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PerfectShot v1.0 APK

By providing you the most advanced assistances, PerfectShot helps you eliminate chances of imperfect shots and improve your efficiency so you are able to take better shots and have better chance of capturing precious moments.
 PerfectShot v1.0 APK
  • Full auto mode that detect vibration of phone and automatically choose the perfect moment to take the picture. All you need to do is to compose and then hold your phone still. This removed the need of touching the screen button when you take a picture which increased the chance of camera shake, and released you from using both hands. So enjoy blur-free shots and single hand operation! There are also other modes like manual and timer for your convenience.
  • Best virtual horizon assistance in the market! In addition to horizon line, it also gives you 3D guide lines that tells you roll and pitch positioning of your phone. Say goodbye to tilted photos!
  • AR assisted focus & metering area selection! The area you select stays the object and update itself after you re-compose the picture! (Works on supported ICS devices only because not all phones support focus and metering selection)
  • Extreme optimisation provide fast startup time that is on par with the ICS native camera app, as well as a minimum footprint. So you will be ready to shoot faster. It is also seamlessly integrated into Android system that you can set it to take over system camera and start it from lock screen. You can also access photos taken by PerfectShot in the system gallery and share them whatever way you want.
  • Innovative UI design that helps you change your setting fast and accurately.
  • One touch focus & metering area selection.
PerfectShot v1.0 APK
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City Maps 2Go Pro Offline Maps v3.6.9 APK

INCLUDING unlimited maps and guide downloads. 100% offline. No data roaming or WiFi required. The most downloaded app of its kind. Ideal for trips abroad and at home.
Offline maps:
  • 7,800 interactive maps for all parts of the world available
  • millions of POI (restaurants, shops, bars, …)
  • 500,000 Wikipedia abstracts of sites and attractions
  • GPS: find your own location and perform nearby searches
  • search the map for addresses and places while offline
 City Maps 2Go Pro Offline Maps v3.6.9 APK
Wikipedia travel guides:
  • extensive articles with text and images
  • places of interest and tourist attractions
  • add it to your map and use it offline
Power features included:
  • for frequent travelers and mobile heroes icon wink City Maps 2Go Pro Offline Maps v3.6.9 APK
  • add your own places and pins to the map
  • create bookmarks of your favorite places
Use this offline map app and you will never have to carry around a paper city map or guide book. No matter whether you travel to top destinations in the USA, Europe or Asia such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai. Or in your home country. Have reliable, interactive offline maps always available in your pocket, on your smartphone or tablet. Enjoy! icon smile City Maps 2Go Pro Offline Maps v3.6.9 APKWhat’s in this version : (Updated : Feb 28, 2013)
  • New Release: with FREE unlimited downloads of maps and Wikipedia content.
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Power Smash™ Challenge v4.0 APK

Power Smash™ Challenge Build concentration by making plays that match your player’s style; unleashing a super shot that will make your opponent sweat. Enjoy hours of game play through different modes, shots and courts. Power Smash™ Challenge v4.0 APK
Unleash top spins, slice shots, lobs and drop shots through different touch gestures
Adjust your shot in different stadiums and environments as you compete on clay, grass, hard or indoor courts.
Compete in Singles or Doubles challenges
  • SPT World Tour: Pick a customizable character to compete through full seasons of competition around the globe. Earn money by progressing through matches to buy your way into new tournaments. Each real world day offers new challenges.
  • Exhibition Match: Dive into the game and select from any unlocked courts and characters in single or doubles mode.
  • Multiplayer: Challenge your friend face to face over Bluetooth
Power Smash™ Challenge v4.0 APKl

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    franco.Kernel updater v8.8.5 apk

    Requirements: 4.0 and up
    Overview: Download latest franco kernel from this app!
     franco.Kernel updater v8.8.5This application supports the following devices:
    * Galaxy Nexus – 4.0.3, 4.0.4, 4.1, 4.1.1, 4.1.2 and 4.2.*
    * HTC One X International Version (Tegra 3 variant)
    * Samsung Galaxy SIII International Version (Quad-core variant)
    * Asus Google Nexus 7This application and kernel will ONLY work with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3/4.0.4 or Jelly Bean 4.1/4.1.1/4.1.2 and you need root and a custom recovery to flash the .zip. If you don’t have root or a custom recovery please check this fabulous tool:… … ?t=1392310……
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    Sliding Messaging Pro v4.50 apk

    Sliding Messaging Pro
    Current Version:
    Requires Android:
    4.0 and up

     Sliding Messaging Pro v4.50 
    If you are having problems receiving notifications, you may need to uninstall 3rd party messengers such as Go SMS.When using this app, do not disable the stock messaging app as I use it to permanently save messages to the phone. You can however, disable notifications for it so that you don't receive 2 of them. Please remember the app is still in beta and evolving every day. Let me know if something is missing or not working how you feel it should and I will do my best to correct it!

