Monday, 13 February 2012

Psx4Droid 3.0.5 Playstation Emulator for android

Psx4Droid 3.0.5
Requirements: Android OS
Overview: Psx4Droid is a Playstation 1 emulator for high-end android devices.

I just pushed out an update for psx4droid, now at 3.0.5.

The save state bug is now fixed. It affected people on stock Android ROMs.

Through various bug fixes this release should allow more hardware on various Android ROMs to run psx4droid. I’m interested if this build fixes the following hardware to allow games to be played:

* Google Nexus S
* SE Xperia PLAY
* LG Optimus 2x
* Xoom / Honeycomb
* Dell Streak

More Info:
Download Instructions:
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Gameloft Games for Android and other HD devices

Gameloft Games for Android and other HD devices

Game Android | Gender: Gameloft HD | 873.49 MB

List Game:


Fully Interchangeable Link

1 Link 451 Mb Y 1 Link 431 Mb

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ezPDF Reader v1.7.6.0

ezPDF Reader v1.7.6.0
Requirements: Android OS 2.1+
Overview: Multimedia PDF Reader plays video & audio from PDF - Read, Listen and Watch! PDF Viewer - ezPDF Reader - Most Featured and Best Rated (4.60 out of 5.00) Multimedia PDF Viewer (2.1 or up)

- Annotation feature added - Sticky Note (or memo), Activate with a long click on any place in PDF, It could be on text, image, or background. In order to edit, delete or change properties (name of the memo, author, color or even note icon), just tap the memo icon.
- Annotation Features - Highlight, Underline, Strikethrough, and Commenting on annotation. Able to change marking color. --

> More features to come later.
* More annotation features to come later.

* Annotation features are compatible with Adobe Reader (PC version)

- Read text based PDF file (using built-in Text-to-Speech function (TTS)), Comptible with SVOX
- Play Embedded Video & Audio (Android supported format)
- Text View with reflow function. Option for Night / Day Mode, Able to change font size and color (text and background)
- Thumbnail image view
- Search (Options for case sensitive, whole word or part, exact word, and/or operator)
- Auto Fit Zoom for multi-column article or removing white margin
- Scroll lock / unlock
- Able to select text in PDF, save to clipboard, web search, share with other apps
- Support hyperlinks (Go to page within the PDF, URL links to webpage)
- Open Password-protected PDF (Different from DRM applied PDF file)
- Intuitive bookmarking & viewing bookmarks
- Table of Contents
- Zoom in & out
- Page navigation with thumbnail scroll images
- Jump to a specific page
- Able to change reading direction - Good for Arabic, Chinese, Japanese & Hebrew documents
- Support Trackball
- FREE PDF Conversion Program for PC (link to download)

What's in this version:
- Stylus Pen is supported with pressure detection. Using New Toolbar Item, you can draw picture and save it to Image Annotation. It is tested with following devices - Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC Jetstream, Lenovo ThinkPad.
- New sub-items for Freehand in toolbar.
- Bugfix.

More Info:


Download (mirrorcreator)
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WakeVoice vocal alarm clock v3.2.2

WakeVoice ★ vocal alarm clock v3.2.2
Overview: The best alarm clock out there! Speech recognition, speech synthesis, weather...

The best alarm clock out there! Speech recognition, speech synthesis, weather...
* As seen on TV! *
* Free demo version available *
* New: change the voice directly into the app *
Much more than a simple alarm clock, WakeVoice lets you interact with your phone using your voice:
- Talk to it with custom commands to stop the alarm or activate the snooze option
- Listen to your phone telling you about the weather, news of your choice or a personalized message while staying warm in your bed
Waking up is not an easy thing for you? You have never found the alarm clock you needed?
Why not try WakeVoice!
WakeVoice can overcome the negative aspect associated to regular alarm clocks, making your morning funnier and less difficult.
The idea is simple: when the alarm rings, you just have to talk to WakeVoice to stop the alarm or activate the reminder.
But that's not all!
Once the ringing stopped, it's your phone's turn to talk to you.
Customizable messages, weather of the day, news of your choice (RSS)... choose what you want to hear.
Add to that all the settings imaginable on a clock (programming various alarms over several days, setting names, volume, times...) and you get WakeVoice, the most innovative alarm clock that you can find on the Android market.
So now, with WakeVoice, you won't be angry anymore when you'll be waking up
Warning: don't force app2sd with WakeVoice. It's not recommended by Google for an alarm clock app. Furthermore, you'll have issues with Android Market updates.

