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Gauge Battery Widget Pro v3.2.1

Gauge Battery Widget Pro v3.2.1

Gauge Battery Widget Pro v3.2.1

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Gauge Battery Widget Pro
Bored of ordinary battery widgets? All looks the same? Try this analog one! Measure your battery life and have fun.

Note: This is Pro version of Gauge Battery Widget Free. It provides exactly the same functionality as PayPal Donation Version.

- small, medium and large versions with high quality graphics
- battery percent in widget (shows percentage of battery life left)
- battery status in status bar (can be turned off!)
- configurable battery widget color options
- customize look of the widget (colors)
- shows temperature and voltage in status bar

* To improve your phone's battery you should kill running tasks, adjust screen brightness (volume), turn off wifi, gps, bluetooth and Auto-sync
* Uninstall task killer (to add into ignore list is not enough)
* Please note that very small set of features is donator only.
* Internet access permission is required for crash reports and anonymous usage metrics. Contact me if you need more details.

IMPORTANT: This app is home screen widget. Long press on home screen to install.
If you like this app please rate it!!!
If you miss some feature or see bug please DON'T RATE BAD but send me an email! I'll fix it!

Planned features:
* battery history
* battery life prediction

More Info:
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DashCommand v2.9.4

DashCommand v2.9.4

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: DashCommand is the ultimate OBD-II supplementary vehicle instrumentation application available for Android devices.

The built in dashboards can display a total of 27 gauges pulling data directly from your ride's engine control module. Also use DashCommand as scan tool to read and clear the trouble codes that caused the "check engine light" to turn on, a trip computer, or a race day companion.


--- SEMA Show 2009 1st runner-up for best mobile electronics product.
--- Winner of 9 Global Media Awards at SEMA Show 2009

Get the benefit of multiple gauges without the overwhelming clutter and the expense!

Performance gauges:
- engine speed
- corrected vehicle speed
- open/closed loop *
- boost/vacuum combo gauge
- acceleration (and braking)
- power with optional drag correction (air & tire) **
- torque **

Fuel economy gauges:
- inst. fuel economy ***
- avg fuel economy ***
- avg fuel economy over 3 time periods ***
- distance to empty *
- time to empty *
- fuel level % *
- fuel remaining in tank *
- fuel flow rate gauge

Engine gauges:
- timing (spark advance) *
- engine coolant temp. *
- intake air temp.
- ambient air temp. *
- manifold absolute pressure
- mass air flow
- fuel trims, short and long term *
- percent engine load *
- catalyst temp. *
- fuel pressure *
- lambda gauge *
- air/fuel ratio *

* Requires that the vehicle supports the underlying parameter.
** Requires vehicle settings values.
*** Fuel economy for Diesel vehicles is experimental and may require more time to calibrate

DashCommand also contains a sophisticated trip computer that maintains 41 stats for 5 trips, custom A and B trips, Today, Previous Day, and Fillup.
- distance travelled
- fuel consumed
- avg fuel economy
- fuel cost
- elapsed time
- drive time
- average carbon dioxide emission rate
- total carbon dioxide emission
- start date & time
- number of fillups
- avg fuel flow rate
- avg driving speed
- avg trip speed
- avg boost/vacuum
- avg engine speed
- max acceleration
- max engine power at wheels
- number of stops
- max fuel flow rate
- max speed
- idle time
- max boost/vacuum
- max engine speed
- max braking acceleration
- max engine torque
- % distance travelled while not in gear
- % distance travelled in each gear
- % distance travelled in non-optimal gear
- % time spent while not in gear
- % time spent in each gear
- % time spent while in a non-optimal gear

Additional Features:
- Professional skidpad showing lateral and accel/braking Gs with min/max indicators
- Race track visually maps out your location, acceleration and braking as you drive laps around the track allows you to visually analyze different race track laps to see how acceleration and braking changed from lap to lap thus helping you to improve your lap times on your next outing.
- Inclinometer shows rolling angle and vehicle pitch for off-roading.
- Full support for OBD-II diagnostics, find out why your check-engine light is on and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)
- Data logging, record and playback log files showing OBD-II data and skidpad/race track data simultaneously


DISCLAIMER: DashCommand requires the purchase of a compatible third party hardware interface to communicate with the vehicle's OBD-II port. The Skidpad, Race Track, and Inclinometer do not require OBD-II data and are fully functional without any extra hardware. A device with GPS is required for Race Track mapping.

DashCommand supports all OBD-II and EOBD compliant vehicles sold worldwide.

