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Documents To Go v3.004 FULL

Documents To Go v3.004 FULL apk Reviewed by ANDROIDZ APK Rating: 4

Apk Title: Documents To Go | version: 3.004 | Status:Cracked/full | Android OS: 2.0 or up | Category: Office Suite 

Documents to Go has got to be the perfect MS Office Suite out there. I do know that there are quite a few alternatives available, however most of them lack in functionality, are either missing a feature or two, or just aren’t good enough. Documents to Go however, is like having Microsoft Office right on your Android, and probably the next best thing to actually having MS Office with you.Editing options are quite powerful, with text-formatting, undo/redo, and bullet support at your disposal in MS Word files. You can also view graphics, tables, comments, footnotes, text boxes, table of contents and hyperlinks in a Word doc. You can even open password-protected files here.In an Excel file, you have access to 111 functions! You can freeze rows/columns, open password protected files, perform cell & number formatting insert/delete/resize/hide/unhide rows & columns, rename/insert/delete sheets or use the find/find next feature.

Change Log:


Download: To Go v3.004 FULL.apk


Documents To Go v3.004 apk s1

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Tapatalk Forum App v2.3.1 build 112 apk

Tapatalk Forum App v2.3.1 build 112 apk Reviewed by ANDROIDZ APK Rating: 5

Apk Title: Tapatalk Forum App | version: v2.3.1 build 112 | Status:Cracked/full | Android OS:2.0 and up | Category: Browser/Utilities

If you have ever tried to visit a forum using an Internet browser on your Android device you know what a nightmare it can be. The multitude of layouts you will encounter can have you scrolling, pinching, zooming, and swiping until your fingers are numb. Enter the Tapatalk Forum App. Tapatalk houses over 35,000 of the most popular public forums right inside the app. From online games to technology, animals to extreme couponing, there is a forum out there to suit your interests. Browse the 13 categories or search for a particular forum in Tapatalk's easy-to-use interface. You can find anything and everything with this app. Once you have found the forums you want to read it is easy to add them to your favorites for quicker access. Then you simply log in to the app and read your private messages or reply to current topics. You can also easily start a thread about something that piques your interest. You can also mark the topics you care about on your forums.

Change Log:

  • Fixed Color Pack issue
  • Allowed special character in Tapatalk ID

Download: Forum App v2.3.1 build 112 apk Forum App v2.3.1 build 112 apk


androidzapk-iMages androidzapk-iMages2

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Jelly Jump v1.0.4 apk

Jelly Jump v1.0.4 apk Reviewed by ANDROIDZ APK Rating: 3.5

Apk Title: Jelly Jump | version: 1.0.4 | Status: Full-cracked | Android OS: 1.6 or above | Category: Games 

Our penguin is a lovable but a very sad little creature, since he was little he LOVED to dance, he danced everywhere he could! Until he realized that his friends were making fun of him, thinking that he is a silly little penguin. So he decided to go on a journey and look for new friends across the universe, friends that will accept him and his passion for dancing! On his journey he meets creepy enemies and discovers magnificent treasures, he jumps on fluttery jelly fish, fluffy clouds and space satellites.

Change Log:

  • Jelly Jump is now better integrated with PlayScape!

Download: Jump v1.0.4.apk


Jelly Jump v1.0.4 s1 Jelly Jump v1.0.4 s2

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