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Championship Karting 2012 v1.0 apk

Championship Karting 2012 v1.0 apk Reviewed by ANDROIDZ APK Rating: 3.5

Apk Title: Championship Karting 2012 | version:1.0 | Status: Cracked/full | Android OS: 1.6 and up | Category: Games 

There a number of challenging tracks to test your driving skills to the max and two racing modes: tournament and quick race. In tournament mode you can unlock new events and karts by completed a number of exhilarating challenges, while practice your driving skills in quick race mode. Whizz around the track, overtake your rivals and make sure you are first to the finish line to pick up the Championship Karting crown! 


  • A great selection of different tracks to test your driving skills.
  • 2 modes: tournament and free race
  • 3 different types of events to challenge you in tournament mode: race, time attack and eliminate.
  • Unlock new events and karts by winning races and collecting cash.
  • Fill your trophy cabinet by completing all the race achievements.
  • Great music and sounds creates the big race atmosphere.

Download: Karting 2012 v1.0.apk(


Championship Karting 2012 v1.0 apk  screenshot 1

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Launcher 7 - Donate v1.1.14.7 apk

Launcher 7 - Donate v1.1.14.7 apk Reviewed by ANDROIDZ APK Rating: 4.6

Apk Title: Launcher 7 – Donate , version: Status: full/ Cracked, Android OS: 4.0 and up Category: Launcher

The Windows phone 7 lookalike launcher, almost like the real thing and in some ways even better!
- 1x1, 2x1 and 1x2 tiles with configurable colors
- Widgets in a tile! (provided that widget fits)
- Almost real like tile animation
- Almost real like tile re-arrange mode
- Almost real like status bar
- Animated contacts tile (supports G+ synced contacts)
- Pinnable contact-tile which animates like the real phone
- Folder tiles
- Webpage tiles
- Picture hub (use with care, it needs memory!!!!)
- Filterable application list
- Stock wp7-like colors and color selection

Change Log:

  • This update should be delivered for ICS and JB devices only.
  • - Several 4.x fixes all around the L7
  • - Brand new tile adding and modification dialogs
  • - 16/09: READ_CALL_LOG permission added because JellyBean requires it
  • May still have some issues, but is generally lot better in 4.x than so I decided to do the release.


Launcher 7 - Donate v1.1.14.7

Launcher 7 - Donate v1.1.14.6 7 - Donate v1.1.14.6.apk 7 - Donate v1.1.14.6.apk


 Launcher 7 - Donate v1.1.14.7 screenshot 1

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Auto Call Recorder Pro v3.13 apk

Auto Call Recorder Pro v3.13 Reviewed by ANDROIDZ APK Rating: 4

Apk Title: Auto Call Recorder Pro | version: 3.13 | Status: Cracked/full | Android OS: 2.1 and up | Category: Call recorder

Record all desired calls on your phone.Select which calls to record:You can record all calls or only those that are from numbers that are not in your contacts.You can play, save and share the recorded calls.Please note that on some devices recording a call is no possible so please try the free version first.
Auto call recorder also supports wav , ANR, 3gp formats.Recording on an external sd card or any location desired is also possible.
The audio source is now configurable.For playing the 3gp format you can use the "MX Video Player".

Change Log:

  • Some critical bugs were fixed.

Download: Call Recorder Pro v3.13.apk


Auto Call Recorder Pro v3.13  screenshot 1 Auto Call Recorder Pro v3.13  screenshot 2

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