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Root Triangle Away v1.90 apk

Triangle Away v1.90 apkTriangle Away v1.90 apk Away can remove the yellow triangle from your boot screen as well as reset the flash counter
Many Samsung devices store a flash counter that keeps track of how many times you have flashed *custom* firmwares to your device. On some devices, a yellow triangle or other sort of visual warning is also displayed during boot if you are running a *custom* firmware. TriangleAway was built do disable the triangle (if a visual warning is present) and reset the custom ROM flash counter to 0. This app requires root !You can find out the current status of your flash counter and firmware state (custom or official) by booting into "download mode" on most devices. The usual way of getting into "download mode" is by first turning off your device, then turning it on by pressing and holding volumedown+home+power. Alternatively, the "adb reboot download" command also often works.
Note#2: on the SGS3, the "system modified" status can only be reset on some firmwares.
This app has been used successfully on:
Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 **
Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 **
Samsung Galaxy Note GT-I9220 **
Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 **
Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300T **
Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N8000 10.1" 3G **
Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N801x 10.1" Wi-Fi **
Samsung Galaxy S3 AT&T
Samsung Galaxy S3 Sprint
Samsung Galaxy S3 T-Mobile
Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon
Samsung Galaxy S3 Canadia
Samsung Galaxy S3 US Cellular
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P310x 7" 3G
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P311x 7" Wi-Fi
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P510x 10.1" 3G
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P511x 10.1" Wi-Fi
Various related models are supported depending on firmware, but only the exact model numbers listed are supported regardless of firmware version.
Whether or not Triangle Away works depends largely on your kernel. Flashing a different kernel may make it work if it previously didn't.
Variants that are NOT based on Exynos processors but rather on Qualcomm or Nvidia processors are NOT expected to work. I honestly would NOT try (until further notice) - examples are the Skyrocket and AT&T Note.
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ADW.Elegant Theme v1.2.9.2 apk

ADW.Elegant Theme v1.2.9.2 apk
ADW.Elegant Theme v1.2.9.2 apk This ADW theme aims to give your device class and elegance. It includes an Icon Pack, Wallpapers and Docks to choose from. 
Download ADW.Elegant Theme v1.2.9.2 apk:
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Grand Canyon Live Wallpaper HD v1.3.0 apk

Grand Canyon Live Wallpaper HD v1.3.0 apkGrand Canyon Live Wallpaper HD v1.3.0 apk
Animated landscape of the torrid desert with a view of the Grand Canyon
Download Grand Canyon Live Wallpaper HD v1.3.0 apk:
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LINE camera v2.4.1 apk

LINE camera v2.4.1 apkLINE camera v2.4.1 Make your photos fun & attractive?With "LINE camera" you can decorate all your photos easily!
This free app lets you have fun with cute and hilarious designs!
Of course, we have included the usual popular characters
from the LINE app for you to use with your photos easily.
?LINE camera Features?
?Many different frames and stamps are available
Decorate to your heart’s content with over 100 different frames and 800 fabulous stamps including popular ones from the LINE app.
?Cute and fashionable filters
 Download LINE camera v2.4.1 apk:
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FPse for android v0.11.31 apk

FPse for android v0.11.31 apkFPse for android v0.11.31 apk for Android is the fastest and most compatible PSone (also known as PSX or Playstation 1) emulator for handheld devices.

Create an ISO image from your favorite games and enjoy playing them on your Android phone.
FPse features the following:
-High performance
-High compatibility
-High sound quality
-Real-time save states
-Audio track emulation (using .cue files)
-Dynamically loadable Overlay Pads
-Guncon emulation
-Analog Stick emulation (using touchscreen slide)
-Compatible with G-Sensor, Touchscreen and Hardware keys
-Supports .img, .iso, .bin, .cue, .nrg and .Z disc image formats

Grab and enjoy this initial release!

A few tips to improve your gameplay experience:
-in Landscape orientation DPAD and Main 4 buttons are activated, if you want to activate all others, go in menu/input/touchscreen and select others buttons.
-Create a default configuration by setting your desired options and then selecting “Default Config Save” in the System Menu.
-CALL, BACK, VOLUME UP/DOWN buttons can be assigned as PSone buttons but can be used is not assigned.
-Guncon emulation requires the A and B buttons to be mapped to Hardware keys. By default: L3 = A and R3 = B.
-SPUSync is required for proper sound quality in certain games such as MGS and FFVII.
-Frameskip set to 50 will avoid sound stuttering on load end device or with somes games that use much CPU.

What's in this version:
FPse 0.11.31 changes:
- Fix for opengl slowdown?
- Fix for black screen when exiting menu

Download FPse for android v0.11.31 apk:
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SlideIT Keyboard v4.5 apk

SlideIT Keyboard v4.5 apkSlideIT Keyboard v4.5 apk is the best keyboard for Android devices. The innovative Android keyboard for quick and easy writing.
SlideIT keyboard is an excellent tool for entering text, replacing your touchscreen keyboard. SlideIT keyboard enables users to dramatically improve writing speed with practically no learning curve.
Instead of entering text by tapping on the keyboard letters, SlideIT keyboard eases texting by sliding a finger along the keyboard letters, while the words “magically” appear on the screen.SlideIT's many great features make it the ultimate time-saving keyboard for Android devices. Writing e-mail, SMS messaging or just chating with your friends on a small touchscreen is now easy and fun!
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Samurai Rush v1.3 apk

Samurai Rush v1.3 apkSamurai Rush v1.3 apk They attacked your village. Many are slain. Many are taken. You must run after them, don't let them stop you, and free your friends and family.

Make your way through 30 levels including 3 boss fights in the full version of this beautifully painted samurai sword fighting/running game.
You die from only one hit so you have to outmanouver your enemies by changing position close to them or parry their attacks. Some levels are quite puzzling, but there are multiple solutions and the many checkpoints will help your progress.

Prepare yourself to face countless enemies and tough bosses. Will you have the samurai skills needed to complete this mission? 
Download :
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Jelly Defense 1.11 (v1.11) Apk

Jelly Defense 1.11 (v1.11) Apk

Jelly defense 1.11

Jelly Defense 1.11 (v1.11) Apk is the latest version of Jelly Defense Apk. Jelly Defense 1.11 is another cool game release by infinity Dreams. Join the jelly force and lead them to glory in this uneven fight against invaders. With its beautiful graphics Jelly Defense 1.11 has more fun than you ever thought. Jelly Defense 1.11 is already added in Top Developer due to its so many downloads. It is basically a tower defense game which required Android v2.2 or above with 49MB of free space. Download Jelly Defense 1.11 Apk from the links added below.DOWNLOAD MIRROR CREATOR
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