What's in this version:
  1. Radio available at wake up (without even touching your phone)
  2. New radios available and more coming in future releases
  3. Bugs fixing

More Info:

Download Link: 2.19MB





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RocketDial Pro v2.8.25

RocketDial Pro v2.8.25
Requirements: Androdi OS 2.1 +
Overview: Rocket dialer - Reach your contact like a rocket

RocketDial - Awesome dialer and most powerful contact management application.

Detailed Features:
- Fast and Powerful Smart search T9, search for names, organizations, title, phone numbers,websites, notes... and all the information contacts have.
- Favorites support, large buttons for select, quick and easy dialing.
- Perfrect contacts support : send messages, write emails, delete your contacts in one click, everything is fast and convenient.
- Speed dialing numbers 1 - 9, press and hold the button to assign a speed dial. You can also configure the speed dial menu.
- Call Confirm, show confirmation dialog every time user placed a call, no more accidental calls.
- Perfect T9 search for groups , easily find the group through T9 search group name. support adding color for each groups tab.
- Advanced call history management, batch mode, quickly create a reminder in your calendar for the contacts and so on.
- Search Contacts simply through finger-drawings
- Perfect support for Last name first display method, support contacts order on last name.
- Supports US/Canana Area Code, show locations for incoming/outgoing calls.
- Change background , choose picture from your phone to use as dialer background.
- Caller ID for incoming calls.
- Call End that can lock screen directly (android 2.2 and above)
- And many other exciting improvements .

Below Character Sets are supported:
Russian, English, German, Hebrew, Greek, Georgian, Hungarian most Latin characters, also Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

If you enable Lock Screen Feature under android 2.2. You have to uncheck the "Setting-->Location and

Security-->Select Device Manager--> RocketDial" in order to uninstall RocketDial

What's in this version:
New: Some small adjustments for default UI.
New: Configurable Font size for Caller ID .
New: Configurable Font size for Call History.
New: Improved Favorites Loading performance.
New: Added More Contact Info when sending contact.

More Info:


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GO SMS Pro v4.33 build 71

GO SMS Pro v4.33 build 71
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: GO SMS Pro is a total enhancement for stock messaging app, much faster, more functions; with cool UI, chat/list style, popups, backup/restore, scheduler, encryption, blacklist, folders, many themes, tons of settings; Include almost ALL functions you want for texting, it is very popular, get it and try it.

♥ Trusted app, supported by trusted GO Dev Team, bringing your texting(SMS/MMS/Facebook Chat) to a new level

★ Features
-- Full SMS/MMS support, also Facebook Chat integration with GO FB chat plug-in

-- GO-MMS service (FREE), you may send picture/music to your friend(ever they are no GO SMS) through one SMS with 2G/3G/4G or WIFI

-- Popup with quick reply, privacy mode

-- Notification with privacy mode and reminder notification

-- Many cool themes; also support DIY theme, and Wallpaper Maker plug-in; Fully customizable look; Supports chat style and list style; Font changeable

-- Security lock, support lock by thread; Blacklist

-- SMS backup and restore by all or by conversations, supports XML format, send backup file by email

-- Settings backup and restore

-- Support schedule SMS; Group texting

-- Support folders view: Inbox, Outbox, MMS,created folders, encrypt folders

-- Individual contact customization for Notification,Ringtones, Signature and Conversation

-- Support Emoji with Emoji pulg-in

-- 1x1 icon widget with message count and 4x2 medium widget

-- Quick text management

-- Batch modes (add contacts, delete conversations/messages and backups)

-- Support GESTURE, you may switch "Messages" and "Folders" view by left/right slip; Many 3D & 2D transition effect

-- Support English, Chinese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, German, Greek, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Czech, Japanese; Get languages package in market

-- Handy, build-in Contacts. Quick find: by letter, name, keyword. Support phone group, Google group and GO SMS group

-- Stock SMS can be removed (but please be care)

-- Localization support for accented chars without using Unicode

-- Split large messages for CDMA

-- Time offset adjustment

-- Avoid disordered messages: sort by time or by order of messages sent/received

-- Facebook contact photo support

-- Night mode

-- Messages grouping (Group mode or Separate mode)