Hardware compatibility:
- ELM compatible Bluetooth (OBDLink, PLX Kiwi, OBDKey)

What's in this version:
+ Fixed a problem where the Bluetooth connection could sometimes hang on certain devices.
+ Added support for the GoPoint BT1 OBD-II interface.
+ Added new setting to allow the user to manually select a specific screen orientation (portrait/landscape).

Provided by: -Market Militia-

More Info:

HTML Code:
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Pencil Camera v2.3

Pencil Camera v2.3

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Take pictures with amazing pencil sketch effect with realtime preview.

Take pictures with amazing pencil sketch effect in realtime or apply it to photos from your gallery.
- 4 effects: colored pencil draw, pencil sketch, chalk, old photo
- processing photos from your gallery
- processing photos up to resolution 1600x1200
- share photos to facebook or send via mail directly from application
- supports multiple cameras (face camera), where available

More Info:

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Go Locker v1.14

Go Locker v1.14

Go Locker v1.14

Requirement: Android 2.0 or higher
Overview: GO Locker,design to GO Launcher EX is the most simple locker for Android!

GO Locker,design to GO Launcher EX is the most simple locker for Android!Big News!!! GO Locker Theme Template has released!
Now you can try to make your own GO Locker theme and share to others.
to know more!
Notice! Here comes the version of GO Locker.
1. Cool Locker Screen that makes your phone outstanding;
2. Good compatibility with GO Launcher EX and it is stable;
3. Easy to use;
4. Able to activate phone, SMS and Camera directly or you can change the slider shortcuts yourself;
5. Various of Locker Themes to match your style;
6. Support customise wallpaper;
7. Security locker;
8. Emergency unlock enabled;

1. Make sure GO Launcher EX V2.58 or above has been installed;
2. Click “MENU—-Preferences—-Theme Settings—-GO Locker” to use it after installed;
3. Click “My locker” to preview and Download more Locker themes;

What's in this version:

  1. (New) Add TV、Flip Lock screen exit effects
  2. (Improve) All Lock screen exit effects
  3. (Fix) MOTO Blur Launcher hidden without any other Launcher after installed GO Locker
  4. (Fix) Some FC bugs

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Aldiko Book Reader Premium v2.1.0 Build 200159

Aldiko Book Reader Premium v2.1.0 Build 200159

Aldiko Book Reader Premium v2.1.0 Build 200159

Requirements: Android 2.1 or higher, supports App2SD
Overview: Read and download thousands of books right on your Android phone or tablet.

Read and download thousands of eBooks right on your Android phone or tablet.

Download one of the best Android eBook Readers now!

★The leading eBook application for the Android platform
★Pre-installed in 20+ different Smartphones and Tablets
★5+ million users from over 200 countries


Fully-customizable reading experience: adjust font size, font type, font and background colors, margin, alignment, line spacing as well as brightness to best suit your preference. The Aldiko Book Reader also supports night-time reading.

User-friendly interface: the Aldiko Book Reader supports both Android phones and tablets. You can create your own bookmarks anywhere in the book, rapidly jump to a different section of the book through the table of content.

Advanced library management system: import your own EPUB and PDF files into the app to read them on the go; organize your eBooks by tags and collections. Aldiko will also remember your reading position automatically, bring you back to where you left off.

In-app shopping experience: browse huge catalogs of eBooks, including best-sellers, new releases and classics (lots of them are FREE)

Other cool features not to miss: global-text search in a book, dictionary, support eBooks from public libraries, add your own favorite catalogs and many more

Language localization: Aldiko Book Reader app supports English, 中文(简体) 中文(繁體), Deutsch, Française, Español, Italiano, 한국의, Nederlands, Danske, ελληνικά, Bahasa Indonesia, Polski, Português, Finnish, Hungarian and Svenska.

What's in this version:
  • Added Google dictionary
  • Improved the quality of book covers in the store
  • Added Finnish and Hungarian language support
  • Minor bug fixes

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Fake-Call Me - Pro Version v1.3.6

Fake-Call Me - Pro Version v1.3.6

Fake-Call Me - Pro Version v1.3.6

Requirements: Android 1.5 or higher
Overview: Get out of awkward situation by giving yourself a fake-call! Be free.

Get out of awkward situation by giving yourself a fake-call! Be free.

Get out of awkward situations by giving yourself a fake-call. Schedule multiple fake calls to make it like really urgent to get out of whatever situation
* Merry Christmas! The app includes three new Christmas theme in-call voice audio files!
* the app is renamed to FCM Pro once it's installed. Use back button to end call
* Spoof,Prank
* pick contact from phone book as fake caller
* customize ringtone & vibration-alarm clock
* add fake call to call log
* play pre-recorded voice when call is answered
* shortcut for quick fake-calling(the widget has been replaced with a shortcut). You can use guesture on home screen to trigger a fake call if you use home application such as Go Launcher Ex that supports using guesture to invoke a shortcut. See for instruction
* can schedule fake call on a particular time(some users have used it as an alarm)
* If your phone runs Android 2.2 or above: install the app to SD-card if SD-card is available; allow moving the app to SD-card. Note that if while you copy files between SD-card and your computer, the app cannot be run, and your already-scheduled fake-calls will not work.

