No matter what the selection LevitOn Racers provides a high speed and extremely thrilling racing experience. Players can select different ships with each having different strength and weaknesses. The better and more expensive the ship the faster and more controlled it will be. Players have to build up credits by racing in and winning races which allows them to purchase the higher quality ships.

Optimized for Tegra, Adreno, Power VR, GPU's.

What's in this version:
1.05 - Added Compatibility for different devices
1.12 - Added Multi language support some bug fixes, new graphics for menu

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Amber Route v1.1

Amber Route v1.1
Requirements: Android 2.0.1+
Overview: Amber Route is a trip to the land of the Slavic beliefs, monsters and magic. In this game full of surprises embark on a dangerous journey leading his caravan through more and more new areas. The path which you will defeat is however treacherous. At each step, they will persecute traps, sinister creatures and ancient magic. To win, plan your moves carefully, protect ambers, gain extra bodyguards and try to reach as soon as possible to your destination.

Amber Route turn-based game will satisfy even the most demanding fans of board games. The game offers four types of gameplay. So we try our hand at Campaign mode, where we are waiting for as many as 20 boards, play one of the special missions in Single or stand face to face with the enemy using the options Duel (playing on one device) or Multiplayer. The game also offers three difficulty levels, and more than a hundred unique cards.

What's in this version:
Fixed Intro - it shows only when application is running for first time.

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CM10.1 CM9 Sony XPERIA Z theme v2.0.6

CM10.1 CM9 Sony XPERIA Z theme v2.0.6
Requirements: 4.0 and up
Overview: CyanogenMod 10.1, CyanogenMod 10, CyanogenMod 9 & AOKP Theme: Sony XPERIA Z UXP for the T-Mobile theme chooser

*******Problems while installing the theme?*******
- If you get a force close at USB storage:
Move the app from /mnt/asec/ to /data/app/ it's a Google issue, I'm sorry!

- Theme is inproperly compiled error. Solution: Set system theme, reboot your phone, set Sony UXP theme

- When installing this theme, you may ignore the "Sorry, this theme is missing assets for your device's screen size." message! :)

Designed for both HDPI and XHDPI devices! Works on CM10, CM9 and AOKP ROMS!

Please have a look at this xda thread for instructions and feedback! ... ?t=1751952

[Themed non-system apps]
- Apex Launcher
- Nova Launcher
- Trebuchet
- Action Launcher Pro
- Default launcher
- Apollo
- Google Music
- Android music player
- Poweramp
- Go Contacts EX
- Go Dialer EX
- exDialer & Contacts
- Camera ICS
- Camera ICS+
- Camera JB+
- Camera Launcher for Nexus 7

Now supporting Android 4.2.1 JellyBean!

What's in this version:
Support for new Superuser by ClockWorkMod

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wodeaigsq — Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:38 pm

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AutoGuard Blackbox Pro v3.2.1

AutoGuard Blackbox Pro v3.2.1
Requirements: Android v2.2+
Overview: AutoGuard records various lengths of video, acceleration, latitude, altitude, and speed. The video recorded can be limited to save space on your phone.

AutoGuard records various lengths of video, acceleration, latitude, altitude, and speed.
The video recorded can be limited to save space on your phone. After the space is filled it will automatically delete the oldest videos, unless marked to be saved.
AutoGuard Pro can be set to automatically start when placed in a car dock and run in the background.
You can adjust video resolution, bitrates, the sensitivity of the accelerator, and GPS update time.

Key Features
- (Pro) Background recording: Multitasking with other apps (like navigation, Some devices do not support this) f000h
- Show the video and map information on one screen.
- Supports high bit-rate
- Automatically starts video recording when put into car dock
- Records driving video, speed, GPS, and nearest address
- Supports high resolution (1080p)
- Traces path driven on Google maps.
- Snapshot (supports auto focus, flash & 3D gallery)
- Send recorded information via E-mail

Pro Version is ad free (AutoGrard Pro Unlocker)

Huge improvements on Auto Quality Recording feature

Widget for Background recording

Support Polish, Czech&Slovak language
Instant start for Auto Start users(No notification)

Support manual flash, focus mode, exposure (for Pro Users)

Support .srt subtitles of location information(Pro)

Anyone who wants to help translating will be welcome.
Thanks. =:)

Recent changes:
Add automatic uploading feature
Support uploading video on Youtube (Pro)
LED blinking while background recording
Support portrait recording
Background recording notification with buttons (ICS & JB users)
Handled external storage path issue for few devices
Show Video thumbnails
Add features: Init preferences, get old stable versions
Using GPS issue handled.
Support High resolution devices
ICS theme
Support External Storages(Pro)

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Note: all pro features available. no key file needed.