★ Most users' feedback: Love how it's easy to use and very fast; Nicer, slimmer and smoother than Handcent SMS and chompSMS

▪ We are always listening to and working hard for our users! Please Encourage us by:
-- Giving a high rating if you like it
-- Recommending GO SMS to your friends,Thanks

▪ When meet issue, please firstly referred carefully to:
-- "MustKnow tip"
-- "Help"
-- "Important Tips" in Settings

What's in this version:
V4.33 Update (2012-2-13)
1.Add emoticon (emotion icon)
2.Add Greeting card of Valentine ’s Day
3.Improve Quick text operation
4.Improve GO Chat, move the menu items into “My GO Chat”
5.Optimize the “test notification” function
6.Fix Facebook contact’s name, avatar don’t show bug in some cases
7.Fix bug of “picture crop function is not compatible with ICS”
8.Fix some other minor bugs

More info:

Download Instructions:

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User Interface MIUI Full Free All Applications!!!!

New User Interface MIUI Full Free All Applications!!!!

Name:  unnamed.jpg Views: 155 Size:  57.9 KB

Name:  unnamed (3).jpg Views: 154 Size:  39.3 KB

Name:  unnamed (1).jpg Views: 152 Size:  64.1 KB

Name:  unnamed (2).jpg Views: 155 Size:  78.3 KB

Name:  unnamed (4).jpg Views: 158 Size:  74.2 KB

Name:  unnamed (1).jpg Views: 152 Size:  64.1 KB

2.2 and up.
This is a theme based off of the popular MIUI rom. It contains over 500 icons, a variety of different color docks for ADWex users, and a couple of wallpapers.
This Theme is compatible with:
Go Launcher Ex
Crazy Home
Open Home
Launcher Pro
Some compatibility issues are as follows:
Crazy home removes some icons from the icon pack, Im contacting Crazy Dude about it..
Go Launcher duplicates the icon pack in the chooser so there are 2 of each icon.
any missing elements or something you would like added, let me know.
Please report any bugs or missing icons to the email address provided.. More icons and wallpapers requests are no problem.. Thank you for your support and feedback..

Application Included Are:
Go Launcher EX Theme Newmiui
Go launcher ex theme new miui v1.0.
lp new miui icon pack free_3.1_2.
Miui Black Go Launcher Theme v1.5
Miui iPhone Launcher1.2.16
More Info:
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VirtuaGirl Live Wallpaper v1.5 Ful

Liven up your phone with the sexiest live wallpaper ! Enjoy sexy & sensual professional models dancing & undulating on your phone!
Surf the girls by hitting your screen.

** SHAKE YOUR PHONE to make them dance ! **

Want to try another girl ? shake your screen again to stop the current show, hit your screen to scroll the girls available (6 so far), and shake again to launch the one you want !

How to install it:
- Once downloaded, go to your menu (or long press the screen ), select “wallpaper” then :
- go to “live wallpaper”
- select “select wallpaper from”
- look for the big red & white V standing for VirtuaGirl? Live Wallpaper
- press “select wallpaper”
And enjoy !


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RadiantWalls HD - PlanetScapes v1.8

RadiantWalls HD - PlanetScapes v1.8
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: PlanetScapes teleports your device with three unique fantasy live wallpapers.
Teleport your device into one of three fantasy landscapes with RadiantWalls HD - PlanetScapes.

Your device will transform into a window looking out onto the surface of the planet Avalon. Select from three radiant vistas, each with their own unique feel and atmosphere - you get three live wallpapers for the price of one!

• Night at Avalon's Falls - experience the night on Avalon as water falls off the edges of floating islands and into the passing wind.
• Day within Avalon's Sunridge Canyon - Peer down sunny valleys as windswept boulders float among the cliff walls.
• Sunset between Avalon's Frosty Northern Tundra - Glimpse the cold from a safe distance as snow cascades across the frigid plains.

These High-Definition Live Wallpapers work great with most phones, tablets, or any device that supports Live Wallpapers.

Should you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact our support team with questions or concerns.

NOTE: "Move To SD" is disabled, as Live Wallpapers on your SD card get removed as your wallpaper any time the device is reset or the card is unmounted.

