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iPhone 4S Lock Screen Theme v2.0 apk (android)

iPhone 4S Lock Screen Theme v2.0
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Amazing Lockscreen for your smartfone! Get the best lockscreen out there. Fool your friends showing the latest iOS 5.1 iPhone's Lockscreen on your Android device

iPhone 4S Lock Screen Theme
Amazing Lockscreen for your smartfone! Get the best lockscreen out there. Fool your friends showing the latest iOS 5.1 iPhone's Lockscreen on your Android device. Works smoothly than other iPhone Lockscreen out there and best part ....its free!!! The lockscreen is the only one in android market which contains the camera button on the lockscreen like the latest iOS 5.1 default screen for Apple devices.The theme has been extensively tested on all the major handsets including Samsung,HTC, LG, Motorola,Sony
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Does not need go locker ex & go launcher ex

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Kitty Live Wallpaper (lwp) v1.02 apk

Kitty Live Wallpaper v1.02
Requirements: Android 2.1 or higher
Overview: This Kitty live wallpaper is packed with features!
The background changes from dawn, to daytime, to dusk, to night! There are 13 different styles of kitty to choose from.Put custom text over the built in clock, SMS and Call notifications are displayed on the clock. Battery life is displayed as yellow border around clock.
HTC Sense fix for sense users unable to scroll there wallpaper.
Double tap screen to hide/show clock, tapping clock opens default clock app. Tap notifications to open SMS app or call log.
Birds fly in the background, turn fog on or off, falling sparkles, hello kitty, or hearts over the screen.

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ROM Toolbox Pro v5.1.6 apk

ROM Toolbox Pro v5.1.6 New Build 25th July

Requirement: Android 2.0 or higher
Overview: ROM Toolbox is the MUST HAVE app for any rooted user.
ROM Toolbox is the MUST HAVE app for any rooted user.ROM Toolbox combines all the great root apps all tied up into one monster app with a beautiful and user-friendly interface. It also adds many more unseen features!
ROM Toolbox has been featured on LifeHacker, XDA-Developers, Droid-Life, Android Central, RootzWiki, Android Police, DroidForums, MyDroidWorld and other popular sites. With one of the highest ratings in the top 100 paid apps it's an easy must have app.What's in the last version:
ROM Toolbox is having a giveaway. With your purchase of the app you will also be entered to win the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the phone of your choice plus other prizes!
We have tons of features we are working on! This is what's new in the latest version:
- Revamped the Root Browser
- Two tabs for managing files
- Toolbar for easy customization
- Navigation bar for faster browsing
- A bunch of other changes for the Root Browser
- Revamped the Font Installer
- Fixed boot ani installs for some phonesInstructions:
1. Install ROM Toolbox Pro (Don't run)
2. Install LuckyPatcher (Run, custom patch!)
3. Enjoy
Remove version 5.1.4 or other previous version including data first.
Clear Data to Luckypatcher, and run LuckyPatcher the custom patch will be saved to /sdcard/LuckyPatcher/
Install 5.1.6 and don't run ROM toolbox, then use Lucky Patcher to remove the protection via custom patch
Reboot Phone.
Apk and patcher:
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IM+ Pro v6.3.2 apk

IM+ Pro v6.3.2

Requirements: 2.1+
Overview: Beep, Skype, MSN, Facebook Chat, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, VKontakte & more.
IM+ Pro. One app, all your messaging.

IM+ Pro has all your messaging needs covered, regardless of whether you want to text your address book contacts or stay in touch with your IM contacts.
Introducing Beep: free mobile-to-mobile in-app messenger.
We figured you've been looking for a free alternative to SMS for a while now. And now we've got that right in IM+ Pro.
Whenever you send and receive text messages, photos or voice messages, IM+ Beep will make sure that your message was successfully sent and notify you when it is safely delivered. Push will make incoming messages instantly pop up on your device.
Always on, always instant, always fun.
IM+ Pro supports all major IM services, including Facebook, Skype, MSN/Live Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo!, AIM/iChat, ICQ, RenRen, Jabber, VKontakte, Yandex IM, Odnoklassniki.Ru and Mail.Ru Agent.

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Lucky Patcher v2.0.9 apk (root)

Lucky Patcher v2.0.9
Requirements: Android 2.1+, Rooted devices
Overview: You can use this patcher to break some apps' Android Market License Verification or other Verifications.

