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How to Upgrade and Root Samsung Galaxy Ace to Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread

Here's the step by step procedure on how to upgrade the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 on the latest 2.3.4 Gingerbread S5830XXKPH firmware update. In this process we are using ODIN 4.38 version, this is the default firmware multi-downloader for Samsung Galaxy Ace android mobile phone.

Read carefully the whole instruction before proceeding, for safety and avoid bricking the phone.

But don't be afraid this is surely safe.

To begin with the process, you may first:
- back up all of your important data, contacts, messages, applications installed or stored on the phone.
the SD memory card files will not be harmed.
- use a PC that runs on windows XP or later OS. Close any programs such anti-virus etc.
- remove the SD card and SIM card to avoid issues.
- make sure that the phones battery is fully charge or at least around 40-50%.

Prepare the necessary files for flashing:

S5830XXKPHAndroid 2.3.4 Gingerbread

Pass : ekache99

after download extract it using winrar.

ODIN Multi Downloader v4.38 ( included on the firmware package rar)

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread S5830XXKPH firmware flashing procedure:

1. Turn your Samsung Galaxy Ace OFF, then remove SD card and SIM card.
2. Extract the previously downloaded S5830XXKPH firmware packed.

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3. Run ODIN 4.38 exe downloader program.
4. On ODIN select the OPS button and load the Cooper_v1.0.ops file unto it.
Ensure that the Auto-Reboot, Protect OPS and Reset Time is checked, leave one packaged

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Click BOOT button and then select and load:
APBOOT_S5830XXKPH_CL260130_REV03_user_low_true.tar .md5

Click PHONE button and then select and load:

Click PDA button and then select and load:
CODE_S5830XXKPH_CL260130_REV03_user_low_true.tar.m d5

Click CSC button and then select and load:
CSC_S5830SERKPH_CL260130_REV03_user_low_true.tar.m d5

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6. Turn the phone OFF then switch it to DOWNLOAD MODE by pressing Volume Down+Power+ Middle buttons together. You will then see an android robot digging with a shovel on the LCD screen display or Simple Black Screen with Downloading...

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7. Connect the Samsung Galaxy Ace to PC, on ODIN a COM Port mapping will indicate and turn to color yellow if the device is already detected.

8. If all files is already loaded and the phone is properly connected,.. Hit the "START" button to begin flashing.
Wait until the whole process completes it only takes around 5 minutes to finish. A progress bar on the left side of ODIN will show you the downloading progress.

9. Once completed you will then see a word "PASS" with a blue background on ODIN. Then your Samsung Galaxy Ace will then reboot.

10. Remove the phone from PC, then confirm your newly downloaded firmware update by typing *#1234#.

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Just change the default language at your own Region, then check your device of what's new comes up with your newly installed firmware update.

Samsung galaxy ace root for gingerbread 2.3.4

1. Download file and copy it to your sdcard
2. Run in maintenance mode (power + middle button)
3. Update from sdcard, select the file
4. After the update completed - reboot in normal mode.

Thats all - now you have rooted ace with android 2.3.4, and superuser in your apps. .......Enjoy
Reply if you think this guide really helped you to upgrade and root with no problems
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