What's in this version:
. Fix wallpaper not showing up on some devices (Galaxy R)
2. Better memory usage for lower spec devices
3. Add option to hide the app icon

More Info:


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[Android] Megapack of Best Multimedia Full Applications

Today I bring a pack a multitude of applications that you must have installed on your phone, but always keeping in mind your needs.

The pack includes:
Aldiko Book Reader Premium ()
Baby's Music Box (2.0.2)
Classic UberMusic Skin (1.0)
Clear Widgets UberMusic Skin (1.0)
Cleartune - Chromatic Tuner (1.3.4)
Connected Music Player (1.0)
DJStudio 3 (3.2.1)
doubleTwist AirSync (1.4.2)
doubleTwist Player (1.6.1)
DroidVox - Voice Changer (1.0.3)
Easy Mp3 Downloader (1.3.4)
Easy Phone Tunes - iTunes Sync (1.5.1)
FX Studio DJ (1.0)
Gmote 2.0 (2.0.4)
GooGle Music (3.0)
GTunes Music (3.8.2)
Hi-Q MP3 Recorder (1.5.10)
iChart - iTunes top 100 (1.0)
iSyncr for Mac (0.9.5)
iSyncr for PC (2.6.1)
iSyncr Ratings (0.2.2)
iSyncr WiFi Add-On (1.4.2)
jWatcher Pro (1.1.6)
Listen (1.1.4)
Lithium Music Player (1.6)
MP3 Music Download Paradise (1.1.6)
Music Junk (4.0.3)
Music Online (1.9.14)
Music Player Pro (1.0.16)
Music Therapy for Refreshment (1.3)
Music Therapy for Sound Sleep (2.5)
Pandora® internet radio (1.5.14)
PlayerPro Blue Wonder Skin (1.4)
PlayerPro Dark Skin (2.2)
PlayerPro DSP pack (2.0)
PlayerPro Grey Skin (2.2)
PlayerPro Light Skin (2.2)
PlayerPro Music Player (2.12)
PlayerPro Mystic Blue Skin (2.2)
PlayerPro Pink Lady Skin (1.4)
PlayerPro Pure White Skin (2.2)
PlayerPro Red Fusion Skin (1.4)
PlayerPro Red Fusion Skin (1.4)
PlayerPro Sens For Her Skin (2.2)
PlayerPro Sens Skin (2.2)
PlayerPro Stock Skin (2.2)
PlayerPro Wmp Skin (2.4)
PowerAMP (2.0.1-build-455)
PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker (1.1-build-12)
PowerAmp Reset (1.0)
PowerAMP Standard Widget Pack (2.0-build-22)
Remote for iTunes (2.0.20)
Rhapsody (Rhapsody
Ringtone Maker (1.1.4)
RunStickRun (1.1)
SPB TV (2.2.1)
TubeMusic (0.42)
TuneIn Radio Pro (5.1)
TuneWiki - Lyrics with Music (3.2.6)
your Music Quiz (1.1)

Some screenshots:

Well that's all folks. If you miss an application that you want to have you ought to just comment and I will post.
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Android Live Wallpapers

Android Live Wallpapers

In this pack you can find free live wallpapers, themes for android phones

All of them free, not paid

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Android QVGA Games for ARMv6 and ARMv7


FGOL bring Pool Bar HD to Android!

Now Android owners can enjoy the superb 3D Graphics, accurate physics and quality opponents found in our iPad and iPhone games. Works on both phones and tablets!

Full touch screen interface, allows for accurate and intuitive control and spin. Easy to use swipe system for aim and shoot.

Buzz Focus: 8.5/10
MoonBooks: 4.5/5
AppPicker: 4/5
Fox News Tapped-In: "A pool game that blows the rest away"

+ 9 Ball, 8 Ball US and 8 Ball UK
+ 1 or 2 player
+ 4 Characters to choose from
+ 3 AI difficulty levels
+ Supports both HD and non-HD displays

NOTE: This is a 3D game, may not work well on low-end handsets. Recommended HTC Desire or better.

Recent changes:
v1.1.0 - Added Move to SD Card

Latest version: 1.1.0 (for Android version 2.1 and higher)

Download instruction Here

Gloomy Dungeon [FPS]

What is it?
It is old-school 3d shooter, indie game developed by small team.
It didn't use hi-end engine, so it looks more like wolf-3d than quake or even doom.
As side effect, it works on low-end phones pretty fast.