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    Meeting Minutes Pro v23 (Android 4.0+) apk

    Title:Meeting Minutes Pro
    Current Version:
    Varies with device
    Requires Android:
    Varies with device
    Meeting Minutes Pro is a simple but powerful, user-friendly and intuitive app to Organize, Store and Track Meetings, Participants, Agenda, Discussion and Action Items. It has a simple easy to use UI coupled with rich functionality and features to increase your productivity and make you a pro at organizing, tracking and managing meetings.

    What’s in this version:
    Release 2.5 – Added the following features. Please read FAQ in the app for more info
    1. Feature to export/import Settings Meeting Minutes Pro v23 (Android 4.0+)
    2. Google License Validation
    3. New keyboard shortcuts
    4. Option to use 3rd party file browser apps instead of internal file browser
    5. UI improvement – Increased thickness of separator in lists
    6. Bug Fix – Owner of meeting also imported as a participant
    7. Bug Fix – Allow customization of labels for ‘Open’ and ‘Closed’ Action Item status
    8. Other minor bug fixes
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    Defence Effect v1.0.3 apk

    Title:Defence Effect
    Current Version:
    Requires Android:
    2.2 and up
    Arcade & Action

    We present you the new game – Defence Effect. Interesting gameplay, serious opponents and innovative game mechanics. Three game modes: Campaign with free opportunity to try each type of weapon, Survival, where you'll need to earn your weapon and Infinity with unlimited enemy number!
    In 2020, The Most Global World Crisis hit the Earth into darkness of internecine wars and local conflicts.comskyjetdefenceeffectfree 8 0 Defence Effect v1.0.3
    You are a soldier of the free Republic of Soledad. You should defend your lands from the invasion of the Armada of General Kuhn and for that you have a bunker turret, variety of weapons and infinite ammo.
    Protect your lands. Sector by sector. Building by building.
    Harness the power of various weapons. Such as Gaussian Gun, which can pierce through the armor of many tanks. Or gun Avenger, which will turn the enemy tank in the sieve in one second! Or you prefer artillery? You can also use modifiers so playing rounds will be even more interesting!

    Download Instructions:…
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    Root Toolbox PRO v2.2.1 apk

    Current Version:
    Requires Android:
    1.6 and up
    Overview: Root Toolbox Pro version
     Root Toolbox PRO v2.2.1
    Current Features:
    -Wipe Delvik
    -Wipe Battery Stats
    -Remount System
    -Backup/Restor/Flash/Erase Recovery
    -Fix permissions
    -Launch Hidden Menu
    -Fix Market Links
    -Sim Settings
    -Update Busybox
    -CM7 Themes
    -Restart Status Bar
    -Dual Mount Sdcard + EXT
    -System App Remover/Backup/Restore
    -Enable/Disable Boot Animation
    -Read Logcat
    -Display Device Information
    -Download To Change Sdcard Read Speed
    -Wipe All Webview Cache
    -MD5 Sum Fixer
    -Package Manager
    -Debug Message
    -Install Non-Market App

    All suggestions on features I can add or change to improve this app are always welcome. Please fill free to E-mail me and ill get back to you as soon as possable.……
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    SuperSU Pro v1.25 Patched apk

    Current Version:
    Requires Android:
    2.1 and up
    SuperSU allows for advanced management of Superuser access rights for all the apps on your device that need root. SuperSU has been built from the ground up to counter a number of problems with other Superuser access management tools. 

    What’s in this version:
    - Added basic tablet theme
    - New prompt activity for >= API 14 (Android 4.0)
    - Changed default theme+icon to light+emblem (you can change it back in settings, if you want)
    - Fixed custom dialog box themes in light+darkactionbar theme
    - Fixed issues with the light theme
    - Various minor modifications to UI
    - Several security improvements SuperSU Pro v1.25 Patched
    - Added TWRP/CWM binary installer
    - android.permission.ACCESS_SUPERUSER – detection and display (disabled by default, see settings)
    - Fixed process name detection issue
    - Freeloader option (I’m not sure this is staying, so enjoy it while you can)
    - Internal refactoring
    - Updated language files

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