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Titanium Backup Pro v5.4.2.1 apk (root)

Titanium Backup Pro(links at bottom)

Titanium Backup is the most powerful backup tool on Android, and then some.
You can backup, restore, freeze (with Pro) your apps + data + Market links. This includes all protected apps & system apps, plus external data on your SD card. You can do 0-click batch & scheduled backups.

Backups will operate without closing any apps (with Pro). You can move any app (or app data) to/from the SD card. You can browse any app's data and even query the Market to see detailed information about the app.

What's in this version : (Updated : Jul 22, 2012)
This is a bugfix release. Have a look at changes in 5.4.2 too!
Improved messages restore from XML: bad MMS entries are no longer restored, to keep MMS app from crashing.
Fixed bug in messages restore from XML: TB 5.4.2 failed to restore SMS on some ROMs.
[PRO] Fixed FC when backing up the Wi-Fi networks to XML, if Wi-Fi was disabled.
[PRO] Fixed bug when backing up the Wi-Fi networks to XML: sometimes the DHCP-assigned values were (wrongly) included in backups.

Updated translations.
lucky patcher::

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Animal Puzzles for Toddlers HD v1 apk

Animal Puzzles for Toddlers HD v1
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Animal Puzzles for Toddlers and Kids Game HD!

Educational puzzles for toddlers and young kids containing over 20 great colorful puzzles with 100's of animals. Great music and sound which will keep your young one entertained for countless hours! Read further down for some users comments!
Great colorful puzzles for children 2 to 8 years.
"Puzzles for Toddlers and Kids" is an educational and entertaining game for kids and toddlers between the ages 2 to 8 years old.
The game contains colorful graphics and cheerful sounds to keep children interested and motivated to finalize the puzzle. The game offers a great learning exercise and a fundamental introduction of toddlers and young kids to the physics of digital movements.
By completion of each puzzle, fireworks and happy cheering will indicate that the puzzle has been solved correctly.
An exclusive parent control feature allows parents to control sound, puzzles, start and finish of the game.

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Doodle Run v2.6 [Offline] apk

Doodle Run v2.6 [Offline]
Requirements: Android 2.1+Download

Doodle Dash is an action game, playable and simple to control.
Doodle protagonist is a brave warrior, running in a different world, the eradication of ninjas, mummies, vampires and more!
Run as much as possible during the collection of weapons and life, to be a higher score.
Do the dash. Do the Doodle Dash!


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Death Racing v1.05 AdFree apk

Death Racing v1.05 AdFree
Requirements: Android v2.1+
Overview: Challenge the extreme of speed and distance!
Fast paced 3D racing game and easy to get started
Unlock most fantastic cars by skillful plays, and challenge the extreme of speed and distance!
Enjoy the feeling of speed and power, need for more speed and power by this car racing
Complete bounty missions and earn honorable achievements;
Enjoy beautiful views along roads, bridges, seashore and more;


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SHADOWGUN THD v1.1.2 apk (android)

Requirements: Android
Overview:  Now Optimized for NVIDIA Tegra 3 Powered Devices Tegra 3-optimized version of Shadowgun features console-quality water, enhanced rag-doll physics, particle effects, enhanced shaders and dynamic textures. These are only possible using Tegra 3's multi-core capabilities, and they make for a truly immersive and realistic gaming experience.
The year is 2350, and corrupt intergalactic corporations are the rule of law, hiring bounty hunters and mercs to do their bidding. The best of the best are known as SHADOWGUNS.
SHADOWGUN puts you into the role of John Slade, the galaxy’s most infamous bounty hunter. Your mission: hunt down Dr. Edgar Simon, maniacal genius and leader of his own mutant army. Infiltrate Dr. Simon’s mountain fortress and fight his personal guard of cyborgs, battle droids, and genetically-enhanced humanoids. Using state-of-the-art weaponry, ships, and the assistance of S.A.R.A.—Slade’s personal android assistant—SHADOWGUN combines intense tactical combat with 3rd person action.
Download Instructions:

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Go Launcher Minimal MIUI Theme v1.9 apk

Go Launcher Minimal MIUI Theme v1.9
Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: This is a Minimal MIUI theme for GO Launcher EX. Also compatible with Apex Launcher & Nova Launcher.