Version 2.0.9
~ update translation

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Titanium Backup Pro apk (root)

Titanium Backup Pro apk root Lucky Patcher v2.0.8.1
Requirements: ANDROID 1.0 and up
Overview: EXTREMELY powerful tool. Backup ALL apps, Market links, remove bloatware & MORE! Titanium Backup is the most powerful backup tool on Android, and then some.
You can backup, restore, freeze (with Pro) your apps + data + Market links. This includes all protected apps & system apps, plus external data on your SD card. You can do 0-click batch & scheduled backups. Backups will operate without closing any apps (with Pro). You can move any app (or app data) to/from the SD card. You can browse any app's data and even query the Market to see detailed information about the app.What's in this version:
• [PRO] Added support for extracting apps/data from CWM6 "version 2" backups.
• [PRO] Fixed FC with XML backup/restore of Wi-Fi networks on Android 3.2.
1. Install the latest version of Titanium Backup into Internal Memory (Don't run)
2. Install LuckyPatcher (Run, custom patch!)
3. Enjoy
New metod for Titanium Backup:
Open Lucky Patcher, Hold on TB: Remove license verification > AutoTrue!

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Iron Fist Boxing v4.1.0 apk with sd data files

Iron Fist Boxing v4.1.0 apk with sd data files
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Overview: IRON FIST BOXING is the original real-time 3D MMA fighting game on

Now fully optimized for Tegra and MALI 400 MP (Galaxy)
IRON FIST BOXING is the original real-time 3D MMA fighting game on Android. With a totally revamped input system, a longer career mode, more game mIron Fist Boxing v4.1.0 apk with sd data filesodes, and more characters than ever. Click on MORE to learn why you should get IRON FIST BOXING now !
This is it. WOW!, Kicking butt.This game is awesome, think Real Racing for boxing! The 3D engine is superb. I hardly ever give 5 starts trust me, so far the demo deserves it. I’m buying the full version now. If this was made by Gameloft or some other big developer, this would be in the top 25, I’m pretty sure.”
- American Shorthair
Today, you’ve decided to take your fighting career to a new level. Training hard for the World circuit, your arms ache as you pummel the punching bag, building the muscles, focus and technique that you’ll need to win.

Install the APK
Copy extracted folder to /sdcard/obb/
Launch the game
SD files: (sdcard/Android/obb)

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Camera FV-5 v1.22 apk

Camera FV-5 v1.22unnamed
Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: Camera FV-5 is a professional camera application for mobile devices, that puts DSLR-like manual controls in your fingertips.
Tailored to enthusiast and professional photographers, with this camera application you can capture the best raw photographs so that you can post-process them later and get stunning results. The only limit is your imagination and creativity!This camera application completely avoids scene modes, instead you get full manual control over all photographic parameters, just like you do with a reflex camera, so you can ultimately control every aspect of the picture, and leave the post-processing to the computer. So after your DSLR, you will never miss a photo opportunity again, being able to capture it with the closer sensation to your DSLR as possible.
What's in this version:
- Fixed: wrong GPS timestamps were added to JPEG EXIF metadata.
- Fixed: app available again in devices running Android 2.2.
- Fixed: crash with geotagging enabled and running Android 2.2.
- Other small bugfixes.

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System Tuner Pro v2.3.1 apk

System Tuner Pro v2.3.1unnamed
Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: The most complete all-in-1 Android system tuner for your phones and tablets!Monitor and record your phone's logs, app/process activities, CPU, memory (RAM, internal storage, internal & external SD).
By far the lowest consumption monitoring app!
App checked with Privacy Inspector! If you don't want WIFI, BT, PHONE and GPS permissions, please check app 'Limited System Tuner Pro'.
Use logcat to debug or help debug your favorites apps
Use terminal emulator for direct linux commands
Highly configurable! Check web-site for app consumption!
What's in this version:
Fix tweak screens possibly blank when switching apps
Fix sysctl not available on some devices/ROMs
Fix build.prop restore

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Battery Monitor Widget Pro v2.5.1 apk

unnamedBattery Monitor Widget Pro v2.5.1
Requirements: Android 1.5 and up
Overview: Complete battery monitoring with notification icon, history, graphics and alarmsMeasures real battery capacity using historical data!
Display all information using great looking graphics, fully scrollable and zoomable.
Use additional packages to show great looking icons in notification bar
Display historical graphics or battery data on your home screen using widgets of various sizes!
Triggers alarm based on battery data (voltage and temperature limits)
Manually resets battery calibration/statistics on rooted phone
Support Motorola Defy/Atrix 1% reporting
Online help accessible from settings
Export data to System Tuner Pro to analyze which process is responsible for battery drain!

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Samsung Apps v2.7.032 (root)

Samsung Apps v2.7.032
Requirement: Android 2.3 or higher
Overview: Explore apps on your mobile, anytime, anywhere.Samsung Apps allows you to simply and easily download an abundance of applications to your phone.
Featuring a wealth of games, news, reference, social networking, navigation, and more applications.
Samsung Apps makes your Smartphone smarter.
Download applications on your PC and transfer them to your mobile.
Explore apps on your mobile, anytime, anywhere.
Samsung Apps introduces boundless possibilities for your mobile life.
Install Samsung Kies on your PC and enjoy the option of browsing through Samsung Apps on your large computer monitor.
You can install applications through the website by wireless regardless of time and place.

Download the and install it via CWM Recovery enjoy people! :)


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