There's no way for us to respond to your comments on Andorid Market. Please report any problem to support [email protected] If the fake call screens don't look like the real ones, let us know as we want to support as many devices as possible.

What's in this version:
fixed text color problem and updated call screen for Android 4(Ice Cream Sandwich)

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Vignette v2012.03.24.1

Vignette v2012.03.24.1

Requirements: Android 1.5 or higher
Overview: Add film and camera effects to your photos

Vignette for Android

>>> If Vignette doesn't work properly on your phone, please e-mail us at [email protected] so that we can work with you to find a fix. <<<

Vignette adds film and camera effects to photos using an Android smartphone.

• 76 effects & 57 frames
• Retro/vintage styles
• LOMO/Diana/Holga toy camera styles
• Polaroid/instant camera styles
• Cross-process, tilt-shift, photobooth, double exposure and more.

Vignette is also a full-featured camera application:
• Take up to 12MP pictures, depending on the device
• Use the flash and front-facing cameras on most devices
• Self-timer, time-lapse, strip and grid modes
• Digital 10× zoom
• Geotagging
• Remote shutter with Sony Ericsson LiveView
• Time and date stamp
• Composition guides
• In-app gallery

What's in this version:
Bugs fixed in this release:
• Flash not working on Samsung Exhibit II
• Front-facing camera doesn't work on Samsung Infuse running Android 2.2
• Screen is rotated wrongly on HTC ChaCha
• Can't launch Vignette using the camera button

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Windows Phone 7 Launcher Pro v2.0.3

Windows Phone 7 Launcher Pro v2.0.3

Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Windows Phone 7/7.5 Launcher for Android is an amazing Launcher give you the same experience to Microsoft Windows Phone Mango. You can watch the attached video to see how it looks like.Please try the free version before you buy it.

Windows Phone 7/7.5 Launcher for Android is an amazing Launcher give you the same experience to Microsoft Windows Phone Mango. You can watch the attached video to see how it looks like.Please try the free version before you buy it. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send email to [email protected]
After you installed this software, please press HOME key to switch your home screen.

TAG: Lumia 900, Lumia 800, Nokia Lumia, Microsoft Windows Phone, Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone Mango, Windows Phone Tango, Windows Phone Launcher
1. Add default contacts application to create an rotate contacts.
2. Add default dial application to create call tile.
3. Add default gallery to create an wide tile.

What's in this version:

  1. 2012-03-04
  2. 1. Add 3D rotate animation.
  3. 2. Add Wide tile for gallery.
  4. 3. Add message and missing call indicator.
  5. 2012-03-05
  6. 1.Fix display error on Android 4.0.x system.
  7. 2012-03-06
  8. 1. Fix smooth scroll on start screen and app screen.
  9. 2012-03-07
  10. 1. Fix displayer error on Galaxy Note (1280 x 800).
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SuperSU 0.85 + SuperSU Pro v1.00

SuperSU 0.85 + SuperSU Pro v1.00
Requirements: Android 2.1+, Rooted phone
Overview: SuperSU is the Superuser access management tool of the future ;)
!!! SuperSU requires a rooted device !!!

SuperSU allows for advanced management of Superuser access rights for all the apps on your device that need root. SuperSU has been built from the ground up to counter a number of problems with other Superuser access management tools.

Features include:
- Superuser access prompt
- Superuser access logging
- Superuser access notifications
- Per-app notification configuration
- Temporary unroot
- Deep process detection (no more unknowns)
- Works in recovery (no more segfaulting)
- Works when Android isn't properly booted
- Works with non-standard shell locations
- Trusts ADB connection
- Always runs in ghost mode
- Wake on prompt

The Pro version additionally offers:
- OTA survival mode (no guarantees)
- Full color-coded command content logging (input/output/error)
- Per-app logging configuration
- Per-app user override
- PIN protection

For extra performance, disable notifications. Logging does not impact performance much.

What's in this version:
Modified OTA survival behavior - re-enable this setting if needed !
Modified SH search order
Modified backup shell location
Added cleanup for reinstallation option
Added cleanup for switching superuser app option
Added cleanup for full unroot option
If the APK is not installed, root is always granted

More Info:
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Download Instructions:

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