This theme contains 305+ icons & counting! & it also contains the 4 wallpapers seen in the screenshots.
Note: The icons are set to large in the screenshots. You can easily do this by: menu > preferences > visual settings > icons > icon size > large size.
I take icon requests so please feel free to email me or leave a comment suggesting which app icons you'd like to see themed & I'll make it =)
This is NOT a standalone app, so download Go Launcher EX in the market if you haven't already done so.

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MIUI X4 Go Launcher Theme PRO v1.9 apk

MIUI X4 Go Launcher Theme PRO v1.9
Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: MIUI X4 Theme PRO/DONATE for Go Launcher Ex
The Icon Pack is also compatible with NOVA Launcher AND Apex Launcher

This is a PRO/DONATE VERSION of the Theme, there is also a FREE VERSION in the Market. It takes a lot of time and effort to create this Theme and if you would like to honor the hours I am putting into adding activities and Icons to the Theme buy the Pro/Donate Version. All Icons are free of use and can be found in my Blog or on XDA in the Miui V4 Project Vexillum topic.
FREE Version = up to 677 Icons
PRO/DONATE VERSION = more than 1553 Icons

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Windows 7 GO Launcher EX Theme v1.32 apk

Windows 7 GO Launcher EX Theme v1.32
Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: Windows 7 to be used with GO Launcher EX Theme
Windows 7 GO Launcher Ex theme for phone devices. Tablet version also available in my other apps.

You need GO LAUNCHER EX to use this theme. I have seen some users just don´t read the requirements in the description. YouTube video with HELP APPLYING the theme at:

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Paperland Pro Live Wallpaper (LWP) v1.2 apk

Paperland Pro Live Wallpaper v1.2
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: A fantastic paper cut-out landscape scrolls across your screen! Choose a fixed time of day, or let the sun and moon rise and set according to real world around you.
Please note: We are investigating the reports of scrolling lag on Galaxy Nexus devices running the newest version of Android, 4.1 (Jelly Bean). Thank you for your patience while we develop a solution for this issue.

+ SD card permission required for screenshot saving.
+ Rough GPS permission is required for accurate sunrise/sunset time calculation.
What's in this version:
Fixed a bunch of crashes some users were seeing when viewing Settings, Theme Manager, and other areas.

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Wacky Duck - Storm v1.0.3 apk

Wacky Duck - Storm v1.0.3
Requirements: Andorid 1.6 and up
Overview: Wacky Duck, a good choice to kill time, funny, interesting and attractive
Ladies and gentlemen;
"Wacky Duck - Storm" come on stage ceremoniously.
-More exciting
-More gorgeous
-Exciting resurrection mode
When three birds of the same color are put together, they will be eliminated and gain a certain amount of points to proceed to the next level. There are props maker system, golden eggs system and other interesting modes.
Wacky Duck, a good choice to kill time, funny, interesting and attractive
What's in this version:
- Fix empty bug
- Some devices forced close bug fix


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Metal Gun - Blood War v1.0 apk

Metal Gun - Blood War v1.0
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: The end of the century in 2100, in the long history of the 21st century we have experienced numerous interstellar wars, the face of powerful enemies that we have experienced countless times arduous battle, eventually we take the victory to defend their homes.However, due to the Earth's abundant natural resources are always cited militants peep once aliens formed a coalition in a marching to the Earth ready to divide up the Earth's resources. Earth today facing the most difficult moment of deep behind enemy lines to destroy the enemy's protection measures for this to be awakened to re-join the fight needs a hero.
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Yang The Cat live wallpaper (lwp) v1.0.9 apk

Yang The Cat v1.0.9
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: Yang The Cat is animated and interactive cat on your home screen!You can comfort him, he purrs, meows and even sleeps! Change conditions from snowy to fireflies and customize Yang in many ways! Lots of options and accessories - hats, glasses, necklaces, eye colour and other details to change and combine. All art is original and handpainted!
Yang The Cat Live Wallpapaer runs smoothly and doesn't eat your phone's battery!
Supports all phone sizes except tablets.