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WorldMate Gold v5.5.86

WorldMate Gold v5.5.86
Requirements: Android v2.2+
Overview: WorldMate the world's number one mobile travel app, now on Android.
Just selected as an Android Market Editors Choice!

Join over 10 million travelers who rely on WorldMate to plan, book, and manage their trips.

WorldMate automatically organizes your trip, gives real time flight alerts and many other incredible travel services.
Experience the magic with WorldMate!
Forward your travel reservation (airline/hotel/agent) to [email protected] and you’re good to go.

Book with WorldMate (hotel, rental car or limo) and get 3 months of our premium “Gold” services for FREE!

User Testimonials:
Rob - December 2, 2012
★Would be lost without it!★
If you've travel a lot you need this. Excellent notification, mapping, and even fills in your free time with people you may want to connect with at your destination via LinkedIn.

Joe - November 27, 2012
★My constant companion★
After 4 years of use across Blackberry and now Android, it is still the ultimate meta-travel app!

Matt - November 24, 2012
★Must have★
Every time I buy a new phone, worldmate is my first installed application. In my iPhone and in my Galaxy SIII. It's a must have travel tool

Complimentary Services
• Itinerary Manager– Have all your confirmation emails and trip information organized and easily accessible; and best of all, we’ll let you know if you’re missing accommodation or anything else you forgot to plan
• Flight Reminders- Don’t miss your next flight! A few hours before departure WorldMate will send you a flight reminder
• Flight search- Find the best flight or an alternate route before your agent for over 900 airlines
• Mapping- See your itinerary on a map and know where your hotel, car pickup or next meeting is located
• Directions– Need help getting around? Just click on Get directions and we’ll show you the way via car, foot or public transport
• Travel widget– View your next trip item and updates at a glance or open the full details from your home screen
• Facebook Log in- Use you Facebook credentials in WorldMate and have one less password to remember
• Share itinerary details- Keep your friends and loved ones informed of your travel plans via Facebook or an email summary
• Hotel Price Alerts– We’ll send you an alert if we find a better hotel deal
• Hotel Booking– Exciting booking experience with deal search and improved filters to help you get the best room
• Car Rental– Book a car with ease from hundreds of airports worldwide
• Chauffeured Car Reservation– Get to where you need to go without the worry, book a town car, van or limo from over 5000 locations worldwide
• Express Booking- Opt-in for WorldMate to remember your hotel or car rental payment details, ensuring future bookings remain quick and simple
• Multiple currency Hotel booking support - Book in your home or local currency, or choose the most convenient coinage from the supported currencies.
• Currency Converter– Know how much to pay for over 100 currency exchange rates that are automatically updated daily
• Weather Forecast– See what to wear for the next 5-days when at home or on the road

Premium “Gold” Services
For those road warriors who demand an even higher level of service (Subscriptions are purchased in-app)
• Flight Alerts- Don’t miss your next flight! Receive automatic notification of flight delays, cancellations, and gate changes for over 350 airlines
• Flight Status- Be in control of the skies; check the real-time status for flights from hundreds of airlines
• Calendar Synchronization- Synchronize your WorldMate itinerary to Outlook, or your Android/Google Calendar
• Ad Free- 3rd party advertisements are suppressed for our Gold subscribers

Recent changes:
Minor stability fix.
Previously on WorldMate:
- Past trips access on the go
- Complete optimization for ICS
- UI improvements for Droid or HTC devices.

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Note: all premium features available.

This app has NO advertisements

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Wheres My Droid v4.2.2

The first find your phone app on the Android Market continues to get better and better. Now with more features it is easier then ever to track down your missing phone.

Where's My Droid can turn the ringer volume up and make your phone ring. The app can also get the GPS coordinates with a link to Google maps if you're not near enough to your phone to hear the ringer. You have the freedom to track your phone from anywhere with a text messaged attention word.

Application Features
~ Find phone by making it ring/vibrate
~ Find phone using GPS location
~ Text your attention word
~ Passcode protection to prevent unauthorized app changes
~ Notification of changed SIM card or phone number
~ Stealth Mode hides incoming text with attention word
~ White/Black list to control who can use the app via text
~ No battery drain

Extra Features In Pro
~ Take pictures with the devices camera
~ Remotely lock device
~ Remotely wipe SD card
~ Remotely wipe phone data
~ Use a landline to activate the app
~ Customizable ringtone when lost (Pro or with registration)

Must have Android 2.2 or better


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Fake iPhone 5 Launcher v3.0

NEW!!!! - Due to demand, Now you can set the iphone 5 lock screen as a theme and it can replace your home launcher. Update now and see this.

Iphone 5 Slide to unlock screen is a prank app to fool your friends that you have the screen to unlock feature of the newest iPhone 5 screen that comes with a fully functional set of icons just like iphone 5.
Slide to unlock and the iphone 5 screen will appear.