Download Instruction Here

Name:  GTA.jpg Views: 11 Size:  8.0 KB

- Welcome to Liberty City. Where it all began.
Rockstar Games celebrates the 10th anniversary of one of the most influential games of all time. The critically acclaimed blockbuster Grand Theft Auto III comes to mobile devices, bringing to life the dark and seedy underworld of Liberty City. With a massive and diverse open world, a wild cast of characters from every walk of life and the freedom to explore at will, Grand Theft Auto III puts the dark, intriguing and ruthless world of crime at your fingertips.
With stellar voice acting, a darkly comic storyline, a stunning soundtrack and revolutionary open-world gameplay, Grand Theft Auto III is the game that defined the open world genre for a generation.
Grand Theft Auto III is now available on:

Phones: HTC Rezound, LG Optimus 2x, Motorola Atrix 4G, Motorola Droid X2, Motorola Photon 4G, Samsung Galaxy R, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, T-Mobile G2x

Tablets: Acer Iconia, Asus Eee Pad Transformer, Dell Streak 7, LG Optimus Pad, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1, Sony Tablet S, Toshiba Thrive
*Coming soon to Samsung Galaxy Nexus*
• Visually stunning updated graphics, character and vehicle models

• HD quality resolution

• Gameplay optimized for touch screen devices

• Custom controls for the mobile platform
• Countless hours of gameplay

• Gamepad Support for select USB controllers
Latest version: 1.1 (for

version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD)

you can buy the games in

market but now you can get the game for free on
free android games

Name:  gta3pc_001.jpg Views: 11 Size:  6.3 KB
Name:  gta3_android002.jpg Views: 11 Size:  4.0 KB

Download instruction:
APK Here
Data Here (RIP Version)
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SMS Backup & Restore Pro v5.2

SMS Backup & Restore Pro v5.2
Requirements: for all Android versions, supports App2SD
Overview: A simple App to Backup and Restore SMS Messages. This is a Paid No-Ads version of the Ad-Supported Free App.

* Automatic Scheduled Backups.
* View Backup Contents.
* Backups created in XML Format on the SD Card.
* Option to backup selected conversations only.
* MMS not supported yet.
* FAQs at

NOTE: There is a known problem with some firmware versions of the Droid X and Droid 2 phones that the restored messages do not get the correct time stamps.

This App needs the following permissions to work:
* Storage - modify/delete SD card contents (android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE): To create the xml file on the SD card.
* Your messages - edit SMS or MMS, read SMS or MMS (android.permission.READ_SMS, android.permission.WRITE_SMS): Needed to read SMS during backups and write them during restore.
* Your personal information - read contact data (android.permission.READ_CONTACTS): To display and store the contact names in the backup file.
* System tools - prevent phone from sleeping (android.permission.WAKE_LOCK): To prevent the phone from going to sleep/suspended state while a backup or restore operation is in progress.
* Hardware controls - control vibrator (android.permission.VIBRATE): To vibrate the phone when the backup or restore operation is completed.

- Finnish - Thanks to Juhana H.
- Russian - Thanks to Pavel (Павел Миронов)
- Spanish - Thanks to Miguel A. Alvarez
- French - Thanks to Julien Benoist

What's in this version:
Added option to only restore messages sent/received since specified date.
Added Translations:
- Traditional Chinese - Thanks to Bernie Huang
- Korean - Thanks to HoeLyn Do (도회린)
- Norwegian - Thanks to Dag Jøran Hanssen
- Danish - Thanks to Jeppe Leth Nielsen

More Info:

Download (Mediafire):

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Car Locator v3.99

Car Locator v3.99
Overview: Never again lose your car or anything else with Car Locator!

Never again lose your car or anything else with Car Locator!
As seen on the Verizon commercial, Techcrunch, Wired Magazine and more. 1st place winner in Verizon's Power Your App Contest!
Save your location when you park and Car Locator will help you find your car
-Radar/Map/Split-Screen view
-Parking timer
-Beam your current or saved location to another phone/email
-Home screen widget for quick save
-Shake to save
-Double tap on map to save
-Save notes and photos
-Location history
-Location favorites
-Manual coordinate entry
-View current and car coordinates (great for geocaching)
-Driving directions
-Sonar sound
-Customizable background images
-Radar visualizations
-Live wallpaper always points to your car
-Customizable radar visualization
-Automatically save location on bluetooth disconnect or car undock
-Automatically save, sync, and import location with your Evernote account.

