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Jelly Bean Keyboard PRO v1.8.3 apk

PRO Only features:

  • Themes: compatible with GO keyboard themes, Better Keyboard themes, and most keyboard themes on the market!
  • Fonts: change keyboard fonts!
  • Key height, width, key size customizations!
  • No annoying ads!
  • Help developer feed his kids!
Jelly Bean Keyboard PRO v1.8.3 APK
It's even better than the original Jelly Bean keyboard:
  • Compatible with most android devices
  • Features that are incompatible with older phones were removed to make the keyboard faster
  • Bigger Keys!
  • Reduced app size by exporting non-English languages as separate downloads
  • More user friendly
Supported 40+ languages layout:

English, English UK, Arabic, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Bulgarian BDS, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French (Canada), French QWERTY, Georgian, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Kirghiz, Latvian, Macedonian, Norwegian Bokmal, Persian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

What's in this version: (Updated : Nov 12, 2012)

  • Support all new emoji

Download : Jelly Bean Keyboard PRO v1.8.3.apk

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Hunters: Episode One v1.0.0 (ETC) APK (cracked/full)

Hunters: Episode One v1.0.0 (ETC) APK Reviewed by ANDROIDZ APK Rating: 4.5

Status: Cracked/full | Additional files: SD Data/TB/Cache files | Category: Games

Set in a Universe where contracts rule, in Hunters you can build a team of Mercenaries and become the most renowned Bounty Hunters in the Galaxy.Episode One is a turn-based strategy developed exclusively for mobile devices by Rodeo Games. Develop your own tactics and style of play in this turn based strategy game. Each day you'll receive a set of contracts direct to the Bridge of your Spaceship, which you’ll have 24 real time hours to complete.Customise your team of Hunters with weapons and armour, before dropping into the turn based strategy game. Navigate your Hunters through richly detailed environments. Take down AI controlled enemies and complete your Contract Objectives. Buy bigger, more powerful weapons. Stronger armor. Better equipment. New stock is available every hour. Grow your team. Gain more equipment, upgrades, and special abilities. Build the most powerful team of mercenaries in the Universe.

Hunters: Episode One v1.0.0 (ETC) APK

Hunters: Episode One v1.0.0 (ETC).apk
Hunters: Episode One v1.0.0 (ETC) sd data

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Dropsync PRO v2.4.7 apk

Requirements: 2.0 and up
Rock-solid, battery efficient, full two-way(!) sync client for Dropbox. Keep your phone/tablet and your Dropbox in sync at all times. Rock-solid, battery efficient, full two-way(!) sync client for Dropbox."Just like the desktop version of Dropbox, Dropsync supports true two-way data synchronization." --New York Times

* Full two-way sync. Just like Dropbox on desktop
* Instant upload: new files (for example photos) are uploaded to Dropbox immediately, no need to wait for the next autosync cycle
* Very efficient, consumes almost no battery if there is no change detected and will not slow down your phone either
* Very easy to set up. Once set up files will be kept in sync without any effort from users
* Works reliably under ever changing network conditions on your phone
* Monitors battery level, WiFi/3G/4G/WiMax connectivity and adapts its behavior according to user preferences
* Configurable autosync interval: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, every hour,...
* Tasker/Locale plugin to allow power users to define sophisticated sync schedules and conditions
* Compact code size, memory efficient, no fancy graphics, no useless animation. We have enough bloatware. Do one thing and do it best
Beware that there are many apps out there on the Market which claim doing sync but in fact what they do is one-way upload or download.
Dropsync provides the essential feature, two-way sync, which should be in the official Dropbox for Android since the beginning. For whatever reason it wasn't and still isn't. Now you have it.
If you are a serious Dropbox user and want more flexibility, please consider upgrading to PRO version.

* Sync multiple folders
* Sync the whole Dropbox with a folder on your phone or tablet
* Upload files larger than 5 MB
* No ads, of course

Download : Dropsync PRO v2.4.7.apk

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ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form v2.0.1.1 apk

Requirements: Android OS 2.1+
Good for application forms, school tests, and contracts. Fill out your PDF form with ezPDF Reader. Sign with Freehand, and send via email. Multimedia PDF Viewer - Audio, Video, and TTS (using device's built-in Text-to-Speech feature)
It also plays multimedia files embedded into PDF. Perfect solution for PDF based audio/video-enabled Ebooks, such as children's books and instructional manuals. (Multimedia file format must be compatible to your Android device, However, no support for Flash) Use Voice Reading feature to have documents read to you with the continuous automatic page-turning feature. (It uses TTS feature of the hardware settings) Annotation Features on PDF - No need to print for marking
Useful tool to add text in text box and sticky notes; highlight, underline, or cross out texts; draw rectangles, ovals and freehand drawings. Add memo & append images from camera shots or galleries, change color / thickness, resize and move them around as you like. All these comments are compatible with Adobe® Acrobat®. (PC or Mac version) Please download "ezPDF Reader Cloud Plugin" App for uploading and downloading files between Google Docs & ezPDF Readeer.
 ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form v2.0.1.1
What's in this version:

  • Page Label is supported.
  • State about double page viewing is remembered in PDF View.
  • Menus is grouped for accessibillity improvement.
  • Last punctuation is ignored when you use context menu for selected text like Search, ColorDict.
  • Bugfix.

Download : ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form v2.0.1.1.apk

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