1 . Some users are reporting that the app contains a "virus". This is NOT true. The reason is that these users use some antiviruses like Dr Web and others which detect apps with startapp advertising company as "adware".
Then these users falsely report virus to scare potential users who want to download the app. Furthermore the ads can be easily removed and this will not affect the use of app. So, i recommend to ignore the warning alerts.that the

2. Due to popular demand, most users requested for a home launcher theme for iPhone 5 app. Your wish is our command. Download now iPhone 5 Launcher fore free here

✓ A lock screen just like iphone 5. Slide to Unlock
✓ All user installed apps are retreived. So you can use them without leaving the app.
✓ A whole new HD iPhone 5 icon set optimized for all screen sizes.
✓ Swipe down for notifications! Now you can access notifications without having to leave the app.
✓ Battery life images to emulate the system's actual battery level.
✓ 24 functioning icons. Each link to user installed apps, if the app is not installed, we direct you to an ad. The advertising revenue helps us support this app and future improvements so please bear this in mind ;)
✓ Five different themes. Check out the options menu settings to change the background of the theme.

NB: This does not require Go Launcher, it's just a prank app to show your friends. So, no downloading other apps. It runs on its own.

You can trick your friends by flipping through the pages and opening some apps to show your friends that it works.
The fake iPhone theme works on all devices with Android including Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus, etc and its pages scale and adjust dynamically based on the phone’s screen resolution and pixel density.

✓✓✓ Feedback ✓✓✓
! Thank you for sending us the crash reports !
Do not give negative ratings, just send us a quick mail and we will fix it or gladly implement it as fast as possible.

✓✓✓ Permissions ✓✓✓
INTERNET & ACCESS NETWORK - for ads and special offers.

✓✓✓ Trademarks ✓✓✓
iPhone is a trademark of Apple Computer Inc.
This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Apple.
All images and ideas are registered trademarks of Apple Computer Inc.
No personal information will ever be stolen from you in our apps.
This application is a fake slide to unlock iPhone screen.

We want to keep our apps completely free as well as clean of intrusive and push ads which users don't like while we keep it updated with more and more features. In order to keep the app 100% free, you will receive the following –
Search shortcut icon on your home screen (see image below).
Search shortcut on your bookmarks.
This will help keep this app 100% free and help us bring you more cool apps like this in the future.
You can delete the search shortcuts easily (Drag & Drop to the garbage), this will not affect the application in anyway.
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Greenify *ROOT* v1.56

Greenify *ROOT* v1.56
Requirements: 3.1+ Root
Overview: No more envy for your friends' iPhone which never become slow and battery hungry after lots of apps installed. With Greenify, your Android device can also run almost as smooth and lasting as the first day you have it!

Greenify help you identify and put the bad behaving apps into hibernation when you are not using them, stop them from battery leeching, memory hogging and stealthy running, in an elegant and unique way! They could do nothing without your explicit launch, while still have full functionality when running in foreground. Like what iOS apps act!

NEW App Analyzer will analyze and show apps in your device that keep running persistent services and those launch itself automatically on a regular basis (when network connectivity changes, or every time you unlock your device, install / uninstall / update your apps, etc).

ROOT is required for Greenify to work. If you are still experiencing hibernation issue, this may be caused by your root management app (e.g. "SuperUser"), please try installing "SuperSU" instead.

Compared to other popular tools aimed for the similar purpose, Greenify give you the unique experience:

◆ Unlike the "Freeze" feature in "TitaniumBackup Pro" that totally disable your app, you can use your app as usual, share content with it, put the widget on your launcher, without any uncomfortable impact on user experience. Greenify is nearly transparent! Set and forget~

◆ Unlike "App Quarantine", you can launch your app in any way as usual. No more crafted app-launch widgets, no more manual disabling.

◆ Unlike "Autostarts", you can benefit almost all its advantages, but never need to deal with the complexity of obscurely named app components, and never lose functionality when app is actively running.

◆ Unlike any "XXX Task Killer", your device never fall into the cat-mouse-game of stealthy-running and aggressive killing, which unnecessarily consumes much battery juice. Since all greenified apps will be put into hibernation until the next time you launch them, there is no need to "kill" them during the hibernation.

As the bottom line, Greenify do need a background persistent "Cleaner" service to put the greenified apps back into hibernation when you are not actively using them. It is designed and implemented in extremely light-weight, with an average RAM footprint at 2M in total.

What's in this version:
Version 1.56
* Significantly improved app performance
* App Analyzer now runs asynchronously, no blocking on UI.
* "Ungreenify" is back to action bar. (previously hidden in action menu)
* Declare ACCESS_SUPERUSER permission as requested by new SuperUser tools.

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