What's in this version:
  1. Updated with Czech translations

More Info:

Download Link: 514KB





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Handy Scanner Pro: PDF Creator v1.1.5

Handy Scanner Pro: PDF Creator v1.1.5
Overview: Handy Scanner turns camera pictures into great print-ready PDF documents.

Handy Scanner turns camera pictures into great print-ready PDF documents.
“We've reviewed some scanner apps but we must say this is the jewel in the crown (so far). Handy Scanner is both easy to use and efficient. We're still amazed of its performance” -
“Handy Scanner Makes Scanning Documents With Your Camera Fun Again” -

Handy Scanner Pro is a mobile application that turns pictures into print-ready PDF documents with a beautiful finish.
Note: You can try Handy Scanner Free to ensure everything works before buying and leveraging the power of the Pro version. If you are a free user, we have a really easy to use data importer so you don't lose anything when migrating!
Mobile devices are not built for scanning. But we worked hard on our enhancement for documents. This will change the way you scan. Check the screenshots to see it in action!
We enjoyed building this application from the ground up just for Android, trying to abide as much as we can to the guidelines so that you feel at home.
You will find familiar patterns such as popunders (try flinging over a sheet) or flinging the document list to access your starred documents. We love using Handy Scanner ourselves and believe you will too.
NOTE: Our camera component allows you to take multiple photos at a time. We tested in as many devices as we could. If it gives you any problems, you can switch to the system camera in the settings. Shout us an e-mail with your device model if it gives you problems and we will try to add support as fast as possible.
Scanning a document was never easier:
- Take a picture (or several), each document can have multiple sheets.
- We do our best to detect the document inside your picture. Use a contrasting surface to achieve the best result. If our detection is not perfect, fine-tune it to your liking using simple touch movements.
- Take your pick of filters! Grayscale the picture, enhance its colors or apply our special filter for documents (star icon), it will make backgrounds white so you can print without wasting any ink!
- Export it!
We are just starting so we decided to put out the Pro version carrying a heavily discounted price tag. Unlike the free version, you get plenty of features:
- Unlimited Documents [20 in the free version]
- Unlimited Sheets per Document [5 in the free version]
- Unlimited number camera shots in a row [3 in the free version]
- Access to the highest scan quality [low, medium available for free users]
- Access to advanced fine-tune controls [contrast, brightness fine-tuning not available for free users]
- Watermark is removed from PDF files
- No ads!
Permissions Explanation:
- Access Network State, Internet: needed by our Ad provider
- Camera: We have a great custom camera that allows you to take pictures of multiple documents in one go.
- Write external storage: This is how we save your documents to the sdcard or internal storage.
- Read from the Handy Scanner database: To import data from the free version

What's in this version:
  • 1.1.5:
  • Fix a picture problem with pictures taken by carrier-branded HTC phones like the Thunderbolt.
  • Add spanish translation
  • Fix presentation of long names

More Info:

Download Link: 1.9MB





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Titanium Backup Pro + TBPatcher v4.7.5

Titanium Backup Pro + TBPatcher v4.7.5

Requirements: ANDROID 1.0 and up
Overview: Titanium Backup is the most powerful backup tool on Android, and then some.

You can backup, restore, freeze (with Pro) your apps + data + Market links. This includes all protected apps & system apps, plus external data on your SD card. You can do 0-click batch & scheduled backups. Backups will operate without closing any apps (with Pro). You can move any app (or app data) to/from the SD card. You can browse any app's data and even query the Market to see detailed information about the app.