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Extweaks v0.21 and Extweaks Plus v1.0 apk

Extweaks v0.21 + Extweaks Plus v1.0

Requirement: Android 2.3.7 or higher

Siyah kernel compatibility only!
You have been warned!
Currently it unlocks
+ (ICS ONLY) profile switching within ExTweaks
ExTweaks is app for adjusting really advanced features in kernels.
What's in this version:
-ui revamp
-minor bugfixes
-plus version introduction
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CPU tuner v3.3.11 apk (root)

CPU tuner (Rooted phones) v3.3.11
Requirements: Android 2.1+

Tries to save as much battery power as possible

CPU tuner gives you control over the power consumption of your android device.
Its prime purpose is to be a battery saver and to save as much battery as possible, but it can be used to overclock at the same time (if the kernel of your device supports it).
Depending on triggers (based on the battery) different profiles are loaded. Each trigger has different profiles depending of the the state (if it is locked, on battery, on power or a phone call is being done) of you phone.

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Memory Cleaner v1.1.4 apk

Memory Cleaner v1.1.4
Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: Simplest memory cleaner.
Free memory to Speed Up your system by one tap.

Simplest memory cleaner.
Free memory to Speed Up your system by one tap.

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ProxyDroid v2.6.2 apk

ProxyDroid v2.6.2Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: Use Proxy on Your Android
ProxyDroid is an app that can help you to set the proxy (http / socks4 / socks5) on your android devices.PLEASE ROOT YOUR DEVICES FIRSTFEATURES1. Support HTTP / HTTPS / SOCKS4 / SOCKS5 proxy
2. Support basic / NTLM / NTLMv2 authentication methods
3. Individual proxy for only one or several apps
4. Multiple profiles support
5. Bind configuration to WIFI's SSID / Mobile Network (2G / 3G)
6. Widgets for quickly switching on/off proxy
7. Low battery and memory consumption (written in C and compiled as native binary)
8. Bypass custom IP address
9. DNS proxy for guys behind the firewall that disallows to resolve external addresses
10. PAC file support (only basic support, thanks to Rhino)
ProxyDroid is an open source software and distributed with many other open source projects, here is a list of them:

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Ultra Keyboard 6 v6.3 apk

Ultra Keyboard 6 v6.3
Requirements: Android 1.5 and up
Overview: Ultra Keyboard is an advanced keyboard with many features geared towards reinventing the Android keyboard experience.

Word Suggestions:
Like many keyboards, Ultra suggests words while you type. The suggestions box on Ultra is designed to be fast and easy to use, with many unique features. Press the drop-down arrow to quickly view all suggestions.
Compact Keys:
Are you frustrated trying to type in portrait mode, because the keys are too thin? Ultra combines keys so they're easier to press. Type like you normally would, and Ultra will guess what word you meant to type. If it's wrong, you can always choose the right word from the available suggestions.
Secondary Characters:
Hold down certain keys to enter secondary characters.
Arrow Keys:
For devices that don't have a track pad or navigation button, Ultra provides arrow keys that let you quickly move the cursor through text.
You can press multiple keys at once without missing keys (*for devices that support multi-touch). Slide your finger from the shift key to quickly enter a capital letter. Slide your finger from the view key to enter a number or symbol.

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Mystic Genie Slots v10.74 apk for android

Mystic Genie Slots v10.74
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Experience the exotic delights of ancient Arabia in Mystic Genie Slots! Make a wish on the Mega-Wish wheels and see
if it comes true! There are 5 amazing bonus upgrade wheels to play. Unlock the wheels as the free games progress and
be amazed by mysterious new bonuses coming direct to you from the Genies wishes!
There are 75 awards to win in Mystic Genie. Beat the other Sultans in the Sultans Lightning Race to be crowned King of the Sultans!
During normal play the Princess acts as a wildcard and substitutes for all symbols except scattered lamp symbols. Scattered lamps pay anywhere.

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