Saturday, 10 November 2012

Google Play Store v3.9.17 apk [patched lvl by Chelpus]

Google Play Store v3.9.17 apk patched lvl by Chelpus


  1. Install latest Lucky Patcher Download v2.7.2
  2. Run Lucky Patcher > Menu > Select 'Patch to Android'
  3. Select 'Signature Verify always True' and 'Disable Zip Signature Verify' > Apply > Yes
  4. After reboot go to 'Patch to Android' and check (Patch applied). If applied exit from Lucky patcher. otherwise do 3rd step again.
  5. Backup current Google play with Titanium backup if you want to restore original version in case.
  6. Rename downloaded '' and transfer to sd card.
    GingerBread users > rename to 'Vending.apk'
    ICS / Jelly Bean users > rename to 'PhoneSky.apk'
  7. Open Root Explorer and copy/replace renamed apk to '/system/app/' folder
  8. Set permissions rw-r--r-- and Reboot
  9. Done. All Apps on Device with LVL is licensed. (Tested to GoldenDict, TitaniumBackup, PowerAmp and other)

Installing this modded Google play version:

  • Can use app protected with Google LVL (License Verification Library) without cracking.
  • No need to patch with Lucky patcher any more.
  • Can NOT download paid apps for FREE!
  • Disable auto updates for Google Play Store.
  • Not works with Billing and License Verification to Proxy.
  • Also provided below is an additional variation of the Android Market that includes an additional "no restrictions" patch applied. The additional patch removes restrictions on certain applications in the market placed by specific countries. If the country you live in has blocked the application you are looking for, this patch will allow you to see it in the market. There are still server side restrictions in place when you download an application that is blocked within your country and the use of a proxy or VPN might also be necessary. The "no restrictions" patch also removes the device application compatibility check, so every application should be visible in the Android Market (even if they "say" it is not compatible with your device). Credits to L.D.B. for the "no restrictions" patch.




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