Also see the paid PRO key which adds EVEN MORE awesome features such as:
[✔] 0-click batch restores
[✔] Keep multiple backups per app
[✔] Multi-user app data
[✔] Apps freezer
[✔] Dropbox sync
[✔] Convert user apps <=> system apps
[✔] Integrate system app updates into ROM
[✔] Encryption
[✔] Market Doctor
[✔] Hypershell speed
[✔] Backup apps without closing them!
[✔] Restore individual apps+data from CWM backups!
[✔] Market "auto updating" manager
[✔] Dalvik cache cleaner
[✔] Integrate Dalvik cache system elements into ROM
[✔] Unlimited schedules
[✔] Protect backup against deletion
[✔] Send backup by e-mail
[✔] CSV export any app DB (e-mail or Google Docs)
[✔] Convert app data to/from fast WAL format

[✔] Multiple backups per app
[✔] 0-click batch restore
[✔] Multi-user support for some apps! (eg: games)
[✔] Batch verification
[✔] Backup apps without closing them!
[✔] Restore individual apps+data from CWM backups!
[✔] Hypershell speed
[✔] Migrate system data across different ROMs
[✔] Market Doctor
[✔] Apps freezer (incl. batch support)
[✔] Market "auto updating" manager
[✔] Convert user apps <=> system apps
[✔] Encryption
[✔] Unlimited schedules
[✔] Sync to/from Dropbox
[✔] Protect backup against deletion
[✔] Send backup by e-mail
[✔] CSV export any app DB (e-mail or Google Docs)
[✔] Brand the app with your name
[✔] Bloatware Melter (experimental)
[✔] Convert app data to/from faster WAL DB format
[✔] And more!

[✔] Dalvik cache cleaner
[✔] Integrate system app updates into ROM
[✔] Move apps into ROM
[✔] Integrate Dalvik cache system elements into ROM

Changelog for Titanium Backup:
[PRO] Added new “Freeze app”, “Defrost & launch app” and “Freeze/Defrost/Launch app” widgets with optional password protection.
Added new “Add basic permissions on data restore” option. Data for “Hamster: Attack!” can be restored successfully by disabling this option.
Fixed bugs (eg: empty app list) when the SD card is not mounted.
Fixed bugs when the backup location cannot be accessed.
Fixed some progress dialogs which could be unwittingly closed with “BACK”.
Improved widgets to display “Please wait” while they load.
Improved layout of Preferences screen.
Updated translations.
Changelog for TBPatcher:
• Minor bag fix;
• Add Button "Hide Icon from Launcher"


1. Install Titanium Backup and don't run.
2. Install TBPatcher4x (credits to ChelpuS)
3. Press "Press for Activate"
4. Enjoy
* After rebooting if you find batch mode isn't working, please run TBPatcher and activate it again.

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Talking Rex the Dinosaur v1.1.4

Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Rex is a talking dinosaur. He repeats what you say in his deep threatening voice

Rex is a talking dinosaur. He repeats what you say in his deep threatening voice

★★★ Talking T. Rex ★★★
Rex is a talking dinosaur, a Tyrannosaurus rex. He can repeat anything you say with his deep threatening voice.

You can pet him, poke his tail, head & body. You can even feed him a steak, make him fight another t-rex or play fetch with him.

Record your own videos of Rex and share them on YouTube & Facebook, send them by email/MMS (text) or save them to SD card.

★★★ How to Play: ★★★
✔ Talk to Rex and he will repeat your words with his deep dinosaur voice.
✔ Touch his tail and he will try to bite you.
✔ Poke Rex repeatedly and he will get very angry.
✔ Pet him and he will really enjoy.
✔ Press buttons to make Rex fight another T. Rex, eat a steak or play fetch.

★★★ Press Menu -> Settings to: ★★★
✔ Make him listen longer before repeating
✔ Clear the Facebook/YouTube login data

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Moon+ Reader Pro v1.4.3

Requirements: Android OS 1.6+
Overview: Your professional book reader for Android.

Professional book reader with powerful controls & full functions.
*Support online ebook libraries and personal calibre ebook server.
*Read local books with smooth scroll and tons of innovation.
Support txt/html/epub/umd/fb2/zip/OPDS, key features:

Full visual options: line space, font scale, bold, italic, shadow, alpha colors, fading edge etc.
10+ themes embedded, includes Day & Night mode switcher, 20+ background images, 20+ book covers.
Various types of paging: touch screen, volume keys or even camera, search or back keys.
24 customized operations (screen click, swipe gesture, hardware keys), apply to 15 customized events: search, bookmark, themes, navigation, font size and more.
5 auto-scroll modes: rolling blind mode; by pixel, by line or by page. Real-time speed control.
Adjust the brightness by sliding your finger along the left edge of the screen, gesture commands supported.
Intelligent paragraph; indent paragraph; trim unwanted blank spaces options.
“Keep your eyes health” options for long-time reading.
Real page turning effect with customized speed/color/transparent; 5 page flip animations;
My Bookshelf design: Favorites, Downloads, Authors, Tags; self bookcover, search, import supported.
Justified text alignment, hyphenation mode supported.
Highlight, Annotation, Dictionary (Offline & Online), Translation, Share functions all in moon+ ebook reader.
Localized in Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Macedonian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Ukrainian.

Additional benifits in pro version:
#Ad free
#Multi-point touch support
#Shake the phone to speak (Text-to-speech, TTS engine support)
#Option for password protection at startup
#Headset keys control
#Book to desktop shortcut support
#Customer email support

What's in this version:

  1. #Full screen orientations support, includes Reverse-Landscape, Reverse-Portrait (Locked or By Sensor, Android 2.3 or higher version only)
  2. #Add sorted by series support in book shelf (import book files again to enable this feature)
  3. #Add compatibility to Android 4.0 GPU mode
  4. #Improve "Click image to enlarge" feature
  5. #Allow customizing Menu key
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ES File Explorer v1.6.1.1

ES File Explorer v1.6.1.1
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Featured File manager & App manager which can explore the phones & computers.

30 millions global downloads in 2011!
One of best tools on Android market.
Support 19 languages.

Cupcake (Android 1.5) and Donut (Android 1.6) user please use ES File Explorer Cupcake version.
This standard version is for Android 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 4.0

ES File Explorer for Android is a free, featured all-in-one file manager & application manager & task killer & dropbox client & ftp client which explores your phone and your computer. It allows android users anywhere in the world to manage their resources for free, it makes easy to manage, stay connected using your 3G, EDGE or WiFi, and share with friends, upload photos, watch videos.

Latest Features List :
* File Manager -- Operate files(Copy, Paste, Cut/Move, Create, Delete and Rename, Share/Send) in the phone and computers

* Multiselect files

* Application manager -- Manage apps(Install, Uninstall, Backup, Shortcuts, Category)

* Compress and Decompress ZIP files, Unpack RAR files, can create encrypted (AES 256 bit) ZIP files

* View Different file formats, photos, docs, videos anywhere, support third party applications such as Document To Go to open document files

* Thumbnails for APK,images, and with an inbuilt image browser

* Text viewers and editors

* Search files

* Access your Home PC, via WIFI with SMB

* FTP, it's your FTP client, manage the files on the FTP server as the ones on the sd card

* Dropbox,,Sugarsync, it's an enhanced cloud storage client other than the official version. It can save photos and videos to your net drive and share your photos and docs, easily edit docs in your account.

* Bluetooth file transfer tool. You can copy and paste files between bluetooth ready devices.It supports OBEX FTP for browsing devices and transfering files between Bluetooth devices.

* Kill tasks, with a one click, pretty simple widget for auto kill, with ignore list to ignore some applications you don't want to kill. It is an advanced task killer to kill running applications and clean memory(This feature needs ES Task Manager module installed)

* Shortcuts, bookmark manager (This feature needs ES Bookmark Manager module installed)

* Root explorer feature. It is the ultimate file management tools for root users. You might access the whole file system and data directories, and change permissions.

* Developers can visit our website for the developer interface for picking files from your applications, email attachments, etc.

* And much more.

Old description:
Free, Featured File manager & App manager & taskkiller which explores PHONE & PC.
*copy/cut move
*edit text
*manage apps
*send as
*media on ftp
*access PC

It's a file manager, a file explorer, a app manager, just bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. It's ES File Explorer.
It's a free client for FTP, Dropbox (dropbox .com), SMB, Bluetooth. It has inbuilt txt reader, text editor, image viewer, zip viewer and player, it would copy, move, cut, paste, create, rename, it manage files, folders, applications, memory,it can do sharing by WIFI. Always have your stuff with you, no matter when and where.
It's ES File Explorer, It's made by ES.

ES File Explorer  ES Task Manager
ES        ES
ES        ES
ES Task Manager  ES Security
ES             ES
ES             ES
ES File Explorer ES Bookmark

We're working for a best file manager for users of ES, so, Do not hesitate to CONTACT ES with your advice, or if you have any issue.

What's new in ES File Explorer
· Batch Uninstall
· Disk Usage Graph
· Uninstall System App
· Customize Background
· Change Language

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